tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 24

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 24


The warriors monitor the Furies on their large television screen.

Greg Standish a forty year old male with a college degree spent most of his time in and out of prison for robbery to support his drug habit. He had a wife and family at home, but the weekends he spent with his friends, he met while serving time in prison.

Frank Harding a thirty four year old male, who makes his money selling drugs to adults and teenagers, he is an abusive husband and father to his wife and their three small daughters, their ages are three years old, four years old and five years old. All the girls resembled their mother. Thin, long brown hair and brown eyes.

Tim Engel a twenty four year old male, who works in a grocery store, he is single and living with his mother. He spent four years for the rape of a thirteen year old girl

Mathew Tillinger a thirty six year old male, engaged to be married in two months, he owns a small lawn service business which most of his money goes to Frank for drugs. Spending most of his time in prison on drug possession charges.

Paul Kendall an eighteen years old male, unemployed makes his money selling drugs for Frank, lives with his older sister and her husband. Was sentenced to prison as an adult at the age of fourteen for the brutal beating and stabbing of his teacher who was six months pregnant. It was by the grace of God they both survived.

The men all looked similar in appearance, tall, thin muscular built, their hair shaved close to their heads, tattoos that supported the white supremacist. They all wore white T shirts, blue jeans with black belts and black army boots. Their only difference was their eye color which was either blue or brown.

As they sat drinking and shooting heroine into their veins, the more they shot up the more they laughed at all the people running for their lives.

“To bad for the ones who didn’t get away.” Greg said laughing.

” That one Japanese guy, he flew up in the air when I shot him!” he boasted as the others were laughing at the poor mans demise.

Six months had gone by, they were still killing, and not being caught, it became a game to them.

The three furies who avenged the deaths of innocents or family members gone unpunished take revenge on the criminals or a family member who was guilty of the crime. Their faces were pretty; they wore black and white paint on one side of their faces in the shapes of a star, half moon and a pentagram. Their bodies were perfect with wings coming from their backs; they wore a plan brown strapless mid thigh dress and brown slave sandals. Their hair was long brown dread locks and snakes wrapping around their bodies. Their bounty was the five men who had killed eighty people on their so called hunts and now they were going to be the hunted.

They stood silently at the foot of the bed of Greg Standish sleeping soundly next to his wife as the three furies planted the victims they killed in his dream. Greg was running from the victims down a long dark road their blood was squirting out of their bodies covering him, their screams of agony were loud and penetrating his ears . He woke his wife up screaming for them to stop! He held his ears sitting up in bed in a cold sweat from his night of terror.

“Tell who to stop?” she asked her husband.

“Them!” he yelled looking around the room seeing they were alone in their bedroom. His heart was pounding wildly. “I was dreaming.” He told her realizing he actually had worked up a sweat as if he had actually been running. Every time he fell to sleep he would dream the same dream over and over for a week straight. It got to the point he was too frightened to fall a sleep. When no one was home with him, the Furies would appear before him pointing at him. He thought he was hallucinating, he ran from the house as the Furies looked at each other smiling. Their work would soon be over, the first task was to drive their prey to insanity, and he was almost there. He began to avoid his friends as guilt began to consume his conscious. He was walking in the woods when he began to hear the screams again getting louder as if they were coming from behind him, he turned to look behind him when he saw the three Furies walking and pointing at him, the look on their faces were intense. The victims that the men killed were behind the three Furies screaming and pointing at him. He began running through the woods screaming as they chased him, he was unable to get away from them until he stopped at the edge of a cliff with a hundred foot drop, looking back at the Furies and the victims they killed and then back at the cliff. He chose death. The only ones standing at the cliff were the Furies looking down smiling at the dead mans body smashed on the rocks. His soul was taken away screaming by the spirit warriors of the white light to be delivered to the Grim Reaper where he would burn in hell for eternity. The Furies were successful in their hunt, and now they were off to catch their second one.

That night they appeared in the room of Frank Harding who had past out from all the drugs and alcohol after beating his wife and daughters so severely the children lay in their beds as their mother tried to sooth them. She feared they would wake the bastard up in the next room.” Please babies, I know it hurts, but we have to be quiet or he’ll wake up.” Their mother whispered fearing for their lives as much as she fought him back when attacking the children. He would hurt them worse if awakened.

“Why can’t he just leave us alone when we leave? Instead of making us come back home!” the five year old cried.

The furies over hearing their conversation would make this hunt more intense for they were also going to avenge his family for the abuse he put them through.

Frank lay sleeping, his daughters and wife was opening the door pointing at him.” Make him leave us alone!” they pleaded as he saw the victims they killed entering his room screaming at him so loud the glass in the house was shattering as they walked closer to him they began to beat him as their blood spurted out of their bodies covering his . He woke up screaming realizing he had been dreaming as he looked around the room; it was the same as it was when he had gone to bed. Rubbing his stubble hair he laid back down to have the same dream over and over each time he fell back to sleep. Once again, for a solid week he was afraid to go to sleep just as his friend had been before his death. He looked away when his family came into the same room as he was in, he would quickly depart the area. The three Furies stood before him pointing at him; he was the only one who saw the Furies. The screaming of his victims he could hear in his head getting louder and louder. He held his head; the screams were so loud it felt like his head would blow up! He ran out of the house screaming, his wife and children thought he had gone totally insane. He ran down the side walk seeing the Furies, his family and victims chasing him, pointing at him, he turned into an ally where a gang was standing waiting to rob someone.

They grabbed him beating him with bats and chains. He watched the Furies, his family and the victims standing and pointing with such intensity in their faces, the victims screams of agony getting louder, he scrambled to his feet looking around at all the people in the ally, he saw one of the members with a gun. He grabbed the gun sticking it in his mouth blowing his brains out. The gang members ran from the ally and the Furies stood over their victorious hunt. They watched the spirit warriors of the white light delivering another one of the five men souls to the Grim Reaper where they would burn for eternity side by side.

That night they stood at the foot of the bed of Tim Engel’s, he was dreaming of his ten year old neighbor. In his dream, he was raping and torturing her. His dream became filled with all the victims they had killed, chasing him through the store he worked in, screaming out from the agony of their deaths, the faster he ran the closer they got to him. They were grabbing at his clothes, cutting his flesh with their nails, he was screaming in fear of his life. People shopping in the store were oblivious to him as he begged for their help. The victim’s screams got louder and louder, the people stood around laughing and pointing at him being tormented and tortured. He ran out of the store down a sidewalk he became trapped by a brick wall that appeared from nowhere. The victims pounced on him dragging him down to the ground and their piercing screams busted out all of the surrounding storefront windows. Waking up in a sweat, his heart was beating so hard, he thought it would come out of his chest. He felt his back burning; when he reached around with his hand he felt a warm thick fluid on it. He went to bathroom where he saw the blood seeping from gashes in his back. Scared he looked around his room seeing nothing or no one. He sat up on his bed all night awake scared to go back to sleep. The next day he began to hear their screams in his head as he worked. He looked around to see if they were coming, but he saw nothing. That night he fell to sleep thinking he got the scratches from his bed some how. Once he had fallen into a deep sleep the dream started again, and ending the same way, only this time his gashes were across his chest. He sat rocking back and forth on the bed crying, holding his pillow trying to block the voices out of his head.

The next morning he showed his mother the cuts on his body, she did not see anything there, only he did. The voices were back screaming in his head. He could not stand it. He saw the three Furies standing beside his mother as she cooked breakfast pointing at him. “Look don’t you see those creatures standing next to you?” he asked frightened.

“There is no one here, just us Tim; you haven’t any wounds on your body.” She told him in a calm voice. She feared he was suffering from a mental break down.” Sit down and eat your breakfast like a good boy.” By the end of the week he was totally insane. He sat in his living room listening to the screams. He would sit and just cry holding his ears to try to drown out the sounds that were driving him crazy. He saw the three Furies and the victims coming for him, he ran to the bathroom locking him inside. He heard them banging on the door, he coward in the corner hiding his face and head with his arms. He heard the door breaking away. He feared what they would do to do him he grabbed the sharp edge razor slitting his jugular vein. Before he died, he only saw the three Furies smiling down at him and that the door had never been broken in, then he saw darkness. His soul was taken away screaming by the spirit warriors of the white light and delivered to the Grim Reaper, joining his friends to burn in hell.

That night they went to their fourth preys house, Paul Kendall high on acid, he looked at the three Furies trying to attack them with a knife, they brought in his victims screaming at him, he was yelling and swinging his knife at them, he woke up his sister and brother in law who saw nothing in his room. The Furies kept him in this state of mind to quicken the kill. By the third day, he left running out of the house, screaming to the top of his voice as he was being pursued by the Furies and his victims to an eighteen-story building. He ran to the roof crying, he looked down at the street below and back at the Furies and victim pointing at him, he cried the anguish that his victims and their families felt. He jumped to his death right in the path of an eighteen-wheeler. The Furies watched as his soul was taken away like his other friends.

Mathew Tillinger knew there was more to his friend’s deaths then just committing suicide and whatever got them wasn’t getting him. He left to go to the cabin where he’d be safe since no one knew about it. He sat alone in the cabin drinking his bottle of whiskey, he envisioned his friends sitting there looking as they did at their deaths, Frank with his brains blown out, Greg whose face was smashed in from hitting the rocks, Tim with his throat slashed and blood gushing out, Paul’s whose face was half torn off and one of his arms dangling. They all sat around laughing as they did the first night of the killings. Except for Mathew he knew he could not escape from whatever killed his friends.

“You’re not getting me!” he yelled when he saw the three Furies pointing at him. “You’re not real! Fucking get out of here!” he yelled hearing the screams of agony from the victims and the only ones who left were his mangled friends. “Stop the screaming!” he yelled. It got louder and louder as he tried to drown them out. He took six sleeping pills to make him fall a sleep to escape them, but all this did was trap him from waking up as the Furies, and the victims were chasing him along with his friends through the woods. They were telling him it was his turn to pay as they did. All night he heard the deafening screams, running and running, but always ending up back in the cabin standing in front of all of them.” Nooooo!” he yelled as the pills wore off of him. He began to come out of the sleep, but the voices of his friends demanding that he join them in hell, the victims screaming in agony and the Furies standing in front of him pointing. He ran out of the cabin to his car jumping in it and leaving. The faster he drove the louder the voices and screams got, he looked in his rear view the creatures pointing at him were gone. He turned the music up to drown out the voices and screams in his head, but they drowned out the music. He felt as if his head would explode any second from the throbbing. “Stop it! Please!” he yelled and suddenly it became quiet. He drove the rest of the day and night until he had to pull over to sleep.

He was back at the cabin, the voices and screaming it was starting all over again! He woke up to silence in the cabin; he had to escape from here before they came back. He ran to his car driving out on to the high way when he saw three sets of feet hanging down from the hood of the car. The creatures were on top of his car now. The voices and the screaming began to start all over again. He floored the gas paddle as the car was swerving all over the road when he looked in the rear view mirror and in the back seat were the Furies pointing at him! “No! You’re not getting me!” he cried out as fear filled his body. The voices and screams kept getting louder and louder in his head.” Make it stop!” he cried out as he was losing his mind. The Furies remained in the back seat pointing at him, his driving becoming more erratic when he saw all the victims and his four friends standing in the road walking towards the car, the car swerved going over the cliff bursting into flames as the Furies watched standing at the top of the cliff smiling as his struggling soul trying to escape the spirit warriors who led him away screaming. They were taking him to be reunited with his friends where they all were screaming from burning from the flames of hell.

There weren’t any words spoken between Mystic Shadow and Murkcaster the next morning after she spent the day at the carnival with Knight Shadow, Murkcaster left to go work out without even a good bye. Rain caster came to her.” There is news of a port hole to another world that the demons are using to come through.” He told her.

“Where is it? I will go check it out. ” She told him.

“You hardly look like a demon; if they catch you they will destroy you.” He told her.

Mystic Shadow transformed her look having long black hair, a tight fitting long black dress, slit to her hips, a plunging neck line that hardly covered her breast, black spike heels, her eyes lined in thick black liner, her lips silver lips lined in black, her skin was so white it looked gray with long black nails that curled.

“Now that is scary looking.” He told her as she looked pure evil.

“Take me to the entrance.” She told him as her voice had even changed to pure demonic.

He took her to the port hole worried about her being alone. They were UN aware that it closes in two hours where she would be stuck inside of the other world for twenty four hours when the port hole would open back up. Stepping inside she realized it was a town that the demons had taken over. She was back in the eighteen hundreds. She walked along the side walks where the demons were raping the women, witches and warlocks torturing the towns people when a very large demon, his skin was red and scaly, his eyes glowed yellow, his ears resembled wings, horns protruding from his head. His arms were long with long yellow finger nails.

“You have never been here before, who are you with?” he asked in a demonic voice

Smiling seductively at him “I am Feora, I was told to come here to seek shelter from the warriors of the white light.” She told him as she looked his body over.” You are quite a large demon.” she told him smiling as she touched his chest and stomach lightly with her long black nails.

The demon looked at her body as he was falling into her seductive trick to make him believe she was evil. He ran his large claw like hand over her breast.” Come with me to pleasure me if you are truly who you say are.” He told her as he leaned over running his snake like tongue over her lips and breast.

She was dreading him touching her, but she wanted to stay alive until she could get back to bring the warriors in to destroy these demons torturing these mortal. They went inside of a large house where she saw female witches mating with demons and the warlocks were pleasuring themselves with the female demons, when they past one room she saw a witch giving birth.

“She is giving birth?” she asked.

“Yes to a hybrid half demon and witch.” He told her. “We will be more powerful in winning our war. Both of their powers combined together.

“Wonderful.” She told him smiling as they entered a room realizing how powerful Alex would have been if she too had been evil.

“The human women do they give birth as well?” she asked as trying to prolong the inevitable.

“yes, but those are the weaker demons, I don’t wish to discuss this , instead I wish to do this!” he told her as he ripped her clothes off throwing her on the bed and attacking her first as a test, evil would thrive on it.

When he reached his pleasure he began licking her with his reptile tongue, she could feel he was still hard, he licked her breast then laying on his back she straddled him, only he had her sit on his chest so he could watch when he orally pleasured her to make sure she was not faking it, a true evil witch would not. She began to feel pleasure as he was causing her to become aroused, finding herself desiring him. Moving her body down she took him inside of her moving slowly until she reached her climax, her eyes began to glow. Mating with this demon made the scar on her hand began to burn. It glowed as Gore warrior’s evil blood was taking over her, the witch that turned into a wolf its attack on her infected her with its evil blood through the bites and cuts she received. She had turned into Feora, her memory of Mystic Shadow was gone and the Queen of Darkness born.

The witch who was in labor earlier delivered her child, the infant was taken away from her by a warlock who would take the infant to an adoption agency to be adopted by mortals. Hundreds of these infants had been adopted to unsuspecting parents. Making the dark sides attack and possessions quicker with the white light warriors unaware of these half demons, witch or warlock infants being adopted all over the world. She left the room with the demon still lying in the bed. She began to stalk the streets looking for a mortal to attack when she saw a male mortal who was built, he was young, black hair, blue eyes, he walked fast down the road to avoid being grabbed to impregnate another repulsive demon when she grabbed him by the throat forcing her tongue in his mouth and pushing him into a dark alley shoving him against the wall. She placed his hands on her ass.” You want me?” she asked licking his neck placing her hand down his pants.

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