tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 20

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 20


They were all preparing to go to the manor where there would be a witches ball held in honor of Aggatha’s birthday she would be three hundred years old. She was dressed in a long white satin gown with a high collar trimmed in lace, long sleeves and heels they had her seated at a gold throne with black velvet cushions, this way she was able to see everyone dancing.

All eight witches each wore tight fitting strapless gowns with sequins. Mystic Shadow wore black, Mystic caster wore a red gown, the other six wore either dark green, gold, dark or light blue, dark purple, or a light violet with matching heels and long formal gloves, The six witches wore pearl necklaces with matching earrings and bracelets while Mystic Shadow and Mystic caster wore diamonds.

All the warlocks wore black tuxedos with black dress shoes; their shirts were white with small ruffles and black bow ties.

Mystic caster and Lightening caster were waltzing on the ball room floor as Mystic Shadow and Murkcaster watched their little girl all grown up, they were truly proud of her.

Fierce caster asked for Mystic Shadow to waltz with him. He looked deep into her eyes, “You are my world you know this right?” he asked her placing his finger softly over her lips.” Wait let me finish, I love you Cheyenne, and one day you will be my bride because we are soul mates and are meant to be together.” He told her as she laid her head on his chest.

A single tear trickled from her eye. “Oh Roger, I have never stopped loving you through all of these years. My heart has been aching for you. “She told him looking up into his eyes.

Roger gently kissed her lips not caring that Murkcaster was watching them and fuming.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion leveling the manor with everyone inside.

Mystic caster tried to look around, but everything was all black, she kept hearing a female’s voice calling for Patty, she slowly opened her eyes, a nurse with blond hair stood over her smiling.

“Welcome back patty, you’ve been in a coma for nine months. We were hoping you’d come out of it after the birth of your son today.” The woman told her.

“Son? Where am I?” she asked feeling sore.

“Sweet heart you just gave birth to my precious grandson.” A woman with red hair and green eyes told her standing next to the nurse.” You gave mama a fright when you went into that coma right after you got pregnant.”

“Mama? What are you people talking about?” she asked not knowing who this woman was.

“Well here’s your hubby he can tell you all about it.” The nurse said as she stepped a side so her husband could stand next her bed.

She looked at him in shock not believing what she was seeing or hearing as she looked at Chadwick standing there. He leaned over kissing her lips.

“Patty you gave me the scare of my life when you went into that coma.” He said kissing her again.” but the doctor told me you would come out of it as soon as the baby was born and you did sweetheart.” He said smiling down at her.

“Here is your son Patty.” The nurse came into the room holding the infant then putting him in her arms.

She looked down at the child, he was very precious, but this woman was not her mother, her mother was Mystic Shadow, her father was Murkcaster who vanquished Chadwick and she was a powerful witch herself. What is going on? she thought to herself.” where is my father?” she asked the people standing around her.

“Honey your daddy Alex died three years ago don’t you remember?” her mother asked.

“No I don’t remember, my mother’s name is Mystic Shadow, my father is Murkcaster and he killed you!” she said looking at Chadwick.

“Well Chadwick looks awful alive to me.” Her mother told her laughing.

“You were probably hallucinating while you were in the coma. Now lets put this hungry boy on your breast so he can eat.” The nurse told her.

Patty could not breast feed, the nurse reassured her it happens a lot that mother’s cannot nurse.

Three months after being home, she still remembered her life as a witch and Lightening caster her love. That night Chadwick had her wear a sheer white gown showing every inch of her body. She looked as if she never had a child. He made love to her caressing her breast making her cringe when he touched her. He sensed she was not receptive of him, he tried everything to bring her passions out, but nothing happened. He took her roughly while she lay beneath him crying. He lay on top of her with his eyes closed breathing heavy from his orgasm. Maybe I did just dream all of that stuff about witches and warlocks she thought to herself. Closing her eyes, she remembered the manor exploding at the ball. Was it or wasn’t it real? She thought to herself as she fell off to sleep.

The next day she tried to use her magic, but nothing happened when she tried to levitate the lamp. She heard the baby crying.” God what is wrong with me? I feel nothing for this child!” she said aloud as she stood looking down into the bassinet.

“You will in time.” Chadwick told her standing behind her wrapping his arms around her waist kissing her neck.

“Why did I not have breast milk if I gave birth to this child?” she asked him.

“You’re starting that stuff again?” he asked getting agitated with her.” I don’t want to hear it anymore!” he yelled at her.

“Then don’t listen!” She yelled back at him.

Chadwick became enraged with anger when she yelled at him slapping her so hard across her face she fell to the ground. He grabbed her by her long hair dragging her to their bedroom throwing her on the bed; he jumped on her, sitting on top of her beating her with his fist. “don’t you ever talk to me in disrespect!” he yelled in her face getting up as he ripped his clothes off then tearing her pants off her throwing her on her stomach, he sodomized her. Her screams could be heard for miles. When he was finished, he dressed leaving the room. She laid very still, her tears stinging the cuts on her face from her beating.

Mother please! If you are alive or real, come and rescue me… please! She thought to her self-crying from all the pain. She saw a brilliant light glowing above her.” Mystic of light!” she whispered so he could not hear her.

“I would have been here sooner, but we could not track you they had cast a spell blocking us. Hold on sweetie your mother is coming. Let me warn you though she will be here as the Banshee.” She told her.” I will stay here to prevent any more harm to you child.” She told her.

“The baby is it mine?” she asked.” Why is mother a Banshee?”

“She is warning them of the impending deaths to come… theirs.” She told her smiling.

“No. You have only been gone for three months when they blew up the manor that is a demon in the bassinet.” She told her putting up a force field around the bed so no harm could come to Mystic caster when she heard the wails of the Banshee coming.

Chadwick ran into the room hearing the wails getting closer, it was penetrating his ears, his eyes were glowing red.” Make it stop!” he demanded in his true demonic voice.

“Go to hell!” she yelled at him sitting on the bed.

When he tried to jump on top of her again he received electrical shocks knocking him to the floor just as Mystic Shadow dove through the window with a high pitch wail that was shattering glass in every part of the house and the small town the demons had recreated. Mystic of light joined Mystic caster on the bed; she had made the force shield sound proof. Mystic Shadow stood over him in a long silver dress, her hair, skin everything was silver, her eyes were lined in a dark gray, and her lips were a bluish gray as she leaned over him screaming her earring piercing scream in his face. She stopped screaming, looked back at Mystic caster bruised, and bloody being held by Mystic of light. She turned back to him, she screamed so loud it began to shake the house. Her rage made her screams louder then before, her body began to spin faster and faster rising up in the air as she turned into Mystic Shadow fully dressed in her warrior uniform, the other warriors were going from house to house destroying any and everything demonic in the town the demons had recreated.

Mystic Shadow dropping to the ground on her feet grabbed the demon Chadwick off the ground with her two hands holding him by the collar of his shirt.” Beat me mother fucker!” she yelled having her face inches away from his. She began beating him first with her fist until his face was pulverized; jumping into the air she kicked him with her feet sending him flying into the wall.” You like beating women? You like beating my daughter?!” she yelled using her magic spinning him so fast in the air and with all her might and anger blew him up. “I Mystic shadow send these demons to the one who feeds on them!” she yelled still feeling rage with in her she went to the babies bassinet where it laid with glowing eyes hissing at her , flying up at her with fangs to attack her. Mystic Shadow sent it into the wall so hard its body smashed with one quick movement of her hand she blew it up. Mystic Shadow turned to see the red haired woman who pretended to be Mystic caster’s mother.

“You stupid bitch why don’t you try me?” the demon yelled turning into her true demonic form unaware who the witch was she just challenged.

Mystic Shadow smiled.” give me all you got! You slime ball from hell.” She told the demon.

The demon charged at Mystic Shadow with her fangs and long razor nails, missing Mystic Shadow when she vanished causing the demon to smash into the wall.

Mystic Shadow appeared behind her. “Hey bitch!” she yelled into her ear.

The demon turned to her trying to grab her when one of her nails cut her arm. “That’s it! You just went and pist off the High Priestess of the white light!” she told the demon as she looked at her cut.

The demon changed back into the woman’s form.” Please I did not know it was you, please don’t destroy me.” She begged.

“You knew you slime balls kid napped my daughter though! Thought your spells would keep us from her! But hey ok, I will let you live.” She told her walking away shrugging her shoulders.

The demon could not believe she was going to let her live.” Thank you Mystic Shadow. “She told her relieved that she would not be destroyed.

” on second thought, I don’t like you.” She told the demon using her powers to the max blowing her up. “Oops I lied.” She said with her hand up to her mouth and a smile on her face as the demon exploded.

Soon all the warriors were at the house in the room with Mystic caster there must have been forty of them when her mother walked into the room. “Mom!” she cried running to her mother. Mystic Shadow held her daughter tightly in her arms; both were crying as well as all of the other witches, the warlocks had tears forming in their eyes watching the reunion.

“Where is dad, Uncle Roger and Uncle Saunders?” she asked.

Mystic Shadow looked at her daughter.” Their watching football.” She told her as she adjusted her top of her warrior uniform clearing her voice.

Mystic caster had a look of shock come over her face. “oh.” She replied.

Mystic Shadow began laughing.” They will be here when the surrounding areas are demon free before we leave.” She told her daughter hugging her. ”we need to work on your humor though.” She said teasing her.

“What about the explosion at the Manor?” she asked her mother.

“There wasn’t any. They planted that in your mind, they removed your powers, but they will return when we are out of their demonic town, the one thing they left was your telepathic communication because they didn’t know about it. I kept waiting to hear something the first month, when I did not hear anything I became more and more worried for your safety, we searched the world and we kept coming up empty handed even though we destroyed plenty of demons along the way. Then this morning when I heard you ask me if I was alive or real to please come rescue you.” She told her placing her hand over her mouth kneeling down on one knee as tears spilled from her eyes and down her face holding her head down as she cried.” that’s… when I knew my little girl… was still alive.” She told her looking up at her daughter as tears streaked her face standing back up Mystic caster grabbed her mother.

“Oh how I love you!” she told her holding her mother tightly crying.

”and I never want to experience that feeling ever again. Not knowing where you were, if you were safe or being tortured. I kept talking to you hoping you would hear me.” She told her.

“That’s why I could not forget you like they wanted me to.” She told her. “So why a Banshee mother?” she asked her.

“They would be expecting the warriors of the white light, but not the Banshee who warns people that death is coming. So I figured it would be appropriate to warn them that we were going to destroy them.” She explained to her.

“How loud is the actual scream of the Banshee?” she asked her mother.

“I will show you.” She told her transforming back into the Banshee as she wailed the scream of the Banshee.

Mystic caster quickly covered her mother’s mouth.” Ok mother I understand why Mystic of light put up the sound barrier.” She said turning her head side ways trying to clear her hearing.” by the way the look of the Banshee is not for you.” She said laughing.

Mystic Shadow had not transformed into herself as the rest of the warriors appeared with Murkcaster, Fierce caster and Light caster, The men looked at Mystic Shadow with strange looks.

“I hope your changing back to your normal look.” Murkcaster asked. “I’d hate to go to bed with that every night.

Mystic Shadow opened her mouth to wail when Mystic caster covered her mouth.” Mother no! please the ringing just stopped in my ears.” She told her smiling.

Mystic Shadow transformed back to her normal self as Murkcaster grabbed his daughter hugging and kissing her. When he placed her down Fierce caster and Light caster grabbed her, hugging her tightly. Lightening caster walked up behind them. Everyone stood silent as they watched the two lovers coming together. He touched her face lightly seeing the cuts and bruises on her face and body, tears formed in his eyes.” I am so sorry. I have been so scared that I would never see you again.” He told her taking her gently in his arms.” I love you with my heart, body and soul Mystic caster.” He told her kissing her gently on her cut and swollen lips.

“I love you too, your face kept coming into my memories, I knew you were my true love.” She told him touching his face.

“Will you marry me?” he asked her with his charming smile, his blue eyes looked like they were sparkling.

“Yes I will marry you.” She told him as tears ran down her face.

Lightening caster turned to Murkcaster and Mystic Shadow.” I am asking for your permission to marry your daughter your High Priest and Priestess Murkcaster and Mystic Shadow?” he asked them feeling very nervous.

“What do you think Mystic Shadow?” Murkcaster asked his wife.

Mystic Shadow looking serious at the two of them.” I don’t know about all of that now.” She told them looking very stern seeing their hearts dropped.” can’t you two just shack up? It would be less of a head ache then a wedding is.” She told them trying not to laugh at their surprised expressions.” Of course you have our blessings and our permission to join together in the Holy union.” She told them smiling as tears came to her eyes.

Mystic caster grabbed her mother hugging her.” Oh thank you! For a moment I thought you drank to much Banshee juice.” She told her teasingly.

With a look of joy and excitement, Mystic Shadow began to jump up and down like a child. “They have Banshee juice? Ooh, I want some! Can I pleeaasseeeeee? ” Mystic Shadow asked smiling at her daughter. Mystic caster shaking her head at her mother as they all vanished going home.

Once they were back at their home Aggatha hugged her grand daughter as tears of joy filled her eyes. “Thank the heavens your ok.” She told her kissing her cheek.

“She will be perfect in just a few moments.” Mystic Shadow told her taking her daughter to her room.

“Lay on the bed baby.” She told her, Mystic Shadow laid her hands on her daughters body, a light began to glow over her daughter as the cuts, bruises and swelling disappeared.” now you are healed.” She told her kissing her forehead.

“Thank you mother.” She told her as they left the room joining the others arm in arm happy to be reunited again.

Mystic Shadow and the seven witches prepared the arrangements for the engagement party for Mystic caster and Lightening caster. Using their magic they had her trying on tight fitting gowns, loose fitting, ones that looked like it was the Queens of England from the 1800’s. Finally, they came up with the perfect one, a pearl white gown that had very thin straps, matching gloves and heels. The witches then trapped Lightening caster having him in different tuxedos when they decided he looked better in the plain black, a white shirt, a black bow tie and black dress shoes. Mystic Shadow decided not to use the manor since that was where they kidnapped her daughter. Suddenly Fredrick appeared before her.

“Your not suppose to be here!” she told him in a firm voice.

“Mystic of light gave me permission; I have an offer for you.” He told her feeling he may be blown up at any minute by a warrior thinking he was still evil.

“What is it that you want?” she asked seeing a drastic change in him.

“You could use the family’s French castle.” he told her.

“We have a French castle?” she asked him.

“Yes, if you come with me I will show you.” He told her.

“Alright let’s go and this better not be some trick.” She warned him as they vanished.

When they appeared in front of it, Mystic Shadow was in awe of its beauty. They walked inside it was so huge everything was still in place as he had left it two hundred years ago. It was dusty with cobwebs hanging from the chandeliers, the stare banister and the corner of the walls. She stood in the middle of the room using her powers she cleaned the whole place.

He was pleased to see his daughter happy; I only wished I could have been there when she was growing up. he thought to himself. He took for granted the simple things like a daughter’s hug, something he will never experience. She turned to him as she heard his thoughts; walking up to him using her magic she made him solid for the moment. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I forgive you father.” She told him with tears in her eyes.

He cried in her arms. “Thank you my child.” He told her holding her tightly.

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