tagTransgender & CrossdressersSecret Lives Pt. 01

Secret Lives Pt. 01


This story is completely fictional. All characters are willing participants in all activities and similarities between other fictional characters is unintentional.

I hope you enjoy the story and welcome all feedback. This is my first time writing so expect there to be a few mistakes.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it.


I laid there helpless, terrified and shaking. Wondering how I was going to explain this to not only my wife's sister, but also my wife who she'd inevitably tell. Jennifer, my wife's sister, stood in the doorway to my bedroom. Her face was red and her eyes were wide as she looked me up and down. I dreaded what she was going to do next.

How had I gotten myself into this predicament? Why was she here? What was she going to do? Would my wife ask for a divorce? Did I doze off and I'm dreaming this?

A million questions ran through my mind in the space of what was probably only a few seconds. Here is how I came to be in this situation.

It early December. I had a week's worth of vacation left over that I was being forced to take as I couldn't carry it into the new year. Unfortunately, the only week I was able to take it fell at the same time my wife had a trip planned with some girlfriends from work. She would be gone on a cruise for 10 days and I'd have the house to myself. I was actually looking forward to the time alone to practice some of my fetishes that I kept secret from her.

My wife and I have been married for just under 3 years. I love her very much, but could never bring myself to tell her about my deepest fantasies. I realized in my early 20's that I liked crossdressing and bondage. Before dating her I would often spend weekends in my apartment dressed as a woman. I had brought it up to a couple of previous girlfriends and the relationships always ended soon after. When I met my wife I didn't tell her out of fear of losing her. Now I was in a predicament where I would dress as a woman and tie myself up behind her back. I didn't want to hide it from her, but I also didn't want to risk losing her. The opportunities to crossdress were few and far between, so the time alone would be nice. She had felt guilty and asked me if I wanted her to cancel her trip, but I insisted she go and have fun.

That day, the Friday before my week off, I took off from work at noon. I rushed home and excitedly grabbed my things from the garage and brought them into the bedroom. I stripped naked and rushed into the shower. I made sure my chest was hairless and jumped out. I decided I'd forgo applying makeup for today. In the bedroom I opened up my bag and started getting dressed for my afternoon adventure.

First, I took out my breast forms and applied the adhesive to the back, firmly holding them in place on my chest until the glue set. They were nothing monstrous, but had a nice weight to them that tugged at the skin on my chest. Next I grabbed my black basque with a dark pink trim and put it on. It clung tightly to my new boobs and supported their weight. I then rolled my black opaque thigh high stockings up my legs, which were fastened to the garters on the basque. I would have loved to wear a more sheer stocking, but hated seeing my leg hair through the stockings and couldn't think of a valid excuse to tell my wife for shaving my legs. A black and pink thong that matched my basque was next. I had learned early to put this on after the stockings were attached so I could remove them with the stockings still in place. My pair of Ellie Juliet platform sandals with their 2" platform and 6" heels finished off my look.

Next step in my afternoon adventure was my bondage. I walked to the kitchen, trying my best to steady myself on the 6" heels. I had gotten pretty good at walking in them when I was younger, but the lack of recent practice made it difficult. I grabbed a few ice cubes from the freezer and made it back to the bedroom without incident. I placed the ice cubes in the bottom of an old stocking, and then slid a keyring down over the outside. I hung the stocking up from the closet handle with a bowl underneath. The keyring held an assortment of padlock and handcuff keys to all the locks I would be using. Also attached was a thin cord that I ran over to the bed. From previous experience I knew it would take about 3 hours for the ice to melt and allow the key ring to slip off.

I started with my ankles and worked my way up. A pair of linked leather cuffs were done up on each ankle and locked in place. These were followed by another set of cuffs just below my knees and another set on my thighs. They were tight enough to completely immobilize my legs. While I was still standing, I grabbed my 6" remote control vibrating butt plug and lubed it up. Bent over, I was able to work it into my ass until my anal ring passed the widest part and sucked the last inch inside of me. It also had an attachment that ran between my legs and held a ring that very tightly sat around the base of my cock and had a vibrating egg embedded in it. It fit very much like a cock ring and had a similar effect, making it take a lot longer to reach orgasm. The center strap from my thong held everything in nicely.

Next I sat down on the bed and secured my ankles to a chain wrapped around the legs of the bed. Once they were secured and I tested my bonds, I attached the leather cuffs to my wrists. I tied the cord from the keyring to one of them to make sure it wouldn't fall out of reach, after all, it would be 10 days before anyone would find my if my release mechanism failed! I grabbed my ball gag and fastened it around my mouth after inserting a pair of my wife's panties to make sure I couldn't make a sound. This was the only thing I didn't padlock, as without my hands, it was impossible to get off anyways.

I secured my left arm with a padlock to another chain on the bed post, pulled tightly so I could barely move my arm. The last thing I did before securing my right arm was set the mode to my butt plug to "Random" and turned it on. Instantly I felt the buzzing deep inside me, buzzing against my prostate and cock. I set the remote out of reach on the nightstand and latched the last padlock, completing my bondage and leaving me at the mercy of the melting ice.

The butt plug immediately started having its desired effect. Set on "Random", it would unpredictability come to life in different strengths, durations, and patterns and then shut off for random lengths of time. Each time it came on it moved me closer and closer to orgasm, but would always shut off before allowing me to reach release. The simultaneous stimulation of my prostate and cock felt incredible and as the minutes passed by I began hoping it would stay on long enough. I started moving my hips on the bed, causing it to move around inside of me a bit, but it was never enough to put me over the edge. The front of my panties was soaked in precum as I was teased by the plug more and more. I laid in this state for almost two hours and the clock read just after 3pm.

It was just over two hours into my self bondage when something startled me. I could of swore I heard the back door open and close. I tried to convince myself I was hearing things when I heard heels clicking on the tile floor of the kitchen. My mind raced as to who it could be. I dropped my wife off at the airport early this morning and she called me when she landed in Miami, so it couldn't be her. It had to be someone with a key as I had made sure all the doors were locked before getting dressed, but who would just randomly come into my house?

I struggled at the my bonds, trying to get loose, to no avail. I tugged on the cord, hoping the key ring would come off, but it held tight. I had tried to pull the stocking off the closet door handle, but with the limited movement in my arms I couldn't generate enough force to get it to come off. I heard the heels start clicking their way down the hallway towards my bedroom door. At this point I decided it best to lay still and not make any noise that would attract the attention of whoever was breaking into my house. Closer and closer the heels came. The tighter and tighter my bonds felt. The more and more I held my breath. The clicking stopped just outside the bedroom door.

The door to my room swung open and my sister-in-law stood in the doorway. Her jaw dropped and her face reddened as she saw me laying on the bed, bound tightly and dressed head to toe in women's lingerie. I stared back at her, studying her reaction, hoping for the best but not quite being sure what that was.


I hope you enjoyed the first part of the story. Things will get more interesting as the series progresses.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/05/18

Self-Bondage Lesson 1

Bolt all the doors from the inside.

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by cdCindy106/20/18

great start

I too am a married CD and my wife doesn't know. I'm not into the bondage but otherwise the rest of the story really turns me on. I would love to have someone like my sister-in-law (or my sexy neighbourmore...

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by noobdude12/08/17

So frustrating

A great start - I enjoyed your wordplay, but it left me lacking because while the tension was solid, there was no payoff. And unless you have part two ready to go and it will appear tomorrow, I will havemore...

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by Anonymous12/08/17


Great start (scenario and detail) but yes it needs to be longer!

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by Anonymous12/08/17

Cant wait for more to come. So sexy🌋

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