tagNonHumanSecret College Thirst Ch. 01

Secret College Thirst Ch. 01


I may have a few factually incorrect things in this story, please forgive them for the sake of the plot.


She's standing under a street light in the dark, and she seems to be waiting for someone. She's been at the bar we were at before; I see her there very often. She turns around and then looks back at her phone to text someone, paranoid. When the street light flickers she jumps and I stifle a chuckle. I walk up to her from behind, admiring the view.

The street light does not flatter her slightly tan Native American and white combined skin. However, even in this disgusting lighting she's the most beautiful woman I've seen in my entire life. Her curves are stretching the fabric of her green tank top and black fitted skirt. The black high heels she's wearing make her long legs look so tantalizing. She's about 5'3" with her 1" heels on. Her dark brown curly hair is half up with a braid running down the back. Her ass is perfectly round and amazingly juicy, and her handful breasts are slightly exposed through her tight shirt.

"Ma'am, you probably shouldn't be out here alone in the dark. You never know who might find you." I say, looking down at her.

She jumps at my deep voice and turns around to look at me. "I-I'm waiting for a friend" she replies, looking me up and down to take in my appearance. Her face becomes slightly paler, my height of 6' seemingly intimidating. My light skin is contrasted by my black t-shirt and the dark blue jeans I threw on this morning. My green-gold eyes are staring straight into her deep blue ones. My brown hair is slightly messy from being up and around all day. "Wait... do I know you? You look so familiar" she says, looking intently at my face.

"I go to the bar down the street frequently, and I know you go there regularly as well. That's where you know me from" I state matter-of-factly.

She smiles with realization "Yeah, that's where," she looks me up and down again, a little slower this time, "I don't know why I've never come up to you to say hi" she giggles flirtatiously. "My friend isn't answering her phone so I have some time to kill, if you'd like to go back to the bar." I smile down at her, "That sounds like a wonderful idea, darling." I turn and walk back towards the bar and hear the clack of her heels against the sidewalk next to me as she struggles to keep up with my pace.

At the bar I pull a chair out for her to sit on and order our drinks. "So, what is your name?" she asks curiously.

"I'm Aleck, and you are?" I ask, even though I already know what her name is.

"Khalla, short for Khallakeena," she replies, "I'm pretty sure my parents made it up. But they insist it means 'cautious' in some unused language."

I nod my head and move a little closer to her. I smile slightly from the irony in her statement, telling a stranger she's alone in the dark and waiting for a friend is anything but cautious. I place my hand lightly on her knee which makes her blush and gets a bit flustered.

I've been coming to this bar regularly for about two years now. I saw Khalla here and was instantly enchanted with her looks, and now I'm obsessed. Not stalker obsessed, but I think about her way more often than I should. Khalla's in her third year of college and she's incredibly smart.

"So, do you go to school around here?" I ask with a big smile.

"I do, in fact. The university across town. I'm a mathematics major, third year. What about you?"

"Same for me, though I'm an economics major. Do you live on campus?"

"Um, yeah I do... why do you ask?" she looks at me quizzically.

"I was just curious. Thinking maybe I could use that information at some point if you'd like..." I trail off, my hand gliding up her thigh slowly. She shivers and looks down at my hand, then back up into my eyes as she licks her lips.

"I-I would definitely like that Aleck" she replies quietly, my name on her tongue sounding so wonderfully sweet.

"As would I. For now, let's just enjoy the liquor." I smile.


The next day I wake up in my bed at about 11 am. I check my phone and see that Khalla has messaged me.

"Hey, so I was wondering if you'd like to hang out today?" I smile to myself and respond. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. How about I meet you at the university library at 8? Then you could maybe show me that room of yours."

I put my phone down and start to get ready for the day. I have nine hours until I meet with Khalla, so I have a lot of time to kill. I get out of bed to take a shower. I start the water and am taking off my pajama pants when I notice that my ring is gone. I pull my pants back up and jog into my room to search my pockets from my jeans last night. When I can't find the ring I frantically look under my bed and in my closet. It's nowhere to be found. This is not good at all.

"Hey Khalla, do you perhaps know where I might've left my ring?" I text her. While I wait for her reply I start to search my bathroom too.

After waiting about an hour I finally hear my phone chime, announcing that I have a new text message from Khalla.

"No, I don't remember you even having a ring on last night. Maybe you left it at home?" She replies.

"I looked all over my house, and I can't find it. I'll keep looking though." I punch the pillow next to me, getting really angry. I decide I should ask my roommate if he's seen it.

I knock on his door and no one answers. "Hey Kev, are you in there dude?" I ask loudly. When there's no answer I pull my phone out to text him. I need that ring... I really need that ring.

"Hey Kev, did you see my ring anywhere before you left this morning?" I text him.

He replies immediately. "Yeah it's in your car, man. I walked by this morning and saw it lying on your dashboard." I chuckle at the irony and say to myself 'Of fucking course it's out there. Fuck, I'm such a dumbass.'

I open the front door and the sun hits my skin, giving me a burning sensation. I shut the door quickly and watch my skin turn back from red to white. I have to get my ring, I guess I'll just have to run.

I take a deep breath in and out then open the door and run to my car. My skin is starting to welt a little and I'm holding back the urge to scream from the burning pain all over my exposed skin. I open my car door and grab my ring then shove it on my finger forcefully. I feel my skin cool down quickly and see the welts start to disappear. I hurry back inside, hoping no one saw what just happened.

'Fuck, how could I have let this happen?' I chastise myself. I walk to my room to watch some TV. I can finally rest, knowing I have my ring. It has a special spell cast on it that allows me to be out in the sun without burning alive.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a vampire. Not any vampire at that, I'm from the family of the first vampires. Every vampire comes to know our names at some point. Though, not many can recognize our faces.

Sadly, I don't know where any of my family is. I haven't seen them in a few centuries. But I don't feel like going into my family history right now.

I'm watching The Office (my favorite show) when I feel my stomach growl from hunger. I could go another day or two without eating, but that's risky business considering I'll (hopefully) be alone with someone tonight.

I purposefully chose a place close to some thick forest, rabbits and deer are a lot safer to hunt than the alternative. Human disappearances are much more noticeable than those of rabbit or deer. I learned this awhile ago the hard way.

I put on some dark clothing and walk the half block to the thick trees. I walk on the path for a few minutes before I speed off into the forest. I don't make much sound since I'm running about 200 mph. Once I'm a safe distance from the path I sit and wait until I hear an animal close to me. I'm very glad one of the perks of being a vampire is superb hearing.


After I've eaten I wipe the blood from my lips and bury the carcass of the deer I just drank from. I run back to the path and walk to my house to clean up the rest of the way. Once back at my house I quickly throw my clothes in the wash then jump in the shower. I have to clean myself very well, otherwise I'll be distracted by the smell of blood on my skin all night. After my shower I dry myself off and put my washed clothes into the dryer. I go back to my room and put on a mint colored t-shirt and dark blue jeans, along with my brown work boots.

My clock reads 7:30 pm, so I grab my wallet and keys from the bowl by the door and hop in my car to drive to the university. I make a quick stop at the gas station and grab some coffee from my favorite café then continue to the library. I hop out of my car and walk up to the library doors. I've always loved books; they're so interesting, and they've helped me learn the ever-changing diction in which people of this century speak in. Though, sometimes I say something that sounds a little too formal or old school.

I walk into the library and go straight to the nonfiction section to pick out a book to read while I wait for Khalla to message me. I find one that I surprisingly haven't read yet about Nazi Germany and sit down in my favorite chair. Reading about history has always been fascinating, I don't remember certain periods of time because of one thing or another, so it's nice to read about what I missed. Actually, I'm not gonna kid myself; I don't remember because I was partying.

I feel my phone buzz ten minutes after I sit down so I pull it from my pocket to see that Khalla has messaged me. "Hey, is that you in the greenish shirt?" her text reads. I think to myself 'Well, actually it's mint, but...' and then text her back "Yeah, where are you?" Right after I send it I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up and see my roommate Kevin.

"Hey dude, I see that you found your ring. What're you doing here?" he asks, smiling. Just then Khalla walks up and stops right in front of me. Her light blue spaghetti strap dress hugs her breasts and the flow from her waist down gives it an almost waterfall effect. Her hair is flowing in delicate waves over her collarbones, reaching all the way to the bottom of her breasts. She's wearing high heels again, she must hate being so short. Her heels are white, just like the small side satchel draped across her body. "Aleck, who's this?" she asks curiously.

I smile back up at Kevin and he laughs lightly. "Well, that answers my question. I'm Kevin, Aleck's roommate."

"Hi, I'm Khalla." she replies somewhat shyly.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Khalla," he looks back down at me, "but I think i must go." he winks at me then turns around and leaves.

"Is he your only roommate?" Khalla asks.

"Yes, he is. I try to keep my social circle small, easier to deal with people and it gives me more alone time." I reply honestly. "I think he's the only person that I actually talk to on a regular basis."

"What about your family and friends back home?" I laugh at her question.

"I haven't seen my family in centur- I mean years. It's been a long time since I've talked to anyone I knew from where I grew up." I pause and look at her face to gauge her reaction. She looks kind of sad, like she pities me. "But I'm totally okay with that. I didn't really like any of them anyways." I chuckle and stand up.

I lean down a little so my face is closer to hers and look deep into her eyes. "Now how about we go somewhere other than this quiet library?" I ask mischievously. She nods her head excitedly and grabs my hand to lead me outside. Instead of letting go of my hand once we're outside, she grabs it tighter and starts to walk my pace. Since she's wearing heels this is a difficult task. "So, we're on our way to your place, right?" I ask, looking down at her as I slow my pace. "That was the plan, unless you'd rather do something else?" she asks nervously. "There's nothing I'd rather do than hang out with you right now. Lead me there."


About ten minutes later we arrive at her apartment that's right off of campus. She pulls out her keys and opens the door to her very plain living room. I let her shut the door behind me and drop her satchel by the door. She kicks off her heels then turns to walk away from me, but I stop her.

I put my hand on her cheek and step closer to her so her body is pressed up against mine. I move some hair out her face in one of the most cliché ways I can imagine. I run my hand through her hair and then lean down to press my lips lightly against hers. After a few seconds I pull away and look into her eyes.

"Your lips are so soft." I whisper. She smiles and leans up to kiss me. When her lips touch mine I pull her closer to me, my hand on her lower back. My other hand rests on her cheek but then slowly moves down to caress her lovely curves. I trace her shoulder with my fingertips and move sideways toward her collarbone. My hand starts to drop to hold her breast tenderly. She gasps at the touch and her body practically melts into me. I reluctantly pull away and take a step back.

"I'm guessing you have a bedroom somewhere?" I ask with a low voice.

"I-I, um, yes I do." she stutters helplessly.

"Well then, show me the way darling." She blushes and turns toward the short hallway. She walks to the end of the hallway and opens the door on the right, which is decorated with her name and a bunch of little pictures and a whiteboard with markers. Typical for a junior in college. I follow her through the door and then shut it behind me, locking it.

"Are your roommates going to be over tonight?" I ask her.

"Yes," she looks at the clock which reads 8:30 pm, "they won't be home for at least another three or four hours though. They aren't really party people, but they normally have a drink or two on Saturday nights. I usually go with them, but I had... other things... to do." she smirks as she walks towards me.

When our bodies meet I lean down and kiss her again, this time with a lot of passion. I reach behind her and unzip her dress then slide the straps down her arms. I push her up against the nearest wall. I take a small step back, my lips never leaving hers, so her dress can fall down to a pool at her feet. My hands again go to her breast and I'm very happy to find that she isn't wearing a bra. This excites me and I can feel the bulge in my pants growing.

I twist her nipple softly and she moans. I smile and let go of her nipple then bring both of my hands down to her legs slowly and in sync, then lift them up so they're wrapped around my waist. I push her against the wall harder and grind my hips into hers as my hands make their way back up from her legs to her nipples. I twist them again which elicits another moan from her pretty lips. I growl slightly from her reaction to my hands, I'm starting to get really turned on.

"You're so beautiful Khallakeena. You're body is absolutely gorgeous." I say sincerely before letting my lips find their way to her neck. She moans, a little louder this time. I let go of one of her nipples so I can grab her hair and pull slightly. I start to kiss her neck lightly, and I can feel her hands scratching at my back through my shirt.

"How is it fair that you're fully dressed and I'm almost completely naked?" she asks panting.

"You're right, it wouldn't be fair normally. But in the bedroom, I call the shots. So whatever I see as fair, is fair. Whatever I say goes. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes I understand."

"I need you to answer one more question for me. No matter what your answer is, I'll respect it. If you say no, I'll leave right away. I won't talk to you again or interact with you. You won't ever have to think about me. However, if your answer is yes, you definitely will not be sorry with my rules and the dynamic of this relationship." I pause briefly so she can absorb what I've just told her, "Will you allow me to control you in the bedroom from now on? Listen to my rules and accept the punishments if you break them?"

She looks at me cautiously for a moment and holds her breath. I can tell she's thinking. If I wanted to, I could even compel her to want to agree to my terms. But I want her to want this. Without mind compulsion, without persuasion, without any outside influence at all. But even though I'm not going to compel her, I can still listen in to what's going through her mind.

I tune in to her thoughts, 'Well, he is very attractive. I've never had this feeling towards someone before. But I've always been the dominant one. I'm tiny, but I've always been fierce in the bedroom... when he pushed me against the wall though... I didn't mind being controlled then. He seems to know what he's doing, and he seems to really enjoy doing it.'

"I agree, Aleck." she says, looking back into my eyes. I smile widely and kiss her briefly.

"I'm very glad to hear that Khalla. Now, let's get rid of those panties you're wearing. They're in my way."

I let her back down onto her feet and she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her thong. She quickly pushes it down and steps out of it, now entirely naked. I step back and look her up and down to admire the view. I make a twirling motion with my finger to indicate I want her to turn around slowly. She immediately does what I want, smiling. I inspect what is now mine and chuckle to myself.

"Damn, you are one sexy woman. I can't wait to put my hands all over you." She blushes at my words and tucks her head. I make a mental note to be gentle this time, I'll show her what I can really do next time.

"Alright, now lay on your bed face up." I order. I watch as she strides over to her queen sized bed in the middle of her very large room.

I take my shirt off and then my belt, leaving a trail of clothes to her bed. I stop to lean down and untie my shoes, then slip them off along with my socks. My jeans are the last thing to go as I get the edge of her bed.

The deep red and black of her comforter is an astounding contrast to her tan skin, which has a slight tan line from a bathing suit she must have worn earlier during the summer. I reach down to let my fingers graze her skin lightly; starting from her chin, down to her collarbone, her sternum, her ribcage, her bellybutton, to her pelvis, stopping right above her clit. Her body is squirming slightly which gives me a delightful rush of power and control. I own this woman. Now that she's given her consent, that is.

"I want you to spread apart your legs and put your hands over your head." I say. She does as I say and squirms a little again, obviously getting more and more aroused each time I touch her.

When she puts her hands above her head she hits them against a nail on her headboard by accident. "Fuck that hurt." she looks at her knuckle and I can see that she hit it so hard that it left a cut that's now bleeding. Then I can smell the blood that's pooling. I feel my teeth start to grow and sharpen, but I shake off the thought as best as I can. "Are, um, are you okay?" I ask, looking away. "Yeah, I'm fine. Give me a sec." she says simply, then gets up to walk to the bathroom so she can grab a bandaid to cover it. My teeth go back to normal after she leaves the room.

She walks back into the room and sees me waiting on the edge of the bed for her to get back. "I'm good now, shall we continue?" She asks excitedly. I smile and grab her by the waist, pulling her onto the bed on top of me. She grinds her naked body against mine and I feel myself getting hard again. She's obviously very wet, her juices are starting to run down to my pelvis.

"Fuck" I mutter. I sit up and hold her against my body as I twist around, her landing under me. I kiss her neck again, then move my lips down to her breasts. I lick her nipples and pull at them with my teeth lightly. She moans and her back arches. I run my hands down her sides and then my fingers find their way to her clit. I rub it softly and her back arches deeper. When I pull my hand away as he makes a whining sounds and I laugh.

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