tagIncest/TabooScratching the Itch

Scratching the Itch


"Get dressed, loser! David's coming over soon."

I had barely woken up, and I was in no mood to be barked at before I'd even poured the milk in my Crunchberry Captain Crunch. But here was my sister Tammy, already being a bitch and getting all up in my grille because her boyfriend was coming to the house. I was tempted to tell her off, but I held my tongue. To her credit, it was almost 11 AM, and there I was at the kitchen table, droopy-eyed with bed head and dressed in nothing but a pair of shorts. The late morning summer sunlight glare off the swimming pool in the backyard was hurting my eyes and making me grumpy.

"What's the rush? You want me out of here so he can boink you all afternoon while Mom and Dad are at work?"

I blearily regarded Tammy as she stood in front of me, legs apart, hands on her slender hips, her perky nipples poking through her cutoff Hello Kitty t-shirt. It was only mid-June, but she already had a golden tan, and her shoulder length brown hair was beginning to pick up sun streaks from lying by the pool. She was a hot little hardbody, and while she stood there bitching at me, I thought back to that party six months ago, where it all started. I'd had her pinned up against my car, sucking face while I reached up under her miniskirt and relentlessly worked over her sweet poonani until she soaked her panties. Of course, she wasn't my sister then. In fact, I'd only just met her.

"Don't be such a dork, Chris," Tammy said, with an expression that displayed the exasperation and world-weariness that only 18-year old girls can possess. She grabbed a spoon, and, arming herself with a stray Crunchberry that had spilled onto the kitchen table, launched a perfectly-aimed volley which poked me in the right eye.

"OWW! What's your fucking problem today, bitch?"

As I regarded Tammy with my remaining good eye, she leaned over the table across from me, her black spandex shorts hugging her lean, tight ass. "Christopher, I told you already. He's bringing over a friend of mine from school. Her name is Priya. She's very sweet. I want you to meet her. So you're going to drag your pothead butt upstairs into the bathroom, shave, take a shower and get dressed. And you're going to do it now. They're going to be here in half an hour." Tammy grinned wickedly as she rearmed herself with another Crunchberry and took aim at me again.

"OK, OK. Just let me eat in peace." I wiped the tears away from my right eye, and Tammy put down the loaded spoon. She smiled at me and wagged her finger.

"Trust me," she said, "you'll thank me for this." With a flip of her hair, Tammy got up from the table, her sexy butt swinging as she left the kitchen.

* * * * * * *

I guess I should explain the deal here. Tammy is my step-sister, and although we're the same age and grew up in the same area, until about a year ago, I'd never even met her. She went to St. Agnes, which is an all-girls Catholic school, while I went to the local public high school. Our paths had never crossed until one night during our senior year when we met at a house party. She was wearing a tight yellow sweater with a black miniskirt and black knee-high boots. Her eyes caught mine, and I went over and started chatting her up.

Tammy said she was a St. Agnes girl, and that she ran on the track team. We didn't have many friends in common, but we found enough to talk about that soon she was giving me all the right signals back, batting her big brown eyes at me and twirling her hair. I mentioned that I was driving an old Mustang convertible which my Dad and I had restored. Tammy's eyes lit up.

"My dad had a Mustang when I was a little girl!" she said excitedly. "We used to go out with the top down, and the wind would blow my pigtails all over." Tammy grabbed my arm. "I want to see it. Show it to me."

Tammy and I stepped out of the house into the cool night air. The street was dark, and Tammy took my hand as we walked down the block. I had parked in a secluded spot away from the houses on the street, not wanting to risk some jerk backing into Dad's and my pride and joy. I had just lovingly washed and waxed the Mustang, and even in the dim light, the black paint and polished chrome sparkled.

"Oh, it looks awesome!" she exclaimed, as her long fingers silkily stroked along the front quarter panel. It was a 1970 ragtop with the 351 engine and the four-speed stick, and Dad and I spent a lot of time fixing it up, bit by bit. We had spent thousands of hours together on it after Mom died, and Dad especially poured himself into the project. It really did look beautiful, and I could see it was working some kind of seduction on Tammy. I opened the passenger side door.

"Do you want to hop in?"

"Yeah!" Tammy scooted into the front seat, her miniskirt inching up on her toned thighs. I went around the front and got in the driver's seat.

"Oh my God, this is just like I remember my dad's car. You still have just the AM radio, like his did." The moon came out from behind a cloud, and I could see Tammy's lips glisten in the silvery light. I leaned over to kiss her, once, softly. Tammy held the kiss, her open mouth taking my tongue in fully. We came up for air, and Tammy leaned back against her door, smiling at me as she pulled her legs up onto the seat.

While the Mustang is a classic car, if you've ever been in one then you know they're not exactly made for romance. The driver and passenger sides have separate bucket seats, with the transmission hump and the stick shift separating the two sides. Tammy and I both wanted something more, but it wasn't going to happen in there.

"Do you want to take a quick spin?" I asked. "It's OK, I haven't been drinking." Tammy hesitated for a moment, as the moon retreated again into the clouds. It was dark again, and Tammy shivered a little in the cool air.

"Ummm...I don't know. My friends are all inside and we're supposed to head to another party. Maybe another time?"

I silently cursed my bad luck, but kept a smile on my face. "Sure, no problem. Let's go back inside." Gallantly, I jumped out to open her door.

"Oh, a gentleman! I see chivalry really isn't dead," Tammy tittered, as I took her hand and helped her out of the seat. The sky had turned overcast, and the street was very dark and very quiet, except for the faint sound of the party going on up the block.

Tammy turned to me and put both her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply again. I pushed her back against the car door, straddling her right thigh while I pressed my right leg against her soft mound. Tammy arched her hips out, pressing her pussy hard against my muscular thigh. My hands traveled up her sides, cupping her small, perfectly round breasts, then retreated underneath her miniskirt. "Man," I thought to myself, "I heard that St. Agnes girls were easy, but this is crazy."

Tammy gasped when I brushed my hand against the damp crotch of her panties, and then placed her hand lightly on top of mine as I began gently kneading her pussy. I moved her panties to one side and gently began to work over her clit. After a bit, I could hear Tammy panting heavily, and I could tell she was close to cumming. I eased my ministrations on her muff, hearing her moan in desire for release.

I'd had enough of petting, and my rock-hard cock was practically bursting from my jeans. I unbuttoned my pants, unzipped my fly and let my manhood flop out into the cool night breeze.

"Holy shit..." Tammy put a hand over her mouth as her eyes widened. She took my meat into her small hands, feeling its heft and thickness. "Wow. You're big. Like really big."

I leaned in and kissed her on the ear. "Is that going to be a problem?" I whispered. Tammy smiled and shook her head.

"No...wait." She reached for her purse, which was sitting on the trunk of the Mustang. She fished out a condom, and handed it to me. "Please?"

I must have shown surprise at a girl producing a condom, and I could tell she was embarrassed. "Ummm...my mom's a doctor," she said by way of explanation. "Big safe-sex advocate. We practically use those things as drink coasters at our house."

"Not a problem," I said, taking the condom from her hands. "Every woman loves a well-dressed man anyway, right?"

"Yes, we do," Tammy giggled, as she kissed me again.

While I put on the condom, Tammy wriggled out of her skimpy thong panties, stuffing them into her purse. She put her arms around me and began French-kissing me while I placed my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. Tammy bit down on her lower lip as I pushed myself inside her, her head thrashing from side to side as I slowly impaled her on my meat.

I kept my tongue buried deep in her mouth to try and stifle the cries of passion that were rising in her throat. I could feel her fighting to catch her breath as I felt more and more of her warmth surrounding my shaft. Shifting my weight, I reached underneath Tammy and lifted her up from the bottom of her ass, as she arched her back and raised her hips to meet my thrust. Her body shuddered as I slipped the last of my cock deep inside her, into places that until now she didn't even know existed within her.

I held myself motionless against Tammy as I tightened and relaxed my sphincter muscles, making just my swollen cockhead dance somewhere deep inside her body. I pulled back from our kiss, hoping she wouldn't make too much noise. She buried her head in my shoulder and whimpered softly as I began pistoning my cock in her wet tunnel. Tammy had a lean, athletic body and I could feel her muscles tighten as I began slamming my cock into her. Our bodies slapped against one another over and over again as Tammy leaned back against the car, her legs wrapped around my body, as she willingly took every one of my punishing thrusts.

I knew I couldn't hold off my orgasm much longer, so I lunged in deep inside Tammy one last time and held myself there for a moment. Then, I began making shallow, gentle thrusts, each one prodding her cervix, softly but insistently reminding her of how completely I possessed her at that moment. Tammy completely lost it at that point, and it was like her tight little pussy seized up, and just grabbed me at the deepest point of one of my thrusts and began milking me. I moaned as my load spewed into the condom, and our foreheads touched as we tenderly kissed. Tammy held me inside her, gently rocking her hips as I continued to cradle her ass, greedily using my waning hard-on to climax one last time. Finally, we separated and walked back to the house.

We hadn't been gone that long, and nobody seemed to notice we'd been gone. Tammy's friends were getting ready to leave, and we traded phone numbers.

"I have to go now...you're going to call me, right?" Tammy was smiling as she said this, but she was digging a pink fake fingernail into my chest, and it was starting to hurt.

"Without fail," I replied, smiling. "I'm a gentleman, remember?"

"Hmmm...we'll see about that," Tammy teased. She gave me a quick kiss, and I watched her bare ass sway under her miniskirt as she disappeared into the crowd.

* * * * * * *

I didn't want to seem too eager, so I decided not to call the next day, but sent a text instead.

"hi sugapops! how r u?" I typed into my phone. A few moments later, Tammy replied.

"omg...still feeling that dent u left inside me last night. mmmm...."

I furiously typed back a reply. "Want 2 c a movie 2nite?"

She replied quickly. "got 2 go out with mom 2nite. :-( maybe next week?"

And that's how it went...we managed to meet up at the mall a couple of times, but between us going to different schools, her track practices and my time on the swim team, we could never get together. We traded text messages for a while, but what had started out in a blaze of wild sex on a car just fizzled out as characters on a mobile phone screen.

* * * * * * *

A couple of months later, Dad started dating again, a doctor he met through a mutual friend, with a daughter my age. It had been a few years since Mom had died, and I thought it was good that he felt it was time to move on. I met Susan, and she just seemed like such a warm, loving woman that I was really happy when their relationship became more serious.

OK, so you know where this is going. We went over to Susan's house for dinner one night, so I can meet her daughter. Dad was on pins and needles, hoping that we hit it off. We rang the doorbell, the front door swung open and it's Tammy. She blushed beet red, and I swear I lost my voice for the first 15 minutes.

Instinctively, Tammy and I both played it off like we'd never met before, and everything seemed OK. It was like we were acting in a movie, putting on a show for our parents. As Dad and Susan saw us getting along, their tension eased, but Tammy and I remained on tenterhooks, trying not to let our façade slip.

After we finished eating, Dad and Susan drifted into the backyard and left Tammy and me alone, hoping we'd bond a little bit more. We sat on the couch in the family room, an awkward silence settling between us. Finally, I decided to just get it out in the open.

"Look, I know this is totally weird," I said. "But I think your mom is a great lady, and I haven't seen my Dad this happy in years. I think he's going to pop the question to your mom, and I don't want to screw this up for him."

"Oh, I know," Tammy said, nodding her head. "Your dad is such a great guy. Mom has just been floating on air the last few months." Tammy laughed. "I hear her singing in the shower every morning now."

I looked at Tammy and put my hand out. "OK, so we're going to make this work then, right? We're cool?"

Tammy smiled and shook my hand. "Yeah. We're cool. Very cool." She let go of my hand and moved in close to me, her lips seeking mine. She began kissing me, her left hand pressed down on my chest, forcing me flat on the couch. Her right hand wandered toward my crotch, and the growing bulge in my khakis betrayed my growing arousal. She rubbed my lengthening shaft, admiring how it lay in repose across my upper thigh.

Tammy sighed as she gave my cock a last squeeze. "If you're a chip off the old block, then now I know why Mom's been such a happy woman lately."

* * * * * * *

Sure enough, Dad did pop the question and he and Susan got married in the middle of Tammy's and my senior year of high school. Dad and Susan never even got to take a honeymoon, between Susan and Tammy moving into our house, Susan having to sell their house, and the two of them taking us to visit colleges and worrying if Tammy and I would get along.

Although Tammy and I did bitch at each other occasionally at the beginning, by now we really did get along pretty well. But I can't say we really felt like brother and sister yet. Up until now, we had both been only children, and having a sibling after 18 years as respective solo acts felt a little strange. Since we had gone to different high schools, we had virtually no friends in common. And, of course, we were still getting in each others' pants. It was like I was living with a friend with benefits, and I wasn't complaining.

The sex between Tammy and I wasn't that out of control. By the time we became a single family, Tammy was already steady with her boyfriend David. I had been dating different girls off and on, and Tammy began taking a special interest in hooking me up with girls from her school, like she was enjoying me vicariously through her friends. There was Katie McElroy, a wild, voluptuous redhead, who reveled in playing the cow to my bull for a few weeks. Then there was little Alice Kim, an adorable bookworm who turned out to be crazy in bed, fucking my cock raw while she whispered pure filth in my ear. In turn came Lisa Trappiani, whose angelic face and statuesque bust captivated me as she worshipfully deep-throated and tit-fucked me for hours. There seemed to be no end of horny St. Agnes girls, and my new step-sister seemed to enjoy trying to keep me and they sated.

However, every couple of weeks or so, Tammy would just get this look on her face, and when I saw it I knew she was going to pounce on me the first chance she got. She said I was still the only guy who had been able to touch her in those deep places that we'd discovered together that night by the Mustang. It wasn't something she needed all the time; Tammy described it was as an itch that flared up and wouldn't let go, but once scratched, was soon forgotten. Sex between us was the same way, sudden, intense, but quickly giving way to normalcy between us. The way I figured it, we were a typical family 99% of the time, which was good enough for me.

* * * * * * *

I jumped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and crossed the hallway to my bedroom. I shook out my sandy blond hair, and checked myself out in the mirror. I was still pretty buff from swim season, and I was satisfied that I'd look good by the pool with my shirt off. However, could see that my right eye was all bloodshot from getting hit with the Captain Crunch at breakfast. I put a shot of Visine in my eye, blinked it around and started getting dressed.

I threw on a t-shirt and a faded pair of baggy shorts, and slipped on a pair of unlaced canvas Converse high tops with no socks. I looked in the mirror, and saw Tammy in the reflection, standing in the doorway with her arms crossed, shaking her head.

"Ugh!" She threw her hands up into the air and marched into my room. "No, no, no! Take it off!" she yelled. She checked the time on the obnoxious big pink plastic wristwatch she was wearing. "NOW!" she yelled.

Meekly, I complied. I had already learned that while Tammy was mostly pretty easy to get along with, when she was in Grand Queen Bitch mode, she was not to be trifled with. I stripped down to my boxers while she ripped through my closet and dresser, throwing clothes on the bed and floor.

"Jesus, just how many fucking Grateful Dead t-shirts can you possibly own?" Tammy wailed in despair, faced with my lack of sartorial sophistication. She continued tearing through my wardrobe, until she came onto a red Izod polo shirt, apparently never worn.

"Hello...how did this sneak in there?" she said in surprise, carefully setting the shirt aside. Continuing to dig, she found a pair of neatly pressed khaki shorts and a brown leather belt. Encouraged, Tammy got down on her hands and knees and rooted through the bottom of my closet, emerging triumphantly clutching a pair of brown leather Docksiders.

"Put this stuff on," she ordered. I began to protest, but she immediately cut me off. "Do it, goddammit!" She checked her watch again as I shrugged and reluctantly acquiesced. As I was putting the belt on, she grabbed my styling gel off my dresser and started fussing with my hair.

"What the hell is up with you today?" I asked, as Tammy pulled me in front of the mirror.

"Let's take a look," she said, as her face lit up in delight at her creation. I, on the other hand, was horrified.

"Fuck me," I cried. "I look like I just walked out of a J. Crew catalog."

"I know," Tammy said, smugly. "It's perfect." She spun me around, pinning me down with her brown eyes. Her bitchy look was gone, and now it was like she was pleading with me.

"Chris, please be nice to Priya today, OK?"

"I'm nice to all your friends," I countered. "Katie, Alice, Lisa..."

"I'm serious!" Tammy had both her hands on my arm now, and she was on her tip toes, like she was begging me. She checked her watch again. "I don't have time to explain. Priya's really in a bad place now. She needs a ...." Tammy straightened up and looked me in the eyes. "She needs a good guy. Can you be that guy today? Please?"

I didn't know what to make of this. I was still getting to know Tammy, and had never seen her act like this, and I had never even met this Priya girl before. But, Tammy was family now, so if it meant looking like a preppy geek for her friend to make her happy, then I was prepared to take one for the team.

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