tagMatureSeduced by a 72-Year-Old Lady!

Seduced by a 72-Year-Old Lady!


I must admit I have read these stories with interest and occasionally one will say it is true and the names have been changed. I would say 'sure' and keep reading, until recently that is. What I am about to reflect in deed happened and I was not prepared or planning what happened. But I am glad about it.

It all started when I left work early one afternoon, on the way home I stopped at a local grocery store to buy some water and some lottery tickets. Being this is a small town it was not very busy (I live in a big city and work 25 min outside of town in a small farming community) I got in line and a older lady was in front buying lottery tickets. We made eye contact and I spoke and she proceeded to have a conversation with me telling me all about how she had just won a $100.00, and was buying 50 more.

Now I am no looker, I am 42 with a keg covering a six pack, married with kids and by the way Afro-American. Rose Lee, is 72 gray hair (White) looks better than the average grandmother who is 72. We continued to have small talk for a while as the clerk took forever giving her her tickets.

As we were talking I did noticed that she was well preserved had a nice cleavage and one of the middle buttons was undone, and I could see her lace bra. I tried not to stare but I kept being drawn to that spot as she continued to talk.

She told me her name Rose Lee and ask what mine was I told her Gene, she said she never knew a Gene before and why was I in town. I told her I worked there at the supply company, I was the general manager. The small talk continued until the clerk returned with her winnings and tickets. She said goodbye and left the store. I purchased my items and left the store.

I soon met up with her again in the parking lot. She was having trouble with her lock on her car, I ask if she needed some help she said if you do not mind. "I seem to always have trouble with the lock I need to have it repaired." It took a while but with some luck I finally got the door open. Then in, total surprise to me, she invited me to her home for some lemonade. I said thank you but no thanks, I have to get going. She said well if you do not want to drink with me let me give some money for your time. Politely again, I said no thank you.

She became a little miffed and said I have to let her pay for my time or at least come to her house for a lemonade drink she has to thank me some way. I reluctantly agreed to go to her house for the drink (eldely people have this need to pay a debt, I remember my parents telling me that) she said it was only 2 minutes from where we were at.

We arrived and I went in and looking around it was just as I imagined lots of county stuff and antiques. But what I did not expect was a fully stocked bar, and stocked with the good stuff. Rose chatted and gave me the lemonade she told me her husband owned a bar and she sold it when he died 10 years prior. But kept most of the good stock for special occasions.

Then my next surprise came when she started telling me about her husband and how he was unable to satisfy her sexually. It was not for the want of trying he just could not satisfy her. She said they experimented with all sorts of things; role-playing, dressing up, anal sex and even a little light bondage, but nothing seemed to work very well. She said it had been 14 years since she had her husband inside her and she said she did not miss his cock as that was the only one she had known. I drank my drink and listened as she continued talk of there relationship. Still to this point I was not interested or even looked at her that i would want to get into her pants I just listened.

She excused herself and said help yourself to a drink from the bar. I did, I did not want to seem rude and drink and run. She returned wearing a flannel robe, I could tell by the way the garment moved she had some lungs under there and they were not contained. She continued where she left off only now she was on the couch with me. To my surprise she told me she never thought she would be interested in sex again until she met me. She said I lit a fire in her and it was getting bigger and stronger by the minute. I must admit now I was becoming more comfortable with Rose, actually I getting turned on as she showed me skin from the open robe. Rose asked me if I would mind doing an old gal a favor. "What is it I asked?" Would you mind going to the kitchen and get me some more lemonade? "Sure, no problem," I got up and picked her empty glass, then headed for the kitchen. As I approached the kitchen I looked back at her sitting on the couch and wondered what it would be like to stick it to old lady.

I almost dropped the drink upon my return, Rose had changed positions and her robe was completely open for public viewing. "Set the glass down before you drop it," she said, and I did. "Now come over here and sit down". I sat down, and in a split second she reached over with both hands and started to undue my belt. I weakly tried to stop her and inquired what she doing. She said she just wanted to see if the myth was true that black men had big cocks because she was seeing a bulge. I told her that some myths come from fact and she would just have to accept that I was not going to prove or disprove a thing.

My third surprise came as she grabbed my swollen Johnson through my pants and started to squeeze hard. She looked at me and said firmly "this is the way it is going to work. I want you to kiss me." I did, but poorly. she squeezed a little harder, now kiss me like you want me. I did better this time and I enjoyed. "Now stick your fingers in my pussy," she commanded, I obeyed. I slipped one finger into her pussy. God! It slid in effortlessly, she was so wet and warm. I began easing my finger in and out of her. She began rocking her hips in rhythm to my thrusting finger but she never let go of my Johnson. "Put another finger in, but turn your hand around so your fingers are curving up wards inside me," she commanded, and I obeyed. I pushed the two fingers inside, and as they curved up her walls she moaned with pleasure. I was pumping them in and out before she stopped me. "Push your fingers all the way in," she said, and I did. "Feel that hardness inside?" She asked.

Yes," I choked out. Here I was fingering this hot old woman as she squeezed for compliance. "That's my spot, keep rubbing there and I'll cum in no time," she said, her voice full of anxious lust. So I kept rubbing the spot inside her and she began gyrating her hips. She let one hand go from my Johnson and spread her pussy so I had better access. I gave a little jump when she unleashed the two hand grip but she wrapped her old fingers around it tighter, to keep control.

Shortly she was bucking her hips and gasping for breath. I knew that she was going through the throws of an orgasm. I stopped pumping my fingers, and she screamed at me to keep going, I did. Soon she had stopped thrashing about, and she told me to remove my fingers, and likewise she removed her hand from my Johnson, and for some strange reason I missed feeling her vise like grip around my Johnson. "Well not bad for being under distress. now smell your hand," it was a fine vintage pussy smell. "Now lick your fingers, does it taste good?" "Yes" was my only reply.

"Follow me we do not have much time" she told me. I followed her to her bedroom and she disrobed. I must admit her body was not that of a 72 year old lady. She was not all wrinkled or varicose veins everywhere, I could tell she had a banging body in her younger days. She is still very pretty woman. She could have been a stripper but gave up her career for her husband. Her silver hair, curvaceous body, and large breasts made her a vintage package to lust over. She had a long tongue, great legs and a determination that does not quit. However, I could tell she was very lonely woman.

"Well what are you waiting for take your clothes off, and join me on the bed." I removed all my clothes except my underpants, I sat down on the edge of the bed and then removed them. Just as i was turning to lay on the bed she pulled me down and was on my chest straddling me asking could I use a snack? I told her I like sweet things. With that she mounted my face and I did what a man should do. I ate the whole thing. While I was eating I played with her breasts they were heavy and smooth.

Rose panted she was cum-ming. And cum she did as she cried out and she bucked her hips madly in another orgasm. She eased off my face and slid down so that our mouths met. She licked her cum from around my mouth and planted a big kiss on me. I tried to ease my Johnson into her but she would not cooperate. "Not yet big boy" as she started her slide down.

She stopped when her mouth reached my Johnson. I tell you she sure knew what she was doing she licked, teased, blew and tried to suck the meat off the bone till I was ready to explode. Then she stopped "not yet, you have to fuck me good" she said as she rolled off and moved next to me and layed on her back.

I recompose myself and guided my Johnson to her cum ladened hole, as i neared she brought both hands to her pussy and pulled the pussy lips apart exposing her dripping hole for me, making it an easy target. I guided it toward the inviting opening and pushed easily in. She moaned as the length of my Johnson filled her. I pushed in to the hilt and pulled back, so sensitive, so slowly. After a few more of these slow thrusts she commanded me to fuck her faster, "not yet" i told her. I slid in and out still ever so slowly. I was going to enjoy for awhile. "faster, I need it faster please oh Gene faster" She was so wet, so smooth. She hugged my Johnson as I pulled out drawing me back in. I grabbed her and began pumping her for all I was worth. she clawed my back with her hands. I found out that Rose loved getting fucked fast and hard the best.

The pace was not too much for me, and it was a long while before my orgasm hit me and I flooded her pussy. I began slowing down because i was not ready to cum yet. But Rose would have none of it, she commanded I keep going fast and hard. I could tell she loved what i was doing to her and she was doing for me, she clamped her pussy muscles tight, drawing me in.

Shortly her own orgasm was upon her and she began bucking her hips again, I was thrusting into her madly, our skin was slapping loudly together. She screamed out loud with the orgasm, and I continued to pump away at her delicious pussy. She cried out again as another orgasm hit her, and yet another. I came like I was 19.

I slipped out of her, my cum and her cum dripping and running from her gaping pussy like a leaking faucet. She asked me to lay down, and I did. She then straddled my face with her legs and pushed her dripping and leaking pussy toward my mouth. Very reluctantly I began to lick at her trying to avoid the mixture of juices. She lifted my head into her pussy and ground it in. This was a first for me to lick a pussy after i had filled it with my cum. She turned took my hard Johnson in her mouth and began sucking me hard and deep into her throat. I had never tasted my own cum, never really had a desire to, I likened it to being gay. But here I was licking my cum out of this old womans pussy, it was mixed with her juices and I found that I loved the sweet taste and began eating her like there was no tomorrow. I snaked a hand beneath her and found her clit and began rubbing the little bud. She moaned while she continue to play and suck my Johnson with her warm mouth. I came one final time in her mouth, and she swallowed my whole load, it wasn't as large as my first. Finally she came for the last time that day, and when I finally got out from between her legs my face was soaked with our juices.

"Thank you, Rose," I said "No, thank you, for helping me" she corrected.

She sat up to my inquisitive eyes. "Let me hold you in my arms," she asked.

We lay that way for another half hour, not saying a word. Finally, Rose spoke. "Gene, I will never be able to thank you enough. You have brought me back to life. And, you have resurrected old wonderful feelings of lust. I shall always be indebted to you."

I smiled a smile of satisfaction.

I thought my sex life had ended. Now I see that it has just begun. I have you to thank for that."

The afternoon ended quickly after that. Another drink, some intimate and fond farewells, and Rose returned to her life and I mine.

However, we did and have met again.......

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Twas a long time

I am Angel, just 73 years of age and still live on my own in my own little house. I have been a widow now for nearly nine years. My husband died from a heart attack and we married when I was 27, he wasmore...

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Hot dang!

My gosh, quite a story! Thank you for a good read!

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