Secretary in the Elevator


I gasped loudly as he penetrated with no remorse. He plunged deep into my ass, it felt painful but at the same time the pleasure was there, I thought he was going to plough right through my tiny body with his throbbing black meat. I suddenly realized then he was bareback up my ass, pumping me, a stranger, but I cared little, in fact my hips started to roll with the motion as I moaned with pleasure, I lost control!

"Fuck me, fuck me you bastard, harder, much harder, sink your cock into me, make me scream!" I yelled, probably knowing he did not understand my wishes. I heard him grunt and groan as he pounded me, then his rhythm changed, he gave a hard thrust and I felt him so far inside me.

"Oh my, oh miss, oh miss!" he blurted out in his broken English accent.

I then felt a hot gush of liquid filling up my tiny ass, spraying all round my insides, he came for ages, there were gasps from others as he did so and I immediately felt him slide out of me with hot cream dripping all over the back of my legs from his spent cock.

There was a sudden push from behind, my hand slipped off the balding guys cock and my shoe got caught, I slipped and lost balance. I felt my elbow crash on the elevator floor, I turned my head and saw so many heads above me, so many cocks out, being jerked, so many glaring eyes, I was facing up, my legs parted, only one shoe on. My tight navy skirt was twisted round my tiny waist, my navy stockings both ripped, my black suspender clips broken and my huge dark mound on full show with thick white come plastered between my inner thighs from the black guy.

"Let me lick the slut, I'll show her what's good for her, the whole building has seen her tight hairy slit, now let me get my tongue deep in there!" Yelled that same horrible voice.

"No wait, she wants pleasure, nice pleasure, I know she does!" Said the balding guy.

With that he dropped to his knees, his tiny useless looking cock that I had been tugging, standing out on end, all 4 or 5 inches of it, there was laughter as they all saw his little tool. He paused with embarrassment then looked down at my gaping slit, his mouth wide open, dripping with saliva.

"Oh my, what a beautiful vagina! May I?" He said. I looked at him in astonishment, thinking how polite!

"Yes, slide it in me sir, just slide your wonderful cock into my hole." I replied equally politely.

"Give it to her you useless fucker, try to please her with that little stick! You wait till I tell all the goods inward department about you!" Said the laughing, predictable insulting man again.

With that the balding man leaned down and placed his cock just above my aching pussy, fumbling around, his hands trembling, he tried to slide it in me, initially missing my now drenched love hole, but finally finding it with the third attempt. In he went! I felt his heavy breath on my face and sweat was dripping from his face onto mine as he started to pump away on me, he grunted loudly as he fucked me like there was no tomorrow.

I looked up and saw five or six black cocks being jerked hard over us, tugging at their members furiously looking at the balding man attempting to please my soaking wet pussy with his tiny inadequate cock.

Then he stalled, his body froze as he erupted with a loud cry.

"Oh god!" he groaned like a baby.

I felt his hot liquid trickle inside me, the walls of my now starving pussy hardly feeling any sensation at all, but I gave no indication of my pussy's feeling of neglect. He pulled out and thanked me kindly, the come from his tiny cock leaking from me as he stood.

I then heard loud moans from above as one at a time, the Africans let loose, pumping hot come all over my face, stream after stream of thick white serum unloading everywhere. One of them actually dropped to his knees as he began to shoot his load. I lifted my head and opened my mouth and he sprayed a huge amount of extra white thick glue which tore into my mouth battering my tonsils as it slid down my wanting throat. I shut my mouth and swallowed. It was heaven!

Before I could get my breath another black guy was down in between my legs, his black cock not quite hard but still long and inviting, he pulled himself as he looked at my leaking pussy, my thick dark bush matted with come! He was hard in seconds and in he went, bareback. Thrusting heavy blows to my now even more desperate tunnel.

At last a long hard cock in my pussy, I thought. My hips began to buck up and down with each stroke, as more cocks appeared over me, being tugged at a frantic pace!

As he was pumping away on me I was moaning with no shame, I was groaning with each thrust, loving the thought of all these cocks around me.

The guys all dropped to their knees, four or five of them all round me. His cock was so deep in me, I could feel it hitting the parts others couldn't reach, he started to pump faster, breathing heavier! I knew the hot cream was gliding up his long shaft ready to spear into my drenched insides! I was pushing my hips high in the air knowing they could all see my thick lips through my hairy mound as his cock so visibly pounded me, his dark pubes meeting mine on each stroke!

As he fucked the hell out of me I felt his fingers dig in my arms and I felt that hot delicious feeling of fresh come gushing into me as he let go of his huge load.

Then they all bent right over my face, shooting all they had over my face, hair, boobs, everywhere! Even my eyes! I felt stream after stream plummeting down on me. Their African seeds were planted all over my freckled skin. The guy then withdrew his cock from my stretched hole, leaving a flow of cream pouring onto my inner thighs and all over the elevator floor. There was so much I slid my ass around on it, just like on an ice rink, but warm, not cold.

"Right let me have that pussy now, I'll teach her!" I heard

This guy bent right down between my long slim lily white thighs. It was him! The guy who was shouting the earlier remarks. I knew who he was now. He was always on the elevator, he was the managing director from a sister company on one of the top floors, tall, stocky in a silk suit, and a trimmed grey beard. He associated with Hector from our office, they were both creepy bastards.

Down he went head first, deep into my come filled hole. I felt his tongue drill the inside of my pussy lips like a lizard on crack! It went in like a hot knife through butter. It felt so nice! The others looked on in shock as he gobbled up all the come leaking from me. My hips were out of control, this was pure ecstasy. Better even than the cocks before him.

I felt this rush coming over my body, as I looked up at the glaring eyes around me, I was pumping my pussy right into this mans face, my dark mound way off the floor in mid air, covered in come smacking his lips. His tongue was going so deep into me.

Then I felt it! The walls of my pussy tightened, I wrapped my thin legs around his head and pulled him in tight, his tongue was trapped, drilling my clit, my lips, my soaking wet mound! I shivered as I came so hard. The sensation sliced right through me, my mind was spinning. As this was happening I could feel streams of hot come bouncing off of my skin from the remaining cocks above, my freckles being blemished with this gorgeous liquid.

I dropped my head back in total exhaustion, the guy pulled his head up smiling. Whether it was in pleasing me or pleasing himself I would never know, but he was sensational down there, utterly sensational. His abrupt quotes form earlier totally forgiven.

They all stood up fastening their trousers, the balding guy held out his hand and helped me to my feet. My face and hair were covered in thick cream. I couldn't see my bra or panties anywhere but my blouse and jacket were handed to me. I slipped them back on, my nipples clearly visible as all the come soaked into the white cotton, I then pulled my skirt down and stretched my ripped stockings up hoping they would hold and picked up my bag.

"This is John from maintenance, the problem has been diagnosed as overloading, the elevator is on back up power and will shortly commence descent." A voice spluttered from the elevator keypad panel.

Everyone looked at each other smiling and with that there was a sudden jolt and the elevator was again moving.

My face was soaking, I looked a total mess, the come was still dripping from my cheeks as I stood and I could feel it leaking out of my saturated slit, leaking down my thighs over my stockings approaching my knees.

We stopped at ground level and the doors opened. I said nothing and swiftly made my way round the back by the fire escape stairway. As I walked past the security guys I saw them staring hard at me knowing they could see straight through my blouse as my jacket was a non button style, wondering if they thought it was come or water or something else. I also saw their eyes drift down to my legs, where I knew the come was slowly saturating my stockings.

As I actually passed their desk I was only feet from them and I saw them look at my come drenched face and matted dyed blonde hair. I knew exactly what they were thinking.

I thought, what the hell and wiggled my hips as I walked by them, letting my skirt ride up revealing my come soaked ass. Letting them know I had just been filled up good and proper. I knew they would be tugging off their helpless cocks within minutes of my departure.

I made my way to the double doors and took one look round, they had their cell phones in their hands taking pictures or a movie shot of me, with one hand under their desk obviously tugging away at their throbbing members.

Oh well, more pictures round the offices I thought and what fun Monday morning will be!

I took the side entrance to where my car was parked and thought of my dear boyfriend during my whole journey home, yes home, back to reality.

Rachel L.

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