tagBDSMSecret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 18

Secret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 18


Chapter 21*

Making their way back downstairs, Alex's body was on fire. She would have to address this soon. Her body ached for Gavin's touch. His lips. His fingers, and hopefully...his cock! Guiding Alex into a large room on the first floor they found a woman in what appeared to be a set of stocks. Alex was reminded of the old days, where the Puritans would put people in stocks as punishment. Their head through a hole in the center block of wood, their wrists as well.

This woman was similarly bound. She was completely upright though. Her head sticking through the center hole of the stocks. Her hands next to her head through smaller holes. Her bare feet stood on blocks of wood several inches off the floor. Her ankles bound to the metal supports of the block. She was completely immobilized.

Now Alex knew it was a woman by her body as she was completely naked. But her head was completely covered in a leather hood, hiding her identity. It had no holes for eyes but her mouth was open to allow breathing, and the occasional cock to be inserted Alex guessed.

The woman's chin rested on the block stretching her neck out. Alex thought it looked rather uncomfortable being stretched out like that, and to be held there for any length of time would be tiring.

Gavin guided her to chairs that were set up for those who wished to view the show the woman was obviously going to be a part of. The only thing that was unknown was who was going to use the woman.

Alex's eyes were brought off to the side as Alysia walked in. The jealousy washed back over her as she watched her walk to the woman bound. Alex wondered what that woman had Gavin do as her sub. More importantly, how did this woman convince him to succumb to her wishes? Could Alex use a similar approach to get her wish with him? Alysia bowed to the crowd as they tamped their hands on the arms of the chairs in applause. She winked in Gavin's direction and Alex clutched Gavin's hand tightly causing Gavin to grin.

"Easy now," he smiled. "You have me, she does not." Alex said nothing because anything said now would be said in a disrespectful snarl because of the way Alysia was looking at Gavin causing the anger to well in her.

"Good evening friends," Alysia called out as she stood next to her unknown woman. "This here is Erin." Alysia said patting the woman's bare bottom softy. "Erin is one of my new toys. Not a sub, but a toy." Alex furrowed her brow. A toy? Was that a step above, or a step below a pet?

"Erin, likes to be played with," Alysia explained. She stroked the backside of the bound woman. "She likes to be touched. She likes to be used!" This brought an approving murmur from those gathered in the seats.

"So, tonight, instead of me being allowed to play with this delicious toy, all by myself," Alysia said running her fingers over the woman's nipples. "Anyone here can. So feel free to come up and sample the wares." Alysia moved to the side and allowed the guests access.

Many of the people sitting got up and moved closer. They moved around the bound woman in a circle. Touching her skin. Her fingers. Her breasts. Smacking her backside causing the sound to bounce off the walls.

One man cupped her sex and slid a finger in and Erin raised up on her toes at the intrusion. He probed her roughly. He pulled is finger out and sniffed it with a smile. The group orbited her, moving about her taking full stock. They then slowly wandered back to their seats.

Alysia came back with a smile. She stroked Erin's backside and whispered to her. Alex read her lips easily. 'Good girl'. Alysia motioned to a man off to the side and he came over to her quickly. Together they went to the sides of the rack and pulled a pin on each side. Erin's body was then bent over at the waist. Her face still covered and locked in the stocks but now she was bent over.

Alysia dismissed the man and Alex looked to Gavin.

"Her sub," he answered her silent question. Alex nodded and looked back at the man at the side of the room. He was dressed in leather chaps. His butt cheeks hanging out. His studded leather collar a solid proclamation. His chest bare and strong. His short spiky hair showed his youth. He was college age at best.

"Now, I haven't had the pleasure myself," Alysia said to the group. "But I hear she sucks cock really well! Anyone interested in trying?" Alysia looked to Gavin immediately and Alex fought the urge to get up, walk over and punch her square in the nose. Red being Alysia's favorite color, then let the red flow from fucking bitch's nose!

Alex laughed inwardly at her inner kitten. Not much better than Candy!

A man stood and moved over to Alysia and she smiled at him and waved him to Erin with a sweep of her arm. The man pulled his zipper down and reached in and pulled his cock out. It wasn't overly long, Alex noted, but it was thick.

The man moved up to Erin's covered head and pushed his cock into her mouth without warning. Erin greedily accepted this unknown cock into her mouth and Alex thought about that. Would that be hot? To have a man's cock, that you didn't know nor could you see, shoved into your mouth like that? Alex weighed the idea and found it somewhat erotic to her, Gavin's absolute would never allow that to happen though so she dismissed it as a fantasy.

The man shoved his cock in and out of her mouth roughly as Erin was unable to move. Alex could hear her gag from time to time. Her mouth stretched to take in the girth of the man at her face. Alex shifted in her seat as she body warmed again from the sight before her. The sudden desire to have Gavin's cock in her mouth began to overwhelm her.

She wanted the taste of him. His cologne, his body wash. His personal flavor of sweat and essence. She wanted to wrap her tongue around the head of his cock. To take him deep into her throat. To gag as Erin was on the cock in her mouth. Alex finally had to force the thought from her head or she would do it. Right here in front of everybody and she knew Gavin would not approve. Not the reserved Gavin. Not Gavin the Dom.

The man erupted with a grunt, his seed spilling from his cock into Erin's mouth who let it in enter but then let it fall out. She didn't swallow any of it. She thought back to the shower in Chicago. While she sucked Gavin, Elizabeth demanded that she swallow Gavin's cum, to not waste any. Erin didn't do that, then again, the man wasn't her Dom. Perhaps it wasn't allowed. Something to ask her Dom later.

Her Dom. Her Dom, she repeated in her head. That made her smile. No longer the pet. Now the sub. Officially. Completely. Now Gavin's absolutes were hers. She was absolutely Gavin's! That made her giddy all over again.

Alysia returned. This time with something in her hand. It had a black handle and a red tip. The red part was about three inches in length. Alysia ran her hand over Erin's body. The woman shivered with pleasure.

Alysia moved the toy close to Erin's ass and just when Alex was about to ask what the toy was, a crackle of electricity filled the air drawing Alex's eyes back to the show with a snap.

Alex watched as Alysia moved the toy to the other cheek, again a snap of electricity rang out.

"It's called an electro toy," Gavin whispered to her in her ear. His hot breath causing her to shiver and smile. He smiled at her response. "It delivers an electric shock, variable, at the discretion of the Dom. From a mild tickle like a nine volt battery on the tongue to a sharp shock. Like an electric fence. Not enough to damage, but enough to get your attention!"

Alex nodded. God she loved her Dom! He could read her like a book and knew she had questions without them being asked.

Alex watched Alysia slowly move around Erin. She moved quietly. Obviously trying to keep her next location of the toy a secret. Letting the shock of the toy let Erin know where it was by surprise. Alex watched Alysia put it to Erin's nipple and it caused the woman to yelp. This brought a smile to Alysia's face. She moved the toy to the other side and it snapped the other nipple.

"Can you tell which setting it's on?" Alex asked about the toy.

"Yes," Gavin nodded. "By sound. It's on its highest setting. It's a sharp bite." Alex nodded.

"Have you used it?" Alex whispered.

"I've used them all," Gavin said unemotionally. He then turned to her and shrugged. "There hasn't been much I haven't tried. That's not bragging, I've been doing this a while."

"I know," Alex smiled. Gavin was beyond braggadocios behavior. Confident yes. But not arrogant.

Alysia continued to play with Erin. Moving down her body to her sex. Letting a jolt go there as well and Alex cringed at the idea. Maybe not there, Alex decided. That would be too much!

Alysia moved to Erin's feet. Alex shook her head slightly. Yeah, she said inwardly. Absolutely not! The sharp crackle at Erin's foot caused the woman to call out sharply.

"Hmm," Gavin smiled looking at Erin and Alysia.

"What?" Alex asked him as they watched the show.

"A definite red," Gavin shrugged. "I'm surprised. I was beginning to think nothing was off limits for you."

"Nothing is off limits to you," Alex said shaking her head that he would think that. "But that? Not too sure I would like that at all. Not on my feet anyway."

Alysia moved away from Erin after stroking her body with her fingers.

"As you can see," Alysia smiled. "Erin is very receptive and her body is delicious. Would anyone like to play with her?" Alysia asked the crowd but she was looking directly at Alex as she said it. Her eyes inviting her specifically.

Nobody stood to go over.

"How about it Alexandria?" Alysia asked her. "Wanna play?" Alex looked to Gavin who looked at her with a cocked eyebrow.

"It would please me," Gavin told her questioning eyes.

"Your absolute?" Alex asked him a bit miffed that he would share her.

"She is not going to use you," Gavin explained. "You are going to use her. You would be the Dom." Alex looked back as Alysia smiled. Alex looked back to him with a firm jaw.

"You are desperate for me to decide on my Switch?" Alex asked him hard.

"No," Gavin said back sharply. "And you are about to get a consequence for your fucking tone."

"I'm sorry sir," Alex said lowering her eyes.

"Alexandria," Gavin said after a deep exhale. "I want you to play."

"Yes Sir," Alex said standing up immediately. Alysia's smile beamed.

"Alexandria," Gavin said to her, stopping her. "Change roles. Embrace it. You are the Dom. You have a very specific duty. You have to be the Dominant. You cannot have two submissives. One has to take control. Erin is a true submissive, not a Switch like you. She won't lead you, you have to lead her. Know your role here, you are the protector. You are the disciplinarian."

"Yes sir," Alex said to him understanding what he was getting at. "As you wish, but only because you desire it."

"That...is twenty," Gavin told her pointing out her insolence.

"Yes sir," Alex frowned. That wasn't supposed to happen. First day as the only sub and she fucks it up, she growled inwardly.

Alex walked up slowly trying to hide her apprehension while Alysia stood waiting.

"I'm not pushing Gavin's agenda," Alysia whispered to her. "I'm just really interested to see how you would work here. Being a novice and all," Alysia explained. "I find it very intriguing that a novice is both a sub and a Dom. I want to see how you work, how your mind works. I want to learn from you. An experiment, if you will."

"Gavin is so sure I want this," Alex frowned explaining her apprehension. "I like new things, but I only want him."

"Don't worry sweetheart," Alysia said with a soft hand to her face. "This doesn't change that, just go with what you feel. Erin is very receptive and has a high pain tolerance. If there is any doubt, look to me and I will nod if she can handle it."

"Thank you Mistress," Alex said for the guidance.

"Enjoy yourself," Alysia pushed. "That is what this lifestyle is about. Enjoyment."

"Yes Mistress," Alex nodded.

She left Alysia and went to Erin. Alex stood there for a moment in front of her. Thinking of what to do and how to do it. She looked over her shoulder to her own Dom. He sat with his legs draped one over the other. His arm laid across the back of the chair next to him as he watched with his head propped up by his hand. She couldn't read him. His eyes were focused on her.

"Good evening Erin," Alex said coming to her. "My name is Alexandria."

"Good evening, Mistress," Erin responded from beneath her hood. Alex began to circle the woman. Moving to stand behind her.

"Before I play with you," Alex said to her. "I want you to know, I'm not a Mistress."

"I understand," Erin replied.

"My Dom believes me to be a Switch," Alex told her. The crowd in the room watched with interest. Alex could feel their eyes on her as she looked to Gavin but he had his poker face on. Nothing showing to lead her one way or the other.

"I understand," came the reply.

"For now," Alex smiled. She would start at the beginning she decided. Like Gavin did with her. "I wish to play with you, with your permission. Do you consent to my control for tonight?"

Alex didn't know how to approach this. She was winging it. She didn't know if she would cross some line at some point. She knew Gavin asked for her permission that first night. She gave it, then he started. She figured that was a good place to start.

"Yes Alexandria," Erin said formally. "I wish for you to play with me."

"Good," Alex smiled. "You look beautiful and I'm very anxious to play with you."

"Thank you, Alexandria," Erin said.

"For now," Alex said noting a tick of disproval from Gavin by his tight lips. "Call me Mistress as that is the role I'm assuming."

"Yes Mistress," Erin said.

Alex began by touching the skin of the bound submissive. Her fingers gently spreading across her skin. Moving down her back to her firm backside. The woman was very fit Alex noted. Athletic.

"Erin," Alex began again. "I am a novice at this, so for tonight and only with me, we will be using safe words. I don't know what your rules are for you Master, but as I'm a guest and new, we will use them."

"Yes Mistress," Erin whispered.

"My overall concern is your safety and our pleasure," Alex said moving her fingers to brush them across Erin's nipples and they responded immediately.

"Yes Mistress," Erin smiled. "Thank you."

Alex then went through her own safe words with Gavin. Red, yellow and green were explained. Erin whispered that she understood.

"Good," Alex smiled. "Then we begin. I am going to put you back upright. I want to see you."

"Yes Mistress," Alex looked to Gavin before moving to the front of Erin. He smiled at her reassuringly. She was on the right track anyway. Judging by Gavin's smile.

"Mistress Alysia," Alex said to her. "May I borrow your sub for a moment?"

"Absolutely," Alysia smiled from her spot next to Gavin.

Alex hadn't realized she was sitting with him until she looked. Alex looked to the man to the side and he came to her. Alex could see his frown. His eyes spoke of disrespect. He ambled over instead of his fast walk when Alysia needed him. Know your role, Gavin's command of her echoed in her mind. Her anger flared slightly. He came to her but it was on his own time.

Alex stared at him. The fire in her eyes was evident but he paid no mind to it.

"Yes?" he asked. "What do you want?"

Alex took hold of the loop on his collar for his chain and gave it a yank pulling him down to her level.

"For you to behave properly for starters! To show me the respect your Mistress would demand from you!" Alex barked at him. "To address me properly."

"Yes," the man whispered from his bent position. "Alexandria." She tightened her grip on the man's collar.

"You don't get that privilege," Alex warned him. "To address me by name."

"Yes...Mistress," he lowered his eyes for the first time.

"Alexandria," Alysia's angered voice caused Alex to tense. Perhaps she took this too far. "Feel free to punish him for his disrespect! Know that I will also have him properly dealt with for this embarrassment!"

"Help me move her upright," Alex said to him staring at him as he slumped slightly.

"Yes Mistress," he said immediately.

They moved to Erin and pulled the pins, they then lifted her upright and replaced the pins locking the stocks in place.

The man stood nearby waiting for Alex's next command. She moved to him and stood there.

"Kneel for now," Alex told him firmly. "I will deal with you after I have played with Erin. I hope, for your sake, her pleasure placates my anger."

"Yes Mistress," he whispered as he knelt. Alex stole a peek at Gavin and he winked at her, his smile let her know she was doing well. This also told her she had assumed the proper demeanor and attitude. It relieved some of the butterflies of inexperience.

Alex moved to Erin and kept her back to the group. She let out a deep exhale. She hadn't realized her heart had sped up and her breathing did as well.

"I'm sorry Erin," Alex said to the woman. "For the distraction. You now have my undivided attention."

"Yes Mistress," Erin let a little smile cross her face.

Erin had only been able to imagine what was happening near her. Her eyes covered kept the incident from view, but her ears heard it all, the tone. The words. It all screamed this 'novice' was in complete control. She instantly respected that.

"Now," Alex smiled. "What to do to you?" Alex moved to a table of toys.

"Do you like wax?" Alex asked seeing the candles.

"Yes Mistress," Erin replied with a tint of excitement in her voice.

"By your voice, I can tell you more than 'like' it," Alex smiled. "I love it as well." She lit the candle and brought it to Erin. Alex looked to Gavin as she moved to the front of Erin, Gavin seemed pleased as he leaned into Alysia as she whispered in his ear. Gavin nodded as Alysia turned her eyes back to Alex. She nodded to Alex approvingly.

Alex watched the liquid at the top of the candle. Its puddle forming as she turned it slightly allowing the flame to melt the wax. She had seen Angelo do this upstairs. She decided to do the things she had seen or experienced.

"Erin," Alex said as she seemed satisfied with the puddle. "Remember our safe words."

"Yes Mistress," was the reply.

Alex moved closer to Erin, but before she began with Erin, she turned the candle and let a small dribble fall to the back of her hand. She wanted to get the distance right. Not too close to burn, but close enough to get her aim right. After a couple of trial runs on her hand she moved to Erin.

"Ready?" Alex asked her.

"Yes Mistress," Erin smiled.

"Good girl," Alex smiled, this in turn brought a brighter smile from Erin.

Alex held the candle above Erin's nipple and let a small dribble come out, splashing on her breast causing Erin to gasp and suck in a breath as the sharp pain radiated. Alex frowned as her aim was off, she moved slightly and tilted again. This time hitting closer to the nipple, but not on. Alex again adjusted and the third dribble found its mark.

Alex then moved to the other nipple and waited for the candle to puddle again, once it had a sufficient amount.

"Talk to me Erin," Alex encouraged as she watch the puddle grow.

"Green, Mistress," Erin responded.

"Good," Alex smiled. "Here we go."

Alex felt compelled to warn the sub, she couldn't see and this was something she wanted her to know about. While Alysia intentionally moved about with the electro toy in stealth, Alex decided not to do that. Apprising Erin of her every move.

Her aim was better this time, hitting her mark on the first attempt. Erin gasped and let her smile beam as Alex hit her mark.

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