tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 25

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 25


Selena the witch of seduction would hunt out married men who normally would never think of betraying their wives, the thought of adultery was distasteful to them. She was out to destroy any true love since she was thrown away by a mortal man she fell in love with centuries ago. She was going to make all the mortal men pay dearly for her pain. Once she seduced him with her spell of lust she would make sure their wives discovered their affair, most of the time catching them in the act. Selena would make him become obsessed with her being oblivious to his wife, even when his wife caught him making illicit love to Selena he was blinded by the witches spell. She would arrange the killing of their wives so he had the guilt of destroying the only woman he had ever loved now forever gone, along with the spell she cast on him of lust. Left only with the knowledge of her death, the adultery he had committed. This would cause him to go totally insane. She was beautiful, she had long red hair, her eyes were blue, and she wore clothing that fit tight on her perfect hour glass figure revealing her large bust. She walked down the side walk hunting for a husband to destroy when she saw a husband and wife kissing each other good bye in front of a real estate office he worked at. Smiling for she could feel the love between them, she decided she needed a house. Walking inside wearing tight white pants, a white shirt that fit tight with a very low cut neck line revealing, with white spiked heals. Smiling she walked up to him noticing that his eyes was on her breast as her nipples could be seen under the shirt since she was braless.

Sounding very seductive touching his brown tie and smiling." I am interested in a really large house. Do you have a large one I might enjoy?" she asked smiling at him seductively her red lips looked wet.

"Yes, I do have a large one, a large house I mean that you might enjoy." He told her." we can go see it now if you like?" He asked her not being able to take his eyes off her body.

"Well then lets go." she told him smiling taking his arm into hers making it easier to glance down her top which he did feeling an urge coming over him.

Once in the car she leaned close to him as he was driving her breast rubbed against his arm, touching his leg with her hand and running her long red nails up his thigh making it quite known she was coming onto him. Inside the house she walked in front of him knowing he would not be able to help noticing how perfectly round her ass was. She walked next to him when faked tripping knowing he would grab her in his arms; she looked up at him casting her finale spell of seduction through her eyes.

He was tall with black hair, stocky built, he wore a cream color dress shirt, brown dress slacks and dark brown dress shoes, his eyes a light green. He moved his hand under her shirt yearning to touch her breast bringing her mouth up to his, he began kissing her passionately, and he never felt a kiss like this before. He slowly undressed her looking at her perfect body. He disrobed and took down to the floor as they pleasured each other with the fire growing inside of their bodies and her spell on him becoming stronger over him. Not once did his wife cross his mind while he was with this seductive witch. After they reached their climax of the lustful passion he laid there, the guilt started to take over his conscious for the betrayal to his one true love.

"We better go now." He said dressing quickly.

She smiled feeling his pain was just beginning." sure, when are we going to see each other again?" she asked him smiling.

"We're not." He told her avoiding her eyes.

"What you fuck me? And dump me?" she asked angrily.

"I am married to a wonderful woman! Hell I don't even know your name!" he yelled at her for being angry with him self for giving into cheap lust.

"Did you forget you were married when you put your hand under my shirt?!" she asked him yelling as if she was the innocent victim.

"I apologize for that. I have never been with another woman in twenty years except for my wife." He told her feeling bad now that she thought he used her.

"Well my name is Selena and you are?" she asked still acting like she had been used.

What could it hurt to tell her my name? He thought to himself. "I am John Phillips and I feel really bad about what just happened here between us." He told her hoping it would help her not to feel so bad.

"Oh I see I am not good enough. I suppose you have others who are!" she told him looking angry.

"There were never any others except for you." He told her trying to make her feel better, but it seemed anything he said just made it worse.

"Just take me back to the office please." She said making tears appear in her eyes making him feel even worse.

On the way back to the office she sat crying. Knowing he felt like the dirt she wanted him to feel like. "I am surprised you didn't ask me how much I charged!" she told him crying even harder.

"I didn't think you were a prostitute Selena. "He told her as he drove the car.

"Just a common whore that's all!" she said really playing the tear scene.

"I am so sorry for what I did to you." He said feeling guiltier.

As they were getting out of the car she looked at him." Just remember every time you fuck your wife she is fucking me too!" she told him walking down the side walk.

That night when his wife met him at home he felt guilty for having sex with Selena. When he kissed her hello it was different now that another woman's lips touched his, there wasn't that feeling he felt with Selena. That night as he lay in bed with his wife, Selena cast a spell for him to feel the lust again as he did earlier in the day as he remembered the wild passionate sex with her. He became aroused thinking of her large breast and the sweet taste of her hardened nipples as he slowly licked them hearing her low moans, the way her body moved on top of his. He started to kiss his wife thinking of Selena, he ran his hands over her body, but it was not like Selena's with large firm breast, Brenda had small breast. Closing his eyes he asked his wife to get on top of him recreating the sex with Selena moving in a circular slow motion teasing him until he was in the fantasy with Selena forgetting it was his wife that he exploded in such a powerful orgasm." Se-Lena! "He screamed out her name exploding in such a fiery passion.

His wife's eyes held the hurt and betrayal as he looked into them. She jumped off the bed.

" who the fuck is Selena?" she asked standing in the middle of the room naked as he looked at her small framed body, her short brown hair.

"No one my brown eyed girl." He told her trying to smile as he realized he really screwed it up this time.

"You called me Selena! Where did the name come from then?" she asked him as tears ran down her face.

"I said Brenda." He told her trying to cover the best he could.

"Are you trying to tell me I am crazy? That I imagined hearing you call me Selena?" she asked as she pulled on her jeans and sweat shirt.

"No baby, but I don't know a Selena." He lied knowing the truth would end their marriage of twenty years." please come back to bed, if I said it I don't know why I would say it." He lied again trying to get her calmed down

she looked at him suspiciously as she undressed putting her gown back on, she got back in bed turning her back to him falling a sleep. Selena crept into his dreams floating into the room in a long red sheer night gown, her hair flowing as she floated in caressing her breast, as he dreamed she masturbated calling his name." John, oh John." He dreamt her pulling back the covers as she began to give him oral sex. He could feel her moist mouth with those wet red lips on his hard organ as his hands were going through her long red hair , his body moving in his sleep, the orgasm felt so real, saying her name in his sleep as he exploded in a massive orgasm waking up calling out her name. He realized his wife had left.

after watching her husband dream of this Selena having sex with her , watching his body move, his hands moving as if they were running through her hair . She knew by his motions he must have been dreaming of her giving him oral sex. She got up quietly slipping out of the house, driving off in her car crying that her husband was being unfaithful to her. She checked into a motel room where he would not be able to find her.

John pulled on his pants to search the house for his wife finding her car gone, he knew she had left. He drove the streets searching for her but she wasn't at any of her friends or families house when he saw Selena walking down the street in a very short red dress with matching spiked heels, he came to a screeching stop, he felt anger towards her as he jumped out of the car he ran up to her grabbing her by both of her arms he began to yell at her." You're ruining my marriage! Why won't you leave me alone!" he yelled as he looked at her face full of fear.

"I haven't done anything! I was walking down the street minding my own business when you grabbed me!" she told him as he had her body pressed up against his.

"My wife left because I called out your name having sex with her thinking of you! Because I dreamt of you giving me oral sex." He said calming down realizing she must think he was crazy.

"So it's my fault that you seduced me in an empty house? It's my fault that you desired me and fantasized that it was me you were making love to? plus it is my fault that you dreamt of me giving you oral sex to pleasure, you?" she asked him as he was holding her tighter to his body his breathing becoming heavy with desire for her.

"I can't stop wanting you." He told her kissing her passionately running his hand under her dress finding she was not wearing anything under the dress. He licked her breast pushing her up against the car. "I want you damn it." He told her taking her right there up against the car as people drove by watching the sex show until he exploded inside of her. He could not get enough of her and he decided to take her to his house.

He carried her up stairs into the bed he shared with his wife making love to her caressing her breast as they moved together, she rolled him over. "Let me make your dream come true." she said going down on him until he called out her name so loud it could be heard through out the neighborhood. She continued to perform oral sex so she could make him become aroused again so she could ride him slowly feeling his hands over her entire body until they exploded together in a massive orgasm. Feeling she had him under her spell completely there was no returning from the hell she had created for him. she sat across his chest with her hand between her thighs moving her hips in a up and down motion pleasuring herself when he could no longer stand to watch it for she was driving his lust far out of control he pulled her closer pleasuring her with oral sex something he would never do with his wife. He made love to her the entire night until the sun came up.

"This is the kind of sex you only read about." he told her kissing her with his hand on the back of her head.

"I better go now." She told him kissing him good bye as she made sure she left enough of her long red hair around the house for his wife to find.

That night Brenda came home to find he was in bed where his thoughts were not of her, but of Selena, he was sexually aroused and wanting release of his sexual frustration. Brenda sat on the bed to talk to him when she saw the long red hair." I suppose this is my imagination too?" she asked angrily, but before she could get off the bed he had a dead grip on her arm.

He looked possessed as his eyes were glazed his teeth were clenched together as he spoke to her. "No it's not your fucking imagination! She was here all night pleasing me, something you have no knowledge of because you just lay there on your back! Well I want her again!" he told his wife ripping her clothes off of her, closing his eyes he thought of his beautiful Selena while he was raping his wife Brenda and calling her Selena. His kisses were passionate, his hands roaming her body as he became more violent." Suck me like Selena does!" he ordered her. He was half crazed out of his mind.

"No I will not!" she yelled at him struggling to get away from him.

John became enraged throwing her on her stomach raping her anally, not hearing his wife's screams, but only Selena's moans. "Selena I want you, I love you!" he cried as he had an orgasm.

Selena came walking into the room as John forced Brenda to stay as Selena joined them forcing the woman to watch her pleasure her husband orally as he held Brenda's wrist so she could not get away. She cried hysterically for she no longer knew her husband.

"I want your wife too." She said forcing her kisses on her mouth, this excited John even more watching her fondle his wife's breast, kissing and licking them. She made him force her to perform oral on her by beating her until she gave into his commands; he lay next to them touching Selena. Telling her how much he loved her and would do anything for her. They both raped her all night, her cries and pleads went UN heard by her husband as they were pleasuring themselves sadistically. He threw Brenda on the bed where he began raping her as he strangled her to death. Brenda laid dead in their bed, the spell of Selena was gone, as well as Selena. It was as if she never existed while his wife laid there bloodied from the brutal beating she received and the last words she heard spoken and took with her in death was I love you Selena. He had his wife's blood all over his naked body as he cried out a horrifying scream from what he had done to her. He literally went crazy sitting his wife up in the bed as if they were carrying on a conversation.

"I think we should both stay home from work today." He told his wife's corpse. "Good I am glad you agree with me." He told her kissing her bloodied and bruised mouth.

They remained in the house for two weeks, with him talking and cooking for his dead wife when the neighbors called the police from the odor coming from the house. They found his wife's body badly decomposed and John was fighting the police from removing her. He became so violent they had to shoot him when he grabbed one of the officer's guns killing him instantly.

Selena sat smiling as she sat in the park on a bench watching the happy couple who had been married for ten years, still in love with each other as the day they first met at the park jogging when he was looking behind him at another female who had just past him knocking her down on the ground as they collided for she was looking down at the ground, they have never been apart since that fateful day. He was a dark skinned African American; she was a light skinned African American mixed with Caucasian American. His pet name for her was brown sugar. Both were tall, he stood six foot two, weighing two hundred and sixty pounds of pure muscle. She was six feet tall weighing one hundred eighty five pounds her body muscle was toned, both were athletically built, her hair was a light brown, long and straight like her mothers. They both were wearing black sport shorts and white jogging shoes; he wore a white muscle shirt, while she wore a half white tank top. Selena changed into a pair of very short sport shorts, a red sports bra, with matching red jogging shoes. She began jogging behind them working her way up beside him.

"Hi I am Selena would you mind if I jog with you two some guys were bothering me." She asked noticing the first thing he looked at was her breast.

"Sure you can join us." His wife Alekka told her smiling so sweetly at her." I am Alekka and my husband Ken." She told her.

"Nice meeting you Alekka and Ken. Thank you for rescuing me." She said looking at Alekka first then smiling up at him with the start of the spell she had cast.

As they jogged Ken could not keep from sneaking looks at her breast as they bounced when she jogged, I'll bet they bounce during sex too. He thought to himself. What's wrong with me thinking like that about her? The more they ran the more he started envisioning her naked in front of him looking seductively massaging her breast. These were the visions she sent to him to see. Damn it I have to stop this before I get an erection! Scolding himself for his thoughts of Selena.

Alekka liked the woman for some strange reason." We are going to cook out at our house and swim in the pool your more then welcome to join us." She told her unaware of her husbands thoughts or the way he was looking at Selena.

"Sounds great to me." She smiled innocently as if she was unaware of the looks and thoughts he was having about her.

They gave her their address and phone number just in case she got lost going to their house. As the couple drove home he fantasized about her swimming in the pool naked getting an erection. Stop it man! He thought to himself. Once at their house they changed into their suits, his were a bright yellow matching her bikini when she suddenly remembered she had to go to the store for some food and drinks slipping a dress over her suit.

"I will be right back." She told him kissing him good bye.

As soon as Alekka left Selena rang the door bell to be greeted by Ken who looked at her standing in a white netted beach jacket she wore opened, a white one piece swim suit cut up high over her hips, the back had very little material revealing her rounded plump ass, the top had straps that snapped around her neck, cut into a v down to her navel exposing most of her large rounded breast. He felt himself getting aroused looking at her.

"Hello Ken, I think you're happy to see me." She said smiling looking at his pants seeing he was very much aroused. She walked past him and purposely touched his stomach softly with her hand.

Her touch made his desire rage for her as he walked up to her watching her remove her jacket seeing her hardened nipples through the suit. She looked at him hungrily with her eyes.

"Where is Alekka?" she asked as if she didn't already know.

"She went to the store for some things." He told her feeling like he was being pulled into her body by her eyes.

"I need something too Ken." She told him dropping her jacket to the floor; she approached him placing her hand in his trunks.

Before he knew what had happened he was on top of her on the floor ravishing her body, feeling sensations exploding with in his body as they rolled over kissing while she rode on top of him exploding into a maddening climax.

When Alekka came home they were sitting by the pool, she noticed her husband was touching her inner thigh. Putting down her bags she walked out to let them know she was home. "Hi, glad to see you could make it Selena." She said forcing a smile as her husband never looked at her once; he just kept looking at Selena.

"I am too that I made it here." She told her looking at Ken when she spoke.

"Well I am going to go start getting things ready. Ken would you help me?" she asked trying to get his attention.

"No, I will stay here with Selena to keep her company." He told his wife totally ignoring her.

She turned around fuming to go prepare the hamburgers for the cook out. When she looked out at them they were in the pool. She could not believe her eyes as he was behind her caressing her breast, her arms wrapped around his neck, their bodies were moving. She looked to see their suits on the ground. Dropping the meat on the floor feeling the tears burning her eyes she walked out to the pool grabbing the bowl of ice. Finding her husband having sex with this slut who invaded her house and her marriage.

"Oh you two will have to cook for your selves I am leaving. "She told them as they were next to edge of the pool totally oblivious to her; she dumped the ice over their heads which had started to melt." Thought you needed cooling off!" she yelled running from the pool area grabbing her keys to her car.

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