tagBDSMSecond Day's Initiation

Second Day's Initiation


I wake up in the morning to find the sun shining directly into the room and feeling sore. I look to my right and You're not in bed. I then hear the clicking of the keyboard and know where You are. I climb out of bed quietly and step behind You and plant a kiss on Your cheek. My breasts hang over Your shoulder and You give my nipple a tug. You smell like soap and I watch as You upload the pictures You took last night.

"I laid out the outfit I want you to wear today. I suggest you get in the shower. It still may be early, but I'd enjoy a blow job before we leave. Plus you need to have something inserted." My eyes wandered to the desk top and I see the anal plug and baby oil. I kneel down and rub my hands along Your left thigh and Your head turns as You look down on me. "slut, I don't want the blow job now. I want to cum on your face and have You rub it in like lotion so both you and I know it's there, but no one else will. Go shower." My shoulders sink and I stand up and begin to walk to the shower as You spank my sore ass.

Thank God I have a small studio apartment with my own shower and kitchen. If I hadn't I don't know what my parents or even siblings would've thought had they heard me last night. I couldn't keep it in. I felt like an animal last night and Master had opened me up more than I thought He ever could. I walked into the bathroom and saw the towel He laid out for me, but not the clothes.

"Mast..." It occurred to me that the bathroom window was open and I rephrased what I was going to say. "Where are my clothes?" I yelled to my Master. He got up and walked into the bathroom to me.

"They are in the room. I will dress You and wash You. I will also put the lotion on your body and then I'll enjoy the blow job you will give me, slut. Now, turn the water on to your liking and get in." I climbed into the shower and started the water.

Once it was at the temperature I desired I hand You the soap and You begin to lather the soap in Your hands. Your hands roam my arm and You move to my armpit and spread the soap as You slide down my breasts and You spread the soap as Your hands massage my breasts lathering the soap and making sure the nipples are hard as You pull on them.

"Spread your legs, slut." I do as I am told and You rub the soap slowly along the inside of my cunt and You look up at me with a smile. "Put your hands on your head, slut." I interlock my fingers and feel You tug at my clit. "Like that, slut?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good." You stand put the soap down and reach for my shaving cream and shaver. You begin to shave my legs and finish with my cunt making sure it stays nice and bare.

Once You're done shaving me You tell me to wash my hair and watch me carefully as I do so. After I'm clean and shut off the water You open the towel for me and tell me to step in. I do as I'm told and Your hands begin to dry me off.

"little one, you look gorgeous with these little marks across your ass. Did you enjoy that part last night?"

"Mmm, yes I did, Master."

"Good, my little one. Good." You reach for my favorite lotion. "Place your hands on your head." You begin to apply the lotion to my body. It stings the welts on my rear and Your hand slides between my ass cheeks and You apply lotion to my anal crevice. You rub in circles and a little moan escapes my lips.

"Feel good, little one?"

"More than You know, Master." You kiss my neck.

"Good. I want you soaking all day. I want you ready for my cock so I can take your cunt when I please to. No matter where. Are you ready to please me that way?" You begin to apply the lotion to my breasts and I moan.

"Oh yess, Master. I am so very ready."

"That's a good slut. A very pleasing slut."

You apply some lotion to my cunt making it burn a tad, but at this moment in time it feels just right. You spend time rubbing it into the skin of my cunt and I moan knowing that the wetness between my legs is caused by You now and not the shower. I feel Your cock brush against me and when You step in front of me I see the hardness and wonder when I get to please You.

You squeeze the bottle and let a drip fall onto the left side of my neck. You let this slowly run down to my left breast as You apply lotion to my elbow and begin to rub it in. You squeeze another drop on the other side of my neck and it continues to slowly sneak down to my breast. You rub lotion on that arm as well and by the time You get back to my left breast the lotion has already met my hard nipple and You place the bottle down and rub both breasts and I close my eyes and moan. Your hands leave my breasts and You smack my pussy.

"Relax, slut. How will you make it through the day if you're already so worked up? I don't need you cumming when you give me my blow job."

"Yes, Master."

"Go into the front room and wait for Me. We need to get the plug in your ass and get you dressed. Then I want my blow job." You stepped aside and spanked my ass as I walked to the front room with my hands on my head. You come back with the baby oil and a long spaghetti strapped dress with flowers that reached to the middle of the lower part of my legs. In Your other hand You held a white lacy push up bra. The dress was pale and I knew from previous experience of wearing it people could see through it and You knew that. I guess that's why You chose it.

"Place this bra on and then I'll put on the dress, little one." You slide the dress over my head and stand back to admire me. "Lean over that chair and raise your dress over your ass. Keep your ass high and relax your muscles." I do as I'm told and I hear the baby oil being squeezed onto Your hand. "Hold your ass open, little one." I open my ass and I tilt my head watching You in the mirror across the room. You rub the oil on my passageway and slide a finger in. "Mmm, I can't wait to fuck your ass tonight, little one. I'll love my cock buried deep inside this tight little hole."

You finger fuck my ass while I watch and I feel my wetness seeping out of my cunt and dripping onto the top of my thigh. Another finger enters and I moan. You remove Your fingers and slam the dildo in my ass.

"You're such a slut. I was enjoying that almost as much as you were, but only one of us will be cumming before the party." I watch in the mirror as You remove Your shorts and move the coffee table. You sit on the couch. "Stand up, slut." I do as I'm told and feel the dildo readjust to my anal cavity. "Feel good, slut?"

"Mmm, yes Master." I look at You as You begin to slide Your hand up and down Your cock.

"slut, should I be doing this or should your mouth?"

"My mouth, Master."

"I'm glad you think so too. Now get on your knees and crawl of here to take care of me." I raise my dress and get on my knees and I crawl to You.

When I reach You I take Your cock in my hand and bring it to my mouth. I see Your wetness on the tip and I lick it slowly rolling the wetness in my mouth and place the head of Your cock into my mouth and roll my tongue over the slit.

"Mmm, that's right, slut. Do you like sucking my cock while that dildo is far up your ass?" Your hands grab hold of my damp hair. "Oh yeah suck that cock. If you don't make me cum slut you'll be sleeping on the floor of the bedroom. Make me cum, slut."

I lower my mouth down on Your cock and I feel the tip hit the back of my throat. I try not to gag because I know how much You despise that.

"Oh yeah, bitch. Just like that. More of that." You say and I move faster on Your cock wanting to rather taste Your cum instead of having it sprayed on me, but I must follow Your wants and needs before my own. Your hands grab my head and You begin to fuck my mouth and I grab Your balls and feel they're tight and I know You'll be cumming soon. "Will you swallow it all, slut?" I moan and squeeze Your balls and You moan as You fuck my mouth harder and begin to shoot Your cum deep into my throat and the muscles in my mouth make slam Your cock deeper and You pull Your cock out and let the remaining cum spray onto my face. I swallow what was in my mouth and watch You breathing heavily on the couch.

Following Your prior instructions I rub the cum on my face into my skin. As I do this I see a drop of cum on my dress. Your eyes catch me looking at it.

"Rub it in, little one. The dress is so pale no one will even notice." You bend over as You get up and kiss my forehead. "Go fix your hair and make up with out wiping any cum off. You can only place make up on your eyes and lips. Make it a tad bit whorish though, little one." You walk towards the room and then comment. "Don't touch anything below that skirt while I'm away."

I sat there on my knees for a moment and sighed as I stood up seeing a wet spot on the material that was between my legs. Damn I felt so good. So damn horny and I knew this was only the beginning. I stood up and rubbed Your cum into my dress licking my finger afterwards and I went to fix my hair and makeup. Better to keep my mind occupied than to think about how horny I was. I applied perfume to my wrists, my cleavage and neck. I wore my hair up the way You like it. When I next saw You You were dressed in shorts and a button down shirt.

"little one, you look amazing. I'm thinking we will definitely be fucking before tonight." You kiss my neck and I hold You close as I feel You raise my skirt. First Your hand travels to the front touching my sex and then moving towards the anal plug buried inside me. You pushed it a tad more making sure it was secured. "Mmm, just checking."

"Master?" You pull away from the embrace and look at me in the eyes.

"Yes, little one?"

"I just wanted You to know I hope I can please You enough today. I hope that when we leave this house and see my family You can keep this as discreet as possible also. I do not want my family thinking terrible of me."

"little one, you are My slut and I can treat you however I desire." I sighed and looked away. You turned my face to meet my eyes. "But I respect your wishes and your family and I will not let this out to them. You have my word." I beamed.

"Thank You, Master."

The yard is covered in balloons and the wind is whipping them in every direction. The wind is also being just as playful with my dress as I held it down with my left hand as You held the right hand. On the drive over You had me lift my dress and sit on the seat bare assed as well as my cunt visible and legs spread wide open. This was so that You could see it and touch it when You chose to, as well as other drivers and passengers. I stared straight ahead with my breasts pushed outward, another request of Yours. We mingled with the crowd sat and ate with Cindy and Ron, two close friends.

"I cannot believe how windy it is out here." Cindy mentions and You agree.

"Personally, I think everyone should go inside." My eyes meet Yours and Your eyes dance with excitement. You grab my thigh and my nerves are kicked up a notch or two or maybe possibly ten. Cindy stands up and grabs her plate.

"I'm going to mention it to Sue. She should move this whole thing in." Ron follows her as she walks away.

"Anything to get a bigger crowd in the house, huh?"

"Of course, my little one." Your hand slides up my leg and You ask. "How's that plug?"

"Uncomfortable, but nice." I drank the rest of my beer. "Thanks for asking."

"Oh anytime, little one." I stood up slowly and You smile. Your hand slides down my ass and You check the plug. "Making sure it's in there good."

"I hope no one saw that."

"Who cares, little one? No one was even looking. Get me a beer when you're up and don't forget to bend over at the cooler. Don't squat. It might slide out and then you'll have a bit of explaining to do."

"Yes." You walk up behind me as I'm bent over and You whisper.

"I can see that little black plug sticking out of your ass, little one. It's turning me on something fierce. Let's sneak away now, slut." Slowly I stand up and look at You nervously. I glance down and see the bulge in Your pants. "Do you want to explain my hard on as well?"

"No." A smile appears on Your face and You ask,

"No, what?" I glance around and say,

"No, Master." Your left hand encompasses my right one and You lead me into the house.

"little one, you go to the bathroom upstairs first and I will follow. Be naked and be prepared for me."

"I'm beyond prepared. I'll be naked for You." We walk into the house and my aunt Josie stops us at the door.

"Sweetie, you look so happy today. It's nice to see that glow on your face. Is this your someone special?"

"He's special alright." I smile and You squeeze my hand.

"Dear, what's on your dress? Did you drop some of that dressing on it? It's dried up now you should go wet it." I look down and realize she's speaking of Your dried cum.

"I'm actually going to get it wet now. I noticed it earlier." You look at me and smile.

"Maybe you can show me the bathroom then, little one." Aunt Josie smiled and said,

"How cute! Eugene, how come you don't call me your little one?" I chuckle as I lead You up to the bathroom.

I lock the door to the lodge and You unlock it.

"Aren't we taking enough risks, Master?"

"slut, I want to have sex no matter where we are."

"Master, this is my family. I don't need to give anyone of my family members a heart attack." For a moment You look at me.

"Lock the door, slut." I lock the door and You tell me to remove my dress and to turn the light on. There is a storm moving in and it makes the sky pitch black within minutes. By the slamming of the screen door I knew then every one is definitely coming inside. The storm is scaring them in. "The window is open, slut. If you don't want your family to hear you'd better keep it down. I'm not removing the plug either ,slut. I want you to be full." I remove my dress and begin to cross the room. "Uhm, your bra as well, little one."

The room is an extra television room but is used mainly for the kids and their video games. I pleaded inside that none of them would want to play while I am. I remove my bra and toss it on the love seat. You have Your shorts unzipped and Your sitting on the couch.

"Climb on top, slut." I do as instructed and You lead Your cock to my cunt and slide in deep inside of me as I moan. "You've been dripping all day for this. Haven't you, my slut?" I have my hands on Your shoulder.

"Ohhh yess, Master." You smile.

"Now, slut, don't rock your hips. Just hold me inside of you and enjoy the feeling." I smile and Your lips kiss my breast and nibble on my nipple. You lightly bite the nipple and pull at it. "Ohhh Master, can I please move? I need to fuck You, Master."

"Just hold it there, slut. Stay still." My hips deny me and they deny Your orders. You smack my ass. "What did I say, slut?"

A knock at the door and I jump trying to get off of Your cock and You pull me back down hard.

"Hello?" The voice says. It's my nephew Joey and I look in Your eyes.

"Answer him." You whisper. My eyes and heart scream NO!

"Joey," I begin not knowing what to say next. "I'll be out shortly. I'm having a private conversation."

"Ok, we'll wait right here."

"We'll?" I whisper to You and You grab me and lay me on the floor. You push Your cock harder inside of me.

"Look at me, slut. I have a hard cock and I'm buried deep inside of your cunt. I'm going to have to release this urge. If not everyone will know what we've been doing in here. Understand?"

"Yes, Master." You slide out of me and slam back in over and over again. I'm arching my back and I wrap my legs around You as You fuck me harder and harder. I'm beyond full with the anal plug and I start to gasp and moan louder. You clamp a hand over my mouth as You fuck me allowing me to breathe out of my nose and I cum hard breathing through my nose. Your cock is still hard.

"Stay naked, slut. My cock needs your attention and you are to swallow all of it. If you don't I'm going to place it in your hair." I place my mouth on Your cock and grab hold of Your balls. I slide my mouth up and down on Your cock and then I slide my finger between Your ass cheeks and find your anal cavity. I begin to rub and feel You stiffen quickly inside of my mouth.

"Oh yess," You moan loudly and You grab my face fucking it harder and I feel Your cum squirt deep into my mouth as I swallow every drop. You smile as You begin zipping Your pants up. Quickly I stand up and begin to dress. I fix my breasts once they are in their bra and checking my hair and make up as You unlock the door.

"There you go, Joe. The room is all yours." My eyes glance the room and I smile as Joey walks in with four of his friends. All of them are around their pre-teens and as I look them over I wonder if they heard You moan. I smile as they go straight for the games.

"little one, are you done in there?" I see You as I turn into the hall and kiss Your lips. You taste Your cum and smile.

"I hope they didn't hear You, Master."

"They're barely teenagers. They need to learn about this sooner or later."

"Well as long as I'm not their teacher I don't care how or when they learn it." You kiss me again.

"We need to leave soon. I want to get you home and naked. I can't wait to be alone with you."

"We'll leave soon. Don't worry." Sue comes up the stairs and sees us.

"What are you guys doing?" She gives us a smirk and You say,

"Just making out." A chuckle and then she says,

"Oh sure you guys are. The boys are playing games right?"

"Yeah," I answer quickly. "We were talking in there and they just got into the room."

"Well we'll be cutting the cake in about five minutes so get to the kitchen while I wrangle them up." You kiss my cheek.

"Whew!" I breathe deeply and You say,

"We'll leave after the cake. Not directly, but soon after." You pull away my dress and kiss the front of my breast, just above my bra. You walk away and I look back at Sue and the lodge. Hoping no one knew or smelt the sex lingering in the room as I follow You down the stairs to go have some cake.

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