Obey Thy Neighbor


My name is Melvin Johnson. I am an accounting executive for a very large medical conglomerate. I have the luxury of working from my home office a good portion of the time. Not that it is all roses for I travel some and work some long hours out of town.

My wife Chelsea is also an accountant. However she travels at least sixty percent of her working time. She may be gone for two or three days one trip and two or three weeks the next. We do have a loving sex life when we are together. She is very conservative, but enjoys sex as much as the next girl. I have tried to get her to spice up our sex life whenever one or both of us are out of town. Sometimes I will call her and ask where she is going on her date that evening. I will make up a fantasy lover for her and ask about his size and what not. She always poo-poos my sexy talk and calls me silly or a pervert. That is fine because it is just my way of joking with her. I don't really know how she feels about my suggestive themes and she will not in any way reciprocate. Instead she will talk about her job, my job or the weather.

Several years ago when she was gone for an extended length of time, I was horny one night and was looking to masturbate at some point. I did a load of wash to pass the time and I noticed a pair of particularly pretty panties in the laundry. She did wear nice underthings and was not a prude, but she just kept all her impulses in the bedroom. Before I placed the clothing in the washer, I held up the pink lace panties and admired them thinking of how good she looked in them. Since I was already horny, I pulled my cock out and wrapped it in her panties. It felt so good that I began rubbing my cock until I came all over them. I quickly added them to the wash and hoped they would come clean. I vowed to check them before I hung them to dry. I knew how to handle her lingerie and was very careful not to wash or dry in hot water.

Later that evening, I checked them out and convinced myself that I was pretty quirky masturbating in my wife's panties. However as I checked on the rest of her lingerie, the excitement of what I had done seemed to overcome my guilt. It got me thinking. If the panties felt that good rubbing out one, what would they feel like if I were to put them on?

A little bit about Chelsea. She is thirty-three, 5'-6" tall and weighs about 135 lbs. She has a great ass and is a 34 C. She is a very pretty brunette and wears all of her clothes well. When we go out together, she attracts plenty of attention from both men and women even though she dresses conservatively. I would be certain that she has offers to stray from the marriage bed, but she shows no signs of wanting another man.

I am thirty-five, 5'-7" tall, barely. I weigh 140 lbs. I am blessed with a special metabolism. No matter how much I eat, I can't seem to gain any weight. To top it off, I have a small cock. I mean barely four inches when fully erect. I sometimes wonder how I managed to attract a beautiful woman like Chelsea. Being traditional she would not engage in intercourse before we got married. We petted heavily and she would allow me to feel her breasts after a time, but only from outside of her clothing. She would not allow my hands below her waist. I guess in a way I was fortunate that she never knew my cock was so small before we got married. After the wedding when we consummated our marriage she let me enter her and do anything I wanted. She especially liked me to finger her. In fact, that is the only way I could make her come. Oral sex was out of the question and there was no need to ask for a blowjob.

After the masturbation episode, the suspense was killing me, so the next evening with my whole body trembling, I took the pink panties and pulled them over my naked legs and my thighs. No sooner had I snugged them up to my little dick when I burst forth and came in them. It was the most intense orgasm of my life up to that point. Again, I worried about what I had done, but the euphoria was overwhelming. I hand washed the panties and hung them to dry vowing never to do that again.

Of course, I never kept that pledge. I was hooked. After trying on some more of her panties, I decided that I better stop just in case my overuse might stretch the elastic. I mean her beautiful ass is very curvy and larger than my male butt, but just in case, I steered clear. However through the magic of on-line shopping, I had access to a whole variety of female clothing. I ordered my own panties and eventually some nightgowns. I especially loved wearing pantyhose to bed. I figured if I was to sleep alone, I might as well feel sexy. I would pack a gown, panties and pantyhose when I travelled. Eventually I began packing my male underwear only for show. While I was out of town, I wore panties always and sometimes pantyhose. The feeling of wearing these sexy items while meeting with co-workers or clients was so stimulating that I would often masturbate as soon as I got back to my hotel room.

Likewise, when Chelsea travelled, I would revert to female underwear and nightgowns. Eventually the lure was too strong and I tried on one of her bras. I was fascinated. I was about the same size around the band as she was, but of course, I had no breasts. Nevertheless, the sensation of the forbidden was stimulating enough that I ordered some of my own. I am a bit of a handy man, so I have a variety of tools and tool boxes. I prioritized some of my tool box space to accommodate my girly things. The ones I used had internal locks and anyone trying to open them would need a chisel or a torch. Chelsea would not touch a tool for any reason and she never seemed to pry into my guy stuff, anyway.

I continued on this way making do with my crossdressing and masturbation to tide me over until I could be with my wife. Since I spent a great deal of time at home without Chelsea, you could say that I had the best of both worlds. A beautiful wife and a satisfying hobby. Even though I am not well endowed, I do have a rather athletic body. I am not muscular, but I have more long muscles which I keep sharp by exercising and biking.

For the past two years, we have had a very interesting neighbor. The husband is part Korean. His name is Ronald Chau. His wife is half Chinese and half Castilian Spanish. Her name is Li. (pronounced Lee). Ronald is an IT contractor, or at least that is the story. I have met him twice in two years. He is never at home literally. Their son, Johnathan, is away at a very prestigious university in the northeast. Li is very active. She runs and apparently works out regularly. She is 5'-9" and weighs about 130 lbs. I still do not know if her breasts have been augmented. They look to be about a G cup. In a pair of yoga pants and top, she is an absolute knockout. She has very dark hair highlighted with blonde tips. She is thirty-six years old while Ronald is forty-four. That puts her having her son at age eighteen or before.

Chelsea and I have a friendly relationship with Li. Chelsea feels sorry for her with her husband being gone all the time. We still do not know whether the cover story is true, but Ronald does show up once or twice a year. Never for long. With me being at home more than Chelsea, I am more likely to see Li. She will call or come over for help with an appliance or other household problems. We have encouraged her to call on us whenever she needed help or just to visit. She will cook Chinese and invite us over when Chelsea and I are both home occasionally.

Chelsea appears to have no concerns about me helping Li even if she is out of town. I tell her whenever I go over to help Li with something. Chelsea thinks it is good that she has us to help out with a missing husband and all. We live in an upscale neighborhood as would befit two successful working adults. Obviously Ronald makes plenty of money so Li has not worked outside of the home in quite a while. She takes college courses and up until Johnathan left for college, she spent most of her time with him or running car pools for him. Now she has plenty of time on her hands so she burns energy by working out. At least that is what we assumed.

I have a room set aside as my exercise room. I do a lot of stretching, ball exercises, and band resistance stretching. I do not lift weights, but I get my cardio through biking. My exercise room/spare bedroom has plantation shutters which are partially closed. I open the shutters just enough to allow some light in. Of course, I wear panties all the time when I can, so I work out in just panties and bra. I like the soft cup bras without filler. They are so comfortable and sexy feeling. Plus, I can put on a dark polo shirt and run any errands with the bra on. So I work out comfortably every day when I am at home. It is harder when I am on the road, but hotels do have exercise rooms. I pay little attention to the shutters in my home room. Occasionally while I am working out, Li's yard men might be out mowing. I have the shutter slanted in such a way that I have to look at a certain angle to see either their shoes or the tops of their heads. I have checked this out and am sure that it is impossible to see into the room from outside. Occasionally when I looked at the shutters I might notice them open a little wider, but I generally close them back.

I had gotten very bold as I got more comfortable. I would even wear one of Chelsea's tiny bikini swimsuits in the pool. Our property is large enough that we don't have to worry about nosy neighbors looking over the fence. Besides, our fence is nine feet tall and it would take a ladder to look into our yard. The day in particular that it all came crashing down, I was wearing a particularly tiny satin thong with a swimsuit top of Chelsea's. I loved the thing transparency of the panties so I was not wearing her swimsuit bottoms. I was careful to care for her swimsuits and not wear them very much, just in case I inadvertently damaged them. I had taken a dip and was sunning face down on the lounger when I head Li's voice.

"Mel, would you be a sweetie and help me change my air conditioner filt... Oops, sorry. I will come back."

I sprang to attention and out of startled fear. I jumped up without thinking and faced her with my thong and bikini top staring her in the eyes.

"Oh, uhhhh. Li? I am, uhh, I amm."

"That's all right, Mel. I shouldn't have barged in. I am sorry."

She walked quickly back toward our gate. I was frantic. What should I do? I had been caught red handed. Would she tell Chelsea? What would she do? We had a really good neighborly friendship and now I feared we would have to move. How would I bring the topic up to Chelsea? I was after all on my own property. It was not like I was flashing little kids. What on earth possessed her to come into my back yard in the first place? I was sweating bullets.

I went inside and took off the wet panties and swim top. Think, I told myself. Take care of the swimsuit top and put it away. Dry the panties and hide them in my stash. Oh, my god. I swore I would stop dressing up and throw all my girly things away. My worst fears had been realized. I was sure that I could not orchestrate the sale of our house before Li talked to Chelsea. She might have already called her on her cell. Surely she would not do that. Would she? What could I do to stop her?

After I put the clothing away, I walked circles both mentally and physically. I had to talk to Li. What would I say? I went through my options for about two hours. Should I call her? Should I go over to her house? Should I call her and ask if I could come over to her house? Should I ask her to come back to my house?

I was frantic. No option appeared to be a good solution. After getting a stiff vodka tonic down, I calmed down enough to make a plan. I would go next door and try to explain. I dressed in some jeans and a polo. I walked the short distance to their house and rang the bell. I was rehearsing what to say in my mind. At first there was no answer. I was reluctant to ring again and contemplated going back home and calling. If she would not answer the phone or the door, I was screwed. Just as I was about to turn and leave, I saw movement through the heavy decorative glass on her front door.

Li opened the door slowly and had a blank expression on her face. It was neither encouraging nor discouraging. She stood there in what looked to be the bulkiest bathrobe she owned. On her feet were the fuzzy oversized houseshoes that look so comfortable but appear like polar bear feet.

"Li," I said, "I need to talk to you about what just happened."

"Oh, god, no, Mel, I am so sorry I barged into your yard. It was just unforgivable that I invaded your privacy that way."

"Actually, Li, that was not the problem. I wanted to apologize to you."

"No, Mel, no. What you do in your own house, or yard, in this case is your own business."

"Well, yes, but you can't unsee things."

"Yes, I know. So where do we go from here?"

"It is so embarrassing, Li. I was hoping we could reach an agreement whereby we could keep this just between the two of us."

"Oh, you mean you don't want Chelsea to hear about it?"

"Do you think that is possible?"

"Of course, Mel. I would never tell something like that to your wife. I mean, is it a secret you keep from her?"

"I don't know why I do that." I said as I shuffled. "It is just, uh, well, that I have a kind of skin condition that, ..., uh, you know..."

"Please Mel, say no more. It is not my business anyway."

"Well, thanks, Li, I am so sorry I subjected you to that and I really appreciate it, you know, not telling, uh, uh, you know my wife."

"So that's it, Mel?"

"Okay, yes and thanks again."

"Wait Mel, that's all?"

"What else can I say, Li?"

"Mel, come on inside. You don't need to say anything else. Like I said, your secret is safe with me forever. But that does not mean that you do not owe some favors in return."

"What are you talking about, Li?"

She had me sit on the couch while she left the room. I waited just a couple of minutes and I heard her coming back. She was no longer wearing the bear houseshoes, but a pair of patent leather boots laced up to just under her knees. Underneath she wore black stockings that attached to a set of garters coming down from a one piece bustier. She wore a black thong. Her bustier had a low cut top and showed a huge amount of cleavage. God, she was hot.

"You see, Mel, I did not learn of your little, uh, proclivity, just now. A few weeks ago, my yard man was telling me about my neighbor and how he saw him through the window one day while doing my side lawn. It seems it was about to rain and was very dark outside. Your lights illuminated the inside of the room whereas normally the sunlight would make it impossible to see between your blinds. He thought it was funny to see a man dressed in panties and bra while working out. I told him that he should mind his own business and quit looking into other peoples' houses. In fact, I told him that if he told anyone else about this, he could get in trouble with the law. I explained that he could relate anything he saw in public, but not something he saw while stalking someone."

I was stunned. How could this man see into my room? Then it dawned on me. We have a maid who comes in once a week and cleans our home. I have been there sometimes when she dusts. She is very thorough and I have seen her move the louvres of the shutters so that she can dust them. She must have left them in a wide open position and out of neglect I forgot to check them. Anyway what was done was done. Now Li knew.

"So, Mel, I have a confession to make also. I have a tall ladder that allows me to see just over the top of our common fence. I sometimes keep a check on your pool area if I hear something when you guys are gone. I tried looking into your room, but the blinds block any view. Which is what they were supposed to do. I suppose either you accidentally left them open that day or maybe you wanted someone to see you dressed in your pretty things. So what I would like you to do now is go home and put on some panties and a bra and put your clothes back on. Then come back over here and remove you outer clothing. Can you do that? I know that Chelsea will be gone for the rest of the week. She often shares with me when one or both of you are going to be out of town. You have seen my other side now, so just go on and get yourself dressed up. You are lucky that I am not asking you to come back over down the street in just panties and a bra."

Now I was in a different frame of mind. I was relieved that Li was not going to tell my wife, but I was concerned where this might be going. I must confess that seeing her in that sexy outfit was fantastic, but I had no intention of cheating on my wife no matter how gorgeous Li was. What was I to do now? Her seeing me was no accident. She had been planning on letting me know that she knew my secret. Could I possibly comply? What would happen if I did not show back up with my panties and bra on?

I did the only thing I could possibly do. I put on a pair of Chelsea's panties and one of her old bras. When I rang Li's doorbell again, she let me in and told me to take my jeans and shirt off. I slipped out of my loafers and did as she asked.

"Where do you get your panties and bras?"

"I borrowed these from Chelsea's closet."

"I don't think so, Mel. Those may be Chelsea's. You are about her same size except for the lack of breasts, but you have your own collection, right?"

"No, really, Li. These are Chelsea's."

"Mel. Go back home. Take off your wife's underwear and come back over here with your own stuff on. This is your last chance. If you lie to me again, I WILL have you come back in just the panties and bra. And don't try to tone it down either. You must have some pretty things. I want you to wear your sexiest panties and your sexiest bra back over here."

I was burning up. She seemed to know everything about me. Had she been spying for a long time? I had no choice. The alternative was not appealing to me. I could not live with the anxiety of wondering if she would tell my wife. I did as she directed. My cock was shrunken up so small now that it was barely longer than a little clitty. As I skulked back to her house, I wondered what I would do after today. She opened the door before I rang the bell this time. When I removed my jeans and shirt along with my loafers, she whistled a pretty female wolf whistle.

"Hot, Mel. That's a good boy. Well, actually, you are now a girl. So we need to get you a girl name. How about Millie? That is close and easy to mispronounce just in case I slip. You are now my girlfriend, Millie. Walk around and let me see you."

I did a halfhearted modeling job and let her examine me. I now know what it feels like to be ogled. Ordinarily if this were a fantasy, I think my cock would be exploding. At that point I was so nervous that I wasn't sure the little thing had not completely vanished. I guess that was in keeping with the theme. She said that I was her girl now, so a cock was not a necessity.

"Okay, Millie. Here is the plan. You will dress in your panties and bra all the time. No matter if Chelsea is home or not. You can hide it from her like you have been doing, but eventually you will slip just like you did with letting my yard man see you. That is all up to you and Chelsea. Up until that point, when I text you that I need help with my air conditioner filters, you will come to my house immediately. If you are at work or busy right then, text me back. I do not want to interfere with your work or marriage. But you better tell me the truth. I can tell. You might get by with a few, but eventually it will be easier if you just comply."

She proceeded to tell me that she wanted me to come back the next day and bring all my female things. She was going to take a look and suggest additions or subtractions. Then she would maintain a wardrobe for me at her house. In addition she told me to rig a clandestine gate on our common fence. It would be hidden behind some shrubs anyway. She knew that I had tools and was very handy. I thought this would be easy enough. Even though the fence was tall, I could already imagine a primitive gate type hatch which could be lifted and replaced without any outside hinges. I knew that I had better plan that or else she promised to have me walk to her house in my girlie things.

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