tagText With AudioSeduce Me, Master Pt. 04

Seduce Me, Master Pt. 04


Seduce Me, Master Pt. 04, "Anything for Love"

This file is a continuation from the Seduce Me, Master 03, a hypnotic erotica to be used with headphones or earbuds to get the full induction and program effects. This audio is different from the others in the series; it has multiple inductions and a long deepener. This audio has elements of mind tripping, fictional fantasy and indulging the mind into the journey more than other audios in the series.

Listening to the complete audio will accomplish the deepest level of programming. This hypnotic audio is for entertainment only and is total fantasy, do not drive or operate any heavy equipment while listening. Listen at your own risk, this is for entertainment only,



''Seduce Me, Master 04, is a continuation from Seduce Me, Master 03 continuing the journey into understanding the slave heart. Have you ever wanted to feel a strong deepening love for your Master? This is the Sandman, the bridge between you and the Ghost Master. To please the Ghost Master, and gain the opportunity to beg for his collar you will be required to learn the Greeting Ritual. The Ghost Master has conscripted me to train an intelligent, creative, imaginative girl like you to learn the behaviors of a slave heart, to fall deeper into understanding, and acquire the mindset of a truly obedient and willing slave. As with Seduce Me, Master 03, you will earn another "Letter", to be added to the imaginary tattoo.


I know that many girls request the long play audio, where it puts them into the deepest relaxed state. Like all programmed trances, the effects will diminish over time, and if a girl wishes to maintain the deep level for other audio's in the series, more frequent listening sessions are required. The program is unique in the fact that it has multiple inductions and a strong deepener, If you don't experience the triggered effect, not all inductions or programs work on all girls, but heavy sensual content is embedded throughout the audio, and will provide arousal and pleasure.



* * * * *

Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (68 min/mp3)

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/20/19

Master is training me too well

Fall asleep to this audio and woke up incredibly horny. Throughout the night I kept getting wet. No matter how many times I had cum, I kept wanting more....feel more like a slut every time I listens tomore...

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by Anonymous04/24/18

Just call me alice

What a gorge
ly ter

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