"Hope you don't mind company." She said as she started pulling her snow pants down. She had her pants down to her ankles and her legs and butt naked. I watched as she crouched down and peed, using some TP she brought to wipe herself. She stood up and faced me. Giving me the first really good look at her pussy I had. "Do you like how it looks?"

"Very much." I said.

"Good." She said as she turned around and bent over to pull her pants up, giving me a long slow look at her exposed pussy before pulling them up. "I'm glad you like how it looks. I'm not used to anyone looking at my body but me."

"It's a very nice looking body. I wouldn't mind giving that pussy a good licking!"

"Oh? She said looking around. What about my breasts?" she asked as she pulled her coat apart and pulled up her shirt to show me her tits in the sunshine.

"Yep. I could suck on those beauties all day!" I said as I stood up. She turned around while I wiped and turned back when I was done, stepping over to me as I was pulling my pants up.

"I think you have a good looking dick too." She whispered as she moved close and squeezed my cock before kissing me on the cheek.

"I wonder what the guys are going to think." I said as we walked back toward camp.

"That I accidently went the wrong way." She said simply as we waded through the snow.

It was a long day, but we made our ten miles before dark. We set camp and got dinner going. We all sat around and talked about aspects of winter camping, including hygiene. I told them that normally I would take a hot water shower about once every few days, and a sponge bath every other day. I explained that you could do sponge bath with only two liters of water and a camp towel. We heated water and let each of the guys get a chance to clean up one at a time in their tents. I went next and then let Amy go last, just before going to bed. After all the guys were bedded down, I looked at the sky and saw the heavy clouds rolling in before I crawled into my tent, finding Amy laying in her bag, all zipped up. A warm-up is on the way, along with some fresh snow I whispered as I started pulling off my clothes. When I was completely naked, and before I could pull my sleeping stuff on, Amy unzipped and tossed opened her bag, revealing that she was completely naked.

"I have a question." She whispered.

"What's that?"

"Did you really want to lick my pussy?"

"Hell yes! Why?"

"I don't know. I mean, I haven't tried oral sex since I was a teenager." She said hesitantly. "But I think I want to with you."

"I see." I said quietly. I moved over to her and pushed her back, and then crawled over the top of her, my knees straddling her head and my hard dick poking down at her face. "Do whatever you think would feel good for me. Just don't bite." I whispered before lowering my head to her pussy. I gently kissed around her pussy lips and then licked between them ever so slowly while she kissed the head of my dick and tentatively licked me. I licked down her pussy an then pushed my tongue into her as far as I could go before pulling it out and working my tongue back up to her clit, while she wrapped her lips around my dick. I flicked my tongue across her clit, making her buck her hips up at me and moan around my dick. She was sopping wet, obviously thinking about this for a good part of the afternoon. I worked my tongue down again and pressed it into her as far as I could before moving back up to concentrate on her clit once again. She made no pretense of even trying to suck my dick any longer, and just held it in her mouth, as she bucked her hips at my face, moaning around my dick. As sensitive as her clit was, I had her squirming around in no time, finally making her climax while I licked and sucked her pussy. I held her climax as long as I could before she clamped her legs around my head to stop my actions. I lifted my head out of her crotch and rolled over onto my own sleeping bag. I worked around so I was laying on my back and Amy crawled over to me, making another attempt at my dick.

"Just do what you think would make me feel good." I whispered. She nodded as she enveloped my dick with her mouth slowly working up and down my shaft as far as she could. She was very tentative at first, not sure if she would like it. Her motions became more animated as she got into it, slurping the head and stroking my dick up and down with her hand. She sucked and licked and swirled her tongue around my head, slowly working her body around until her pussy was over my face. She was obviously turned on again from her actions on my dick as she lowered her pussy to my face, which I eagerly licked and sucked. My whole dick vibrated as she moaned around it.

"I'm going to cum." I grunted in warning. Instead of pulling off like I expected, she sucked even harder, gaging slightly on the first spurt of cum. As my second shot pulsed into her mouth she pushed her pussy down on my face and started humping against my chin. I felt her body tense up and a trickle of her own juices run down my chin as my fourth and fifth spurts of cum emptied into her mouth. I could feel some of my cum dripping out of her now open mouth as she gasped for breath, trying to deal with her own orgasm. We stayed coupled in that position for several minutes before she rolled off, her body still heaving for breath.

"That was more fun than I expected." She said quietly

"You learned quickly."

"Thank you." She said as she turned around and lay down with her head on my chest. I zippered us into my bag and we drifted off to sleep, both of us content for the moment.

I woke up in the middle of the night needing to go pee. Sex has that effect. Amy woke as I was trying to extract myself from her and my sleeping bag.

"Where are you going?" she asked sleepily.

"Gotta go pee."

"Oh..." she said "That sounds like a good idea."

Normally I would just pull on my boots and sprint out to a tree, being already dressed in polypro long johns. But tonight I was naked.

"What are you doing?" she asked as I looked around for clothes in the darkness of the tent.

"Trying to find something to put on."

"So why don't we just go naked" she asked.

"First off, its cold, second the guys might see us."

"First off, so what? Second off, they're asleep. Third I think your chicken."

"Not at all." I said as I pulled on wool socks. "If you want to do this then get your naked ass up too."

"Fine I will." She said as she pulled her boots on her bare feet. I unzippered the tent and scooted out into a winter wonderland. The warmth had indeed come, and it must have been in the high twenties. Large fluffy flakes of snow were falling gently in a blanket that was already several inches thicker than when we went to bed. Amy slid out of the tent after me, quickly catching up and taking my hand.

"This is fun." She whispered

"It's cold!" I whispered back as we walked off into the woods a ways from the camp. I found a good place to stop and let fly.

"I can warm you up." She said stepping behind me and taking hold of my dick. Now I'm used to peeing in the woods, but I had to admit that having her hold onto my hose was going to give me a hardon pretty quick. It was a good thing I was already going, or I never would have gotten started. As soon as I was done she started stroking me, and kept it up, her body pressed against mine from behind until I was very hard.

"My turn." She said a she let go and stepped around me. She squatted next to the tree I had peed on and let go herself, watering the ground close to where I was. "That feels better." She said as she stood up. "Come on." She said walking toward a large pine that had fallen over. She stepped up onto the trunk, which lifted her body nearly a foot, brining her tits to my face level. "Now how about sucking these tits?" she asked as s the snow fell around it. It was chilly, but hormones can have a serious warming effect. I stepped up to her and went to work sucking and licking her erect nipples.

"Oh god yes." She said loudly. "That feels good!"


"They won't hear anything!" she said as she pulled my face back to her chest. "Besides, I want you to fuck me in the snow!" In response I moved my hand to her pussy as she spread her legs to give me better access. I stroked her clit and slid a finger deep into her wet pussy. "ohhhhhh yes!" she said throwing her head back. "god I am so turned on."

"In that case." I said stepping back and pulling her down off the log. I turned her around and she bent over and leaned on the log, spreading her legs. I moved my dick to her pussy and pushed easily into her.

"Uhhhh" she grunted loudly as I stroked into her. The woods listened to us both grunting and our skin slapping, the snow dampening the sounds around us. She cried out once as her body stiffened and trembled as her orgasm washed over her body. I could feel her pussy clenching tightly around my dick, wanting to squeeze the juices from it, which it gladly gave up as my own body drove deep into her and began unleashing its flow of creamy juice. Time after time my dick pulsed, putting another squirt of cum deep into her pussy before I finally slowed to a drool. She stood up as straight as she could without me falling out of her and pulled my head down to her own so she could kiss my cheek as I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her breasts.

"God I'm going to miss this." She said quietly.

"How so?"

"I got used to not ever having sex."

"Just out of curiosity, what did you do?"

"Oh I have a nice box of toys."

"I'd like to see that some time." I said as my softening dick slipped from her pussy. "But for now I think we better get back into the tent before we freeze.

"Ok." She said, turning and walking up the hill holding my hand. We slipped into our tent and snuggled down into my bag and zipped us into our cocoon.

"Last day tomorrow." She said quietly.

"I know."

"Are you going to miss it?"

"You mean having sex with you?"

"uh huh."

"Yes, but it wouldn't be fair to Nancy to keep doing it."

"No." she said as she pushed her face tighter into my neck. I felt a tear drop to my shoulder and run down as she cried silently. I held her close until her breathing slowed and she was asleep.

Morning broke gray and dreary. I could hear the sound of the guys moving around, and unzipped my bag and slid out, leaving Amy under the covers. It only took me a minute to pull my clothes on and slide out of the tent. We had gotten another foot of heavy snow overnight and it was still coming down. It was going to be a tough 8 miles back to the trail head today. I spent the next hour working with the guys on the fire and getting water and such ready for the day's trip. Amy crawled out of the tent just as breakfast was getting done. Last day and the supplies were getting down to the end. All we had was oatmeal and hot coco. Filling but not eggs and such. It took another half hour to pack up the tents and get headed down the trail.

The eight mile hike should have taken us about 3 hours in dry conditions, in the two foot deep snow it took us a full eight exhausting hours.

"We're back!" The guys shouted as they made the last sprint to the truck.

"Thank god!" Amy said, clearly exhausted from trudging through the snow.

"I vote for a hotel and a shower!" I said loudly as I unlocked the truck. Our plan was to camp out near the truck and leave in the morning.

"Sounds like a good idea to me." One of the guys echoed. We loaded all our gear and headed into town for a hotel and got three rooms. The guys shared two rooms, each, and Amy and I shared the third. The guys figured that we shared a tent all week there was no point in spending extra money for another room, besides there were two beds in a room anyway. We agreed reluctantly, on the outside anyway. We all agreed to go eat in an hour, giving everyone a chance to shower and change. Amy was stripping off clothes almost before I had the door closed.

"Come on. I want to shower with you." She said with a giggle as she tossed her clothes over her shoulder as she stripped. As soon as she was naked she came over and helped strip me and then practically drug me off to the shower.

"HMMMMMM" she hummed as the hot water cascaded over us. "This is so much better than ice water."

"I agree with that." I said as I began soaping her body, paying special attention to her tits and pussy.

"I'm really horny. Will you fuck me right here?"

"In the shower?"

"uh huh. After today I don't get to do this ever again, so I want to try everything that I can."

"It would by my pleasure." I said as I put my hands under her butt and lifted her up. It took a few stabs, so to speak, before I got engaged and lowered her down onto my dick. Her pussy was hot and I could feel her cervix pushing against the head of my dick as she held on to my neck with her arms and my waist with her legs. I bounced her up and down my shaft and listened to her moan how good it felt and how full I made her. Her soapy body slid up and down mine as the two of us drew closer to climax. It came on her almost suddenly, her body shaking and her grip tightening around my neck, smashing her face against mine. I was close but not quite over the top. She moved her legs and stood on the edge of the tub, bending her knees to get the height right. I held her firm ass for leverage and started stroking straight up into her pussy, slamming out bodies together under the warm spray. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" she mumbled as my dick grew thicker, drawing closer to my own release. She leaned her body back slightly and I watched her tits bounce and giggle. I was nearly there.

"Wait, stop!" she said quickly. I pulled out of her and held her close, thinking I had hurt her.

"I want to feel you fuck my tits." She said as she got down from the edge of the tub and knelt down, bringing her tits to my dick level. I moved the spray off her head while she used some shampoo on my dick and her tits. She pressed them together around my dick and I started stroking my fat dick up and down, my balls rubbing against her body as the head of my dick poked out between her tits. "That's it. Come for me. I want to see you cum!" she cooed. I continued to stroke up and down, grunting as I once again came closer to climax.

"ok." I panted as my balls drew up to fire. I pushed one more time, bringing the head of my dick up and out of her tits, the first shot of cum shooting into the air between us and landing on her tits. I continued to stroke, each time I came out another string of white goo flew into the air and landed on her tits or face. I stopped stroking as my dick stopped shooting and reduced to a drool of cum out the tip.

"God that was hot." Amy said as she stood up, cum dripping down her face and tit. "I've seen it in porn movies, but never had anyone actually do it. God what a turn on!" she said as she rubbed my cum around on her soapy body.

"It was pretty damn hot watching my cum splashing all over your tits."

She pulled me close and rose on her tippy toes to kiss me on the lips. To this point we had pretty much avoided serious kissing, but this one was a full face, sharing tongues, sloppy wet 'fuck me' kiss. "Thank you." She said when we could breathe again.

"My pleasure." I joked. "But we better get dressed. The guys will be ready to eat any time now.

"How long have we been in here?"

"Almost an hour."

"Damn!" she said as she quickly turned around and rinsed off. She shut off the water and we quickly dried and headed out to the room to dress. She pulled some clothes out of her bag, like all of us, having brought some extra clothing to change into for the trip home, so we didn't all have to smell like trail. She had a long skirt and turtleneck, which she put on without her bra or panties.

"Aren't you afraid of showing off for the guys?" I asked as I pulled my briefs and a pair of jeans on.

"I've been going all week without a bra, if they haven't noticed yet, that's their fault.

"They might get ideas."

"I doubt it. But what my real intent is so that when we get back here you are so horny from thinking about me not wearing anything under this that you'll be ready to jump my bones and screw me silly all night."

"That sounds like a good plan, as long as I get enough sleep to drive tomorrow."

"OH, I'll keep you awake somehow." She said with a grin as she walked up and gave me another fuck me kiss.

Dinner ended up being at a little diner down the road. The whole bunch of us had a great time eating and talking and just enjoying not being around a campfire. The food was really good, but then anything would be really good after four days of dehydrated rations. We returned to the hotel rooms and I said I was going to bed to get some sleep. Amy hung out with the guys for a few more minutes before coming to the room. I was already laying in bed with the TV on when she came in and closed the door.

"If you're not naked you better get that way." She said as she walked over to the bed and started pulling the sheet back. She kicked off her boots and climbed up on the bed, walking across my naked form, my already hard dick pointing at the ceiling. "So were you thinking about me being naked under this skirt?"

"Yep." I said, stroking her bare leg as she slowly pulled the skirt higher.

"You like what you see?" she asked coyly as she exposed her pussy, and spread her legs for me to see.

"Uh huh."

"How about these?" she asked, pulling her shirt up to expose her tits.

"Very much."

"Good." She said as she left her stretchy shirt hooked above her tits and then lifted the skirt again. "I've been thinking about this all through dinner." She said as she pulled her skirt up and started to crouch down over my dick. I held my dick up for her and she pushed her pussy down over me, as she squatted, her skirt held up and back by her bent knees. "OH FUCK!" she said loudly as she felt her cervix pressing against the head of my dick. She began to bounce on my dick, the springiness of the bed doing most of the work while we held hands to give her balance. It had to be hard on her legs, but she didn't seem to care a she threw her head back and concentrated on finding that perfect spot. We stayed in that position for nearly ten minutes before she shook and cried out quietly that she was coming. I watched her pussy leak its juices around my dick as she shook and shuddered.

"god that was good." She said as she lifted herself off my dick.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it."

She pulled her skirt off and tossed it aside before pulling her top off and adding it to the pile. "Let's find a porn movie." She said picking up the tv remote and laying down naked next to me. I had the heat up so there was no real need for covers. She found a video on the adult channel about a guy and some cheerleaders. She curled up against me and stroked my still hard dick as the movie started. I had my arm around her playing with one of her tits while I watched. We got to a point where there was a busty cheerleader riding his dick, facing away from him. She crawled into the same position and aimed my dick at her pussy and began to ride up and down like in the video, stroking herself on my dick. I had gotten off a whole lot of times in the last four days, and the last one in the shower was especially big, so I had plenty of staying power. She continued to ride me, bringing herself to another climax along with the girl in the video. At this point the guy turned her on her back and started fucking her while she was on her back with her ass in the air and her legs spread wide in the air.

"Do you want to do that?" she asked as she rolled off of me and tried to mimic the position.

"Why not." I answered as I stood on the bed and pushed my dick down into her. It was an interesting angle, with my dick pressing against someplace really good on her, from the sound of her moaning. I was getting very close to cuming when my dick slipped out of her wet pussy, partly because my balance was going as I started to climax, and partly because she had started to cum a third time herself. My dick started shooting cum all over her body, landing in long strings across her body and face. She lowered her legs and I stood there, dripping my cum on her as we laughed at each other. Finally I climbed off the bed and got a towel to wipe her off with. We curled up on the bed and watched the end of the movie, including some girl on girl action, before we drifted off to sleep.

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