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Sea Dog Cemetery


Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia has an annual event every October called Howl-O-Scream. For the whole month, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M., the park becomes 'haunted'. It's a popular event that attracts a few million people annually, and each year they introduce a new scary attraction or two, although some of the more successful ones from past seasons can stick around for five or six years before being discontinued.

One of my favorite past attractions, Sea Dog Cemetery, kept going for about four years in the late '90s. It had a 'zombie pirate' theme, and several of the performers were female and dressed up as pirate wenches. Most of the time, they were quite attractive.

In the last year of Sea Dog Cemetery's existence, I went to the park just like I usually did with no idea that anything that was any more awesome than usual was about to happen to me (Howl-O-Scream is, admittedly, awesome to begin with if you're a horror fan like myself, but it's roughly the same level of awesome most years).

Like previous years, I saved Sea Dog Cemetery for last... this was partly because it was near the park's entrance, which is also the exit, but partly because I knew from previous years how good it could be as well.

Each year, they changed their recurring attractions up slightly in order to keep them new and fresh. So, unlike the other visitors who just breezed through and enjoyed the bare minimum of scares, I examined the environment thoroughly just in case there was something worth seeing in each area.

They put this particular attraction back behind the first set of train tracks, in the area where the petting zoo used to be for those who remember what the park looked like in the late '80s and early '90s. Some of the old and otherwise closed-down animal enclosures were in use by the pirates, and others had skeletons impaled on spikes inside them or other things like that.

I stopped by the bear enclosure and looked down into it -- part of the bear pit had been below ground, to give visitors an aerial view of the cubs as they played in the moat, presumably engaging in natural fishing behavior. The moat had been dry since they closed down the petting zoo, but now it was filled with water again, and had entrails and various severed body parts floating in it. They were fake, but some of them looked realistic enough to add to the scary atmosphere.

One of the pirate wenches wandered over and stood next to me -- quite close to me, in fact. She was an incredible goddess, with long black hair that you could tell was shiny even at nighttime in dim lighting, big, brown anime-character eyes, almost translucently pale skin (it appeared natural, as if she hadn't needed makeup in order to simulate zombie status like the other performers had) and a slender, shapely body.

She looked down into the gore-littered moat, then turned her startlingly large and breathtakingly beautiful eyes back up toward me with a look that said, "Can you fucking believe this? What a mess."

Even though she hadn't actually spoken, for some reason I felt compelled to speak to her. "Damn, you're beautiful," I said.

She cocked her head slightly and looked at me. It was eerily similar to the way a predator regards its prey, right before striking. I was about to apologize -- it was a compliment, but it was still out of line -- when she smiled. Not showing any teeth or anything, but still a smile... one of those knowing, mysterious smiles that use the eyes more than the mouth, the kind that supermodels are so good at making.

I smiled back, trying to match the knowing and mysterious quality of her expression. Her smile became more mischievous, and I felt her fingertips brush the front of my pants.

The touch was so light and quick that the contact with my cock through the fabric of my pants could have been unintentional, a happy accident that maybe she hadn't even noticed. Except her smile was downright naughty now, and her fingertips returned to my crotch after a few moments and remained there this time, stroking me lightly.

I drew in a sharp breath as her expert fingers urged my cock to full hardness. In that moment, I knew that I would do anything for her. If she asked me to kill someone, I would gladly accommodate her. I didn't even know her name, and I had fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with her.

She took my hand and led me into one of the larger pirate shanties. The building was supposed to be for performers only, off limits to visitors... something that the pirates could jump out of suddenly, brandishing some weapon or other, in order to startle the park's guests. The fact that I wasn't supposed to be in here turned me on more... it caused what we were doing to take on a forbidden aspect.

She deftly unzipped me and pulled my cock free, then extended her tongue and licked the tip, teasing the sensitive slit. I groaned in pleasure, unable to form coherent words anymore, as my precum leaked onto her tongue.

Then she wrapped her perfect, luscious red lips around my cock and engulfed it in her warm mouth. She only got to suck for a few moments before I warned her I was going to cum. She pulled her head back, smiled up at me, then started stroking my cock, aiming the head at her almost painfully beautiful face.

Her mouth opened, and her tongue extended again to catch the approaching storm of semen. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes, willing me -- no, daring me -- to cum all over her face, and suddenly I was doing just that.

It took all my willpower not to cry out with the intensity of the pleasure she was giving me... it was, and still is, the best orgasm I've ever had. One of the longest and messiest, too... the poor girl's face was almost completely covered in cum, and there were some good-sized globs of jizz across the tops of her perky breasts where her dress pushed them up and presented them in the form of inviting cleavage, too. As I watched, my seed ran down into the valley between her breasts and found its way beneath her dress.

"I love you," I told her hoarsely.

She smiled again, this time showing teeth. Then she winked at me and turned away, preparing to leave.

"Wait," I said.

She half-turned, looking at me expectantly, one eyebrow raised questioningly. The cocked eyebrow made her smile even more mischievous-looking.

I walked toward her, stopping directly behind her, reaching around to cup her breasts. "You didn't get to cum yet," I said.

I found her nipples, and my fingers starting doing to them through the fabric of her dress what she had done to my cock when she initiated this encounter. She moaned in approval and fell back against me, my cock spilling the remainder of my last orgasm against the back of her dress as her shapely ass pressed against it.

She pulled her skirts up and turned to face me, and then we kissed passionately while she straddled me, her smooth, slender legs wrapping around my waist while my hardening cock plunged inside her. Her pussy was unbelievably wet, and quite warm as well. It felt amazing.

"I love you," I told her again.

"I love you, too," she whispered in my ear. It was the first time she had spoken all night.

We came together, kissing to prevent our cries of ecstasy from being heard by guests. Then she produced a tube of fake blood and, squirting a little on the tip of her index finger, used it to write a phone number on my arm. "My name's Francesca," she said. "Call me."

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