tagBDSMSchool Grounds Ch. 07

School Grounds Ch. 07


Even though Erica knew her master would be calling her early, she still hoped for some well deserved sleep. Unfortunately, the phone call she was expecting to come came, and it came even earlier then she was expecting. Having completed her task last night at three in the morning, Erica was expecting her master to allow her at least four hours of sleep; but as she glanced at the clock while she grabbed her phone, she could see that it was a quarter to six. All though she was a bit groggy, Erica did like any obedient, and answered the phone, greeting her master as she had been previously trained.

"Good morning master, how may I serve you?"

"Good morning my little pet, I hope you got some rest; today should be an eventful one, and will bring forth the completion of your remaining tasks as well as possibly bring forth a new transition in your life."

Erica immediately grew uneasy from her master's words; especially the last part. However, she did not dwell for long, for he continued to speak and provide instructions.

"As we both know, you have only two tasks remaining. Hopefully you will be able to complete both to the level of the others, and truly show your commitment to me as your master. With that stated, your next task will begin right away, and will be very detailed oriented. Firstly, you are not to shower or bathe, just wash up some but do not fix your hair; leave it looking like you just woke up. You will then insert the butt plug, if you removed it, and put back on the dress from last night. Next, put on the choker, and heels; I want you to look like the cheap slut you truly are and want to be. Take the handcuffs and secure one cuff to your left wrist, letting the rest dangle from your arm. This will further add to you cheap whore look. As for everything else, leave it behind for housekeeping to find, except of course for your purse which you will carry in your right hand. Once you are finished getting re-dressed, you are to leave the hotel; making sure to drop the key off at the front desk using your left hand. You will then call me once you get back inside your car. Is this all understood slut?"

"Yes, master."

"Good. Have fun."

The line went dead and Erica was left to take his instructions in. She knew that she had only one option, and that was to do exactly as her master instructed. Not because, he wanted her to, but because she knew it was want she truly wanted to do. Instantly, a smile appeared on her face from knowing she was meant to serve her master, and she pulled herself out of bed and began getting prepared for her task just as her master wished.

Within minutes, Erica was ready and willing to get going. On her way out the door, she paused for a moment to look at her reflection in the closet door mirror. Her bed head, and tired face did as her master said it would; made her look like a cheap tramp, after a night of wild, drunken sex. The short dress, heels, and half attached cuffs only magnified that persona. Her smile simply beamed more, and she swayed down the hall to the elevator. Since it was early, no one was on the elevator, and still no one was about in the lobby when the doors open on the ground floor. As she made her way to the front desk, her heels clicked and clacked on the tile floor and the young woman at the desk from the night before began to grin when she saw Erica heading her way.

Reaching the desk, Erica stretched out her left arm to hand the key to the girl; the hand cuffs shook obviously as she made the final steps towards her. The girl, still grinning, took the key from Erica, and with a bit of sarcasm, bid her good bye.

"I hope you enjoyed your stay with us, please do come back."

Erica's smile only grew larger as she caught the subtle sarcasm, but she said nothing; instead she strolled towards the main doors and to her car. Once inside she set the plug on the passenger seat, immediately withdrew her phone from her purse, and called her master. He answered instantly, and began giving Erica further instructions.

"I'm glad to see you didn't take your time getting ready this morning, and that you were able to finish your second to last tasks so quickly. I'll take that to mean that you are truly committed to me, and will not let anything keep you from finishing your final task. I hope I am right, because though this final task will be the hardest, it will prove your worth to me. What I need you to do now is stand outside of your car, put the phone on speaker and lay it on the roof of your car. When you have done this you will signal me by saying, 'Your slut is ready master', now get to it."

Erica took no time to hesitate and jumped out of her car in a flash. She did not even care that her car was parked on the main street of downtown; she simply set her phone on speaker and signaled her master.

"Your slut is ready Master."

"Good, now take of your dress and throw under your car. When completed, respond applicably."

Once again, without care of where she stood, Erica completed her master's order, and soon had her dress off and under the car. She stood naked in the middle of downtown, except for her heels, the choker, and the pair of handcuffs dangling from her wrist. Fortunately, it was still early on a Sunday morning and no one was out yet.

"Your slut is now naked Master."

"Perfect. I want to now walk to the back of your car and open the trunk. Inside you will find a bag; retrieve it, close the trunk, and return to the side of your car. Let me know once you have returned."

Turning and strutting confidently, Erica did just as her master wished, and retrieved the bag. It had some weight to it, but Erica still was not fazed, but instead continued back to the side of her car and signaled him her obedience.

"Your slut has retrieved the bag Master."

"You are doing well for a dumb, little slut; that makes me happy. Let us see if you can keep it going with something a bit more challenging. Drop your car keys on the driver's seat, lock your door, and shut it. The sound of the door closing will let me know you have followed through."

Erica had dropped the keys on the seat upon hearing her master telling her to do so. As he finished his order, she began to realize just how far he was going to push her. It took her a moment to steady herself to actually lock her car door and shut it. For she knew exactly what the action would mean, but also knew what it meant if she didn't; the loss of his guidance. She shut the door with a firm push, and as she did a nervous smile appeared on her face.

"I will trust you completely followed my orders, and the car door is truly locked; for I would be greatly disappointed if isn't. You will now take the bag, and walk into the alley alongside the hotel; keep the phone on speaker as you walk so I can continue to give you instructions. Is this clear slut?"

"Yes Master."

With her confirmation, Erica began to make her way towards the alley with the bag in one hand and the phone in the other. Every once in a while, she would glance around to see if anyone was around, but it was still a bit too early for people to be out and about downtown. After a few moments she reached the alley and began to walk down it. Within a few steps, his voice came through the phone with more instructions.

"Where ever you are stop. Drop the bag on the floor, and open it up. Inside you will find many things, but I only want you to remove the ball gag. Once you have, you will close the bag back up, and put on the ball gag before continuing your stroll down the alley."

Erica did not take a moment to hesitate; she instinctively did as her master ordered, and was soon strolling down the alley once again. The gag only added to her look of complete alley slut, and her pussy began to flood with arousal. As she continued walking cautiously alongside the hotel, Erica realized where her path was leading her. At the end of the alley she would run into the town's central recreational park. The park was not large, only covering about a city block's worth of land, but being a Sunday there was a high chance of a church activity taking place later in the day.

This realization stirred Erica's emotions, but she did not let it slow her down or second guess following her master's orders. She truly believed in her heart that he would not have her do anything that would get her in trouble, but she was sure he was going to push her limits. Almost on cue with her thoughts, his voice rang through the speaker of the phone, causing Erica to freeze and listen.

"As you may have realized, you are headed towards the park in the center of town. If you follow all my directions you will be able to complete the remainder of the task without much issue. You to continue walking into the park until you reach the restrooms in the center of the park. Once there you will enter the men's room, and empty the contents of the bag onto the floor. Inside you will find a Polaroid camera loaded with film, a large 12-inch dildo. You will proceed to fuck yourself with the dildo while simultaneously capturing the slutty act on film with the Polaroid. You may hang up the phone now, but call me back once you have run out of film; and remember that you are not to cum without my knowledge. Now go be your true slut self."

Immediately, Erica felt her pussy flood with arousal, and quickly made her way to the restrooms after her hanging up the phone. Upon entering the men's room, and taking note that no one was around, she emptied the contents of the bag onto the floor and began setting up. When she grabbed the dildo to hold it into her hands, Erica began to fear about how exactly she would get it inside of herself. The dildo was by far larger than anything else she, or her master, had used; its girth was almost the same as her forearm. However, she put her fear aside and focused on completing the task at hand. She was bubbling with arousal and excitement from the idea of fucking herself with such a large object in such an openly public area.

Erica stood the monstrous phallus up on the tiled floor, and proceed to squat over the top of it. Slowly, she began to lower herself onto the intruder; letting just the tip slip in to allow for her young pussy to adjust. Even just the tip felt like it was ripping her open, but soon the pain faded and she slowly continued to slide down the rubber member. With every inch that disappeared into her slit, the more sense of accomplishment Erica felt, and soon she had taken over nine inches of the fake cock.

Reaching her limit, Erica grabbed the Polaroid camera and began to pump up and down on dildo. She ferociously bounced up and down on the rubber cock, while simultaneously snapping off pictures of her own self doing so. Erica felt full as the member slid in and out of her dripping snatch, but knew not to get carried away, for she was not allowed to climax without her master's permission.

After 15 clicks of the camera it spat out its last photo onto the floor to begin developing, and Erica dismounted the intruder to make the call to her master; signaling her completion of his wishes. While the phone rang, a string of drool fell from behind the gag, and landed on her chest, covering most of her left breast with a sticky coat of saliva. It was at that moment that Erica realized just how much she loved the feeling of a gag in her mouth, how it made her feel truly submissive. However, before she could ponder that thought for too long, her master answered her phone call, and immediately began to speak.

"Trusting you have done as I wished, you will now pick up the bag and leave the restroom; leaving the dildo, photos, and camera behind for some other lucky patron to find. Upon exiting the men's room you will then cross the rest of the park and enter into the alley way that runs along the movie theatre. Leave you phone on speaker as you walk, for I will provide further instruction as you go. Now let me hear those, whore, heels click while you exit the restroom."

Erica did just as he commanded, and picked up the bag before strutting out as dignified as possible. She felt a slight twinge in her gut leaving the photos behind, but knew it was what her master wanted, and it wasn't anything worse then she had left on the hotel's computer. So with her head held high, she made her way across the rest of the still vacant park, and into the theatre alley way. Once her heels clicked down onto the paved path of the alley, his voice bellowed through the phone.

"You should now be beside the theatre if the sound of your heels rings true. What you are to do now is locate a door with a Volcom stone sticker on it. This door leads into the theatre room, behind a movie screen. Since it is still early, there should not be anyone inside, but the door should be coincidentally unlocked. With a little prying, you should manage to open it. Once inside, you will make your way to the front row of seats, and dump the remaining contents of the bag onto the floor. The remaining contents should be the following: a small white envelope, a document envelope, and a key to the janitor's closet just outside the room. You will use the key to get inside the janitor's closet, where you will leave the small white envelope, and also pick up something to cover up with. After you cover up you will take the document envelope to the free publications rack at the front of the theatre; hopefully no employees decide to arrive early. At the publication rack you will open the envelope and remove the pictures found inside. Next, you will place one photo inside of each publication until you have no more. With this complete you will exit the same way you came in, and call me to signal your completion. You better get a move on slut; you never know when someone will show up to open the movies."

A dial tone signified the end of the call, and Erica quickly rushed to find to find the door. Half-way down the alley she located the door, but it had no handle. Fortunately, she noticed that it is somewhat ajar, and is able to use her finger nails to slowly pry it open. After some tedious work with her finger tips, Erica managed to swing it open and quickly hide inside. With out a moment to collect her emotions, she sped inside the room, and dumped the bag open onto the floor in front of the first row of seats.

Erica grabbed the two envelopes and the key before hustling out of the movie room towards exit further into the currently closed theatre. She was able to locate the janitor's closet rather quickly, and opened it up with the key her master had provided her. Upon opening the door, she placed the envelope onto a shelf to her right and scanned the small space for what she was to use to cover up with.

At first, she did not notice any clothing to cover herself with, but with a second, more scrutinize scan of the utility alcove she saw her cover. Balled up on the floor, and pushed into the corner, she found a dirty, full length apron. It was purple cotton, and had the theatre's logo stitched across the front. It also seemed to be soaked in popcorn butter, because it had greasiness to it. Just glad to have some to cover her nude body, Erica slipped the over her head and tied it off in the back. She was certainly covered in the front, but her entire backside was left exposed. However, Erica had no time to worry about that fact, for she still had a challenge to complete before anyone arrived.

Turning towards the entrance of the theatre, Erica headed off to the free publication rack which was located right next to the front doors. Arriving at the rack, she ripped open the envelope, and pulled out the photos. With the pictures now in her hand and facing her, she froze in a moment of shock. The pictures were of her, in different stages of submission to her master. All were extremely lewd and revealing, and showed not only her unmistakably naked body, but also her face. Erica was stunned again to be leaving such graphic photos of her own self to be found by some unsuspecting individual; but as before, she was able to convince herself that it was what her master wanted, and that it was something she had already done previously.

Recouped, she began to stuff the pictures into the free magazines one at a time. It was the last photo that she attempted to slide into a magazine that fell to the floor face down, and revealed what was printed on the back of it. Across the back of each photo, her master had printed, in bold black ink, "TeacherSlut.Net". The same website address that he had written onto her back two days earlier, and the one she still was not sure existed. Knowing however, that she could not stay and ponder the web address for too long, Erica retreated back the way she came and made her way out of the building.

Outside, she immediately called her master to let him know of her completion of his wishes. The phone only rang once before he answered and began to speak.

"Well slut, you are progressing nicely this morning, and for your peace of mind I feel you should know that you only have one more part to your final task to complete. Simply, you will make your way to your apartment where I will be waiting for you. This may be the easiest of all your tasks, but I assure you, it will be the most awarding. See you soon my slut."

A smile instantly appeared on Erica's face, and her body tingled with anticipation to see her master. Even though her apartment was about two miles away, she was only partly covered, and she still looked like a cheap whore, she could not wait to complete her final task. She practically ran the entire way home, or at least did her best in the heels she was wearing. She did however; try to at least keep to less traveled roads, and back streets. She knew she probably looked completely ridiculous, hustling through town the way she was put together, but it did not matter to Erica; she was on a mission to see her master, and did not care who or what was around her.

It took her about forty five minutes to reach her complex, and another minute to reach her door step. She was blind to her surroundings, and would not have known if her neighbors saw her or not; all that mattered was seeing him. As she reached her door, she was face with a note attached to the front of her door. On it was the simple message, "Strip, cuff your hands behind your back, and wait". Not wanting to displease her master now, Erica did as the note instructed, and soon was standing on her doorstep naked and restrained. She stood waiting for what felt like an eternity, before she her foot steps behind her. Before she could turn to look at who it was, his voice rang out and informed her not to turn around.

She could sense that he was coming closer, and soon felt the familiarity of a blindfold being secured over her eyes. He then guided her back towards the parking area, where he moved her into a running car; she assumed it was his. After he had her seated in the car, he came around to the driver's side and proceeded to drive away. Erica could not see a thing, and had no idea where he was taken her. The entire ride, he said nothing; they rode in silence until they reached their destination.

Parking the car, and exiting from his side, he retrieved Erica from the other side of the car and led her away from it. Erica was had no idea where he had brought her, but could tell they were entering a building. It must have been somewhere he had keys to, because he had to use them to open the door. Inside, he led her across a tiled floor, and her heels noisily clicked the entire way. Finally, upon reaching their destination, and eternity of silence, he spoke.

"Congratulations slut, you successfully completed all of your tasks the weekend, and have truly shown what lengths you are willing to go through to please your master. You have done your maser proud as well, but I knew that you would. Frankly, the only reason I had you complete all these tasks was out fun. I wasn't out of town; I just wanted to get you to slut around town all alone. To be honest, I have been bored with you lately, and have just been trying to see how far I could push you. Which I have found out, is to the absolute edge. In fact, I don't even think there is an edge with you. You would probably do anything I ask you; wouldn't you?"

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