tagSci-Fi & FantasySecrets of The New World Order Ch. 02

Secrets of The New World Order Ch. 02


"You are one - hundred percent correct, John - your father was Liberal - AND your grandfather was a Liberal, too!" he stated emphatically - as if it were something to be proud of.

He reaffirmed what I already knew - that I was the only logical male in our families recent history.

Mr. Jensvold took a bite out of his sandwich, chewed it slowly then swallowed; he washed it down with a big gulp of hot coffee.

I winced as he poured the steaming hot coffee in his mouth. He liked his coffee hot - the hotter the better, and it fascinated me that he never burned his lips or tongue on the scalding liquid.

He swallowed then continued his story: "I grew up with Jack - your grandfather...we hung - out together - played ball together—chased girls together...hell, we enlisted in the Army together and went to Viet Nam...Jesus, in '63 we were in the same History class when the principal came over the loudspeakers and told everyone Kennedy was killed...of course, we were too young at the time to know what it meant for our country..."

He took a bite out of his sandwich, and another big gulp of the steaming coffee. I knew what was coming next, but bit my tongue and feigned to listen attentively.

"When those assholes murdered JFK they changed the entire course of America's future...number one: We wouldn't have been in Nam and 56,000 soldiers wouldn't have been killed for nothing...and after that, 'Big Business' and 'Big Government' took control and we've all suffered ever since!"

I remained silent. I was taught to keep an open mind and listen to others - no matter how wrong they were...it had also been drummed into me to respect my elders - to 'listen - and - learn' from their experiences regardless of how much they mis - remembered and distorted the facts of our great country's history.

"The last decent republican president - Eisenhower - warned us in his farewell speech...'Beware of the Military/Industrial Complex' - he knew what was coming - he understood the danger of unchecked and unquestioned, secret government power."

I think that is what amuses me most about Liberals - they treat facts like they're the truth!

"...and then along came 9/11 and the final nail to the coffin of America - absolute power for an elite group of business and government officials - unaccountable to anyone and the end of democracy as we knew it."

"You know, " I said, "...we still have elections in this country - the average person can vote for the best person for the office - "

He smiled and said, "Yes, we all can vote but who are the candidates anymore? Everyone running for office has either been handpicked by the elite, or once an independent man or woman is elected, they soon discover they have no voice - no power unless they go along with the elite...this is why you are seeing such a big turnover in Congress - many representatives and senators assume office with high hopes and grandiose plans, but they figure out real soon that the game is rigged - that they will never gain enough votes to implement positive changes."

Mr. Jensvold finished his sandwich and swallowed another mouthful of the hot coffee.

"Republicans and Tea Party people are content with the status quo; people who believe solving injustices and creating a fair playing field between business and the average citizen is not the purpose of government.

In fact, they deemed any laws protecting workers, and assisting the average citizen in their day - to - day life as intrusive, and unconstitutional.

Their mantra was 'Individual Responsibility' or as I like to call it: Every man for himself.

They felt no sense of community, or a duty to help the less fortunate. They truly believed 'that all men are created equal' and anyone can become prosperous and successful on their own thru hard work and sheer determination."

I had to say something: "Mr. Jensvold, isn't that all true? It's right there in the Declaration of Independence - 'All men are created equal' - and what's wrong with 'personal responsibility'? Shouldn't everyone be held accountable for their actions? No one is above the law, right?"

I thought I detected a flicker of sadness in his eyes. He swallowed the last of his coffee.

"John, those are all noble and inspirational ideas...goals for us as a nation and people to strive, but in reality, they have never existed."

I couldn't believe he said that. "So you don't think 'all men are created equal'?" I asked him.

"Of course not - the very notion we are all born with the same abilities and opportunities is ludicrous! John, as an example, look at our own town...you were born into a middle - class family and grew - up on the West - end of town...what if you had been born to parents on the Eastside?"

I could see where he was going with this, but wasn't sure of the legitimacy of his argument. I did like the fact he was not talking down to me; he was treating me as an intelligent human being.

"You were brought up in a nice house with modern furniture and appliances...as a child, you played in a large backyard, covered in green grass, with as many playthings and toys your folks could afford to buy...you went to newly - built schools that were well - funded and hired competent teachers...and they provided you with the latest technological tools of learning."

"I didn't have a choice who my parents would be!" I interrupted.

"Precisely!" he replied. "I call it 'the accident of birth'...imagine, if you will, you had been born to a family on the Eastside...small, box - like houses crammed together with ten - feet separating you from your neighbors...tiny, crab - grass infested backyards with almost no room for children to play with far fewer toys."

"Yes, but those people choose to live there!" I countered.

He furrowed his eyebrows and continued:

"Every year, your parents bought you new clothes for school...on the Eastside the children either wear hand - me - downs, or clothes bought at 'used' clothing stores..."

"Whose fault is that?" I asked. It was beginning to feel like he wanted me to apologize for who I was and where I was born.

Once again he ignored my question and continued:

"Most of the Eastside children survive the high rate of crime to make it to at least high school...once there, due to budget cuts, they work with inferior equipment and materials, and on top of that, many of the teachers are there only because they're not qualified to teach at better schools...now, in 10th and 11th grades many of the children begin to drop - out of school...the drop - out rate on the Eastside is near forty - percent - imagine that - forty - percent of the kids drop - out of school before they get a high school diploma... "

I thought of his phrase - 'accident of birth'...then remembered a saying I learned in Sunday school - 'There, but for the Grace of God, go I.'

"...some of the kids drop - out to find work and help pay the bills at home...others become hopelessly addicted to drugs and turn to crime to support their addiction...and more yet are either mentally or emotionally challenged and there is no money for programs to help them face their crises..."

We heard the sound of a truck backing - up to the loading dock. The shipment we were expecting had arrived.

"I guess 'Civics 101' is over for today," he said with a smile. "Oh, by the way, did you know the founding fathers of our country counted one black person as three - fifths of a human being? So much for 'all men are created equal'!"

I wondered if he was right - I never heard anything about that in school or on Fox news.

I wanted to say I appreciated him talking to me in such an adult manner - that I found his words not only interesting, but thought - provoking, as well...but I just nodded my head and smiled back at him.

It didn't take us long to unload the truck. I had now been working at the hardware store for six weeks, and the shipments kept growing smaller, and the backroom inventory had been sharply reduced.

The Wal - Mart Super Center was due to open in three - weeks, and if that wasn't bad enough, All - American Hardware surprised many of us when they announced they would build a store in Flowerton.

Once All - American opened their doors, I knew Mr. Jensvold would be forced to close his.

Judith sat on the edge of the big bed in Room 137 wondering why Mr. Bagley had instructed her to remain clothed until he arrived. This would be the first time she wasn't laying naked on the bed when he came thru the door.

Her mind wandered back to simpler times...when her husband Jeffrey was alive, and the two of them with their son and two daughters lived safely and comfortably in their two - story home, oblivious to the sometimes cruel nature of the outside world.

She sadly shook her head at her transformation from soccer and PTA mom; and a loving and devoted wife into the person she had become - a woman who sold her body for sex - a prostitute, or as it was now called: a Personal Assistant.

She couldn't grasp what had taken place in America in a few short weeks.

Two - months ago it was illegal for a woman to do what she is doing, but now, it was becoming almost commonplace.

Scouring the employment section of the paper every day, she saw fewer - and - fewer 'real' job listings, and more - and - more notices for 'Personal Assistants.'

The world has gone absolutely crazy, she thought; when a motivated, hard - working woman cannot find a decent job at a livable wage and has to resort to doing this in order to pay the bills and feed her family - something is terribly, horribly wrong!

My God - what has happened to this country?

She heard the door unlock and sat upright. To her surprise, Mr. Bagley's secretary, Mary, entered the room first followed by her boss.

Judith and Mary had been classmates in high school, and had over the years run into each other around town and would chat, but they had never been close friends.

The sight of Mary gave Judith a momentary surge of hope. Why would she be here unless it concerned business? Maybe Mr. Bagley has a 'real' job for me!

Judith's positive feeling quickly dissipated when she studied her friend's sullen face and downcast eyes.

Uh - oh, she said to herself as a cold shiver raced up her spine. She prayed to God that what she was thinking was not about to happen.

"I believe you ladies know each other," said a smiling Mr. Bagley.

Both women's faces were ashen when they looked at one another, and meekly said, "Hi."

"Mary told me you guys went to school together, but you weren't very close," Mr. Bagley said to Judith. "Well, you two have a lot more in common than you may know...I think it would be nice if you got to know each other more, uh, shall we say, intimately."

Judith's flesh was crawling with bugs - her mind shouted NO - NO - NO but she passively remained seated on the bed.

"Judy, why don't you go to Mary and welcome her with a kiss," said Mr. Bagley.

Judith was frozen in place. How could he possibly expect me to go thru with this?

"Ladies, pay attention!" he said sharply. "Judy, whether you know it or not, you have a clause in your contract that allows me to ask this of you...Mary knows - she's done this for me many, many times...haven't you, dear?"

Judith watched in horror as Mary slowly nodded in agreement. She felt a sudden and overwhelming sense of shame and pity for her old friend.

"Judy, you know I can terminate our contract any time I want...so unless you want to become a common, street - walking PA - you better damn - well do whatever I say!"

Her mind went blank. This is just a dream, she told herself.

Judith didn't knowingly walk to Mary and place her hands on her shoulders, then lean - in and kiss her soft lips...no, that was someone else.

"Good girl," she heard a male voice say thru the fog in her mind; then she heard the voice speak again: "Mary, since you know what I like to see - you take charge!"

In her daze, Judith heard a feminine voice say, "Yes, sir."

"Judy, I expect you to obey Mary...you will do whatever she tells you to do." It was the male voice again; she found herself saying: "Yes, sir."

The woman pulled her close and Judith threw her arms around her back. Their faces slowly met and their lips pressed hard together. Judith felt an instant thrill shoot up - and - down her spine...it was the most erotic, and sensual kiss of her life.

They kissed a long time; their tongues exploring each other's open and sighing mouths.

Judith felt hands on the front of her dress; she moaned into the woman's mouth when the hands squeezed and kneaded her breasts.

"Feel my breasts - do whatever I do," said the woman softly.

In a trance, Judith felt another woman's breasts for the first time in her life. She loved the firm, soft globes; kneading and squeezing, just as the woman was doing to her.

She groaned with disappointment when the woman released her breasts, and reached behind her. She heard the sound of her zipper being pulled downward then the woman pushed the dress off her shoulders, and pushed it to the floor.

They kissed again; gone was any shyness; their tongues eagerly meshed together. Judith unbuttoned the woman's dress then pushed it down to the carpet.

The women, dressed only in bra and panties embraced; held each other tightly; possessively. Judith felt herself moisten. The heat in the room was rising.

The woman undid Judith's bra and she helped the woman slide it from her body. The woman pinched and rolled Judith's turgid nipples causing her to swoon. Judith removed the woman's bra and marveled at the size and firmness of her round melons.

She couldn't help herself and buried her face in the globes of soft flesh. Judith licked and lightly bit her nipples. She loved the feel of the woman's breasts in her hands and mouth.

Judith felt hands on her buttocks; pinching and massaging her thru the sheer panties. A wave of incredible heat pulsated from her loins. Her pussy oozed juices and stained the crotch of her panties.

The woman pushed her panties to the floor and quickly stepped out of her own. They stood naked in the room; hot lips kissing; warm hands caressing, fondling, and stroking soft woman - flesh.

Judith allowed the woman to lead her to the big bed; out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw a naked man, his manhood jutting straight out, his hand wrapped around an impressive pole of meat.

The woman pushed Judith onto her back; gripped behind her knees and abruptly pulled her legs wide apart. Judith gasped at the woman's audacity; the power the woman had over her.

Seemingly from above, Judith watched the woman bury her face between her thighs; the woman kissed and licked at Judith's soft and fleshy folds. Strange, muted noises of pleasure filled the room; Judith wondered if she was the one making those sounds.

Suddenly, the snake - like tongue found her 'secret place' - the center of her being. Judith rolled her hips but the woman held her firmly in place attacking her tiny nub; licking it - nipping it with her teeth.

A loud cry escaped Judith's throat; her head rolling side - to - side; her juices flowing from her opening; the woman made slurping noises that startled her -

Something's wrong - I've never been this wet!

She was almost there - one more tongue - lashing and she'd jump out of her skin.

Then suddenly the woman was gone...NO - NO - NO - DON'T STOP - PLEASE DON'T STOP!!

Her eyes flew open in time to see the man climb between her wide - open legs. She hungrily stared at the offering the man was feeding into her drenched cunt...one - inch—two - inches—three - inches—four - inches...her eyes fixated on the hard cock that was only half - way inside her.

Her legs were suddenly thrust over his shoulders; her ankles and calf's clung to his back.

He was teasing her; he wouldn't give her the rest of his hardness; she grunted and groaned and using the strength in her legs, pulled her legs downward and thrust her hips up and impaled herself onto the man's wonderful cock.

The woman pressed her mouth to hers; lips and tongues working feverishly. The man lunged into her taking her breath away; the women bit each other's lips. The man brutally fucked his cock in - and - out of her open and hungry pussy.

The heat in the room was stifling; almost unbearable. The women kissed as the man used her pussy for his pleasure; she wanted more - had to have more...on his downward thrusts she used all the strength in her legs to pull him as deeply inside her as she could.

She heard the man scream; he pumped his hardness into her and her loins went numb - she suddenly arched her back off the bed as her brain exploded. The man unloaded his heavy balls into Judith; her pussy overflowed with sperm and semen.

The two of them locked together; thrashing about in wild gyrations of humping and lurching and screaming.

When the man came to rest he climbed - off Judith and the woman took his place kneeling between her thighs. The woman buried her face in Judith's crotch and began slurping and swallowing the man's discharge from Judith's pussy.

Suddenly the woman concentrated on Judith's tiny nub; she teased it, sucked it. Then she captured it between her lips and flicked it with her tongue until Judith cried - out in ecstasy one more time.

When the woman was gone, Judith remained sprawled obscenely on the bed before their eyes. Her legs still wide apart, her breasts heaving as she fought for air.

Judith heard the man say, "See Mary - I told you she's a hot, piece of ass...when she catches her breath - I want to watch her eat your cunt!"

John woke with a smile on his face as he recalled his date with his girlfriend, Sarah, the previous evening...sweet, sweet Sarah!

No matter how sad or angry he became, Sarah always managed to snap him out of his funk with her charming, and positive demeanor. She never failed to lift his spirits; being with her reinforced his belief in himself, and the world around him.

He was in love with her, and she with him, and he was seriously considering asking her to marry him. He knew they were young, but he couldn't imagine living his life without her.

He lay back and closed his eyes. He could almost feel the touch of her hands on his flesh; the sweet softness of her lips when they kissed, and the moisture and heat when she lowered her head and took him into her mouth.

"Ohhhh - Sarah..." groaned John; as he took his erection in hand, and slowly relived their front - seat passion from the night before.

The headline in the morning newspaper screamed "HOORAY—MILLIONS OF JOBS ON THE WAY!!"

John felt his heart surge the moment he read it. With his job at the hardware store ending soon, he would need one of those jobs. This was great news!

The economy was still bad; more and more factories were shutting down; people were barely getting - by living off their unemployment benefits, and this had a huge ripple - effect:

With so many people clinging to their meager savings and spending only on necessities, thousands of small businesses, from Mom & Pop - type stores to novelty and specialty stores, selling products and services that are considered 'luxuries' people bought when they had extra, disposable income...these stores were now almost extinct on the American landscape.

Instead, the 'big - box' mega - stores were taking over. Small businesses had been caught between people having very little spending money, and the mega - stores ability to slash prices on just about everything making it impossible for small businesses to compete.

Even John had to admit: it had become a Wal - Mart and All - American Hardware - world where an increasing majority of the population not only worked for the mega - stores, but with so few choices remaining, had to shop at them, as well.

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