tagInterracial LoveScott Gris's S.A.T.

Scott Gris's S.A.T.


Thanks so much to my naughty Asian pen-pal for the inspiration that made this story happen and to the editors that made it better.

~ ~ ~

The dim light of a lamp fills the modest bedroom with a conspirator's essence. The marital bed is not shared by the betrothed tonight. Tonight, an affair is in the air...

Just hours ago, thoughts of this fantasy filled his mind. Every weekday for an entire semester her young, sexy body tantalized him. Teaching ancient history to a bunch of giggling girls was such a chore until she stumbled into his class. He knew her mind was always curious, leading her to ask questions, seeking more and more answers. He did not know her heart was filled with a schoolgirl's crush. Anxiously seeking more and more attention from him, she hiked her skirt up higher and higher each day, exposing her legs to him and sported low cut shirts to expose her supple, young breasts. She relished every one of his involuntary gazes.

Only eighteen years old, yet so smart and seductive. Her beautiful, dark eyes light up a room like the sun and the sweet dimple on her cheek sinks in when she grins. She grins when she answers questions correctly, and she grins a lot.

She knows not only of the socioeconomic issues causing the downfall of ancient Rome, but also that his lingering stares mean tumult is in his heart. A gold ring weighs heavily on his left hand as his eyes weigh heavily upon her. Heavy they must be, as they drift down her beautiful body every day; from her silky, black hair, to those pert little breasts, to her sexy legs. Gravity must surely explain his lingering stares at her sashaying ass as she leaves his classroom. Somehow, she is always the last student to leave.

She is absolutely gorgeous. So pretty, petite, and perfect. An exotic Asian schoolgirl. Despite their best efforts, the boys in school do nothing for her with their yammering, snickering, and foolishness. She gave herself, body and soul, to one of these young 'men' already. He used her and broke her heart. She learned much of physical love, but yearned for more.

She is wise beyond her years and she knows what he wants. Despite his cool demeanor and attempt at professionalism, she catches his glimpses up her skirt and knows he wants her. He feels her gazing longingly at his firm butt when he writes on the board, his dress pants generally tight and fashionable. His crisply pressed shirts barely contain his muscular chest and arms when he removes his suit jacket to thrust and parry invisible weapons wielded by the warriors of history. Most students find it laughable, but she lusts over him.

So many afternoons she's watched and waited patiently, only to run home and pleasure herself to thoughts of them together. She lays in her bed, playing with herself to thoughts of his chest, arms, hair, hands, and especially his cock.

Meanwhile, thoughts of her, so illicit he dares not breathe a word of them, fill his mind. He knows it is wrong to want her, but he wants her none-the-less. His mind always drifts up from her tiny feet, to those soft thighs, then between her legs, where his stares are met daily with the sight of her pretty panties. White, pink, purple, some days black. "Hello Kitty," greeted him one day and now fills his masturbatory fantasies.

Today she had a head full of details to ace her final exam and a heart full of desire to make her fantasy, their fantasy come true. No panties or hair hid her naked, shaved pussy today. Despite the ease with which she completed the test, she was still the last student to finish. She envisioned the pen in her hand as his cock, gently sucking it, tapping herself on the cheek with it, all the while wondering if he's imagining the same thing. Seeing her, he was wishing it was his cock being taken in her mouth and rubbed all over that beautiful face. Seeing the last stupid boy leave the classroom, she made her move. Handing in her paper she leaned in over his desk and asked for a drive home. He knew he should refuse, but he relinquishes and agreed to take her home. Home with him where the teasing is only just beginning...

~ ~ ~

Imagine, if you will, that he is I and she is you...

The five minutes it takes to drive us home seems like five hours. Your lips pressed to my ear as you whisper not-so-sweet nothings. You tell me the things you want to do to me and my cock rises in my pants. Seeing me hard as nails, you playfully squeeze and tug on my bulge as I navigate traffic to get home. We waste no time tearing each others clothes off. You thought ahead and came prepared with some toys in your backpack. Handcuffs are your favourite and you plan to make them mine. Not wanting me to change my mind or turn you away, you have me naked and locked to the bed as quickly as you can.

~ ~ ~

You enjoy nothing more than teasing me by lightly kissing my thighs and stomach. Slowly circling my hard cock with your oral efforts, it protrudes from my body. It reaches up for your touch, while you deny its satisfaction. My hands, cuffed to the headboard, are clenched into fists with the desire to run my fingers through your long, dark hair. This desire is denied for now, delayed in agonizing pleasure. Your brown eyes smile at me as you grind your lips into my skin. Your wicked tongue lashes the skin of my thighs and abs.

Pre-cum oozes from my cock and my constant twitching smears some on your cheek, just above your mischievous dimple. You close your eyes as your roaming mouth locates my balls. You lift them gently with your tongue, first one, then the other. I thrash and moan like a man possessed as you drive me slowly toward an agonizing ecstasy.

"Please Kristen, please! Put it in your mouth!"

"Mmm?" You inquire without a word.

Your eyes are as innocent as a babe's. As you raise your head, your small hand grasps my cock and begins stroking it softly. Long, slow strokes.

"You want me to put this big, hard cock in my little mouth? Hmmmmmm."

"Hmmm." You slowly ponder my request.

Looking to your left with a hand coiled in a fist under your chin. Pensive, lost in thought on one hand, while the other hand furiously strokes my manhood. Pre-cum oozing down my shaft onto your fingers as you stare into the distance despite my bedroom wall being only a few feet away.

"Oh Kristen please, that's so good baby, so good!"

I'm writhing on the bed lifting my legs up and down as if climbing some horizontal Stairmaster.

"Such a big, strong man begging little old me?"

You continue with the innocent act, running the nails of your left hand down my chest. My pecs and abs flex as I struggle against the cold, grey steel of the handcuffs restraining my efforts to consummate my pleasure. As you trace the mountains and valleys of my body, your firm breasts hang down ever so slightly as you and graze my cock. The slippery mess that is my manhood leaves its trace on your nipples now.

"Oh you dirty, dirty man!" You scold as your fist pumps up and down on my cock.

"God yes, suck it Kristen! God, put it in your mouth!" I'm irate with lust now.

"Like this?" You ask as you lick the head of my cock. "You taste so good baby. I love the way I make you so mad," You purr as you take the entire head of my cock in your mouth and lavish it with licks as I moan uncontrollably.

"Oh God yes!" I let out a hiss of relief.

"Mmm," you mumble, adding another unbearable sensation.

Humming with my member in your mouth, you elevate me to ecstasy.

"Oh Kristen, yes! I NEED to cum in your mouth!" I shout in my delirium.

"Mmmhhhhhmmm," you affirm.

Your hands now rest on my thighs, restraining my thrusts as I endeavor to force myself into you. Your lips trace their way down my shaft until they reach the base of my cock, deep-throating me before retreating to the head.

The feel of your lips and tongue tracing every inch of my penis is sensational. The head of my cock grazes the back of your throat and the erotic sight of my entire cock disappearing down your throat is amazing. I long for nothing more than to tear my hands free and grasp your head for all I'm worth and run my hands through your hair. Instead I'm helpless and your hair dances across my stomach. The desire to get off, to pump your mouth full of my cum is all consuming...

Forcefully now you suck my cock, from the base to my uncut head, stroking me with your lips. The slurping sound that fills the air is so sexy. Your right hand on my thigh is all you can spare now as your left hand is busy between your own legs. Your fingers play a number on your freshly-shaven pussy. Your dainty pussy lips swell with the excitement as you get wetter and wetter.

"God!... Kristen!... Yes!..."

I moan in rhythm to the thrusts of your neck and bobbing of your head on my member. Your naturally black hair with brown highlights, dances across my stomach, thighs, and balls adding to the sexual sensations that engulf us. My mouth lies half open in awe of your oral talents, half smiling with pleasure.

"OOOmmm," you moan onto my cock as you drive yourself towards ecstasy.

Your teeth lightly graze the underside of my manhood. The visceral sounds of my pleasure and the joy that your sinister hand is bringing yourself is so intense.

I'm in heaven as I look down and see your face fucking me as you finger fuck yourself. Your soft, light brown skin looks so exotic and erotic against my unblemished white skin. All that's left of your schoolgirl uniform is your high black socks. The tartan skirt and virginal white blouse lie discarded on the floor. I've felt like a dirty old man, wishing you to be eighteen for a year so that desiring you would not be such a sin. My training, my conscience, my rational brain knows this is so wrong. Lusting for and ravaging a student. While only 4 years and a teaching degree separate us, this is still so bad.

A picture of my wife and I smiles at me from our nightstand. Her WASP-y beauty enticed my love, but the exotic beauty of you has drawn my lust. So prim and proper, she cannot feed my filthy fetishes like you can. The things I have in mind for you. Your heart shaped ass poking up as your head lies buried between my legs, looks so inviting.

Your tongue teases my foreskin as you raise yourself to rub and pinch the nipples of your breasts with your deft left digits. Glancing up at me with those brown eyes that draw a man in, you notice my intense stare at your rear. My brown eyed girl...

"Mr. Gris!" You mockingly scold as your left hand replaces your lips on my cock. Pre-cum and your own saliva cover your face. "You do love my cute bum, don't you? Don't think I didn't notice you glancing at it every chance you got!"

"Oh Kristen, you bad, bad girl!" I teased, but she was right.

Every day for the past semester I've stared at those sweet cheeks leaving my classroom wanting nothing more than to grab them, squeeze them, lick them, bite them...

"I want some cum," you pretend to whine as you take me back in your mouth humming.

The buzz of your humming lips on my cock is sensational.

Strongly now you're pounding my well lubricated cock with your mouth, like a piston.

"Kristen! Jesus, I'm gonna cum!"

I'm yelling now as I'm taken aback by your mastery of my manhood. The tremendous urge to cum flows so fast from my balls to the head of my cock I'm amazed.

"Hmmm," you grin with me in your mouth as you know your efforts are about to be rewarded.

This big, strong, sexy man is writhing at your faintest touch. A schoolgirl crush consummated and you were the one that made it happen.

"OOOhhhh, Mr. Gris....you taste so good....You poor thing, hasn't anyone pleased you like this? Does your prim and proper wife let you cum in her mouth?" Sucking so furiously now, like it's your last meal, your tongue rubs against the underside of my cock, and you hit a nerve. It makes me gasp again and again and again... Pausing as you stroke me, while earnestly looking at me in a teasing manner. "Do you want to cum, baby? Your little slut needs some cream..."

"Oh God Kristen, that's so good. So good!" I strain against the handcuffs with renewed vigour.

Going back to the task at hand, you stick my thick cock back in your mouth, determined to draw my cum out. I feel it tickle just the edge of your throat as you hum and bob your head. You move your slick lips all over me trying to push me over the edge. Your renwed efforts are quickly rewarded.

"I'm gonna! Ahhh!" I moan as a load of my sperm jettisons from my cock into your mouth once, twice, three times. The spurts of my thick delicious cum shoot right into your mouth and down your throat. You happily swallow almost every drop as I hoped you would.

"See, you knew I'd make you feel all better," you say as I start to soften.

Looking up at me with a mischievous gleam in your eye, your innocent eyes and face made lewd by the sexual juices covering you. A drop of my cum dribbles from the corner of your mouth, dripping on my stomach and then my pec as you crawl up my body. Your movements are like those of a tiger claiming her prey. Our eyes meet briefly, the blue of my eyes washing over the earth-toned brown of yours.

"Do you want a taste, baby?" You ask.

Our lips meet as our passion is not satiated by orgasm alone, at least not one. Your tongue plunges into my mouth as you take pleasure in forcing me to taste the residue of my sex on your lips, mouth, and tongue as we French kiss deeply.

"Will you let me go now?" I ask when you come up for air, my hands still restrained.

You release me and we drift down to spoon on our sides. My newly freed hands embrace you, our legs intertwine, and we become as one. I massage your shoulder, tired from its recent workload of holding my thrusts at bay. I cup your small, but perfectly perky breasts in my strong hands. Teasing your nipples keeps you wet, I squeeze and manhandle your breasts and pinch your nipples. Your tight, soft ass presses against my groin renewing my arousal. My fingers find their way to your cleanly shaven pussy...


You squeal in joy as I dip my fingers into your wetness. Your hands reach down, pulling me into you and guiding me where you ache for my touch.

"Mmmm, you're so wet. Is my cute little schoolgirl still horny?" I tease you now, nibbling and biting your earlobes.

"Ahhh!" You squeal again as you reach back to run your fingers through my spiky, short brown hair.

"You are so horny aren't you? Sucking my big cock and me playing with your beautiful breasts is making you so wet baby," I'm whispering into your ear now as I plunge my fingers deep into your sex. Curling my fingers as I stroke inside you, your nectar runs down my hand.

My erection returns as thoughts of pounding myself into you fill my head. My lust urges me to use my loins, but my head urges me to use my tongue first. Slipping myself deftly from the grasp of your hands and legs, I lay you on your back with your legs spread wide.

"Oh you bad, bad man! Are you going to eat my pussy like the dirty man you are?!" You scold, grinning with anticipation.

I lick your lips with long, firm strokes of my tongue along the whole of your pussy. Your clit engorges and I make love to it with my mouth. Your swollen love bud finds its way into my mouth as I suck it more and more firmly with each passing second. Your juices flow all over my lips, into my mouth, down my chin, and I love it. You writhe and moan as my tongue probes your hot hole.

"Oh God baby! Yes! Right there, suck my clit! Yes! Eat my pussy!" You command as I pleasure your sex with my mouth.

You are rubbing yourself and squeezing your nipples. Your breasts look as though they are just aching for attention.

My cock is so hard now, so erect it feels as though my skin will burst. Your skin is so smooth to the touch as my five o'clock shadow rubs against your thighs, tickling you.

"Oh yes!" You scream as I suck and lick you to orgasm.

My face is drenched in your juice now as you cum all over me.

"Oh you are so good Mr. Gris!"

I'm half ignoring your taunts now as my face is consumed by you. My ears covered sporadically by your thighs as you clench them shut, squeezing my head when the pleasure becomes too intense for you. My strong arms force your legs apart and I catch snippets of what you have to say.

"Oh please baby, fuck me! I need your dick so bad!"

Your seductive voice belies your young age as you look down to see my head between your slim thighs. Grasping my head in your hands, attempting to pull me away and up so you can feel me fill you with my cock.

"Mmmmm?" I inquire with my mouth full of your delicious pussy, gazing up at you with an evil gleam in my sky blue eyes.

My hands were busy holding your legs wide open, but that duty was needless. You have your legs spread wide open for me now, giving everything up. I move my fingers from your thighs to your pussy. Plunging one... then two... then three fingers into your sopping wet sex I twist, stroke, and poke you to ecstasy. My thumb finds your clit and sends you over the edge.

"Oh you fucker! Yes! Finger me! Yes! Yes!" You writhe as I have my way with you. You're so wet my fingers are drenched with your juices and I cannot wait to fill you with my cock.

"You're so wet baby. Such a naughty little kitten," I murmur to myself.

I kneel now, between your legs and take in the sight of you. Your head is thrown back and thrashing. You hair swishes from side to side like a woman possessed. Your beautiful eyes are closed and your expression is one of sheer, exquisite pleasure.

Oblivious to my actions, aside from the dance of my digits in your pussy, you fail to notice me kneel between your legs and position my cock at your slit. Pre-cum is oozing from the head of my cock and glimmers in the same dim light that flickers off your pussy. I slowly remove one... two... three... fingers from the seeping wet mess between your legs and you whimper at the loss of sensation.

You whine as my fingers leave you, leaving you feeling empty and void. In their place, I ease the head of my cock. The glorious warmth and wetness of you feels so amazing I let out a long sigh of sexual relief.

Your eyes open wide and your pupils become dilated as you gaze down, almost in disbelief, watching me invade your body for the first time. You clench your jaw and grit your white teeth. Your pouty pink lips are pursed as if in pain, but I know it's pleasure.

"Does my naughty, little Asian kitty like my big white cock?" I ask before leaning in to kiss your beautiful lips, thrusting myself into you fully.

"Oh!" is all you can say. A short, punctuated moan leaves your lips as I press deeply inside you, deeper than any boy or finger has before.

"You love it, don't you?" I ask again, maintaining my cool. The feel of your tight, wet pussy feels so good I'm forcing myself to go slow and sensual, for now.

"Yes," you whimper as you spread your legs wide then wrap around me, pulling me further into you.

"Such a slutty little schoolgirl! Does it feel good to have my big!?", I tease you as I thrust into you hard with each word. "Hard... cock... fuck... your... pussy... baby?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!" you answer each word needlessly as your petite body shakes with each specially timed thrust.

"Yes?" I ask, "Don't you mean yes..." I cease talking as I grab your sweet, young ass in my hands and pound hard into you. "Sir?" I finish my inquiry.

"Oh God! Yes sir! Yes sir! Yes sir!" You've let go now, giving yourself up to my every whim so long as I keep fucking you this way.

I love taking you like this, hard and fast and begging no less. If you hadn't sucked a load out of me just twenty minutes ago, I surely would have cum the moment you first said "Sir." Knowing I'm losing myself inside you, I know I need to switch things up. I remove my cock and you open your eyes, giving me a look that could melt glass.

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