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Since my husband travels a lot, I have had to spend too much time by myself. It gets me into trouble so I have been taking my own short trips here and there lately. We live n a relative small town and we don't have too much crime going on here, but still, we didn't want to leave our home empty and unprotected. We searched high and low before trying out the latest in security gizmos and gadgets. Motion detectors that will turn on lights when they are tripped, security camera's, not only through every nook and cranny of our house, but around our property as well. We even did some custom remodeling and created a safe room, where we can control everything, kind of like that movie with Jo die Foster, Panic Room. Solid stone with a steal plate in between another solid stone wall. The only thing different from the one in the movie and our place, is that it use to be our basement, so it is quite large, nearly spans the whole underside of the house. It took us almost a year to convert it, but it was worth it.

All this expense and precaution was good, but if you weren't home, you just weren't home. So we started looking for house sitters. We tried with the local security companies, but after a few months we found a couple of young people that lived in our own town to watch the house when we were gone. Not only was it cheaper, but we new where they lived and with their parents stopping by to check on them, it seemed perfect. My husband travels year round, but I have managed only to travel during the summer, which made it easier for the kids to watch the house. I say kids, because they were. One guy was 19 and the other was 18. I know, who in their right mind would trust their house to kids this age. We didn't let them watch it together, we traded them off and hell, the 18 year looked 25 or more and was the preachers son for pete's sake. He was usually the one watching it, since the other was always out with his girlfriend and didn't want to be away from her for too long.

James, the 18 year old, was great, he even did most of our yard work during the year, so we knew him pretty well. He knew we were converting the basement, but we didn't let him in on exactly what it was going to be, no sense in giving away all our new toys....lol. Any way, I had planned a trip for a week, going out to spend some time in the sun by the ocean. James came over the night before I was to leave and spent the night, since I had to get up and catch a flight at 3 in the morning. We had fun really, ate pizza, and watched a movie before I excused myself to take a shower and get some sleep. We had cable and I told him to watch whatever and I would see him when I got back as he would most likely be asleep when I left. He gave me a little smirk when I threw him the remote. I quickly caught on to why, we didn't just have cable, we had a satellite that got almost 300 channels from all over the world. I smiled back and told him if he was going to watch "those" kind of movies that I didn't want to know and to keep it down. His smiled widened and his face reddened, but he said he would be alright.

I turned and headed for the shower, with a smile on my face, knowing he was going to be whacking off in no time at all. I could only hope he cleaned up his......mess. Shutting the door of the bathroom behind me, I wondered for the first time if he would be "looking" in on me later, intrigued, I went to the panel that ran the system and punched in the code to start recording. I also knew that I would be on camera, so I thought I would do a little extra cleaning for my hubby when he got back.

After getting out of the shower I slipped on my robe and went out the side door of the bathroom, which lead to the hallway to the bedrooms. Almost forgetting, I stepped back in and unlocked the door to the other hallway, the one leading to the front side of the house. As I did, I thought I heard something.....I listened quietly, but just thought it was my imagination. Shutting the door behind me, I went to my closet which had all the upstair tv panels to the security system. I flipped on the power and saw every inch of our house from just about every angle. I was looking for James. He hadn't seen any of this stuff yet, it was still new to me and there was no reason to show him any way. Where was he? There. coming down the hallway from the bathroom. Did I hear something, or was he just waiting for me to get out to use it? I hit the rewind on the tape and watched him moving backwards.....he didn't use the bathroom, he was peeking on me through the key hole. We have the old style with the big skeleton keys, and that's not all.....he was whacking off to me taking a shower and putting on a show for my hub to see.

I was actually stunned! For the first time in I don't know how long, this kid was pulling one over on me. He led me to believe he was this goody goody, preacher's son. What astounded me the most is that I didn't see through it. I'm usually so good at catching people who are just bull shitting me. I reset the tape and sat on the end of my bed, just staring at the monitors, not really seeing them, just looking. I guess I was trying to figure out if I should do something about it, or if I should chalk it up to a horny teen. That's when I saw him moving on one of the other screens. The one leading to the bedrooms. He was standing just outside my door, listening. I looked at my door, was it shut all the way? It didn't really matter, not with those huge keyholes. I looked back at the screen and he was kneeling down trying to peer through the hole. I froze! I knew he was there I could see him, but on some level if freaked me out. What the hell, was he expecting another free show, or what? I just laid back and stared at the ceiling fan spinning. My mind was racing, but there was something else......my heart was pounding, but I could feel the heat between my legs starting to grow.....shit, I was getting turned on by him being there, but he's only a kid, my mind was telling me, granted a kid that looks the part of a 25 or something, but still!

I got back up and closed the doors to my closet, maybe if I didn't see him there, maybe the mental vision would go away as well. I needed sleep, but knew it wasn't coming anytime soon. Maybe if I just turned out the light and went to sleep, he would get bored and go back to watching porn on the tube. Turning from the closet, I slowly turned my head to the door.....the door where he was kneeling and also the door by which the light switch was. Again, I was overly aware of my heart pounding and I could now feel my wetness. I wanted to do so many thing right then. I wanted to run over and throw open the door and bust him......I wanted to drop my robe and let him see me as I walked to the door, opening it and taking his face and pushing it into my......no, I just wanted sleep, to go on my trip and have fun and come home with my tan.....what I found myself doing is letting my robe fall open, which exposed most of my breasts and fully exposed my newly shaven puss, and walking slowly to the door. Boldly, I stood there only inches from the door, knowing he was till there looking straight at my pussy.......lingering.....flipping off the switch and walking back to the bed. I fell back onto it and covered my head with a pillow, trying to control the urge to run back to the door and grab him. I closed my eyes tight and tried to push the mental vision of him away. I dozed off this way and fell into sleep there after, not waking until the alarm went off. I sat up quickly kind of stiff from having my legs dangling off the bed all evening.

I noticed something different.....my door was slightly open.....my robe.....I wasn't wearing my robe. I didn't remember taking it off. I must have, but what about the door. Surely he wasn't bold enough to open it and come in.....I looked at my closet, I slipped over and shut my door, locking it quietly. I gently open the closet door and hit rewind on my bedroom camera tape.....oh myyyy. I rewound it until I saw myself turning off the light. About twenty minute later a crack of light came from my door and James stepped through...completely naked! He slowly walked over to where I was laying. I watched him standing over me, naked, stroking himself. He then gently and slowly spread my legs open so he could have a better look.....I can't believe I didn't wake up, the last thing I remembered, was falling onto my bed. He then leaned over and pulled my robe completely open....standing again and jerking off some more. It was almost like he knew that I wasn't going to wake up or something. I didn't take a sleeping pill before I took a shower but, I never was "that" asleep.

He then stopped jerking himself and climbed onto the bed straddling me, I could almost feel his balls rubbing against me. He slipped his arm under me, pulling me up and slipping the robe off of me. He laid me back down now completely naked and started jerking off again. Was he going to come on me or what?........no, he's getting off.....standing again, he spread my legs wide again and then pulled me close to the edge of the bed. With a leg in each hand he lifted them onto his chest and positioning himself to fuck me! He did just that! I slipped his dick inside me and started hammering me with it. Pushing my legs back and leaning into me that they were touching my own chest! It was only a couple of minutes before he came, but he sure worked me good doing it. He quickly pulled out and flipped me over, bringing off the bed so my ass was sticking in the air. He dipped his fingers into my pussy and then into my ass! He was going to ass fuck me too!.......He stroked his cock until he was hard again and then sunk into my ass, if I had been awake i would have been screaming at such a loud level they would have heard me in the next state. How in the world? I mean, theres no way I wouldn't wake up........I stopped watching for a second and thought, what could have happened.......then it hit me, James had made a big deal out of telling me that he made the best ice creme floats and that I just had to let him make me one. I had agreed. Did he slip me something, he had to! I looked for the monitor that watched over the kitchen, but then remembered that I didn't have the tapes running then....damn it! That had to be it though, he slipped me something and then he fucked me silly.

Watching him ass fuck me again, my pussy started to throb.....damn it, I was getting hot from watching this kid rape me! What kind of sick fuck am I? There was no mistaking it, I was getting hot and wet and in the back of my mind, I could hear the deep dark voice inside me that was telling me to do it again. To run out there and find him and give him the best fuck of his life, I mean ride him until he begged me to stop! I shook my head from side to side, trying to not listen......but I couldn't ignore the burning inside me, I was not just getting wet, I was wet and my nipples were rocks wanting to have someone suck them and bit e them, Hard! I wanted to be used and fucked and treated like a slut! I could feel a deep desire for it.....all this while I watched him fuck my ass, slapping my ass cheeks at the same time. When he was done, he left me there, for a while, my used ass still in the air. It was almost 15 minutes later that he returned, pulling me back onto the bed into the position I woke in. I touched my cunt and found it to be almost dripping and the lightest of touches nearly through me into orgasms. Sitting back on the bed watching he look at me, sleeping, pulling at his semi limp cock, I could see myself sitting up and taking him into my mouth and sucking him deep into my throat, while his hands held onto my head forcing me to take him deeper. I could see this, almost as if it had happened. Instead he continue pumping away until he came again, his come hitting me on the chest and belly. I felt absently where it had hit me and sure enough I could feel the dried come on me.

I snapped back and looked at the clock, SHIT! 3:30!!! I had not only been fucked silly and missed the whole thing, I have also missed my flight! Now I was pissed! I stood up and without thinking stormed out of the bedroom to the living room, there he was asleep with a fuck flick still playing on the big screen. I almost started slapping him to wake him, when I realized I was still naked. I turned and hurried back to the bedroom, locking the door behind me. I threw myself on the bed and curled up and tried to forget it, but i could still feel the burning in me. I had to have some release or I would never relax. I reached for my side drawer and found my best vibe and looking at it, I knew that this time, my trusted friend would not be enough. I got into the top of my closet finding my "toy" box and pulled out a gag gift my hubby bought for me a few months before. I large, two headed flexible cock! This would be my friend tonight. I climbed onto the bed and leaned my shoulders into the mattress, forcing my ass into the air and opening me up as much as I could.

I sunk one head into me and started to quiver from it. I just couldn't do it! I couldn't hold myself up. Before rolling over I pulled the head out and shoved it into my ass hard! Biting my lip to hold back a light scream. With it in place, I rolled over and spreading my legs as far apart as I could, I rammed the other head home just as hard. I kept shoving it into me as deep as I could take it, trying to rub my clit at the same time. I finally stopped with the dildo and worked my clit over furiously......I came on the spot, letting each wave hit me like a truck and then rubbing it some more, to make it do it again. I did this until I littery passed out, big 2 headed dildo still in my cunt and my ass. When I woke a few minutes later i could barely move. I could still feel the hunger inside me and I knew that I wasn't through trying to calm the dark side of me. I just didn't know what I was going to do about it.......

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