As your teacher, I call you into my office after class. I see the nervousness in your stance as I usher you in. You know why you are here. Your grades in my math class are suffering and you know if you don't get the credit in my class, you won't graduate this year. I've waited four years for this moment. As of last month, you turned 18 and the possitibilities opened up to me. Walking in behind you, I get another good look at your ass. You don't realize it yet, but I am going to have that ass today.

"Well, we both know why you're here," I say. "Can you give me any reason why I should pass you?"

"You have to pass me," you plead. "If I don't pass your class, I don't graduate."

"I know that, but I can't in good conscience pass you just so you can graduate. I have to know you understand the material," I retort.

"I don't know why I can't understand it. I try so hard. It just doesn't make sense," you say. Tears begin to form in your eyes. You think the situation is hopeless.

"I tell you what. I have an idea of how we can get your grade up," I say, smiling lasciviously. The implication is lost on you. Your eyes start to brighten, thinking there may be a chance to graduate after all. My intentions don't dawn on you until you feel me walk up behind you and place my hands on your supple shoulders. I caress along your arms and you pull yourself away from me.

"How dare you!! I would never do something like that!!!" you scream. More tears flow down your face. You look at me in a new light. You see the dark smile on my face. You turn to leave. But I grab your arm and pull you against me.

"Where do you think you're going?" I ask. "I didn't say I was done with you yet. I don't care if you want to do this. This is going to happen. You've pranced around this place for the last four years like you own it. You tease every guy you ever come into contact with, including me. Now, you're going to know what happens to teases." Before you have a chance to protest, I kiss you on the lips roughly, mashing our lips together. Holding one arm tightly around your waist, I run my other hand up and down your body, taking in every inch. I feel you shiver from fear underneath my ministrations and it thrills me even more.

My hand finds the bottom of your blouse. I slip my hand up underneath and feel the tiny tits covered in the small bra. This just adds to your innocence and makes me even harder. You're openly sobbing now. I move you over to my desk and bend you over it, holding you down with one hand on the back of your neck. I slip my other hand around your waist and unhook your pants. I roughly jerk them and your panties down in one swift motion. The sight of your bare ass gives me pause. It's even more heavenly than I imagined. I start grabbing at it, spreading it apart and getting a look at your pussy, too. I start rubbing your pussy and much to your dismay I feel the wetness slowly begin to seep out.

I chuckle, "You're liking this you little whore. I knew it. You're a born slut." I feel your body slump, defeated. You're mine and we both know it. I stand you back up and proceed to strip you swiftly. In seconds, your blouse and bra are off and you are naked before me. I drink in your body. Your tiny A-cup tits, your dark tanned skin, your short, petite stature. Your long black hair draped in wisps around your body, partially covering your nipples. I caress your hair, slowly gently almost lovingly. I, then, grab a handful and force you to your knees in front of me. With my other hand, I unhook my belt, undo my button and zipper and pull out my throbbing cock.

Your eyes go wide. You've never seen a cock before. You've always been the good girl. Now, you can't believe the situation you're in, naked, on your knees, in my office with my cock dangling in your face. I move closer to you and my cock begins to rub along your face and lips. I see you purse your lips in one last attempt to regain control. I laugh at this and pry your mouth open with my free hand. The moment it's open, I shove my cock inside. I revel in the warmth and moisture. I begin slowly thrusting back and forth. I look down and see your crying face and it drives me mad. I begin thrusting harder. To my surprise, you take it nicely. I smile and laugh again. "You've done this before haven't you, you slut? Don't deny it. You're taking it better than a two dollar whore. I've seen pornstars struggle more than you."

Your face turns red. You're embarassed at my words. I just keep pumping. It is so good. Better than I imagined. I feel myself building. I want my first cum to be by your pussy, so I stop and pull out of your mouth. I lift you up and once again bend you over my desk. I kneel down behind you and immediately dive into your pussy. It tastes sweet and I feel you squirm under my ministrations. I know you're liking it. I revel in the fact that I'm making you enjoy what you didn't want. I can't wait anymore. I stand back up and line up my throbbing, rock-hard cock with your small wet pussy. I rub it up and down your slit. You're writhing again. This time though, you're not trying to get away. I lean down and whisper in your ear.

"Tell me you want it"

You close your eyes and shake your head. I continue rubbing along your slit. An unmistakable moan escapes your lips. I say it again, "Tell me you want me to fuck you."

Again, you shake your head. I slowly insert the head of my cock into you. You gasp. When I pull it back out, you whimper. I lean down again. "Tell me you want me to fuck you."

After a few moments, you finally whimper, "I want you to fuck me."

"Say it again."

"I want you to fuck me."

"Beg me for it."

"Please fuck me. Please fuck me."

"Tell me you want my cock in your pussy."

"I want your cock in my pussy. Please, please fuck me."

I smile at my triumph and I thrust forward. In one motion, I am fully inside you. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt, soft, velvety, moist. I feel every ridge of your pussy along the length of my cock. Then it hits me. No hymen. "Are you a virgin?" You nod head your head slowly. "What happened to your hymen?"

"When I was 13, I masturbated and broke through it then. It bled for awhile."

"Good, I hate having to deal with that." With that out of the way, I proceed to start pounding into you. With every thrust, I drill you into the desk making your entire body shake. A moan and grunt escapes your lips every time. I just keep pounding you and pounding you, when suddenly your entire body tenses up. You shudder against me and I feel your pussy contract. My final victory is at hand. I made you cum. You never wanted to fuck and I still made you cum.

I start pounding harder. I start moaning. "I'm going to cum soon, slut. I'm going to cum right in your pussy." The fear grips you again. You start fighting one more time.

"Please don't cum inside me. I'm not on birth control. I don't want to get pregnant."

I just keep rutting and and out. I feel my orgasm building. I feel you struggling. With one last thrust, I yell, "I'm cumming." I bury myself deep inside you and feel the spurting begin. It feels like a gallon shooting out. This is four years of frustration releasing inside you. After what seems like a lifetime, my final spurt hits your pussy walls. My cock pops out of you, limp. You begin crying again when you feel my cum start to drip out of you. No more is the thought that I raped you in your mind. You're worried that you may get pregnant now. I bring you back to reality though as I slap your ass. "That was the best fuck I ever had. You were great. Like I knew you would be. Meet me here again next week and we'll discuss your grade further."

With that, I throw your clothes at you and shove you out the door. You stand there whimpering. I stand on the other side of the door smiling, anticipating what next week will bring.

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