tagIncest/TabooSean's Private Time

Sean's Private Time


Sean was like any other 18 year old boy who was forced to live with his parents and share a room with his siblings due to financial constraints. The cost of going to college was enough that he could afford either that or moving out on his own. So he chose college and a life of having to sneak off to take care of his horny adolescent needs.

Not having much personal space the one place that Sean could go where he could actually justify the time that it took to stroke his fat, 9" uncut cock to an explosive completion was in the bathroom. No one ever questioned why it took him 30 minutes to take a shit and better yet no one ever bothered him. After a while it didn't even occur to Sean to lock the bathroom door before settling in to do his duty.

It was a Monday morning when the house was quiet. Sean's parents were working and his younger brother and sister were both at school. Sean ran into the bathroom as he felt the urgency of his morning cup of coffee moving through his colon, ready to be evacuated.

He pushed the door closed and sat on the toilet, grunting as his bowels released their contents and reveling in the emptiness that he felt afterward. He immediately began thinking about Monique. She was this gorgeous Ethiopian girl in his bus admin class who'd caught his attention from day one.

Monique was dark and exotic looking, with a huge chest and a gorgeous looking thick ass that swayed so seductively when she walked. She also had a sensual looking mouth with full lips that Sean had more than once imagine wrapped around his thick, hard shaft while jerking off.

As thoughts of Monique began to fill his mind, Sean forgot about where he was or what he was doing. He wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke it, feeling it grow from its tumescent 6" to its full, hard 9". He stroked it from the base all the way to the ridge underneath the head, with a swirling motion toward the top and then gently rubbing the head. His cock began to stiffen and Sean began to push his hips forward as if he were fucking his own hand. His eyes closed, he was lost in the ecstasy of his thoughts of Monique's seductive lips and ass so much that he failed to hear the bathroom door open.

He heard a faint noise in the background and opened his eyes to see his father standing at the bathroom door, staring at him intently.

"What are you doing here?" He was mortally embarrassed. "I thought you were at work.... I'm sorry..."

As he grew more nervous and embarrassed Sean's cock began to deflate to it's soft 6" once again and he just sat there. He didn't know what else to do. Since he hadn't wiped his ass he couldn't just pull his pants up and run out of the bathroom. So he just sat there, all the while his father staring at him, saying nothing.

Still having not said a word, Sean's father began walking toward him. Sean's heart began to beat hard under his chest. He didn't know what to expect. Would his father slap him? Would he embarrass and humiliate him for what he had caught him doing? His breathing became shallow and fast and it seemed like forever until his father was standing directly above him.

Still saying nothing, Sean's father reached down and took Sean's cock into his hand, gently stroking him. Not knowing what to do but feeling relieved that he hadn't received a slap to the face, Sean slumped back and closed his eyes. The sensation felt good.

"This is quite a tool you've got here, son"

With that, Sean's father dropped to his knees, taking Sean's cock into his mouth. Still nervous, Sean stayed quiet as his father sucked his cock back to life.

Jack was no stranger to sucking cock. It had been a number of years since he had last had felt the fleshy hardness of a cock between his lips, even longer since he'd had one this big. But Jack loved running his tongue underneath the length of a cock and around the head. He loved the bit of pre-cum that oozes out of the tip and the groan that comes when his tongue sweeps across the piss hole at the tip of a cock. And Jack especially loved the sensation of having his entire mouth filled to his throat with a fat, long cock. The fact that this cock was living under his roof was just a huge gift.

As Jack continued to suck harder bringing the cock to it's full length and hardness, Sean sunk into the comfort of having his father's mouth on his cock. As Jack deep throated the cock, Sean groaned for the first time.

"Oh fuck, daddy. Oh, that's so good."

Hearing those words of encouragement, Jack began to suck harder taking Sean's entire 9" down his throat.

"Suck me daddy. Suck my fucking cock."

Jack continued to suck, wrapping his hands around Sean's ass and sliding him forward on the toilet seat. Sean felt his father's fingers trace down the crack of his ass, heading for his asshole.

"Daddy, I haven't wiped yet. I'm still dirty."

"Mmmmmm", Jack moaned as Sean's the head of Sean's cock came out with a "pop". "It's ok son... Daddy doesn't mind."

With that, Jack slid Sean's ass even more forward on the toilet seat and pulled his legs up in the air. He began sucking Sean's balls, while pushing a finger in Sean's shitty asshole.

Feeling his father's finger push up his dirty asshole Sean's cock twitched from the combination of the sensation and the perversion.

"You like my nasty, dirty shithole daddy?"

"Mmmmmmm", Jack moaned again. Sean knew what this meant.

Grabbing the back of Jack's head, Sean forced his cock between his father's lips.

"That's it daddy. Suck my fucking cock while you finger my shithole. Suck it daddy!"

Jack obeyed, taking Sean's entire length down his throat again, while pushing his finger deep in his son's tight, dirty asshole. His own cock grew and strained against the confines of his pants.

Suddenly, Sean pushed the back of Jack's head all the way down his cock and Jack felt it. The throbbing pulse that he knew as the cum coarsing through the length of his son's engorged cock.

Sean's cock swelled as he screamed out, his seed erupting from deep in his balls.

"Cummmmminggggg. Oh fuck daddy! Cumminggg....."

As he erupted, jet after jet of cum exploded from the tip of his cock and down Jack's throat. Jack swallowed every drop like a pro, his finger still burried deep up his son's asshole.

As the twitching of Sean's cock subsided Jack once again felt his son's cock deflate to its soft 6" inside of his mouth as he sucked the last bit of cum out of the tip and then let it slip out of his mouth.

He pulled his shit covered finger out of Sean's ass and walked over to the sink to wash it off. He dried his hands, turned around and walked out the door, closing it behind him without saying a word.

Sean sat on the toilet transfixed and shocked by the events that just took place. It would take a few minutes before he could recover enough even to wipe his ass clean.

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