tagSci-Fi & FantasySecret in the Secret Ch. 02

Secret in the Secret Ch. 02


Entering the prison, Emily and the others were directed to a station where they had a bracelet attached to their wrist. Geez, we're getting a lot of clunky jewellery today, Emily thought with an eye roll.

"Problem, inmate?" A guard with auburn hair and a mean smile said, startling Emily out of her thoughts. "Uh, no, sorry." Emily stammered. SMACK. The guard had hit her with a baton, clearly not impressed with the answer. "Stevens!" A sharp voice snapped, and Emily turned to see the most beautiful brunette she had even seen.

The guard had slightly curly, long, chestnut brown hair and beautiful ochre eyes. Her heart almost melted when the guard gave her a big smile. Damn, she needs a license to carry that smile... "Alright there? uh...." The guard's eyes dropped to look at Emily's bracelet. "Palmer?" Emily thought that her last name sounded like honey with that voice. "Uh, most people just call me Emily," She said, feeling extremely giddy and uncharacteristically bold, "But my friends call me Em, you know."

The guard winked at her, a small smile of amusement on her lips. "Alright Emily, I'll be your cell block guard for the duration of your stay, so just come to me if you have any concerns." She reached out to take Emily's wrist and Emily felt the touch all the way down to her uh, nether regions. She bit her lip as the guard scanned the bracelet. "Ok, well you can head on in to the next area now."

The other guard, Stevens glared at Emily, "Make it quick, Palmer." She added in a hiss low enough so that only Emily could hear. "I'm also a guard on your cell block, and trust me when I say you're not going to like that." Great, my first day and I'm already making friends, Emily thought. She walked a little faster and entered the next area of the prison, a small meeting area. It didn't take long for the other prisoners to be finished getting their bracelets attached, they entered the room, looking a little confused.

"Hello inmates." Emily's head jerked up at the sound of the heavenly blessed beauty from only a few minutes ago. "I'm Amanda Richerds, you can call me Amanda, mandy, manda, whatever nickname you feel like as long as you keep it clean." Emily was just thinking about some pet names she had in mind for the woman until she continued, "In case you've never been to a prison before, here's how it works: because this isn't a maximum security prison, most of the time you're free to move about outside your cell, you can visit other inmates, or go out into the courtyard and exercise."

She paused. "There are times during the day where we'll conduct head counts. The times are listed in the pamphlet you are being given." Emily looked and saw Stevens brusquely shoving booklets into people's hands. Lovely woman, she'll be well in the running for Prison Miss Congeniality.

"Before this time, you should be start heading back to your cell, trust me, you don't want to miss the head count." She continued. "In addition to that, every inmate is required to report to laundry, cooking, landscaping, maintenance and janitorial duty every week, the task you are to do every day is outline in the schedule in your booklet."

"Palmers, pay attention!" Emily turned and was smacked in the face with the pamphlet. There were a few snickers in the crowd behind her at this. "Ok any questions?" After answering a few questions, Amanda clapped her hands together. "Alright, we're going to escort you into the prison now. You're all free for the first two hours, but check your schedules to see when you're responsible for showing up at a task." Emily let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding as they were escorted into the main body of the prison.

It was an impressive facility, from what she could see there were several levels of cell blocks, instead of the traditional bars to keep prisoners in the cells it looked to be a high density plastic. There were other devices implanted on the walls that she wasn't familiar with, but they blinked green and red lights back at her. She glanced at her bracelet. Cell block D, cell 4, bed 1. Huh, so she had a roommate apparently. She decided that she wasn't looking forward to being in her cell so soon after sitting on a plane for so long. She glanced at the map in her pamphlet and she headed for the exercise courtyard.

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