tagIncest/TabooSean Meets Vanessa Ch. 02

Sean Meets Vanessa Ch. 02


They arrived back at Vanessa's house and Vanessa immediately dragged Sean up to her room. They didn't see anyone on their way in and Vanessa simply shut the door behind them before pushing Sean backwards onto her bed as he turned to face her. Sean sat up as she closed in on him and Vanessa grabbed his t-shirt, pulling it up and over his head to reveal his muscle-bound chest. Vanessa growled low in her throat as she raked her fingernails slowly down his pecs. Sean reached out and ran his hands up the sides of her thighs, under her skirt to caress her butt.

Vanessa placed her right hand square in the centre of Sean's back and pushed him back on the bed again before pulling her top up over her head, her breasts freed to the cool air of the room, her already erect nipples offering themselves beautifully to the world. Then, standing at the foot of her bed, she lifted her skirt slowly, teasingly revealing her bare pussy to him, before dropping the hem, lifting it again slowly, continuing to tease him.

"Are you sure we're ok in here? Like, your parents have no problem with you just bringing me in here and getting all naked like this?”

"Of course, you don't have sex with your whole family and not come to some sort of arrangements about these things silly!”

And with that, she reached down and pulled his boots from his feet, before setting to work on his belt and the button of his jeans. Having removed all obstructions, Vanessa pulled on the cuffs of Sean's jeans, dragging them from his body to leave him lying on her bed in only his boxers. Vanessa climbed up over Sean's legs and Sean eyed off the way her breasts hung beautifully from her chest.

Reaching the point where her head was over his cock, Vanessa lowered her face and took Sean's erect cock into her mouth through the boxer shorts, sucking him, material and all. She used the softening effect of the material to enjoy biting at his cock, slobbering on the material so that it was nice and wet and clung to his shaft.

Vanessa looked Sean in the eyes and then took his boxers in her teeth and pulled with her fingers as well, tearing a hole in them. She then grabbed the hole with her hands and ripped his boxers asunder to free his engorged penis. Sean called out in surprise, but was quickly silenced when his dick was engulfed by Vanessa's eager mouth, sucking on it, running up and down its entire length. He ran his fingers through her hair, urging her to suck pump her face up and down his cock, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

Vanessa stopped sucking him and crawled further up his body, her lips and teeth blazing a trail across the flesh of his stomach and chest, pulling and teasing at his nipples. When she reached his mouth, her tongue drove between his lips, insistently seeking out his own. She grabbed his stiff cock in her hand, aiming it at her sopping pussy before sitting back down, sliding him inside herself as she went, sighing through their kiss as she was filled. Sean looked down to watch, but the action was hidden under the skirt that Vanessa hadn't bothered to remove.

Vanessa humped herself up and down Sean's cock, working herself into a frenzy of excitement. Sean reached up and grabbed her breasts, pulling on them, teasing her nipples and feeling the lovely firm mounds of flesh.

"Do me doggy,” Vanessa said, jumping off of the cock that was filling her and getting down on her hands and knees. Sean moved in behind her, running a finger up and down the wet bald slit that was being presented to him before plunging his cock back inside her. He slid his way deep inside her before pulling out and sliding his way back in again.

"Faster, harder, fuck me like you mean it,” Vanessa encouraged him. Sean sped up the pace, sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

"Harder, fuck me, fuck me harder!” she was calling back to him and he worked even harder, his balls slapping against her pussy as he rammed his cock deep inside her warm wet hole.

Vanessa reached back to caress her clit as she was slammed from behind. Sean started to moan and groan and announced that he was going to cum.

"Fill my pussy, pump me full of your cum!” Vanessa told him.

"What about getting pregnant?”

"Its ok,” I'm on the pill she told him as she frigged her clit towards orgasm. Sean grunted and thrust his cock as far up Vanessa's pussy as he could, holding there as he exploded and his warm seed flooded her insides. Vanessa squealed as she worked herself over the edge and her body shook in orgasm, collapsing happily onto the bed. Sean lay down next to her and they kissed as he fondled her breasts.

"God I needed that,” Vanessa said to him. "Do you have to be anywhere tonight?”

"No, I was just going to bum around and hadn't planned anything.”

"Oh good, want to stay for dinner and then the night?”

"Sure, I didn't bring any extra clothes, but one night won't matter. "

"You won't need them for much anyway,” Vanessa said, winking at him. As she did so, she ran her fingers up along her slit, through the cum that was oozing from her hole. She brought her fingers to her lips and sucked it clean. She laughed as Sean looked at her with total amazement on his face.

"Do you like watching me eat your cum from my pussy?” she asked him.

"Hell yes, it's just so damn sexy!' he told her.

She did it again, scooping his cum from her and teasingly licking it from between her spread fingers, stringing it from her tongue to her mouth. She glanced down at Sean's cock to note that it was getting stiff again as he watched her.

"Seems to me that you might be able to help me out again. I haven't cum enough yet. Think you can help me do it again?”

"I'm sure as hell willing to try,” he said.

Vanessa stood up and removed her skirt before laying back down on her bed. Sean made his way between her legs and plunged his dick back into her wet sticky pussy, loving the ease with which he thrust himself deep inside her. Vanessa reached up and raked his chest with her nails as he pumped himself in and out of her. Then she did the same to his belly before settling her hands on her own bald pussy to play with her clitoris as he filled her again and again with his hard thick shaft.

Before he could come again, Vanessa brought herself over the edge, shuddering to a wonderful climax. She made Sean just hold himself within her as her sensitive pussy recovered from its bliss.

"Lie down, I want to suck you off,” she told Sean who happily obliged with the request. She moved over him and took his cock, coated with both their cum into her mouth, sucking noisily at it, working to take his entire cock deep within her mouth so that it bumped at the back of her throat almost prompting her to gag. She released him from her mouth and licked down the underside of his cock until she took one of his testicles in her mouth, sucking gently on it before releasing it. She dribbled and her cummy spit ran down over his sac and down to his anus. Pumping his cock with one hand and holding his balls with the other, Vanessa ran her tongue down around his anus, causing Sean to flinch.

Sean wasn't sure what was happening now it was beyond his experience. He wasn't real sure about having his arse licked, but it felt strangely good and so he relaxed and didn't say anything. He began to enjoy it and then Vanessa took his cock back into her mouth and he forgot about it as she worked him closer and closer towards his goal.

He was all but writhing on the bed under her attentions when he finally managed to get over the edge and his cock exploded, his cum splashing against her throat as she swallowed it all. The two of them lay back on the bed recovering for a bit before Vanessa suggested a quick dip in the pool before dinner. Sean indicated that he didn't have any swimmers and Vanessa laughed as she threw him his boxers.

With that little problem out of the way, they went downstairs. Megan was in the living room watching telly as they made their way out to the pool.

"Hey guys, good movie?” she asked, staring at Sean's cock in his boxers.

"Not as good as the afters!” laughed Vanessa as she went outside. Sean blushed, his cock starting to work erect again under Megan's stare. He remained silent and was happy to dive into the pool with Vanessa.

As they swam around, they teased each other further and it wasn't long before Sean found himself swimming around with a full erection again.

Megan walked out to the pool, wearing a nice little red bikini and asked if they'd mind if she joined them.

"Not at all, you don't have a problem with that, do you Sean?” Vanessa asked.

"Not me,” he said, his cock twitching at the sight of Megan's body almost naked as she dove into the pool. They swam around together and messed about and Sean loved the fact that the two sisters spent as much time teasing each other as they did him.

Vanessa was holding Megan from behind as they wrestled and called out to Sean, "Hey Sean, check these out!” and as she released her sister, she ripped her bikini top off, revealing Megan's pert little breasts and their lovely hard nipples.

"Now that is what I call a lovely sight!” laughed Sean.

"Oh, you think that's good do you?” Megan asked. "Well what do you think of this then?” and with that she turned and pulled Vanessa to her, pressing their lips together before their tongues lashed into each other's mouths and duelled for their pleasure.

"That's better than lovely, that's fucking awesome!” Sean called out enthusiastically. The two girls laughed back at him and Megan said that she needed to see just how much he liked it. She slipped under the water in front of him, pulling his boxers down as she went to release his erection into the water. She came up for air and said, "Well, apparently you like it a lot.” And then she bobbed back down and took his cock in her mouth underwater.

"I guess that I won't be needing this then,” Vanessa said, peeling her swimsuit off and throwing it to the side of the pool. Megan surfaced and kissed Sean, his cock pressed between them. Vanessa stepped up behind her and hugged her from behind, pushing her breasts into her sister's back and her bald pussy into her butt as Megan kissed the boy she'd brought home.

Megan jumped up and wrapped her legs around Sean, his cock rubbing on her pussy. Megan reached under her to tug on his cock and then ran a finger around her sister's anus in the water.

"God, this water isn't doing us any good, let's go inside,” Megan suggested. She swam to the side of the pool and climbed out, walking into the living room naked. Vanessa followed her with Sean close behind.

By the time that Sean got there, Megan was laying down on the floor of the room with her legs spread wide, offering her bald pussy to Sean. He wasn't the sort of bloke to leave an offer like that alone and moved in to use his tongue on Megan's swollen labia. He licked his way all around her pussy, teasing her by not actually touching her clit or penetrating her lips and she squirmed and wiggled her arse trying to get him to do exactly that. Sean felt Vanessa urging him to spread his legs and he did so to discover that she had lay down upon her back and now slid underneath him to take his cock into her mouth as he applied his oral pleasures to her sister's pussy.

Vanessa sucked on the head of his cock as he worked his tongue in and around Megan's pussy, pushing it inside her hole and wiggling it, turning it in circles over her clit.

"God that's good!” Megan exclaimed. "Come here Nessy, I want to eat you.”

Vanessa wiggled out from under Sean and went to her sister and squatted over her face, facing away from Sean, her lips speared by her tongue as it sought her inner desires.

After a little tongue action, Vanessa stood and turned around before squatting back down again.

"Lick my arse Meg,” she said as she squatted and watched Sean working his tongue in her sister's pussy. She noted that Sean went a little wide-eyed when she told Meg to lick her butt and she played up to it, telling Meg how good it felt to have her tongue licking around her tight little anus and to have it spear its way inside.

Sean was licking Megan's pussy furiously now and he slipped a finger inside her pussy to thrust it in and out as well. Vanessa started to use her fingers on her clit and asked Sean if he'd ever licked a girl's arse hole. He indicated that he hadn't and she asked if it excited him to know that her sister was licking her butt. He nodded as he licked Megan's pussy and Megan cried out as she was driven over the edge, exploding in orgasm.

"I think its time you leaned to appreciate a bit of arse licking,” Vanessa told him, climbing off of her sister and getting down on her hands and knees. "Spread my arse and lick my hole Sean,” she told him.

"Um, I dunno, I don't know if I can do that,” he said to her, looking down at her tight butt and the nice bald pussy that was peeking out from below.

"Of course you can, because if you don't we're going to say goodbye and then you'll miss out on all the treats to follow, right Meg?”

"Absolutely,” Megan replied, playing along with her little sister's power game. "In fact, I want my arse licked too,” she added getting down next to her sister. They looked at each other and kissed, their tongues working around each other, in and out of each other's mouths.

"Just think, Sean, if you lick our butts, you know that nice big cock of yours will get to experience all our pleasures too..." teased Vanessa.

Sean considered his options and decided that this was an adventure that he wasn't ready to end yet. He placed his hands on Vanessa's arse and pulled her cheeks wide, exposing her little pink, puckered hole, still wet from her sister's tongue. He moved his face in close and stuck his tongue out, starting around the outside of her anus and moving his tongue in circles.

"Mmm, that's it, don't be shy, work my arse, Sean, make me feel good.” Vanessa resumed kissing her sister as she enjoyed Sean's tongue caressing her anus. Megan reached under and pulled on Vanessa's breasts, drawing out the nipples, pinching and squeezing them.

As Sean licked Vanessa's arse, he slipped two fingers inside her pussy, working them in and out.

"I think it's my turn now,” Megan said, breaking off her kiss with her sister. Sean adjusted his position and spread Megan's arse like he had her sister and then worked his tongue over, around and in her butt hole as she moaned and Vanessa played with her tits in return.

"Oh that is so good, Megan said, reaching under to finger Vanessa's clit as they all enjoyed each other, "but I think now its time to get that nice big dick inside me. Fuck me like this Sean, stick that big rod of yours in my pussy.”

Sean removed his tongue from her arse and plunged his cock between her now very wet pussy lips and Vanessa moved so that her pussy was below her sister's face so that Megan could eat her out as Sean pumped his cock into her from behind. Megan drove her tongue inside her sister's hole, the motion provided by her being fucked from behind causing her to thrust her tongue in and out. Vanessa moaned and Megan groaned as they were both pleasured. Sean grunted as he plunged his cock again and again inside the gorgeous girl before him, watching gleefully the looks of pleasure passing across Vanessa's face as she endured the pleasure inflicted on her by her sister's tongue. She pulled on her nipples to a point that Sean thought must be painful and she squealed as well. He found it too much and announced that he was close to cumming.

Vanessa burst under her sister's ministrations and Megan quickly turned around, telling Sean that she needed to taste his cum. Sean tried to hold back but just as she turned he lost it, sperm spraying from his cock onto Megan's face. She quickly got his cock in her mouth to swallow the rest of it.

"Dinner's ready!” came a shout from the kitchen. Sean nearly leapt out of his skin. Megan and Vanessa laughed at him, casually picking themselves up off of the floor and making their way upstairs to get some clothes. Sean followed, amazed by the casual attitude to sex that was being displayed in this house. It was completely different to that of his uncle's farm where sex was pretty much only for the propagation of the animals themselves (once you discounted the fun that he Kylie and Rachel had, of course).

Clothed again, they all made their way downstairs, where Vanessa introduced Sean to her mother Monica. Vanessa and Sean sat at the table, making small talk, filling the girls' mother in on what they'd been doing that afternoon (without referring to sex, Sean was happy to note).

Sean was talking to Vanessa when out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw Megan and her Mother kissing just inside the pantry. He tried to get a better look, but they had separated. He wasn't totally sure, but when he considered that Vanessa claimed to have had sex with the whole family, thought that it may just have been true. It sure as hell gave him a boner thinking that that's what might have happened.

Monica, in the meantime was licking her lips, enjoying the lingering taste of cum that she'd had when her tongue slipped inside her elder daughter's mouth. She'd asked Megan if Vanessa and Sean had been up to anything today because she thought that he was a little hottie. Megan had told her that better than just Vanessa getting some action with him, she'd managed to as well and unlike Vanessa's last boyfriend, this one had no problem at all with the two sister's fucking each other and sharing his body.

"Well, let's just hope that he's open to the possibility of an encounter with an older woman then! Monica whispered to Megan as they separated and made their way back to the table.

"Where's Dad?” Vanessa asked as the food was placed in the middle of the table and they all set about eating.

"He's over at John's, they're putting up his shed and then going to have a card night to celebrate. He'll probably just crash there and not be home tonight,” Monica told her.

"Oh, ok", Vanessa said. Then she got up from the table and offered to get Sean a beer as she fetched drinks for her sister and mother.

"Gee with Dad out of the house, you may have to fill his shoes for the night,” laughed Megan. All three of the women laughed hysterically at that and Sean started to wonder what he'd gotten himself into.

He sat looking around the table, admiring the three women before him, assessing their differences, Vanessa with her firm breasts and long dark hair, Megan, her breasts tiny, but with awesome nipples (as he so fondly remembered) and hair similar to Vanessa's and finally, their mother, whose breasts appeared to be slightly larger than Vanessa's even if requiring a little more support. Sean checked her out the most as she was new to him and had never been seen naked.

He was surprised to find himself wondering what she would look like naked ... would she have a shaved pussy like her daughters? She still had a nice arse for her age. Her hair wasn't as long as her daughters' but it was a nice fit for her face. The one thing he did notice in all three of them were their eyes. It was the eyes that nailed the family resemblance. They all had a certain shape and sparkle. Something that called out to him, "I want sex.” He found himself sitting at the table with an erection for the entire meal.

After dinner, they all played cards and kept drinking. They'd been doing that for sometime and were all quite happily drunk when Vanessa said, "I think that its time that we changed the game.”

"What did you have in mind, hon?” Monica asked a twinkle in her eye.

"Why strip poker of course!” Megan and Monica immediately said that that was a great idea and Sean was left with little choice but to participate (not that this was a difficult decision for him anyway!) He sure as hell liked the odds, him on three women; he was bound to see more than they did.

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