tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSecret Confessions of a Writer

Secret Confessions of a Writer


To all you anonymous people out there on the Internet, I wish to make a confession.

I am addicted to my fantasies; I am a dirty little slut, a hussy and a whore and I can't help myself.

I don't know whether it is through pure self-indulgence or self-loathing that I write this, or perhaps just meandering through the complexities of my troubled mind, but I wish to find the truth by telling all.

I am not writing about a fictional character, I am writing about me, the writer, "Sweet_Kitten". No, I will not tell you my real name, I do not wish to meet up and I have no desire to find myself objected to those fantasies that I wish to share with you. But yes, as a writer I would love to hear your feedback.

The normal girl that most people see on a day-to-day basis is your average 25 year old girl. I say girl because I still play games, dance around for no reason at all, sing songs (despite not being a great singer), giggle and misbehave as I did when I was still a schoolgirl. The label "woman" is all too serious, refined and sophisticated for me who still wants to go out have fun and get up to mischief.

I have a boyfriend who I love very much and have been with for near on 7 years, an average job paying a small but average wage and I still live with my parents (much to my own disgust). I smile a lot and make friends with everyone and I try to see the best in everybody else. (Sad but true)

Just a normal girl, yes? Sure, but when I get home I find myself trawling the Internet into the small hours with a soaking pussy looking at hentai, gang bangs and forced sex stories. I find myself getting horny as hell watching those little hentai princesses with beautiful hair and big wide eyes being abused and fucked hard by big mean and angry men and beasts (oh and the more helpless they are the better - please no pain, pissing or enemas - eeew!) and I hate my perverse little self for the dirty little whore that I have become.

Why can't I just like normal sex like everybody else? "Boy meets Girl – Girl Meets Boy" Boy screws the living daylights out of girl and girl loves it screaming "yeah baby put your big dick in my pussy, oh yeah! You like fucking my arse? Hmm?"... No no no perhaps that's just too boring for me or perhaps I have a better opinion of women.

I want to be the sweet innocent, cute and pretty lil' hentai all wide-eyed and afraid. Or the strong willed proud and intelligent, beautiful woman who won't go down without a fight. Who when that cock pushes deep into her soaking cunt is horrified to give in to her own body's betrayal. But when it is all over she will still get up and fight again tomorrow.

He, her captor, is a strong and proud man and admires and desires her strong spirit, he would rather have a tiger at his heel than a weak and frightened kitten and enjoys breaking her. She hates him for what he has done, but can't help but love him for the smouldering way that he looks at her, the way he treats her more like a goddess than any other man has ever done before and the way that when it is all over and he takes her into his arms he soothes and caresses her soul.

I find her portrayed a lot in my stories and I find her tale strangely romantic and alluring that although she is a strong and defiant woman she finds herself at his mercy and becomes completely devoted to this man, a total stranger who has taken her freedom from her. (By the way, look out for a film called "The story of 'O'"I was captivated by it when I was in my early teens and came across it late one night on TV)

So when I walk down a street and I hear footsteps behind me, my heart starts to race, my nerves begin to tingle and scenes present themselves into my mind. Perhaps if I walk down this alley way ... or I walk alone one night? Surely I wouldn't want that... right? (Now please gents, don't get any ideas, I may fantasize about it but I love my boyfriend very much and I know it would be nothing like the romantic little stories I have in my head) But still I can't help imagining ...

'I turn right to cut through the park. Fear making my breath hurt in my chest. I can still hear him behind me almost imagine his breath on my neck. Don't look back, don't let him know, that you know he is following you. Just another couple of hundred yards and you'll be home safe. Fear pushes me on. I am sure that if I just turn around he will be right there, a step behind me, I break into a run and he gives chase as I stumble on vines and weeds in between the trees of the parks very own little woodland. The adrenaline pulsing through my veins, my every sense alert for his whereabouts... 'Have I lost him?' my mind asks. Not thinking, I stop for a second to catch my breath and turn to...'

'I climb onto a packed train; there is no room to breathe, claustrophobia closing in around me. I can't see anything but male bodies still suited from the busy day in the city. The train jolts, bodies jostle against me and I find myself rammed in against the wall of the train. I can't see anything and the occasional hand brushes across my thigh, almost accidentally at first but when I don't... can't react they become bolder, braver, groping at my breasts and cupping my arse. My moans and complaints just notify more men around me and instead of coming to my aid they join in too, probing fingers into my pussy, feeling my tits and groping my arse. Someone removes my knickers and is licking my now dripping cunt. There is a mouth attached to my breast, biting and teasing my hard nipples. I am pushed to my knees where I am forced to suck their cocks, a hand gripping my hair to make sure that I suck hard enough, deep enough. Someone's prick is pressed up against my pussy, teasing at the entrance, testing the owners resolve to not just thrust it straight in and fuck me senseless. Another probes my arsehole and I am helpless to resist as they take their turns to fuck me and cum in my pussy and over my face. Eventually they leave me alone, sticky, exhausted, dazed and confused.'

And now as I am writing this my pussy drips and throbs for a fucking. My nipples are hard and sensitive and I am absently sucking one finger ...... hmmm my hand is reaching down to find my clit... I think this will be a good one.

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