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School Project


Author's Note: This is pure fantasy, in the broadest sense. There's some "science" that's almost like mind control but is more like body control, no regard for the limits of the human body and a lot of imagination used in this story. It's MMF action with oral, vaginal and anal sex, as well as Double Penetration. Enjoy!


Brian hurried to the front door of his apartment, he could hear his best friend Jeff frantically calling out his name as he pounded on the door. Only one thing could possibly have made Jeff this excited. As soon as the door opened, Jeff practically vaulted into his friend's apartment.

"It's ready," he whispered, although the intensity of his voice made it sound like he was almost screaming. "My God, it's finally ready."

"It worked?" Brian asked, shutting the door quickly so that they could talk more freely.

"Beautifully, perfectly. I think it's absolutely ready for human experimentation, if you're willing to take the risk."

"Of course." Brian reached out and grasped his friend's hand. "This is going to change our lives."

They pulled each other in for a bro hug, hands grasped between them, the other arm around each other, both of them quivering with excitement. What they were planning was immoral, dangerous, and definitely would be illegal if anyone had known what they were up to. But they'd been working on it for months now and they were past the point of caring.

"Here," Jeff pulled a small case with two pills out of his pocket, handing them to Brian. "If you take two now then you'll be more than ready by tomorrow night."

"Perfect," Brian replied, and he immediately went to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. "Cassie's not going to know what hit her."


Cassie Steward was the campus' walking wet dream. Twenty two years old, she had flaming red hair that waved around her shoulders, pale Irish skin and bright green eyes that rivaled emeralds. Her lips were a perfect shade of pink, her breasts were high and perky and a perfect 34D, and her legs were absolute heaven. The smattering of freckles across her delicate and slightly upturned nose only increased her appeal. Unfortunately, she was also a stonewall bitch. Jeff and Brian had been unlucky enough to have a science class with her where they'd been assigned a group project and, as she usually did in her classes, she immediately foisted all the work onto them, sure that they'd give her some of the credit as long as she flashed them some cleavage and maybe a couple extra inches of thigh. Although she'd been dating Brett Saunders, the college's star quarterback, she had no compunction about using her sexual wiles when it came to getting through her classes. Everyone knew that Cassie was at college to get her MRS degree, and she was well on her way to it with Brett.

She considered Jeff and Brian to both be the usual college geeks that she could put one over on. They were panting after her and she knew it. That's the way she liked to do business. As long as she was getting good grades, which was thanks to geeks like these two, then her parents would keep sending her spending money. Life was easy. Fun. And soon she'd have a diamond ring on her finger and she wouldn't have to worry about this crap anyway. Although she'd almost miss her geeks, they were all kind of cute in a way. Too bad she couldn't keep a few around to be her pets. Maybe some of the accountant types. Jeff and Brian weren't bad looking, Jeff had sandy blonde hair and he was tall and lean, but not too skinny. Brian had curly brown hair and a little more meat to him, but he had a cheerful, pleasant face and adorable puppy dog brown eyes. Maybe she could teach them to roll over and beg.

Sighing, she rang Brian's doorbell. They'd insisted that she come over tonight to see the culmination of their big group project, and she did need to know a little something about it since they had to present it next week. She really didn't feel like giving yet another one of her professors a BJ for a grade, she much preferred to just flash some skin at the geeks in her classes to help her. Much less risky that Brett would get upset about that. Especially since tonight, all of her skin flashing was really for him. She was supposed to be meeting him to go out to a bar after stopping by Brian's, and she was dressed appropriately in a soft grey jersey skirt that hugged her hips and hung just under her ass and a low cut green halter top with a cowl neckline. If she leaned forward far enough, anyone looking at her from the front would be able to see that she wasn't wearing a bra. It was exactly the kind of outfit Brett loved on her, lots of creamy skin to be seen, and even more peeks at her body as she moved.

Brian answered the door, looking nervous, and she smiled a big, wide, fake smile at him, breathing in so that her breasts swelled in her shirt under his gaze.

"Thanks for letting me know that our project is done," she said cheerfully as she stepped into the apartment, her three inch heels clicking off of the hardwood floor. "I can't wait to see what you guys have come up with. Where's Jeff?"

"Right here," Jeff's voice said, behind her, and then a sweet smelling clothe covered her mouth and blackness swamped her.


"Holy shit she's hot," Brian said, his voice full of awe as they beheld the naked Cassie on his bed. She was stretched out, with her arms tied slightly apart above her head to his bed frame. Jeff was getting the video camera ready. His cock felt ready to burst, and his balls were heavy with semen. The concoctions that he and Jeff had come up with were nothing short of amazing; they had stretched their balls to full capacity with cum and their dicks could go for hours without losing a bit of hardness. Of course, that second part had yet to be tested, but Brian was sure it was true. He'd already jerked off twice today, unable to bear the pressure, and each time his dick had stayed at full mast. It had been a fairly uncomfortable day for the both of them. Soon it was going to be time to test the second part of their experiment.

Jeff walked over and ran his hand over the unconscious beauty, from her ankle, to her knee, up her thigh and body and then he cupped her breast, rubbing his thumb over the rosy nipple. Cassie's lips parted as he touched her.

"Look, she likes it," Jeff smirked. "We might not even need the salve."

Brian took her other breast in his head, her skin was so soft, her tight nipple so perfectly pink, she had the body of an angel. Or a slut. The two men squeezed and played with their boob, Jeff even leaned down and sucked the nipple into his mouth, making Brian moan as he watched his friend suckle at Cassie's breast. She moaned a little too.

"I think she's starting to come out of it," said Brian.

"Good," Jeff replied. We need to get this party started.

At first Cassie thought she was having a wonderful dream, her body was aroused and there were hands touching her breasts, a mouth on her nipple... but then the voices penetrated through the hazy fog of her head and neither was Brett's. Starting to come to, she tried to move her hands and found that her wrists were restrained above her. Immediately adrenaline shot through her body and she opened her eyes to see her science group, Brian and Jeff, standing over her and fondling her.

"YOU SICK PERVS!" she shouted, as she thrashed on the bed, shaking her body and trying to throw them off of her chest. Her legs kicked up in the air, but each of the men just grabbed them and held them down. It didn't stop her from struggling though. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? LET ME GO!"

"We're trying to show you what we came up with for our group project," Jeff smirked at her, one hand gripping her ankle tightly, the other still locked onto her boob. He pinched her nipple a little and she thrashed again. "We have a special salve, just for females, but we need to see if it works on humans... and since you're the only human female in our group, and you haven't done any other work for us, that means it's time for you to earn your participation grade."

"FUCK YOU!" she yelled.

"Oh, we hope so," Jeff replied. He was the talker, Brian just kept playing with her boob, caressing and squeezing it. Cassie was horrified to realize that her body was a little turned on, a natural reaction to having been played with while she was unconscious, but she wanted it to stop RIGHT NOW.

She made big eyes at Brian, hoping that since he wasn't so talkative that he might have mercy on her. "Please don't do this Brian, you're a good guy, I know you are."

"Me too," he pinched her nipple on his side, and she thrashed around again, "unfortunately you're a crappy girl and it's really time you put some effort into helping us with our project."

As Cassie started screaming obscenities at them, Jeff took a small jar out of his pocket. They both kept holding onto her legs, but let go of her boobs so that Jeff could hold the jar as Brian unscrewed it. Dropping the top on the ground, Brian carefully scooped out a small portion and applied it to the tips of Cassie's hard nipples, as best he could considering how she was shaking them all over the place as she struggled.

It took her a moment to realize that heat was building in her nipples where Brian had rubbed the salve on her. Heat and need, almost a burning sensation, and it went straight from her nipples to her pussy, which was suddenly gushing.

"OH GOD," she exclaimed, arching her back and thrusting her breasts up into the air. "OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?!"

"That's what we've been hard at work at," Jeff told her, with an evil grin. "Now, I need you to tell me how it feels."

"Oh God..." Cassie writhed, no longer able to concentrate on struggling. Her nipples were on fire. "It's burning... oh my god it's burning me... inside and out."

"She's flooded," Brian said, looking at her pussy, which was glistening with fluid. Her thighs quivered as she struggled to close them, needing to rub them together to get some relief. Her breasts kept pushing up at them.

"Let's see if this helps with the burning," Jeff said, and he leaned over and pulled her nipple into his mouth.

"Oh please..." Cassie begged. His mouth on her nipple made the sensation both better and worse. Teeth nipped, and he sucked hard on the tender bud, the rough treatment relieving the burning need in her body. She stared up at Brian. "Please... the other one... do the other one..."

"You want me to suck on your nipple?"

"Yes, yes please, oh dear God, please!"

Immediately he leaned over and latched on. Cassie's moans filled the air, along with the smell of her arousal as the men suckled at her breasts. It felt... sensational. Their sucking tugged at her body, pulling at something deep within her, and she could hear herself moaning. Then someone's fingers slipped between her legs.

"NO!" she yelled out immediately. "STOP!"

Both of the men pulled of her breasts. There was still a slow burn in her nipples, but she glared at Jeff anyway, he was the one with his fingers stroking her wetness.

"Stop, you can't do this, it's rape."

"It's science," he told her. And then he looked at Brian. "I think she's ready for Phase 2."

Cassie thrashed some more, screaming as they pulled her legs apart and Brian dipped his hand into the jar once again. As he rubbed salve all over her wet pussy, Cassie's screams turned to moans and whimpers. They held her thighs splayed and watched as her pussy lips seemed to swell, it looked like her pussy was weeping it was so wet and needy. Her hips humped the open air, desperate for some traction. Taking another scoop of salve, Brian coated his fingers and then pushed it into her wet hole, coating her insides with it.


"Please what?"

"Please tell me there's an antidote!" Cassie writhed, her body was one big hot fire of burning need. She wanted sex, needed it, and her desperation was terrifying because she knew it wasn't really hers.

"There is," Jeff reassured her.

"Please... please, give it to me now, you've had your fun."

"We're conducting a very serious scientific experiment here Cassie, we need to see how you react. I'm afraid you're just going to have to bear it. If it makes you feel any better, seeing you like this has Brian and me all hot and bothered but we aren't getting any satisfaction from it."

"Please, I'll satisfy you... I'll suck you off, both of you. I'll satisfy you, just give me the antidote."

Brian pulled off his pants and knelt beside her head on the bed. "Prove it."

Cassie tried to turn, but it was hard. The men undid one of her wrists on the bed so she could turn over and face Brian. As soon as they did her hand went between her legs and started rubbing herself. She practically launched herself at Brian's cock, her mind taking a moment to be amazed at the size of his shaft and his huge balls underneath, and then her mouth was covering him, her lips locked around the shaft and she started pumping her head up and down. Even though it was her pussy that was on fire, there was something seriously satisfying about having a piece of meat anywhere in her.

The boys smirked at each other over Cassie's body, and Jeff pulled on her hips to get her on her hand and knees. She was so far gone that she didn't even notice, she just kept her other hand between her legs, still frigging herself. They watched as her body jerked in orgasm, and then she moaned around Brian's cock, because even though her orgasm was incredible, it didn't do anything to satisfy the burning in her pussy. In fact, her nipples were starting to burn again too. What Jeff and Brian hadn't told her was that the "antidote" for the salve was semen. And a lot of it.

As Jeff ran the tip of his swollen cock up and down her hot slit, Cassie tried to protest, but Brian held her head in place on his dick, thrusting up and into her mouth. She was an incredible cock sucker... probably had lots of practice if all those rumors he heard about how she was passing her classes were true. Every time he hit the back of her throat she gagged, but she didn't stop sucking. When Jeff started pushing his dick into her from behind, she screamed around Brian's and it felt phenomenal.

To her utter horror, it felt amazing as the two men started thrusting into her from either end, Jeff's cock was splitting her open from behind and her hot needy body wanted to suck him in as deep as he could get. The balls on these men were incredible, and she could feel Jeff's heavy sack hitting her clit every time he slammed home. She sucked harder and harder on Brian's cock as her own pleasure mounted, and as Jeff's balls bounced off her clit yet again, she felt her body writhe in ecstasy, the incredible pleasure sweeping over her and tearing apart her senses. Dimly she realized that she was guzzling Brian's cum, something she never did, but it slid easily down her throat and she swallowed automatically. When he pulled his cock out, the slightly bitter musky taste lingered on her tongue.

When she looked at him, she couldn't believe it... he was still just as hard as he'd been when she'd started sucking him!

High pitched moans filled the air and it took her a few seconds to realize they were hers. She was building up to another orgasm again, as Jeff continued to pound away at her from behind. Her pussy was so needy. Closing her eyes, so that she didn't have to see Brian fisting his cock beside her, she pictured Brett behind her, slamming into her for all he was worth, and her screams filled the air as she came again. This time her convulsing pussy was too much for Jeff, even though he wanted to keep this going, and he bellowed as he shot jet after jet of cum deep into her body. He rode her all the way through his own orgasm, slamming his body into her and keeping her held up by her hips.

Even though he was still rock hard, once he was done cumming he let her slide from his hands and she collapsed on the bed, moaning.

"My turn," said Brian, and Jeff climbed out from between her legs. They flipped her over.

"Oh noooooo..." Cassie moaned. Although she'd felt some relief when Jeff came in her, the burning sensation was already returning. She was hot, wet, needy... her body wanted them to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her even while her mind was screaming that this was all so wrong.

Brian grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed, her legs hanging open, splayed with her red sex dripping white cum from its used hole. Lining himself up, he entered her with one hard thrust. Cassie writhed and cried out, loving that she was full again, loving the hard pounding between her needy, needy legs. As Brian's cock pushed in and out of her hole, it spread some of Jeff's cum around, making her feel both more relieved and more turned on.

Jeff straddled her upper body, sliding his dick into the crevice between her tits and grabbing hold of her tingling nipples.

"Oooooohhhh noooooo," Cassie moaned, and she pushed uselessly at his thighs as he began thrusting between her mounds of flesh. The pinching on her nipples went straight to the juncture of her legs, where Brian was fucking her in rhythm with Jeff's thrusts between her breasts. They were using her body and it was so fucking hot.

She screamed again as another orgasm hit her, and Brian moaned as her hot pussy gripped him even tighter, massaging his dick.

"Fucking FAN-TASTIC!" he said , thrusting hard and forcing himself into her pulsing pussy. "God you're a hot piece of ass!" Cassie's legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper into her body as she strained and heaved, trapped under Jeff's weight, a complete slave to the sensations that were ripping through her.

"FUCK ME!" she screamed, sobbing with the force of the rapture that was spiraling out of control in her body. "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!"

"Oh god baby, will we ever," Jeff told her. He released her breasts and grabbed his dick in his hand, squeezing hard on the base as cum sprayed from its tip, blasting across her pale face and her chest, spurt after spurt landing on her thrashing up her body, the clumps that fell on her hair were pale counterpoint to the flaming red.

When he got off her chest and moved to the side, dick still erect even after two orgasms, he and Brian caught each other's eye. The other part of their creation, the pills that they'd taken, were working even better than they'd hoped. They were full of cum to cover her with and their hard-ons weren't going anywhere. Tonight was all about fucking Cassie into exhaustion.

Brian looked down at the creamy mess that his friend had made of Cassie's beautiful face and hair, and he shouted his release, leaning over and plowing harder than ever into her soft body. She wailed, her hands on his shoulders, nails digging in as she pulled at him, her pussy suctioning around his dick and sucking cum into it... soothing cum that calmed the burn of her insides.

Reaching down, Jeff spread the cum on her chest over her reddened nipples, helping to soothe those swollen buds. They remained tight and hard as he played with them, but the more he rubbed his cum into them, the less they burned painfully.

Cassie quickly caught on, and her hands joined his, rubbing the cum all over her breasts, sighing with relief. Brian pulled out of her, his own orgasm complete.

"Oh noooo," she moaned as the burning between her legs started again. They had put a lot more salve inside of her than they had put on her nipples. She writhed again, her pussy lips looking swollen and red, cum leaking out from her hole and down into her ass crack.

"Help me get her up here," Jeff said. The two men maneuvered her onto the bed and had her straddle Jeff. As soon as they got his thick pole positioned, Cassie started riding it frantically, still rubbing his cum all over her breasts.

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