tagMatureSean and the Cleaning Lady

Sean and the Cleaning Lady


I've been cleaning the same office building for 20 years. Usually, nobody is around when I'm working, so it's quiet, and just go about my work. Occasionally someone works late, but not often. Except for the man on the third floor, that's the top floor of this building. The first floor is retail, nothing to do with me. The second and third floor are offices, and that's my kingdom.

The man on the third floor, works one door away from the northeast corner office. I see him a couple of times a month, sitting late, at his computer. He's got his desk set up facing the door, so I can't see what's on his screen. Not when he's there, anyway.

"Hi!" he says, when I walk past his door. "I'll be out soon, or you can just skip me, it's not too dirty in here."

Or I pass him in the hallway, on his way out. "Hi, Alice," he'll say ... my name is embroidered on my uniform dress, red thread on the pale green knee-length dress that buttons up the front.

He seems like a nice man. I know his name is Sean, because that's on his door. I also know he smiles a lot. And I know he looks at naughty things on the internet.

I know that because, twice before now, he's left his monitor on when he left, and when I cleaned behind his desk, I could see what he was looking at.

The first time, I was so surprised. Photographs of an old woman, older than me, doing things with a younger man. Naked things. I turned away quickly, but I just had to look again. I shook my head, and kept cleaning, but the images staid in my mind.

The second time, a month later, there were more, similar images. This time I sat down at his desk, and had a closer look. The pictures had captions: "Old aunt gives her adult nephew a blow job." Things like that. I'd never seen anything like them before. I wouldn't dare look on the internet for myself. That time, I touched myself a little, down there, because looking was making me a little wriggly and wet.

Today, this was the third time he'd left his monitor on. He'd walked past me on his way out ... "Hi, Alice!" like always. This time there was a photo, another older woman with a middle-aged man, quite fit looking. The caption was "Taking my wife's grandmother from behind." In the middle of the desk was a print out of the photo, with a story below. I read it. It explained the man's fascination with older women, and his seduction of his wife's grandmother. On the corner of the page, someone had written, in pencil, "What about Alice?"

Alice. Did they mean me? Impossible. But it was exciting to think that a man could still find an old woman attractive. I was feeling very wriggly and wet after reading the story. I looked back at the glowing photo on the screen. I pulled my dress up, and slid my right hand inside my panties. It was naughty, but who would see? I closed my eyes, rubbed gently, and imagined.

"Hi, Alice!" said Sean.

My eyes snapped open. Sean was standing in the doorway, smiling. Don't panic, I told myself. He can't see what you're doing, behind his desk.

"Taking a break?" asked Sean.

"Oh, sir, I was a little dizzy," I stammered. "So, I thought I better sit down."

"That's OK with me," said Sean. "How long have you been doing this work, Alice?"

"Oh, twenty years here," I said.

"This building can't be more than twenty years old," Sean said.

"And in the building they demolished to build this one, for thirty years," I said.

"You can't be more than 70 years old," said Sean.

"I'm 69," I said.

"Your whole life, here," said Sean.

"Yes," I said. "I know this place."

"Are you married? Children?" asked Sean.

"No," I said. "Just me."

"It's New Year's Eve," said Sean. "Where do you go?"

"Home," I said. "Just me."

"No party?" Sean asked. "Nothing?"

"Just me," I said.

"Well," said Sean. "I'm sorry to disturb you."

"You haven't disturbed me, sir," I said.

"Haven't I?" asked Sean. "Your right hand has been under my desk since I found you. Are you OK?"

"Ah, just, something," I mumbled.

"I came back," said Sean.

"Yes," I said. "Did you forget something?"

"I left something on my desk," said Sean.

"Oh, yes?" I asked.

"And on my computer screen," said Sean.

"Oh, yes?" I asked.

"I left them for you, Alice," said Sean. "I hoped that you would find them."

"Oh, yes?" I asked.

"I hoped that you would like them," said Sean.

"Sir, can I help you with something?" I asked, nervously.

"Alice," said Sean. "Is your hand in your lap?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Is your hand under your skirt?" asked Sean.

I paused, blushing. "Yes," I said.

"Is your hand inside your panties, touching yourself?" asked Sean.

I didn't say anything, but kept blushing.

"I left the screen up, and the print out on my desk, so you would find them, Alice," said Sean.

I kept blushing.

"I thought you might like that sort of thing," said Sean.

"It was surprising, sir," I said.

"Please, Alice, call me Sean," he said.

"It was surprising, Sean," I said.

"Interesting surprise? Or scary surprise?" asked Sean. "I've brought a bottle of Champagne for us to share, if it's an interesting surprise."

I couldn't have been more taken aback. I took my right hand out of my panties.

"Hold it up, so I can see," said Sean, gently.

I was so embarrassed. My face burned with blushes, but I held up my right hand.

Sean walked around behind the desk and said, "May I smell?"

I just stared at him. He took me softly by the right wrist and held my hand to his nose, inhaling deeply.

"May I taste?" asked Sean.

"I've never, sir," I stammered. But I didn't say no.

Sean took three of my fingers, all but the pinky, put them in his mouth and sucked. I could feel his tongue.

"Oh, sir!" I stammered.

"Sean," said Sean. "I'm Sean. And you're Alice."

"Sean," I moaned. "I don't know how to be!"

"With me," said Sean. "You're however you want to be."

"How should I be, though?" I said, anxiously.

"You've seen what I like," said Sean. "On my screen. On that print out."

"But you're lovely!" I protested. "And I'm an old hag."

"You've seen what I like," said Sean. "I like Alice."

"But how can you, sir?" I protested.

"I like Alice," said Sean, again. "What else I'd like, Alice, is to pour you a glass of this Champagne," he held it out with his other hand from behind his back, "in a couple of mugs. For a Happy New Year toast? Would that be OK?"

"Yes, sir ... Sean," I stammered.

"And then I have something we can watch together, on my computer," said Sean. "OK?"

"What are we going to watch?" I asked, nervously. "I have work to do."

"Your work can wait a little while, Alice," said Sean. He pulled up a guest chair next to me, to the right of where I was sitting in his desk chair.

"I'm pouring us some Champagne," said Sean. He took the bottle, and with two mugs from the side-table, he poured us each some Champagne. He handed me a mug. "Happy New Year, Alice!"

"Happy New Year, Sean," I said, and took my first ever sip of sparkling wine. "Tickly."

"Natural bubbles," said Sean sipping from his mug, and sitting down. "OK, let's watch."

He leaned over his keyboard and trackball for a moment. He was so close, he smelled so fresh and clean.

"Here we go," he said, leaning back. "May I hold your hand while we watch?"

"Like at the movies?" I asked.

"Like at the movies," he said, taking my right hand in his left.

The video showed a cleaning lady, even older looking than me, at work in an office. A middle-aged man came up behind her as she was working. He whispered something in her ear ... there was no sound on for this video. The lady smiled, as the man put his arms around her from behind, pulling her close, and squeezing her breasts. The image zoomed in so we could see him biting and licking her ear, then lowered to show him unbuttoning her work dress from the top. The cleaning lady dropped her mop, and reached back behind her, apparently squeezing the crotch of the younger man's trousers.

I suddenly realized that my right hand, still held by Sean's left, was resting in his lap. I glanced down.

"Is this OK?" asked Sean. "You put it there. My hand just came along for the ride."

I could feel his hardening penis inside his trousers.

"Is this wrong?" I said. "I think it must be wrong."

"It's not wrong for me," said Sean. "Should we keep watching?"

I looked back to the monitor. The man had succeeded in unbuttoning the cleaning lady's dress, which now hung open. The man had pushed his hands up under the cleaning lady's bra, and was fondling her breasts. She was writhing against him, and had her right hand down inside her large white panties, and her left hand pulling his head against the side of her, where his tongue was probing her ear.

"Oh!" said Sean. I looked down and realized that I was squeezing his penis through his trousers.

"I'm so sorry, sir!" I said. "This has never ... I could never ..."

"But you have now, and you are," said Sean. "Should we stop?"

I looked back to the monitor, and watched the scene develop. Soon, the cleaning lady was naked, except for her shoes and knee-high hose. She was bent over a desk, with the man's hands squeezing her full, flopping breasts. His trousers and underpants were down around his ankles, and he appeared to have entered her from behind, with his penis.

My right hand was still squeezing Sean's hard penis. My left hand fell into my lap, and I began to squeeze my crotch.

"I feel like I should be doing that," said Sean.

"On your desk?" I gasped, looking back at the screen where the couple were still at it, with occasional close-ups of her breasts being fondled, and his penis moving in and out of her.

"Perhaps," said Sean. "But I was referring to getting a hand inside your panties."

"Oh!" I said, still watching the monitor, squeezing Sean, and rubbing myself through my panties.

"You might get your hand in my underpants, too," said Sean.

"How can you want that?" I asked. "How can you want me?"

"You've seen what I like," said Sean. "You are very, very attractive to me."

"Oh," I said, blushing again.

"What should we do now, Alice?" Sean asked.

"I don't know," I said.

"I think you do, if you were watching the video, and saw the pictures?" asked Sean.

"Yes ... you want to do those things with me?" I was shocked.

"If you're interested, and willing," said Sean.

I thought about that for a moment, still sitting behind his desk.

"What do you like about me?" I asked. "Tell me specific things."

"Well, I like your maturity," said Sean. "I like the lightly weathered look your years have given you. I like your smile. I like your eyes."

"And my body?" I asked. "My old lady body?"

"I haven't seen your body, yet," said Sean. "But your breasts look large, and I hope they are soft and saggy. I do love a hairy pussy, so, if yours is hairy, that would be lovely. And I hope you have a big bum, but not too big, if one has to come in your from behind."

"I look like that old cleaning lady in the video," I said.

"It took me a while to find that," said Sean.

"You looked for a video of a cleaning lady, doing those things?" I asked, in disbelief.

"A cleaning lady that looked a bit like you, doing those things," said Sean.

"How did you find it? When did you find it?" I asked.

"I searched the internet, and finally found that video a couple of months ago," said Sean.

"And you waited until now to watch it?" I asked.

"No," said Sean. "I've watched it several times. I was watching it each of the times you've found me here late at work recently."

"When you were sitting at your desk, and I was working." I said. "I didn't know."

"You can't see what's on the monitor, or going on behind the desk, from the doorway," said Sean.

"Behind the desk?" I asked. "Where you ... where you ... touching yourself?"

"I was masturbating, Alice," Sean said. "Watching that video, imagining it was me and you."

"When we said hello to each other, you were ..." I said.

"Yes," said Sean. "Seeing you in real life added to my fantasy."

"I can't stop thinking about that video, what they were doing," I said.

"What would you like to do now, Alice?" asked Sean.

"I may choose?" I asked. "Really?"

"Really," said Sean. "Your choice."

"Well, then, I'd like to watch the video again, from the beginning," said Alice.

"OK," said Sean, reaching to the keyboard to make that so.

"And I think we should try and act it out, what they're doing in the video, as they do it," I said, quietly, blushing. "Try it out, and see what it's like."

"I think that's an excellent idea," said Sean, standing. I stood, too, and we moved our chairs out from behind the desk, and cleared some desk space, for what we both knew would come later.

So, we watched that video, standing behind Sean's desk, in the building where I'm a cleaning lady.

Following the video's lead, Sean did come up behind me, fondling me, opening my work dress.

He was gentler with my bra, unfastening it from behind, and letting my breasts fall free.

"They're larger than in the video," whispered Sean, into my ear, where his tongue was at work.

"They're soft, and they sag," I moaned. "Do you like them?"

"I love them," whispered Sean, pinching my nipples.

When the cleaning lady's dress came off in the video, so did mine, and my panties were down and off at the same time.

"Your pussy is hairier than in the video," said Sean, clutching me through my matted hair down there."

"Do you like that?" I sighed.

"I love that," whispered Sean.

When Sean leaned me over the desk, we'd varied from the video a bit. Sean had taken off all his clothes. I did still have on my knee-high stockings and shoes, though.

"Does my butt look too big, with me leaning over the desk?" I asked.

"Your butt is perfect," said Sean.

Sean entered me from behind, with his hard penis. He pounded into me, rhythmically, and I could feel when he came, pushing hard against my backside to penetrate as deeply as he could.

Sean pulled out with a sigh. "You didn't climax, did you?" he asked.

"No, but I'm happy," I said, sinking into the desk chair, naked but for my stockings and sensible shoes.

Sean sank to his knees in front of me. "But I'm not going to leave it at that," he said, pushing my knees apart. "Not when there's something I'd enjoy doing about it."

"You're going to use your mouth on me? Your tongue? After you've spent inside me?" I asked, incredulous, but excited.

"I am going to lick and suck you to climax, Alice," said Sean. "I'm going to lick you clean. You might squeeze your breasts and pinch your nipples while I'm down here, to encourage me."

I sighed as his tongue probed in through my thick pussy hair, as he lapped away at me, tickling my clitoris. I squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples, and I could see Sean's eyes glancing up to enjoy the view of me kneading their floppy softness, pulling on the pink nipples.

"Happy New Year!" I cried, as I climaxed. After so many years, I realized I loved my job anew.

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by Sapper25706/19/17


You can't beat stories of older ladies making love to younger men. Happened to me many years ago I'm pleased to say.
Hope there is a follow up. Thought he might have gone home with her.
Be nice to knowmore...

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