tagErotic CouplingsSecond Date

Second Date


This is the sequel to First Date.


Big brown eyes looked up at me and blinked slowly, eyelashes swishing, "I've never used a vibrator before." She said in a low voice, muffled by rumpled blankets.

"Oh really?" I replied, surprised and intrigued. Scooting down next to her on the wrecked bed, I pulled a blanket over my legs, and leaned over to kiss her shoulder that a large, saggy shirt with extra-large arm and neck holes left exposed from the elbow to the side of her breast.

"No I never have." She said smiling as I kissed up her bare shoulder to her supple neck. "I would like to, but I just never have, I don't know how to use one."

Sitting back I took her slender shoulders in my hands, and looked into her eyes saying, "I would be honored to be the first one to ever use a vibrator on you baby!"

Leaning up her lips were nearing my own and her shirt slid down, showing a sensual curve, and the edge of a firm brown nipple. My hand found her breast as our lips met, and as she covered my mouth with kisses, she whispered in my ear, "Would you really?"

"Yes! Oh god yes baby! Do you have any idea what a turn on that would be? Just thinking about showing you how much fun a vibrator can be is doing this to me." I answered her quietly in her ear as I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Moaning she turned her head to look as I lifted the blanket from my lap.

Glistening wet, my cock bobbed up, growing harder by the second. Smiling she leaned over, and kissed the head of my now fully erect member. I moaned slowly, "Oh god baby!" as she wrapped her long tongue around the head of my cock. My back arched, and I watched as my throbbing head disappeared in between her lightly parted lips.

She let her tongue trail up into the cleft on the bottom, sending jolts of pleasure racing up my spine while she prepared herself. Suddenly the light teasing turned to a slick wet tightness as she leaned down, and swallowed my cock! I felt her tight throat swelling around my throbbing cock as her soft lips slid down to my balls. She withdrew, and as she slid off me I quivered with pleasure.

Her lips never left my body, she pulled up, and I felt her soft wet lips on the rim of my cock for an exquisite second, then she thrust down onto me again, and I felt my hard on bump into the back of her mouth. She tilted her head, and my thick cock squeezed into her throat again! The heat of her mouth, and the pressure squeezing me when she took me all the way down was new to me and I leaned back and watched in ecstasy.

I was so hard I ached, my balls tight, and tingling; her mouth slid down, and I watched as her supple young neck swell as she swallowed the head of my cock; soft lips brushed my balls as she pressed down, forcing my hard cock into her tight throat all the way.

The sight of her lips down on my balls with my full length inside her was amazing, and as her beautiful lips pulled back, sucking my glistening shaft as she pulled up to the tip, I pulled her up to kiss me. I crushed her to me, sucking on her lips, and drawing her long, sensual tongue into my mouth.

I smelled pussy on her gorgeous lips; she had sucked my cock clean. I basked in her scent sucking on her lips to taste her. I pulled her loose shirt up, and pushed her back on the bed. My hands slid down her sides, brushing her full breasts on the sides.

Sweeping my arms up, I cupped her breasts, squeezing hard. Her lips still tasted like my dick, which tasted like her sweet young pussy. Silky skin slid under my hands as I felt her from her luscious breasts down her sensuously curving hips, and petite thighs.

I groaned with the intensity of my desire for her, worshiping her beautiful body with my hands, caressing her, I wrapped my arms around her, feeling her arched back, fingers creeping down to massage her perfect round ass. I slid my hands up, and down her body, kissing every inch of her lovely pale skin, down her neck burying my face in her breast I kissed her perky breasts and nipples, running my tongue down between them, and kissing her cute stomach.

I felt her skin quiver against my lips as my kisses fell ever lower. My mouth stopped just below her belly button, and I kissed to either side, and down her thighs, teasing her with a light brush of my bottom lip on her beautiful little hood.

Soft pink skin throbbed as my lips passed by. She was moaning, and her hips were leaning into me, following my lips. I lay my head on her thigh, and leaning over I pressed my lips to the soft pink fold of her cute hood, kissing lightly, and drawing in a deep breath of her scent, letting its sweet perfume fill me.

My mouth watered and she writhed in anticipation under me. Her hips lifted up to meet my lips, and my hands slid under her wonderful firm ass, lifting her delicious, beautiful vagina up. I kissed lightly once, nuzzling my lips against hers; I worked my mouth into her soft folds. Velvety soft skin parted for my tongue, and I tasted her tender pink clitoris as I licked firmly up.

Fingers clawed at the back of my neck as I crushed my face into her perfect vagina, my tongue flattened against her softest skin, eagerly licking her down to thrust into her tight little hole, tasting her wonderful vagina, licking hungrily, and kissing her perfect small lips, and her tiny hood, sliding my tongue up to push back the tiny pink fold. Her cute little pink clitoris twitched under my tongue, and throbbed between my lips as I drew her tenderness into my mouth, and gently sucked and kissed her.

She wiggled and twitched each time my lips closed over her beautiful clitoris, and as her spasms grew more intense I felt her ass in my hands, fingers caressed her round cheeks, smooth, and firm trailing fingertips around to the cleft, sliding down between sensual firm cheeks, her pert young ass tilted up at my continued touch, and my hands massaged her sexy cleft, finger following the line of her spine down her sexy amazing ass, and her cute little ass hole eagerly swayed with the rhythm of my finger rubbing circles around, and pressing in to feel her superb tightness.

I ran my other hand around to grip her wonderful ass from the other side, squeezing her firm cheeks, spreading sensually as my fingers explored around her gorgeous ass, feeling her thighs, and ass all over, fingertips slide into her wet hole.

Tight muscles squeezed my fingers, and I devoured her throbbing clitoris. My fingers thrust deep into her, slick with saliva. I rubbed my thumb against her trembling ass hole, slick with saliva my finger slipped into her.

Groaning and raking my shoulders and neck, she started to shake, her beautiful ass, and her tight little hole began to twitch and quiver. Muscles clenched around my finger in a rhythmic wave , her cute little ass hole quivered around me, and the wave rolled through her hips, her vagina , tight, and wet around my other finger, pulsed with the waves of orgasmic pleasure, hips, and ass twitching, muscles throbbing, she came for me.

Her beautiful clitoris pulsed in my mouth, twitching, and swelling, and she exploded in a hot wet frenzy, hot cum dripping from her throbbing pussy, I licked, and kissed her, licking her vagina clean, savoring the taste of her orgasm. She went limp as the orgasm peeked; I lifted her legs up and thrust my tongue into her still quivering hole, tasting her cum and feeling the heat of her perfect vagina in my mouth.

Slowly pulling up I looked down at her still form. Perky young breasts thrust up triumphantly in the air, rising and falling, supple thin neck stretched out, and luscious lips parted on a face beautiful, and serene. Panting, and still wracked with after throws her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were closed.

"Did I kill you?" I whisper against her skin as I lean down onto her, my lips on her stomach. A smile twitched the corner of her sensual lips, and she lay still.

"It's ok, you're a sexy corpse baby." I climbed over her, setting my knees on either side of her beautiful hips, her hips, and thighs tight together beneath me felt like silk caressing my sensitive balls as I straddled her.

Lowering myself down over her I felt my hard cock press against her soft stomach, my balls felt the exquisite heat of her amazing vagina as they nestled down onto her sexy v shaped lap. My mouth dropped down onto her erect nipple, teeth dragged across lightly, then biting harder, feeling her firm young breasts against my cheek I worked my mouth up her cleavage, kissing her lithe neck, up to her ear, licking her sexy earlobe.

I trailed my lips across her cheek, and kissed the corner of her mouth. Reaching down I felt her hips, curving down to her perfect little vagina, her legs pressed the silky lips of her pussy tight together. I worked my finger in, touching her clit, and sliding into her still throbbing hole, I guided my hungry cock down, rubbing her soft stomach, and slowly working the head in between her delicious lips, up against her beautiful clit, Then I slipped down, and slowly the swollen head of my raging hard cock penetrated her tight hole.

I lay over her, holding her under me, and let my cock slowly slide deeper into her. Her tight hole stretched around my girth, her hips together making her already tight pussy even tighter, the visual effect was wonderful, and the feel of my balls rubbing against her soft smooth thighs amazing.

I pulled her long sexy tongue into my mouth, and kissed her hard while I thrust into her hard, and deep. slipping my leg over hers I spread her perfect, sexy legs wide, my hard cock eagerly filled her hot little hole, hips crushed together my balls felt her wonderful ass as I buried myself deep into her, and she screamed , gasping as I pulled her hips to mine and held her there with my full length inside her.

I kissed her and I bit her neck, my cock gyrating in her well fucked, dripping wet pussy. I gripped her sexy young ass, feeling her sensual crease, her pert cheeks squeezing my fingers as I gently massage her sexy little ass hole, fingers slick with her come slide into the dark tightness and she clung to me harder, gasping.

I felt her body quiver again, as my finger thrusts into her faster and harder, keeping time with my swollen cock. We fell into a rhythm that grew more intense with every thrust until I was slamming my dick into her as hard and as fast as I could, and she just stuttered a low moan, and convulsed around my finger, and my cock.

Her tremors squeezed my cock wonderfully tight, her vagina quaked, and clenched around me as I thrust deep into her, and shot my load. Hot sticky cum filled her, and we fell down together, my hands on her breasts, my cock still pumping cum inside her. We lay there and fell asleep.

Waking up I felt her warm skin against me, my cock nestled up against her lovely ass was hard again. My hands felt the sensual curve of her waist, lightly caressing her wonderful ass, and lifting a firm sexy cheek my throbbing cock slid into her steamy wet hole.

She moaned, and her ass arched up, thrusting my cock into her, I pumped slowly, savoring the tight wet friction in her perfect vagina. I felt the tingling and warmth spread out, rolling up the shaft of my engorged cock, and exploding into her hungry pussy. Her wonderfully tight hole sucked at my throbbing member, squeezing me tightly, and drawing the last spurts of cum deep into her!

I leaned over her, kissing her nipple, and saying, "Good morning baby." as the last quivers of orgasm faded away. She smiled, and with a sleepy, half open, eye looked back at me, murmuring some unintelligible reply. I lay there feeling her sexy hips, and caressing her perfect ass for a few minutes, watching my cum slowly dribble out of her tight little pink hole.

I ran my finger down the seam of her beautiful ass, working my hand down between her lovely ass cheeks so I could feel the smooth tender skin of her ass hole. She stirred as I touched her, knowing that I had not made her cum yet I slid down, and wrapped my arms around her waist, hugging her sexy ass and snuggling my face next to her gorgeous vagina.

I licked the hood of her clitoris, pulling the sexy little pink fold up, and taking her sensitive clitoris in my mouth. She moaned louder as I sucked and kissed her, fingers probing her velvety smooth hole, penetrating her slowly from behind. My other hand worked up under my undulating mouth, finding the wet tightness and slipping in .I let my fingers work the back of her sweet little pussy, and the front of her wonderful ass hole, in concert, and I felt her ass squeeze my finger, her vagina throbbed around my other finger.

Keeping my lips on her I ran my tongue down to her vagina, tasting my cum, and her sweet pussy. Her orgasm nearly knocked my off the bed, her body gyrating wildly as her pussy exploded hot, sweet, girl cum all over my hands and chin. I slowly licked her cum off of her quivering clitoris, and thighs, licking my fingers to savor the taste of her orgasm.

Driving in to town with her I kept thinking about what she had said earlier. I was half hard all day thinking about slipping a vibrator into her for her first time, anticipating her ecstasy when she felt it for the first time. It was almost like taking her virginity!

Stopping at a curb we looked up at the big purple neon sign, lovers. Walking in I scanned the mannequins in lingerie, and the racks of sexy clothes, then we saw the wall of toys, and soon were inspecting various dildos and vibrators. She was shy but eager, and I helped her pick one that wasn't too intimidating for her first time, and that would fit in her tight little vagina.

We bought the toy, and left after spending an hour just looking. I saw whips, and bondage equipment, and she told me she would like to try that too. We decided that could wait. I wanted to tear off her pants then, and there, and make her cum for me, but we had to wait.

She opened her new toy in the car, turning it over and checking it out from different angle. Seeing the sleek purple shaft in her slender hands made me rock hard. Back at my place we retired for the evening, eager to try something new. Sitting on the edge of my bed I leaned over, and kissed her, she kissed me back, and I felt her long sexy tongue in my mouth. My hands found her waist, climbing up to feel her perky young breasts. Squeezing her nipples made her gasp, and twitch. My mouth on her neck made her back arch. Her full, firm breasts against my lips made me quake, and throb, hard nipples in my mouth, and she fell back on the bed, her loose shirt pulled up to reveal beautiful up turned breasts.

I fell over her, my mouth running down her stomach, biting her pants, and pulling them open with my teeth. I nuzzled my face down, and breathed deeply of her intoxicating scent. My tongue slipped out, and licked down her lower stomach as I pulled her jeans down to her knees, baring her amazing hips, and the beautiful cleft between her gorgeous legs.

Pulling her pants all the way off I lifted her silky legs up, spreading her wide, and as her thighs parted, her lips parted for my tongue, and I thrust into her steaming wet hole, devouring her sweet clitoris. I reached up, and took the new toy from the edge of the bed, and turned it on low.

A pleasant humming sounded, and I teased the vibrator around her breasts, nipples, down her stomach, and slowly all around her quivering wet pussy. She gasped when I slid the vibrator over her silken hood, twisting her hands into claws on the blankets as the new sensation rocked through her in waves of ecstasy. I gently licked her cute pink hood up off her throbbing clitoris, and as I pressed the slippery vibrator against her she screamed. Her body flexed up, and I slid my tongue into her again, licking her sweet wet hole while the vibrator worked over her pulsating, firm clitoris.

My fingers slid inside her, and thrust deep, while I kissed her soft wet pussy licking at her silky lips while the vibrator sent rolls of pleasure through her. I felt her vagina so tight, and wet, suddenly spasm, convulsing around my fingers, and her clitoris swelled, throbbing as she orgasmed.

Keeping the vibrator on her I switched, and my fingers found her smooth folds. The vibrator stretched her tight lips, slowly sliding into her dripping wet hole, she screamed again as she felt the vibrations inside you sweet young pussy for the first time.

Her body kept convulsing, orgasming, continually until finally she fell back, limp, and exhausted. I smiled down at her. Lying there in the after throws, spent, hair flying, lips parted slightly. She looked like Venus, and I lowered my throbbing hard cock down onto her divine body, feeling her warm skin against me balls, sliding my cock down her cute stomach, and rubbing the pulsing head against her wet, slippery clitoris.

I thrust into her hard filling her completely with my aching hard cock, her heat enveloped me, and I slowed down, and just lay with my twitching cock inside her, relishing her tightness, and feeling her fading, orgasmic convulsions around me.

I brought the vibrator out, and massaged her hard twitching clitoris while I slowly pumped inside her, then I slid the tip if the vibrator down to tease around the edges of her vagina.

The vibrations felt amazing coupled with her tight pussy squeezing me, then I slipped the vibrator in next to my cock, stretching her exquisitely around my now vibrating cock! I slipped it back out of her as she was so tight it barely fit the tip in, and as she started to quiver and shake, cumming again, I exploded inside her with a groan, and a deep thrust.

Her body shook and collapsed, and I lay over her letting my pulsating balls pump hot cum into her in slowly fading spasms. Turning off the toy I looked down at her sweaty flushed face, she smiled bigger than I've ever seen her before, and pulled me close in a tight hug that ended with a shower of kisses.

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