tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 19

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 19


Three months had past since their battle with Karlin, Mystic caster and Lightening caster had grown very close and were planning a week in Hawaii to seal their relationship as a couple. Everyone was sitting around in the garden discussing the couple’s trip to Hawaii when they noticed that Norma was sitting very still in her favorite rocker near the different colored roses.

“Norma?” Mystic Shadow asked walking over to her sitting so still in the rocker. She touched her hand knowing she had past on. Mystic Shadow dropped to her knees putting her head on the woman’s lap as tears fell down her face. “Good- bye my old dear friend.” She told her rising to her feet. “We need to prepare for Norma’s funeral.” She said wiping the tears away that streaked her face.

They all gathered around Norma and the men carried her body to be prepared for the services at mid night. Murkcaster who blessed her, lighting of the candles by him self and Mystic Shadow, held it. Then they asked if her soul could join the warriors of the white light. Mystic of the light appeared to greet Norma’s soul.

“Are you ready Mystics mortal?” she asked smiling as the bright light radiated through out the room.

“Yes, I am ready to join you and your warriors with such pride for being one of you.” She said as she looked as she did when she was only in her twenty’s.

The two white lights soared around the room then vanished as everyone watched the beautiful occasion take place. Murkcaster and Mystic Shadow were walking home when they saw Mystics mortal rocking by her favorite roses. They smiled as they stood in front of her.

“Hope you don’t mind me dropping by every so often to look at my pretty roses.” She said smiling up at them, she glowed so brightly.

“Come by anytime.” Mystic Shadow told her.

“Well I have to get started with training.” She told them and vanished.

That night Mystic Shadow held Murkcaster close to her lying in bed. When they appeared on an island with a TikKi bar that served juices and fruits. They looked around at the torchlight’s around the area, it was beautiful.

“Why are we here?” she asked him looking around at the beauty of the island.

“I thought you brought us here.” He told her looking at the long white sheer gown she had on flowing in the wind, her hair flew just as freely.” nice outfit, very sexy on you.” He told her smiling.

“You look very native in your short green wrap.” She said looking at her husband exchanging glances.

“I brought you here.” an English speaking man told them from the bar. He looked very handsome in his white long sleeve shirt that fit him loose and black slacks, his hair was coal black and in a ponytail, his eyes were so blue that they looked like ice.

“And who are you?” Murkcaster asked the man who was making love to his wife with his eyes.

“Well if you must know, my name is Alex and every few years we bring couples here to test their love for one another.” He told them.

“Ok how is it you test us?” Mystic Shadow asked feeling as if he was undressing her. Even though he did not have to with this gown on.

“Well you will spend a few days with me and your husband will spend a few days with my wife Alana.” He said pointing to his wife who had on the identical outfit as Mystic Shadow. Her hair was long and dark brown, big brown eyes and a body that was very tempting to any man.

“You’re out of your minds!” Murkcaster told him looking at the woman.

“Don’t trust your self Murkcaster?” he challenged him.

“I trust myself.” He told him.

“You had better give me proof before I blast you, your wife and island into tiny pieces of yesterday.” Mystic shadow told him.

When Aggatha appeared.” it is a test child.” She told her.

“Well this is easy for me to pass.” she said looking at the man smugly.

“They are to give you full body massages, intimate dinners, and to seduce how ever they wish.” She told them. “If you lose you will forfeit your place as High Priest Murkcaster. Mystic Shadow was born into her position it can not be taken away just your place and he becomes High priest.”

“This is crazy!” Mystic Shadow yelled.” He will never be High priest! I will never be his anything!” She said giving Murkcaster a look of you had better not screw up.

The woman took Murkcaster by his hand leading him into a hut. She rubbed his body with oils. As the man did the same with Mystic Shadow who was complaining under her breath.

Mystic Shadow could not believe this was real as the man ran his hands sensually over her entire back, leaning over her.” doesn’t it feel marvelous?” he asked her whispering in her ear.

“I’ve had better.” She told him as he had her turn over massaging her body and suddenly she stopped him when it came to her breast.

” touch me and you loose your hands.” She told him smiling.

Murkcaster kept thinking of the time Mystic shadow just about killed him over the entity and was not going through that again.” That’s enough.” he told the woman getting up off the table as he walked out of the hut as he saw Aggatha’s image was still there when he walked up to it his hand ran through it. “It’s a trap!” he said pushing the woman down as he ran to the hut to find the man getting ready to spray her with a chemical. “It’s some kind of trap get up!” he told his wife. “I don’t know what you’re up too, but I am going to beat you until you tell me.” He said picking the man up with his magic. “This frightened the man who was very much human.

“Wait! I don’t know what you people are; I just know someone paid me and that woman to seduce you to break you and Mystic Shadow up.” He said as Murkcaster then lifted the woman up in the air. “If you want to live you will tell us the truth.” He told them as Mystic Shadow decided to scare these two mortal’s for being so conniving. Mystic Shadow rose to the woman’s eye level. “did they tell you we eat people?” she snarled at the woman while she transformed herself into the classic looking witch, green and ugly with long white hair , the black witches outfit. She floated over to the man grabbing his face and she stuck her tongue in his mouth grabbing his crotch at the same time. “Oh yes we will have fun before I eat you for my dinner.” She told him trying not to laugh.

“The mans name was Light caster!” he yelled in pure terror. Everyone was laughing outside. As they walked out side the seven witches, Light caster and Fierce caster were laughing as lightening caster stood by Mystic caster. “Happy twenty first anniversary!” they yelled. “You can let them down now.” Light caster told Murkcaster as he let them fall to the ground.

“I owe you for this one buddy since it’s your anniversary too!” he said as he had three gorgeous blonds on him and one very handsome blond man picking up Lindsey.

“Ok I get the message, lets enjoy our anniversaries.” He said pulling away from the women and grabbing Lindsey from the man.

They celebrated their anniversaries UN aware they were being watched by demonic beings who had been condemned to the island for eternity never leaving it. The witches and warlocks were the first living things they had seen in seventeen years since the last boat of tourist were lost at sea and landed on this island. The women were raped and tortured before giving into their demands for their souls to stay alive making their husbands watch their wives turning into demonic creatures themselves. They watched their mate’s pleasure the demons sexually. The women ripped their hearts out of their husband’s chest cavity for refusing to give their souls to evil. Now they had new victims and more souls to collect from this group of partiers, UN aware they were the warriors of the white light. They waited patiently as the first couple went exploring the island. Mystic Shadow told the two mortals not to go to far or they could end up lost. The demons followed them into the woods. Alex stopped, he pushed Alana up against the tree and he kissed her passionately running his hands over body , Alana dropped the gown she was wearing onto the ground. Alex began to disrobe when the demons watched them passionately kiss as they fondled each other’s bodies. The demons came up to the couple both the female and male demons. Alex raised his head from Alana’s neck being startled seeing them there. “Boy you guys don’t give up do you?” he asked laughing thinking it was the group of partiers playing a joke on them.

One of the female demons got on her knees and began to kiss him placing his hands on her breast.

“Hey I am all for a group orgy baby.” He said as he caressed her breast laying back as she straddled him.” Oh baby, you are good.” He told the female demon.

One of the male demons began to fondle Alana as she lay on the ground.” hello there .” she said smiling believing she wasn’t in any danger as the demon laid on top of her kissing her as he entered her body .Aliana moaned in pleasure.” Oh yes.” She whispered as he was giving her such pleasure.

The witches and the warlocks were all laughing when Alex and Alana came back to their group hand in hand. Murkcaster looked at Alex he could tell a difference about him.

“Something happen in the woods to you two?” he asked as he saw claw marks on their skin.

“No, we just got a tad wild.” Alex said smiling at Murkcaster.

Mystic Shadow looked at the couple thinking they looked a little strange since they returned to the group. She then noticed something moving in the bushes, but before she could say anything they were surrounded by fifteen demons and Alex leaped on top of her from across the table knocking her to the ground. The rest were also attacked by the demons.

“I give great massages!” he told her grabbing her breast when she threw him through the air with her powers.

Rising up from the ground she had changed into her warrior uniform removing his hands.” I told you if you touched my breast I would remove your hands!” she told him as he looked where his hands once were and now were just stubs squirting blood.” now kiss your ass good bye! ” She told him blowing him up as the other warriors were also now in uniform fighting the demons. They destroyed every one of them.

They all looked at each other to make sure they got them all. Mystic Shadow looked at Saunders.” Great party you threw, lets go home.” She said as they all vanished from the island.

They never noticed the six pair of eyes that were hidden in the bushes. They were the children of the male demon’s and the women making their off springs half demon and mortal. They would wait for new victims to happen upon the island. They did not know they were not trapped to the island as their demon fathers were. The oldest male Chadwick was nineteen, the oldest female Ursula was eighteen and pregnant by Chadwick.

“Others will come and we will continue the traditions of our parents.” He told his other siblings as he led them to their cave.

That night he dreamt of the beautiful witch Mystic caster that he was in her bedroom, he could see it so clearly, he had never seen anything except for the caves. She lay on her back wearing a white shear nightgown; he stood over her bed then kissing her lips softly. The feelings he felt startled him waking him from his dream.

Mystic caster’s eyes opened, she felt like someone had just kissed her, but she saw no one. She looked around the room; she had an almost eerie feeling that her room had been invaded by somebody or something. Convincing herself, she must have been dreaming of her beloved Light caster.

Chadwick who had his mothers features of a human was tall, his hair was red, his eyes were blue. Unlike his siblings, whose features were deformed looking. Only his eyes glowed during intercourse or if angered. He could not get the girl of his dreams out of his mind. There were times he could actually visualize her with water running down her body, she used something white and foamy on it. He would become aroused visualizing her nakedness, becoming agitated that he would never be able to touch her.

“I have to have her somehow.” He said aloud to himself.

“Who do you have to have?” Ursula asked him sitting next to him. She could see his arousal since they did not know about clothing.

She kissed him as he closed his eyes thinking of Mystic caster and took Ursula thinking of the beautiful girl he saw and now wanted more then ever.

Mystic caster felt at times she was being watched, but did not pay it any attention thinking it was her imagination. She went about with her normal life style preparing for her trip with Lighting caster to Hawaii. That night as she slept in her bed she dreamt of a tall red haired boy who was naked, kissing her softly, he had his hands on her breast and he began to assault her, trying to wake up from her dream, but was unable to stop the assault on her body. He raped her with brute force. Mystic caster still being a virgin could feel the pain when he entered her. She had never seen him before, but she could actually smell the stench from his body and breathe as he violated her body. She felt so helpless against him. This began to be a nightly attack on her by him. Tonight something happened to her, she began to feel urges that she never felt before. Her body moved with his, both of their breathing becoming heavier with each thrust of his body going harder and deeper until she moaned from the pleasure of the orgasm she had never experienced before. She opened her eye realizing she was not sleeping.

He gazed down at her with red glowing eyes “this is real.” he said out loud realizing somehow he had left the island. “I am free of the island to be with you.” He told her touching her face.

“Who are you?” she asked him as she got away from him covering up her body.

“I am Chadwick from the island that you were at when you destroyed my parents.” He told her wondering how he got here.

“So you come here and rape me in my sleep for revenge?” she asked as she put on her warriors uniform sending a message to her mother telepathically.

“No! I thought I was having a dream of you in my sleep.” he told her.” well until now.” He told her looking around the room.

Mystic Shadow appeared looking at the strange young man sitting on the bed naked.” what is going on?” she asked Mystic caster.

“Somehow he was dreaming and transported himself here. he is from that island. I thought for the past week I was dreaming of being raped by him and tonight he gave me pleasures that I could not resist and here he is.” She told her mother

“I see, you’re a demon?” she asked Chadwick.

“I am half demon and mortal my mother told me.” He said trying to explain what his mother told them as children. How they were lost at sea ending up on the island,” they had to choose life by giving their souls to the demons or die. The males chose death, but the women my mother told me were too cowardly and gave into the demons that impregnated them. They would mate with us as children, and they got pleasure from watching us children mating. We were suppose to be condemned to the island for eternity, but somehow I left.” He said looking at Mystic caster.” I now want to claim my mate to bare our children and serve evil together.” He told them boldly.

“I am not your mate!” Mystic caster yelled at him.

“We mated in the rituals for four nights and I tasted your virgin’s blood you are mine!” he told her walking towards her when Mystic shadow held him in the air.” No half demon is going to do anything with my daughter except die.” She told him through gritted teeth.” You raped her! You crept in here in the night when she was sleeping, the only thing you are getting is a good bye gift called being vanquished.

“I planted my seed in her belly she is mine!” he yelled as his eyes began to glow red.” She belongs to me now! ” He said sounding so demonic.

“Like hell she does!” Fierce caster said standing behind Mystic Shadow and blasting the boy with his powers.

“There are more on that island.” Mystic Shadow told him.

“Well I will take the warriors and finish the island off making sure no others wander off of it. Get her to the doctors to end any pregnancy that might have been started.” He said kissing Mystic caster good-bye and gently touching Mystic Shadows face with his fingertips.

Mystic Shadow summon for the doctor who delivered her children, the doctor arrived taking Mystic caster into her bedroom and injected her with a serum to interrupt any pregnancy that might be in progress. “You will not be pregnant if he did succeed in planting his vile seed in you.” She said patting her hand then vanishing.

The warlocks went back to the island finding the cave where the demon children were. They vanquished them and as they were vanishing Murkcaster blew up the island. Lightening caster understood about canceling the trip since her ordeal with the rape he was very patient.

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