tagLoving WivesSeduced into Sin Ch. 3

Seduced into Sin Ch. 3

byRod Walloper©

"Well," thought Linda. "I hope we didn't push Lori too far too fast."

Yesterday, Linda, her husband Art and their neighbor Ed Wilson had given Lori a dual-penetration fuck. While Art had pushed his big cock in and out of her seething cunt, Ed had ploughed into her ass mercilessly. At the end, Lori had almost fainted as the two had sprayed their loads of cum deep inside her. Then Linda had licked out her cunt and taken her home.

Linda was sure she wouldn't see Lori again for at least a week, if at all. Then at 10:30 the next morning the doorbell rang. Linda was amazed and delighted to find Lori standing on the front doorstep in her dressing gown. In the past this had been the signal she was ready to fuck, and Linda quickly took Lori's hand and drew her inside. She shut the door and led Lori to the couch. Sitting down beside her, Linda began to softly stroke her hair as she gently caressed her arm.

"Oh, God, Linda," Lori whimpered. "I don't know what's happening to me. After yesterday I thought I would never come here again, but all morning it's all I could think about. What's happening to me?"

"You're learning how to be a complete woman," Linda answered. "There are so many more things I want to teach you. So many things yet to do." And Linda whispered in her ear as she continued to stroke her arm, told her of the cocks she had yet to experience and the acts she had not yet performed. She spoke of terrible things and Lori felt her pussy juices seeping down her thighs as she listened. Linda's hand went to the sash at the waist of the dressing gown and undid the knot. She pulled the garment open until Lori was naked on the couch. And all the while she continued to whisper in Lori's ear, telling her of the things still to come. The deeds yet to be performed. And as she spoke she brought her hand to Lori's full breast and began gently tweaking her nipple, pulling at the already hard little nubbin of flesh and rolling it between thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, yes," sighed Lori. "I want to learn it all. I want to do it all. God, I need somebody to fuck me right now. Please make me cum."

Linda softly kissed her. Lori felt her lips pressed apart by Linda's sweet-tasting tongue, sliding moistly between them and into her mouth as her hands continued to caress her aroused, swelling young breasts and began stroking her with intimate touches that were rapidly stimulating her young body. She felt them move down to possessively cup and massage the slightly quivering mounds of her rounded buttocks, cupping the firm flesh.

Lori gasped with erotic delight as the older woman's hands continued to caress her soft white buttocks, spreading them apart to slip between and lewdly stroke her tight little puckered anus with a gentle finger. She felt the growing moisture up between her legs that had seeped from her aroused vagina and flushed pussy lips.

Suddenly, Linda's soft hands slithered down her rounded hips and smoothly tapered thighs as she lowered to her knees before her and began kissing the warm smooth skin of her inner thighs, working slowly upward to the sparsely covered, golden-haired lips of her now hotly tingling cunt.

Linda's eyes gleamed as they locked on the narrow pink crevice where already a tiny dewdrop of moisture glistened from the girl's building passion. Greedily, she flicked out her tongue-tip, swiping its fresh young deliciousness into her mouth, then she drew her hot, wet tongue from the point where the pink ribbon of velvety flesh joined the smooth cleft between Lori's lush buttocks, lightly tracing the thin coral line separating her desire-swollen vaginal lips up through the golden tangle of silken curls upward to its very peak. With her thumbs she spread the soft outer cuntal lips until the young newlywed's delicate pink clitoris came into full view before her, then she wetly licked at it, causing Lori to gasp out a choking moan.

Linda pressed her backward and Lori felt her fully rounded thighs being raised and pressed back towards her shoulders. She lifted her head to watch the beautiful older woman's face bury itself into her now nakedly exposed loins, her short brown tresses tauntingly grazing the silken flesh of her quivering belly as she began to lick and suck at her hot, wet cunt with a furious hunger.

Linda began sucking her tiny, sensitive clitoris and nipping at it with her taunting white teeth, sending violent spasms of lust spiraling through her. Then, suddenly, her searching tongue had moved downward and was sliding smoothly in and out of the hot, moistened walls of her vagina, wetly rotating around the thinly bearded edges of its elastic-tight mouth, slipping deeply up inside her again as her passage dilated receptively to the woman's love-making.

A shudder raced over Lori when she felt her obscenely spread buttocks being raised by the long, slender hands cupping the fleshy cheeks and she voluntarily held her own knees tight to her breasts as she sensed the hot tongue trail downwards through her smooth, hairless crevice to her tiny, sensitive anus. It licked with a mind-shattering wantonness that raised guttural moans from deep in her chest, then its tip pressed firmly between the baby-like lips of the excited little hole , penetrating only a fraction of an inch, even though Lori tried to help by relaxing her anal muscles to the fullest degree. And then, once more the deliciously wicked tongue returned to her inflamed cunt, darting up into her like a frightened little serpent and always flicking back to her quivering erect clitoris, while the pressure mounted in her loins.

And then Linda raised her head and smiled. "Come down and kiss me, you lovely little bitch," she hissed.

Lori immediately sat upright while Linda got to her knees between her still wide-spread legs. Obediently, she wrapped her arms around the woman's neck, planting her soft young lips on the moist mouth, tasting the flavor of her own pussy secretions there. The reaction of her aroused senses sent excitement coursing madly through her.

"Why did you stop," Lori asked plaintively.

"Now its your turn," Linda replied.

Lori's hand reach for the older woman's breast, cupping the full mound as she brought her lips to the erect nipple. She began to suck hungrily as she felt Linda's hot hand slide down over her smooth belly to her pussy, drawing a finger upward between the moist, flushed lips.

Linda quickly lifted herself and straddled Lori's prostrate form, moving up until her rounded white buttocks flattened the girl's erect, high-set breasts hard down against her chest.

Lori looked up at the beautiful face above her and remembered the pleasure the woman's hot tongue had brought her. She had never even considered such an act before, but now she wanted to!

Then, Linda was raising up until her wet, hair-fringed cunt was directly over Lori's excitedly gasping mouth, and she licked out readily with her tiny tongue, spreading the dark pubic curls, drawing it experimentally up through the length of glistening velvety flesh.

"Ooohhhhh yessss," Linda groaned passionately.

Lori reached up with trembling, eager hands to grasp tightly the smoothly flared hips, pulling her loins down closer as she laved her wildly flitting little tongue through the hot pink folds of her warmly secreting cunt, exploring her erect quivering clitoris and the seething moist walls of her cunt, her own desires continuing to build.

Wildly, Lori's growing lust burned inside her as she continued to lick and suck at the hotly moistened loins up between the older woman's beautiful wide-spread thighs. Her small hands clutched at the full, rounded buttocks, while Linda stroked her hands smoothly down over her own belly, salaciously parting the flushed, hair-lined lips of her pink cunt with her fingers on either side, exposing the inner folds of velvety flesh to the young girls' open, avid mouth and lashing tongue.

"Oh damn...damn," Linda choked in her passion as she noticed her husband Art had now appeared. "Get up on your knees and let me lie down," she exclaimed. "I want to watch Art fuck you from behind while you eat my cunt. Hurry!"

Something vague, yet important was trying to surface in Lori's mind. A memory of her husband Charlie flitted through, but she could no longer think intelligently. She merely stared in passion-filled desire, her wet, seething young pussy forcing her decision with its demand for fulfillment. She struggled to her knees between the beautiful woman's long, widespread white legs.

"Hurry...and lift that luscious young ass higher!" Linda rasped, and Lori did, raising her naked white buttocks high in the air.

"Come on, Art. Fuck her, baby. Fuck her."

Lori felt the sofa cushions depressed behind her, and as her softly hanging young breasts swayed beneath her chest and her belly quivered uncontrollably, she looked up at the beautiful brunette woman to see her eyes gleaming obscenely as she directed her husband back to her vulnerable white buttocks.

"Spread your legs wider apart! Wider, damn it!" Linda commanded. "Open that young cunt to him! Reach back and spread your cunt to help him," Linda rasped lustfully, as she watched with glazed eyes the reflection of the three of them in the hall mirror. She saw her own slender hand moving down between her obscenely spread thighs to lewdly work a probing index finger smoothly in and out of the blood-swollen lips of her moistly contracting cuntal channel.

With a sensual moan Lori reached back between her lewdly spread thighs, grasping the thick barrel of Art's cock, guiding the rubbery tip to the wetly lubricated mouth of her hungrily nibbling vagina. She moved it up and down several times to part the thin blonde pubic hair and immediately Art thrust upward, spearing her inflamed cunt-channel open wider and wider as he buried the long rod of thick hard cock deep up into her hotly squirming young cunt hole.

Linda watched in fascination as the thick rod of her husband's cock slithered forward with a wet smack until it was sunk to the hilt, his sperm-bloated balls swinging wildly into the softness below the young girl's pussy hair.

"Oh, God!" Lori choked out, her wide green eyes staring glazedly as the great cock began to fuck jerkily into her from behind while she watched Linda's several fingers moving sleekly in and out of her own pink, splayed cunt.

"Ooooohhhhh...oooohhhh...oooohhhh," she chanted in sensuous release, beginning to screw her lush young buttocks back with an obscene rhythm to meet Art's long strokes into her.

Linda watched in lewd fascination, her slender fingers pummeling the raw flesh of her own pussy, while her eyes locked on Lori's contorted face, enraptured by the supreme fucking Art was giving her. She watched her full, whitely quivering breasts dancing and swaying beneath her writhing young torso in time with the heavy length of cock fucking deeper and deeper into her from behind.

Suddenly Linda reached down and entwined her long fingers in Lori's honey-blonde tresses to lustfully press the passion-crazed girl's lovely face downward between her drawn-up, widespread thighs into the hair-fringed flesh of her burning loins, feeling the girl's hot, wet tongue begin to lick voraciously at the glistening, velvety folds of her widely splayed cunt...the lush softness of her ovaled lips sucking wildly at her erect, tiny clitoris. Then, the length of the girl's searing little tongue darted feverishly up into her clasping vaginal hole, slashing, swirling, sucking...while Linda felt her young, hot breaths coming in tight gasps against her sensitive inner cunt flesh, all of the time rotating her luscious white ass cheeks furiously, grinding them back onto Art's massive cock like a bitch in heat.

Linda felt her own climax about to erupt inside her from the beautiful mouthing of her screaming hot cunt that the ecstasy-maddened girl was administering. She tossed back her beautiful head in an uncontrollable spasm, wailing deeply as the bubble burst and waves of orgasmic pleasure rocketed through her insatiable loins and belly, causing her long shapely legs to jerk out spasmodically on either side of Lori's golden head buried deep between her quaking thighs.

Abruptly, Lori lifted her slackened face to cry out a guttural sound from deep in her chest. Her glazed green eyes grew round and wide as she cried "Oooohhh Godddd...I can't stand it! I-It's too much!...too much!" And her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh, her head tossing wildly from side to side, her long blonde hair flailing crazily as she began the first convulsions of climax, screwing her wildly undulating buttocks back onto the driving, long thick cock with wanton depravity.

Linda watched in the mirror as Art's cock fucked with savage fury into her insanely contorting buttocks from behind. Then, Lori shrieked and slammed her lush, rounded ass back against the assaulting cock with a desperate, frantic jerk as simultaneously Art thrust forward and his massive cock began to spew its heated sperm deep up into her desperately milking cunt with long hard spurts.

Again the blonde newlywed screamed, her smoothly tautened white ass cheeks beginning to contract convulsively while Linda watched the mirror to see the combination of thick cum seep from her tightly clenching cunt-mouth, which was still clasping and milking Art's slowly deflating cock, thin rivulets of the sticky white fluid running down the velvety sleek columns of her inner thighs. At last, she collapsed on top of Linda's loins, giving one last gasping sigh of release before fainting.

The victoriously smiling older woman ran her hand through the tangled mass of silky golden hair and smiled possessively down at her. "You luscious little bitch," she whispered to herself. "And that was just the beginning. Before I'm finished with you, you'll like pussy so much you'll beg to be allowed to eat all the women of our little club."

Lori awoke to find her face being tenderly sponged with a damp cloth. For a few seconds she remembered nothing, and then the sexual encounter blossomed in her mind and she gave a little groan as the memory of the lewd acts she had performed came back. Linda continued to nurse her until Lori had once again regained her strength.

"Now, sweetheart," said Linda, "It's time to move on to the next phase of your education. I want you to tell Charlie that Art and I have invited the two of you out for dinner on Friday night. Knowing his work schedule it's pretty sure he'll be unable to make it, but he'll encourage you to go. Tell him you'll probably be home late as we're going on to a jazz club afterwards. Do you own a dress that buttons up the front?"

"Yes, I do," answered Lori. "I have a pretty red dress with white buttons all the way up the front."

"Alright, I want you to wear that dress on Friday, with no other clothing. No stockings, no underwear. Just the dress and a pair of shoes."

"But I couldn't go out in public without underwear. People will think I'm a slut."

"No-one but Art and I will know. We're going to have a great adventure and I want easy access to your breasts and pussy while we're out."

The next morning Lori told Charlie of the invitation and, as predicted, he declined. "I'd love to, honey," he said, "but I'm just swamped with work at the moment. We're on a big project and I'll be lucky to be home by midnight. You go and make my apologies."

On Friday night Lori went to the Sampson house at 7:00 as instructed. Linda welcomed her inside and Lori admired the low-cut green gown she was wearing. Art looked handsome in an expensive suit and the three of them had a cocktail and then left for the restaurant.

Art had reserved a booth at one of the most expensive restaurants in town and they were led by the maitre'd to a secluded corner. They each ordered the house special turtle soup and salmon steak with asparagus spears.

As Lori sipped her soup she felt a hand working at the buttons at the bottom of her dress. Soon three had been unfastened and she knew that her dress was now open almost all the way to her crotch. Then she felt slim fingers sliding up the inside of her thigh. She almost choked on a spoon of soup as the fingers slid up to her pussy and began to gently tease her already swelling clit. She looked at Art, but both his hands were in sight. Then she looked to her other side to Linda and received a smile and a wink as two of the slim digits pushed their way into her already sopping cunt.

Lori tried not to move so as not to draw attention to their table as the knowing fingers continued to rummage around between her thighs, which had somehow spread open under the stroking of her pussy. Then Art took her hand and pulled it to his lap. She felt the thick barrel of his cock, which he had pulled out of his pants, and automatically she closed her hand around it and began to pump her little fist up and down.

Somehow, they got through dinner without attracting too much notice and Lori breathed a sigh of relief as the hand was withdrawn from between her legs and Art returned his cock to his pants. By now her little pussy was seething with unsatisfied need and she assumed they would now return to the Sampson house for a night of fucking.

As she started to re-button her dress Linda grasped her hand and said, "Leave it. We're going to the club now."

As they walked across the parking lot Lori's dress fell open and almost all of her thighs were visible. Anyone coming towards her would have got a clear look at her little blonde pussy. Fortunately, there was no-one else in the parking lot and she made it to the car without incident.

Lori sat between Art and Linda as they drove to the nightclub. All the way Linda continued to tease Lori, sliding her hand up under her dress and playfully tweaking her clit. By the time they reached their destination Lori was so horny that she asked Art if he would please fuck her in the car.

"Not now, honey," Art responded. "Wait until we leave here and then I'll take care of all your needs."

Lori looked around. They seemed to have come to a waterfront bar in a very seedy part of town. "Is this where the nightclub is?" she asked in a quavering voice.

"Change of plan," said Art. "We've decided to stop off here for a drink first."

Art took her hand with Linda close behind and led her to the door of the bar. As Lori's eyes grew accustomed to the dim light inside, she nervously looked around. It seemed that apart from her and Linda the only women in the bar were two waitresses, one about 35 and the other obviously a teen-ager. There were at least thirty men drinking and watching a football game on TV, most of them looked to be sailors from the merchant ships in the harbor.

As Art led Lori to a table at the back of the room thirty pairs of eyes fastened on the open bottom of her dress. They could see her little pussy peeking out of the open front as she walked by. When she was seated, the position of the table was such that her lower body was screened from most of the bar. Only the men sitting at the near end of the bar could see her legs.

The older waitress came and took their drink order. Linda had ordered double scotches for them. Lori was not much of a drinker and had never tried straight scotch before. She sat and sipped nervously as she looked around the room. Then she felt fingers pulling at her buttons again and as she tried to stop them Art reached and grasped both her hands and held them tight. Linda's busy fingers continued unbuttoning her lower dress until it was open to the waist. Then she flipped the material to the side so that the whole of Lori's naked loins were exposed beneath the table.

Once again Lori felt the skilled fingers begin to massage her swelling little clit and soon her hips were squirming on the seat as Linda brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Then the fingers left her clit and snaked downward until they reached the entrance to her cunt. Two digits immediately pushed their way inside and began worming about. Lori gave a little gasp as she involuntarily spread her thighs wider to give the hand greater access to her loins.

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