tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 01

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 01


Seduced By An Entity (A Mini Series)

Cheyenne decided to spend the first day back swimming when a bottle nosed dolphin came up to her talking in dolphin language and trying to get Cheyenne to follow him.

"Ok boy show me what's wrong." She said as she held on to his fin where he took her to another dolphin that was injured.

"oh no, it's bad boy." She said to the other one who must be its mate. Cheyenne laid her hand on the wound as a white light appeared around the area where her hand touched healing the wound. Both dolphins gave her a ride back, they waved good bye to her dancing backwards in the water. It made her feel good to be able to help them. When she got back to the shop she over heard two women talking about how someone is hurting the dolphins and leaving them to die, so far ten had been killed. Cheyenne went back to where she found the hurt dolphin as she laid her hand where it had laid she saw two young teen age boys doing this for fun.

"You boys are going to be taught a valuable lesson" she said to herself as she located the boys on a small boat, Cheyenne turned her self into the sea hag where she floated above the boat where the boys were to scared to move.

"you're the ones who have being hurting my creatures of the sea, now you must parish!" she yelled trying not to laugh. Both boys were pleading with her not to hurt them.

"I will let you meet their big brother and know next time he will eat you!" she said as she had a huge whale jump out of the water the boys both were screaming.

"We will never hurt another living creature! We promise! just please don't let him eat us." They begged as tears ran down both of their faces.

"This is your only chance the next time you will be in your watery graves." She told them then vanishing.

Cheyenne arrived back to the shop she told the women what had happened who were laughing when the boys came into the shop. "We want to know what do dolphins eat?" The one boy asked.

"Fish, go down to the docks you can get some there." Tammy told them trying to keep a straight face.

That night every one sat out on the patio over looking the ocean watching the lights glitter in the night laughing at how Cheyenne taught those young boys a valuable lesson. Fredrick decided to make an appearance.

"Don't you people leave forwarding addresses?" he asked as he seemed to illuminate more in the darkness. "What have we done to deserve your presence here?" Aggatha asked him agitated that he was there around them.

"well not to see you dear woman, no I heard of this hot little witch who was murdered here after killing her husbands and lovers, I thought I would go check out the place she is haunting and perhaps spice up her haunting if you know what I mean?" he said smiling wickedly. "Unfortunately we know exactly what you mean." Cheyenne told him smiling.

"Have fun." She told him as he flew off into the darkness.

Hank decided he was going to turn in for the night that he'd see Cheyenne when she came to bed. Hank fell to sleep as he tried to stay awake for her. In his sleep, he began to dream of a beautiful dark haired woman floating into the room with him. She joined him in the bed teasing him with soft kisses, no matter how hard he tried to dissuade her advances he weakened giving into the lust. He ran his hands over her full breast feeling the harden nipples between his fingers, she sat on top of him riding him slowly, driving him crazy with desire as he grasped her hips moving them harder down on his body exploding in a passion from the lust of this beautiful creature. She whispered in his ear.

"I will return tomorrow night to pleasure you again." Then disappeared from sight.

Cheyenne came to bed it startled him from his dream it felt so real, when Cheyenne made an advancement towards him he kissed her good night.

"Not tonight baby, I am really tired." He said rolling over and going to sleep. Cheyenne looked at him strangely he had never been too tired to make love to her.

Turning her back to his she lay staring into the darkness. Now that Tammy had won Roger she was going to try even harder to make it work with Hank. Now it seems she had waited to long to make it work. A tear trickled down her face thinking of Roger with Tammy.

The next night Hank arranged to go to bed before Cheyenne not being able to get this black haired beauty out of his mind. Once again as soon as he fell to sleep she appeared in bed with him where he took her in his arms kissing her lips, neck and breast, then taking her with his every means of passion in his body, pinning her arms down to the bed as they both exploded again in a heat of passion. She left as he asked her what her name was. She just looked back smiling. Cheyenne came to bed and he pretended to be a sleep as he thought of this black hair beauty that seemed to be possessing him. Cheyenne awakening the next morning to find him standing out on their bed room balcony she came up behind putting her arms around him. Quickly he made up an excuse to get away from her afraid she would sense his sexual dreams.

"Hank tell me what is wrong with you?" she asked him following him back into the room.

"Nothing I just haven't felt myself lately." He told her not looking at her.

"I think I am going to stay home today and just lay in bed." He told her.

"Alright if that's what you want to do." She told him as she dressed to go to the shop. Wearing a red tank top, matching red shorts and white sneakers. She had her hair up in a bun on top of her head. Cheyenne left and he laid in the bed closing his eyes when he felt her presence in the room the lavender smell of her hair. Hank opened his eyes for now he was not sleeping and she was with him in the bed kissing him softly as he took her with a hot heated passion, he made love to every inch of her body.

Cheyenne walked in on the two of them seeing her husband making love to an entity with such passion , feeling the rage build inside of her without even thinking changed into her warrior uniform causing the wind to howl as it blew around her so strongly, her hair flying all around while Hank was still unaware of her presence she blew up the seductive entity using both of her hands sending her back into hells depths never to return and in one sudden movement of her hand had Hank pinned up against the wall . His face showed the fear that was with in him for he never saw his wife so insanely raged. She actually glowed a brilliant light, her face full of anger and hate at the moment.

"Cheyenne please let me explain what happened." He begged of her. Cheyenne quickly moving her hand smashing up him against another wall." And to think I mourned for you! I was going to give up my very existence because I blamed the high council and you betrayed me for a she devil!" she said as she slammed him on the floor." I gave up my happiness to be with you!" she screamed thinking of Roger.

"Oh and you never cheated on me? You didn't have a child by a demon?" he yelled at her feeling he had just made the biggest mistake of his life for his powers were no match for hers. "you son of a bitch!" she yelled jerking his body up off the floor and in front of her as her teeth were gritting as she spoke." At least when I screwed the demon he looked like you! I thought he was you! and when he tried to lure me with his temptations I fought it! Unlike you who enjoyed her! Rejecting me! Something I never did to you!" she yelled slamming him into the wall for one last time as she vanished from the room.

Hank was beside himself. What had he done? He quickly dressed appearing at the shop but Cheyenne had not shown up, he searched all over Jamaica but she was nowhere to be found. He went to Roger the one man who knew her longer and probably better then he did. After telling Roger of the she-devil, the spell she had on him until Cheyenne blew her into smithereens, how he threw Gore warrior in her face.

"You have really messed up Hank, first she was tricked into believing that he was you and every time after his deception that he tried to seduce her she fought him off until she thought you were dead. She only gave in to him because she no longer cared about life without the man she truly loves." Roger told him getting aggravated with Hank self pity.

"Christ she killed her own son when he killed us!Yeah I think you lost her." He told him feeling not an ounce of sympathy for Hank.

"You know her better then anyone please go find her and talk to her?" he asked Roger the one man who Hank did not want him near Cheyenne.

"I'll go, but if you get me vanquished because she is that furious I will make sure you join me buddy." He said smiling as he vanished knowing the one place where she would go to when she is hurt, it was the same place she went when she found him cheating on her. He appeared at the inlet in Pompano Beach, Florida where she sat on a bench in the darkness crying her heart out as the light house light turning into the darkness.

"It is still beautiful here isn't it?" he asked her startling her.

"Roger what are you doing here?" she asked wiping the tears from her eye's with a tissue.

"You have to promise not to hurt me when I tell you ok?" he asked her. "I promise there is only one person I want to hurt." she said looking at him with rage in her eyes.

"He sent me to find you because he didn't know where to look. I of all people should know since I put many a crack in that beautiful heart of yours," he told her as he sat down next to her.

"He purposely stayed home today so he could be with her!" she said as the thought angered her making the winds becoming strong.

Her tears flowed down her face as she looked into Roger's Eyes.

"He would not touch me for three days! There was always an excuse why he didn't want too." She told him leaning her head on his shoulder as she cried.

"He told me it started as a dream and it got to the point where he could not resist or fight it, he did try at first." Roger said in Hanks defense.

"For what five lousy minutes he resisted the slut? Then he couldn't resist?! Well if he wants her now he'll have to go join her in hell! If I see him right now that's where I will send him!" She said crying even harder as Roger held her as she cried.

Sniffling and being practically blinded by her own tears. "it's expected of a man like you to cheat, but I never thought Hank would betray me, shove me away from him, at least you would come home still finding me attractive and you still seduced me! By the way, thank you for always showering before coming home to me. " She said blowing her nose into the handkerchief.

"What do you want to do?" he asked her.

"I haven't decided yet. What do you want to do go back to Jamaica? I am going back there, just not right now, maybe never." She told him.

"I'd ask you to make love to me right here and right now to get back at him, but I would only be using you and that would not be fair to you." He said with her head on his shoulder watching the light from the lighthouse hitting the water.

She took his hand looking him in his eyes, with her other hand pulled his head down to meet her lips. She kissed him passionately, and then she stopped.

"It's not right is it?" she asked him looking back out on to the water as tears filled her eyes.

"You're at a very fragile state of mind. If we made love tonight how would we be tomorrow morning after you have calmed down and then you will hate me telling me I took advantage of you Cheyenne." He said not wanting to cause her any more pain.

"Could a man resist my seduction?" She asked her self as she raised herself up and across Roger kissing him lightly, licking his lips. She placed them in a Hotel room on a bed.

"Can you resist me?" She asked through tears," Can you resist my temptation?" She asked sliding his hand under her shirt on her breast. "Do you want me? Can you resist me?" she asked as she sat on top of him." Am I irresistible?" she asked crying.

"Cheyenne for you this would just be a grudge fuck and nothing else." He told her feeling his cock getting hard.

"You know I can not resist you, but I do not want to hurt you ever again." He said lightly touching her tears with his finger tips.

"It would not be a grudge fuck at all!" She said as she took her shirt off exposing her breast to him feeling his hands on her, his lips on her neck moving down to her breast. She moved her body in slow circles, teasing and licking his lips until they exploded together, she cried out.

"I love you Roger!" Calling Rogers name out with her whole body and soul. They made love all night until they fell to sleep exhausted.

Hank sat watching the star crossed lovers.

"God Cheyenne what have I done?" for not only could Hank see and hear everything between her and Roger he saw and felt what she saw when she walked in on him and the entity . he felt when her heart was ripped in two.

"Cheyenne I am sorry I broke your heart." He cried in his hands. He would not sleep in the bed for that was where he destroyed Cheyenne. He slept out on the couch.

The next morning Cheyenne woke up next to Roger gazing down at her." So do you hate me this morning?" he asked her for his worse fear was for her to end up hating him because Hank couldn't resist some entity.

She began kissing him lightly on his lips. "Not at all Roger you have helped me to make up my mind. I am not married to Hank in the mortal world he is dead and in the supernatural world it was never recognized. Soooooo I am free for my soul mate to come and claim what is his." She said smiling at him kissing him." Why don't you wake me up?" she said going under the sheet fondling him and then smiled up at him with a huge smile

." well something is awake now." She said smiling as he made love to her that morning before going back to Jamaica. Once back at the house he told her.

"Cheyenne you need a special man, but I will be here if you need a friend for any reason." He said smiling as he kissed her softly.

This stunned her for she was sure he still loved her, but perhaps now Tammy holds his heart.

"Ok... as long as we are friends." she told him touching his cheek softly not wanting to show her disappointment. Cheyenne ran up the stairs to the bedroom. She blew up the bed as Hank stood on the balcony causing him to spit out his coffee.

"Cheyenne you came back home." He said smiling at her. he was happy to see her.

"Cheyenne I feel so terrible, I felt your pain last night, and how I caused your heart to break." He told her as he walked up to her.

She looked at him with content. "Shut up Hank! ." She told him, as she was upset that she waited to late to go back to Roger.

"Can't we work this out?" he asked her looking deep into her eyes.

"Its always I who gives in and forgives you over hurtful words, you some she devil because you took me for granted! So we are no longer married since your dead in the mortal world, our marriage was never recognized in the spirit world so we are free to see who we want, when we want and I am looking for a man who only wants to seduce me and only be seduced by me." She told him as she pushed her body up close to his.

"You really need to move your things to another room now." She told him in a whisper that sent chills down his spine.

That night Cheyenne and the other six single witches were going out. Cheyenne wore a white sequined shirt that ties in the back with just a thin string, with a matching short skirt that outlined her body with matching heel's, she wore her hair up in a French twist with two thin pieces that were slightly curled around her face. She wore diamond studded earrings, a white diamond tennis bracelet.

"looking good there old girl." She said smiling at herself in the mirror.

The other six witches dressed identical to Cheyenne but in different color's of red, blue, burgundy, silver, dark green, and a deep purple. They looked at each other smiling.

"We look hot and when asked we will tell the men we are a variety pack. " She told them knowing that Hank was listening to their conversation.

After the women left Roger walked up to Hank.

"giving her up that easy?" he asked him.

"I thought you were my friend instead you took her to bed!" He told him angrily.

"well stop blaming everyone else and put the blame where it belongs!" he yelled at him.

"now get dressed we're going to the club and what ever you do don't give into temptation if some gorgeous bitch tries to pick you up! And don't cause a scene when she rubs other men in your face, you are going to have to win her back, court her, and marry her in this world." He told him.

"She blew up her wedding band set." He told Roger.

"So you'll get new ones since you will be starting a new life together." Roger told him.

"now let's get ready to go." Roger and Hank dressed to go out to the same club as Cheyenne and the other witches were going to as well. Roger prayed Hank would screw up things between him and Cheyenne, then he could take her as his wife.

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