tagGroup SexSeduction, Inc. Ch. 2

Seduction, Inc. Ch. 2


Somehow she made it into the guestroom. Falling across the bed, she took deep breaths and forced herself to calm her racing libido.

Dinner was not really required. She had filled up on the fruit, cheese and bread. If she could relax enough in the shower, maybe she could just fall asleep.

When she got to the bathroom and turned the shower handle on, she suddenly found herself grinning. Mitchell had been teasing her for a week about trying their new guest room shower and having a demo installed in Seduction, Inc. Looking at the shower jets, she now understood why. It was a model that surrounded the bather with a total of seven different jet sprays – all guaranteed to hit the bather in certain strategic areas.

Eyeing the shower thoughtfully, she started ripping off her clothes. The way those two continuously teased her – it would really serve them right if she masturbated in their brand new shower.

She didn't even have to adjust the level of the sprays. It felt like the shower had been built for her – to hit all her erogenous zones and at exactly the right force. A soft mist fell over her head while her breasts were being gently massaged by a softly raining spray on each mound. Two more forceful sprays palpitated her shoulder muscles. Her eyes widened and she had to support herself on shocked trembling arms. The final two sprays felt like they were trying to eat their way into her body. Somehow the front jet was squeezing between her lower lips and pulsating against her clit while the back jet was shooting a stream between her buttocks and throbbing against her dark hole.

Shuddering against the exquisite sensations, her head dropped forward and she arched her back - letting the spray pound against her backside and between her opened cheeks. When her ass started tingling, she straightened then languidly started rubbing the liquid soap against and around her small breasts. Remembering the way Mitchell had smoothed his hands against Tony's chest, she squeezed her nipples gently then lightly scrapped her nails against the hardened peaks. She stroked her hands over her rub cage and down her flat hard stomach, stretching, stroking and rubbing herself in languid teasing motions. Widening her legs slightly, she gently pulled her pussy lips open with one hand and let the water pulsate uninterrupted against her clit. She slid the other hand around her small hip and grasped a taut round ass check, widening her ass hole further.

Rocking slightly, breathing faster, she tried to let the water simultaneously penetrate her deeper in each hole. She felt her thicker pussy fluid leaking out and down her leg and stuffed the hungry, wet, gaping hole with a finger. Her ass contracted in jealously. She lubricated the finger of her other hand with some soap and plugged the opened hole. Half sobbing in sexual frustration, she tried to put pressure on her mound, while rubbing her clit and stuffing fingers in both front and back holes. God – what a moment to realize you should never leave home without your toys – specifically her dildo and anal plug or beads. She felt herself flush and a slight wave washed through her body. Great – she'd managed to achieve a slight orgasm, just enough to leave her wanting more. Unable to make herself cum more, wide-awake and needing a stronger orgasm – she finished washing herself and jumped out of the shower.

Immediately she had a problem. Masturbating in the shower and washing away the evidence was one thing, but rubbing her thick still oozing juice all over their nice clean towels was another. She dried her arms, chest and back on their towel, then wrapped her hair in it. Dripping from the waist down in water and body fluids, she grabbed her duffel bag and routed around looking for a gym towel. There was none to be found. Sighing in exasperation, she spotted the cuffs of the extra pajama bottoms and robe Mitchell had supplied. She dried herself on her sweats, and then shoved the smelly incriminating evidence back into the duffel bag. Praying she wouldn't embarrass herself by leaving a wet spot, she reached for the bottoms. She sighed in panicked delight when she realized she'd be wrapping her over-stimulated body in cool, shimmering, sensuous silk. Damn – she'd just have to wash the bottoms before she returned them.

She wrapped and tied the robe around her waist. Her body may still feel frustrated but it was certainly tingling nicely. She blessed Mitchell when she saw a brush and blow dryer left on the counter. Quickly pulling the towel off her head, she brushed the tangles out of her hair and ran the dryer over it till it was slightly damp instead of soaking wet. Glancing at herself in passing, she started out of the bedroom – then came to a shocked halt.

Turning around to face the full-length mirror on the closet door, she stared at herself in horror. The silk clung to her form lovingly – revealing more then concealing. She turned back and forth – looking at herself straight on and sideways. Her small mounds with the tightened nipples poked out the front, then you had a straight run down her body- rib cage, flat abs and smooth shoulders and back – until you came to her bottom half. In back her ass poked out – firm and full. Then the shocker - her unusually large pussy mound. Both areas just looked like they were begging to be stroked. There was no way those two were not going to know what she had been doing in the shower!

She pulled the covers back from the bed – determined just to crawl in and go to sleep.

The sudden knock made her jump guiltily. "Are you finished in there? Or should we give you a few more minutes?" Mitchell's voice questioned slyly. No doubt about it – they already knew how their new shower affected people.

"I think I'll just head to bed." Pamela called back.

There was silence in the hallway for a few moments. "Mela," he said seriously "are you going to open the door?"

"Mitchell," she suddenly dared tease "if I open the door in this loaned outfit – you will be shocked and I just wouldn't want to do that to you two."

"So you are dressed. OK – I'll brace myself." And the door opened.

She wanted to jump into bed and pull the covers over herself but found herself frozen to the spot. Mitchell casually strolled into the room, took one look at her and gave her a wicked grin. "So – will we be adding a demo to the store?" he questioned and crooked his elbow to escort her.

She started laughing. Like anything would shock these two. Shaking her head, she allowed him to escort her back towards the living room.

Instead she felt like the one who had been shocked. Her feet stumbled and she clutched Mitchell's arm tighter to keep from falling.

"Beautiful, isn't he?" Mitchell sighed appreciatively. Tony was lounging back on the sofa – in just his black jeans. His shirt had been discarded revealing his sculpted wide shoulders, muscled arms, firm pectorals and perfect six-pack abs.

"Why me?" she questioned. "I know – I'm being tested." She declared. "Just torment me and make me into a slavering drooling idiot."

Mitchell's hand covered and trapped her grip on his arm. Then he was pulling her towards the couch. He sank into the end furthest from Tony – his back against the sofa arm – front facing Tony. Then he pulled Pamela down between them. "Now that sounds like the best idea I've heard from you since you started working for us. Let's implement it now."

She felt the robe coming apart as he twisted her and pulled her down unto the sofa – practically in his lap!-facing Tony. She tried to grab the sides with one hand while trying to catch herself with the other. Neither hand did its job. She ended up grabbing one of Mitchell's hard thighs and only one side of the robe – exposing one tight hard nipple.

Tony grabbed her legs and swung her feet up onto his lap, shoving the opened side of her robe further under her body and trapping her one arm securely against Mitchell's thigh.

She let go of the one side and made a grab for the other – trying to work it out from around her arm and under her body. A chill made her shiver, glancing down she watched in shock as Mitchell's hand flipped the other side of the robe off her then covered both her small breasts with his palms. Involuntarily she arched up – pressing the taut buds harder into his palms, wildly rubbing them against his warm large palms.

She was rewarded with a small chuckle. Then his hands started smoothing gently down her chest, over her rib cage and down her flat firm stomach. He fingered her belly button, then smoothed gently back up her body to her breasts. He plumped them further, then rolled her nipples between his fingers and squeezed gently. When he started plucking them, her body bucked. She felt like a bolt of electricity had been shot through her nipples and down to her cunt.

"Mitchell – Tony – What…?" she stuttered. Her dazed eyes focused slowly on Tony's face.

"Shh," Tony soothed, rubbing her feet caressingly. His green eyes glittered at her strangely. They dropped to Mitchell's hands and seemed to hungrily follow the patterns Mitchell was drawing on her body. Tony pushed the large bottom cuffs up her legs to her thighs and started massaging her feet and calves – making her tremble. "I promised I'd finish with you later."

She gasped and twisted in their hands. "Wait," she managed. "I don't understand what's going on?" she questioned.

"Mela," Mitchell chided her. "I told you Tony wanted to have you for dinner." His hands slid around the waistband of the pajama bottoms, then slipped underneath.

Tony leaned forward and covered Mitchell's hands. "Wait." He said. "Mela, I think we need to have that discussion now." Tony said quietly.

She managed to open her eyes to find Tony staring at her intently.

"Paying attention?" he questioned. She was able to nod once. "Good. See, Mitchell and I have been having a little problem for over a year now. It's called Pamela and she's become somewhat of an obsession. She slipped over our doorstep and into our lives – all wide eyed and innocent. And we found ourselves fascinated. We decided to explore, to maybe corrupt – just a little. But she loved it – and played our game back on us. Flirting with us – enticing us, ensnaring us in her web, in her warmth – all within a month and without even truly realizing what she was doing."

"I disagree," Mitchell murmured. He slipped his hands out from under Tony's and started smoothing over her skin again. "A woman – with an ass like this" his hands closed around her waist and he half lifted her and rubbed her ass on his thigh, "buying a video that was mainly ass buggering then trying on lingerie to highlight that ass and asking two homosexual men their opinion?" he gave a dry laugh. "Baby, she was flirting all the way – and lucky we didn't drag her into the back room and bend her over."

Tony grinned. "That was beautiful, a masterpiece, even. And you were very lucky there were other customers in that day." He finished. His eyes seemed to ignite suddenly. "But Mela – buying all those toys. A tiny thing like you coming in and buying that dildo – all we could think about for days was you trying to shove it up your tiny tight little cunt. We thought for sure you'd come back in wincing and get the super small dong – but no – instead you go for anal beads. So you can cram something in your ass to make your cunt even tighter and harder to shove things in. Then you bought the anal plug – it must have been too small – 'cause you came back and bought a bigger plug. And finally you bought an entire kit with bigger dongs, attachments, oils and lubricants. God – I thought we were going to go crazy just imaging it all."

"You really weren't ready for us though." Mitchell said softly rubbing her back against his chest. "Your ex had just left you. After a little time we steered you to certain movies – you were so innocent – so blind to what was before your eyes. Tony and I have always been attracted to each other, but suddenly there you were. And we both wanted you. And you loved the store. So we decided to give you some time to become aware of us and the possibilities – and hired you as our manager." He laughed and admitted. "We were willing to take a huge loss and pore money into the store to keep you, instead you turned into some dynamite investment and exploded our plans to hell. We were all turned around – instead of you becoming aware of us you were wrapped up in the store and damn good at it! So we decided you weren't quite ready yet and gave you months. I still didn't think you noticed us but Tony didn't like the other men suddenly flirting with you – or your ex coming back. While we were willing to give you time, we certainly didn't want somebody to grab you up and take you away. We sweated for these last two weeks before Valentine's Day thinking that with all the romance in the air, someone else might awaken you. Thank god you've been too busy at the store."

"But she did see us Mitchell." Tony corrected staring into her glazed eyes. "Mela has been hugging and rubbing herself against us this last month. She's worn sexier outfits, showcasing her ass. And she ordered herself another dildo – standard size with a large amount of anal lubricant to go with it. Tell me Mela – do you think you've stretched that tiny tight pussy and ass enough to take us?" Tony half whispered. Mitchell groaned and rubbed her ass against his thigh more. And Pamela found herself shuddering. "Lift her up higher, Mitchell." Tony suddenly demanded. He hooked his fingers around the waistband in the back and pulled the pajama bottoms down around her thighs.

"God" Tony said in awe "Mitchell can you see that huge pussy mound? No wonder she bought that big dildo to cram in there – her cunt probably swallowed all of it. And forget about needing any lubricant – she's so wet – we'll be slithering off the couch."

Mitchell twisted on the couch until his back was against the sofa cushion – then he pulled her firmly onto his lap. Her buttocks were sitting directly on a huge ridge. He pumped his hips up almost involuntarily – then seemed to regain control. He pushed her back till her head was lying past the sofa arm and she was stretched fully across the couch. The robe was pushed open to reveal her entire body. Mitchell's hand lowered and covered her cunt.

She moaned and thrust herself deeper into his palm.

"Definitely a man eater." Mitchell agreed.

She felt the bottoms being slid off, and then her legs were raised. She managed to lift her head in time to see Tony's jet-black head lowered to her cunt. Mitchell carefully spread her large cunt lips wide then smiled at her.

"Mela – you've made Tony wait a long time for his dinner and he's famished. Hope you don't have any plans for a long while." Mitchell murmured.

Then while Mitchell was firmly pressing down against her mound with his hand and holding her lips wide with his fingers, she felt the first licks of Tony's tongue. Her eyes flew wide open and she started gasping for air. Tony started eating her cunt – right on Mitchell's lap. She felt a hand covering one of her breasts and rubbing it, then suddenly Mitchell's warm brown eyes filled her vision and he smiled.

"Now you see us don't you Mela?" he questioned softly and kissed her.

She thought she was going to combust. Being kissed and licked on both sets of lips at once, feeling hands running all over her body, she writhed and twisted in ecstasy. Tony's lips rimmed her opening, then Mitchell's tongue plunged in her mouth, Tony started a slight sucking sensation and Mitchell's tongue twirled around her own. Her hands shot out. One hand burying itself in dirty blond hair, while she ate the tongue in her mouth; the other hand burying itself in jet black hair, jerking the head down further - closer to her cunt as she thrust her hips upward and tried to impale herself on the teasing tongue. Tony's tongue found her clit and he sucked gently. Her body arched backward harder into Mitchell's lap and she screamed silently into his mouth.

She couldn't move, couldn't even open her hands to release the hair clenched in her fists. She felt them both opening her hands. She heard rustling sounds then her limp legs were being raised higher and she felt something huge pressing at her over stimulated cunt. Moaning in protest, she opened her eyes in time to see Tony kneeling on the couch with her legs propped on his arms. He was straining, eyes closed, patiently working his massive cock head into her. The head was the widest part, bulging out hard and round – then the 7inch long shaft narrowed slightly. She felt her cunt expand to take it in and let out a whimper.

"Easy, relax, sweetheart." Mitchell soothed. His eyes almost black in his intensity and excitement, they flicked down to where Tony's cock was slowly shoving its way in. He grabbed her wavering hands. "Once the head gets in – it's going to feel like heaven. When he starts thrusting he won't pull all the way out – so the head will be rubbing you up and down all your secret little orgasm spots." Mitchell promised.

With a slight pop, something gave. Tony's eyes flew open and he arched his back more so he could watch her cunt swallow his cock to the hilt. He shuddered when his balls softly thudded against her ass and Mitchell's thigh. He looked up and meant the question in Mitchell's eyes. "Feels fucking great." He muttered and pulled out till his head expanded her cunt lips outward then impaled her once more.

Pamela couldn't seem to stop the gasps and pants escaping her lips. All she could do was lay there while Mitchell held her still in his lap and let Tony thrust his cock in and out of her cunt. She felt his massive head moving up and down the length of her vagina, pushing against her womb at one end and against her lips at the other – over and over again. She felt her cunt suddenly spasm around the head – it felt like a huge ball being rubbed and rolled around inside her. Clutching tightly around the head, she started thrusting upwards, trying to impale her cunt as deep and as hard as she could on that huge hard bulging cock head. "Yes, yes, hard…" she panted.

Tony started groaning and chanting. "Not yet, not yet, damn it – I wanted to fuck you half the night for being such a cock teaser and making us wait." He pulled his cock out till the head was barely held in her pussy. His body was gleaming with sweat.

Mitchell grabbed her waist and held her more firmly on his lap so she couldn't thrust herself upward. Her gyrating was driving him crazy though – it kept grinding her ass against his throbbing cock. "Forget it." He suddenly growled and let her thrust upward again. "Fuck her now! Damn it – I don't want to wait for half the night!"

In one move she had impaled herself all the way on Tony's cock to his balls. Then she clenched down hard on his head and shaft and exploded.

The milking sensation of her orgasm drove Tony wild. He pumped in and out of her in a frenzy – impaling her as hard and deep as his cock would go. Straining, trying to squeeze his tight balls into her cunt opening, he finally felt a shudder working up his spine. He held himself still; his cock head pushed up against her womb, and spewed his cum. He leaned forward, barely supporting himself on his arms.

"My turn, move." Was heard though a haze. Tony felt himself being pushed backwards and forced himself to open his eyes. Mitchell, holding Pamela on his lap throughout, had been forced to endure her gyrating lap dance through Tony's eating her to her thorough fucking and now Tony's weight was forcing her even deeper unto Mitchell's lap. Tony pulled himself upright.

Mitchell gave one huge shove and sent the coffee table shaking 2 feet across the floor. Tony winced and managed to grab the end and pull it further out of the way. Looking at Mitchell's face, he inquired "floor?"

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