tagMatureSeduction Lessons Ch. 02

Seduction Lessons Ch. 02

bymangrove jack©

Tom lay in his tent recalling and reliving the last few weeks. It was here at the Island that he met Olive the 86 year old grandmother who had changed his life.

He had sheltered Olive and cared for her overnight during a sudden violent rain storm. That night with Olive culminated in her plan to teach him how to get laid. Olive declared him a virgin who needed help, and asked her daughters to help. “They helped,” Tom thought, “oh yes they helped.”

Never in Tom’s wildest dreams had he thought that his first time would be with a married woman and that shortly after he would repeat the experience with her older sister, who was also married.

He shook his head, and grinned as he stroked his hard


“I’m sure Olive never planned on Marsha and I getting together;”

I’m not so sure in relation to Allie,” he thought, as he recalled how Olive made sure they were together as much as possible.

He shook his head, “No that’s not fair,” he thought, “I am sure she only wanted them to teach me how to make a woman want me, to teach me how to get laid.”

Remembering Marsha and Allie his hand moved faster, he started to grunt as he recalled his first time his prick entered the velvet warmth of a wet pussy. “It was fantastic,” he moaned as his come spurted up over his sleeping bag.

“Oh shit!” he cried as he quickly jumped up, “Mrs Brown is coming tomorrow morning, I can’t have cum stains on my sleeping bag, or the tent smelling of sex. She’ll know what I’ve been doing out here on my own.”

Anaika Brown was resting and thinking of Tom.

Lately she had spent many hours thinking about Tom. “He’s very young,” was her first thought, when Olive had told her of Tom’s interest in her.

Then she remembered her first time, it was the day after her eighteenth birthday, her partner was much older a friend of her fathers. “My age was not an issue and neither should Tom’s age be an issue,” she decided.

She had not had sex since her husband Alex was killed in that car accident last year. Sex with Alex had been rough and demanding. He only wanted her when he was full of vodka, leaving her used and abused after every session

Stinking drunk, he would come quickly and roll off. If she complained he would call her names, abusing her, “you’re too fucking big, your cunts to far from the ground, I need a fucking ladder to suck you big tits.” he would yell making sure it was loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

She had really only tolerated sex, it had never been exciting, and if anything it had been a chore. She was an avid reader and liked stories that had a love interest. When she read stories of love affairs, she longed for a kind hearted lover who would not be scared off by her size.

When Olive told her what Tom had said, she laughed and forgot about it. But Olive had persisted

It was nice to think that a young man, mixing everyday with all the young girls at his school should think her beautiful. Still she didn’t give it much thought, “he’ll soon forget me,” she reasoned.

She really wasn’t interested in a man after Alex. But Olive wore her down; she kept telling her about Tom, when ever they were together. Finally she decided to find out more about this lad, who Olive said “had the hots for her.”

Anaika liked what she learnt. Everyone had a good word to say about Tom. She was told he played football and cricket. That he was a bit of a loner spending a lot of time hiking, camping and fishing. If you can’t find him, “he’ll be out on that causeway island fishing,” the girl next door told her.

On the night of the dance she was pleasantly surprised. He danced well, with a maturity well beyond that of an eighteen year old. Her reaction to his penis when it grew hard and pushed between them as they danced surprised her.

Instead of pushing him away, she relaxed as she felt her nipples harden. Then as he swept her round the floor she felt her pussy grow moist. “My god!” she thought, “What’s happening to me.”

She was overwhelmed when during the next dance; Tom told her in a rush of words, that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. “I have always wanted to meet you, but I was too scared.” He cried. She could feel the warmth of his feelings and see it in his eyes.

Anaika loved young Tom’s declaration of love; it was like a passage in one of her love stories. Her pulse quickened, the moisture between her legs increased.

“My god I’m responding like a teenager,” she thought, as she felt her face get hot.

Tom woke early, when he left his tent he was surprised to find a strong wind blowing off the stream straight into his camp.

He worked hard shifting his tent to a protected location behind some shrubs. He dug a new pit for the fire, and dragged a couple of logs up close to use as seats or as a place to lay his head when he stretched out.

Finally he lit the fire, boiled the Billy, and was cooking a late breakfast of bacon and eggs when his mobile rang.

He recognized the voice, “Hi Mrs Brown,” he called.

“You’re not chickening out are you, you’re still coming?” he asked the concern showing in his voice.

“You will have to stop calling me Mrs Brown.” She told him. “I hope you don’t mind but I was so excited at the idea of camping and cooking in the open that I had to come early.”

“I’m down at the causeway, what do I do now?”

“Just wait I’m only a minute or two away,” he said as he set off at a gallop.

At the causeway Tom eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Anaika standing watching him approach. She was breathtaking.

His eyes devoured her, quickly checking her out from head to toe.

A pair of moleskin riding breeches moulded a pair of perfect legs that went on forever before reaching in the rear an arse to die for. In the front the moleskins moulded her mound so tight it stood out making Tom’s mouth water.

She wore a white knitted top that prominently displayed her tits. Tits that Tom had drooled over since he became a teenager, they were big, yes big, maybe he thought, “I should say very big,” as he studied them closely.

“My god,” Tom groaned out loud as he came to a halt gasping for breath. Anaika was alarmed to hear Tom panting. “You silly boy stop rushing” she cried, “take your time.”

“I’m not panting from rushing, you take my breath away,” he moaned.

Anaika blushed “Oh I can see your going to be fun,” she laughed. “Stop teasing me, where is this camp?”

As they made their way back to his camp Tom spoke from the heart, “I wish I had my camera.”

“You remind me of a Greek goddess or maybe it’s a Viking princess but whatever it is you’re a goddess.”

“Thank you” she growled. “If you keep up these compliments, I’ll have a swollen head.”

At the camp the bacon was sizzling in the camp oven, the Billy was singing on the boil.

“Oh that smells wonderful,” Anaika exclaimed as Tom sat her down on a log, set up a little collapsible table and served her a large plate of bacon, eggs, toast and fried tomatoes.

He filled her plate expecting her to object, but to his surprise she wolfed it down and sat on the log to cook more toast with the toasting fork. Tom was relieved when he realised she was enjoying his company. She was laughing and joking, completely relaxed.

She lay back on a blanket with her head on a log and thanked Tom. When he asked what the thanks were about, she explained that camping and cooking out was a dream come true, something she had dreamed of and always wanted to do, but never done.

“Two dreams,” he said, “I’ve always wanted you.” His face went red as he realised how she might interpret what he had said. Anaika didn’t react; she just looked at him and smiled.

The leisurely breakfast allowed Tom to study Anaika more closely. She lay on her back protected from the wind by the logs. As they talked about camping and fishing, he couldn’t keep his eyes from straying to her tits. “My god their great,” he thought, trying to imagine her lying there nude.

Anaika knowing that Tom was studying her closely, quickly agreed to Tom’s suggestion that she rest, while he rigged her fishing gear.

“What clothes did you bring?” He asked as he looked around for some warm gear. “When you get out of this protected spot it will be a lot colder, and you could get scratched by bracken or thorns.”

She stood up, “I didn’t bring anything, will this do?” She asked. With her hands on her hips, she invited Tom to inspect her clothes.

“These old moleskins and this top are ready to be thrown out they are getting a bit tight, so it doesn’t matter if they get ripped or dirty,” she told him as she swung around.

She stopped when she saw Toms wide grin, “What are you grinning about?” she asked.

“I won’t let you throw them out,” he laughed “I love the way the fit you so tight, they’re bloody magnificent.”

When she didn’t react or object he decided to be cheeky and tell her what he really thought.

“Can I tell you why I want you to wear them when you camp with me? He asked with a smile.

“I haven’t agreed to camp with you,” she answered, before turning to him and asking “all right tell me why you want me to keep them?”

“They highlight your beautiful long legs,” he said as he asked her to stand up. “They fit so tight that there’s not a wrinkle on their surface.”

“It is the closest thing to seeing those long legs, and that perfect round bum, in the flesh. Glancing at Anaika to see how she was reacting he went on, “Now that you have turned like that, what I now see is a painter or sculptors delight, your thighs and your mound.

Knowing he may have gone too far, he laughed out loud, “Believe me Anaika those moleskins are the devils creation, they make me say and think things I shouldn’t.”

“Don’t blame the moleskins,” Anaika responded laughing with him. “I saw you studying me, you’re very cheeky.” She laughed as she swatted him on the bum, “I didn’t wear them to turn you on, I wore them because they can be thrown away.”

“Well I didn’t know why you wore them, but they turn me on,” he growled. “They prove to me what I have always believed, you are magnificent.”

He lent over to her, as she slipped away. “Kiss me Anaika,” he pleaded.

“Fishing first and kissing later.” She answered quickly, standing up on the log to tower over him.

He looked up at her longingly, “I hope you know what you just said.”

“What did I say,” she queried as she picked up a rod and reel.

“Kissing later,” he repeated.

Anaika studied him closely, “we’ll see, first you must teach me how to fish.”

Tom banked up the fire settling it down to keep it going, but making it safe before they left the protection of his shelter for the river.

On the bank he spent a half an hour or more teaching Anaika how to cast her fly.

She was starting to get the hang of it, when Tom hooked a beauty. “Drop your rod and come over here,” he called as the trout headed up stream.

Handing Anaika the rod he told her, “I won’t interfere; you play it and land it.”

Her eyes lit up. As she took over, the fish worked its way out into the fast running current, causing Anaika to step off the bank into the stream to follow.

Tom became concerned as she played the fish while navigating her way along the rough bottom of the fast running stream. He jumped up to stand on the bank, to make sure he was nearby if she slipped.

As she played the fish he couldn’t resist giving her directions on how to tire the fish, and lead it towards a low bank.

Anaika quickly told him to, “Hush up.” “I want to do it myself,” she cried.

Do it herself she did, minutes later the fish lay flapping on the bank. Tom removed the barb less hook asking, “shall we eat it?”

Anaika looked at Tom, “It’s beautiful, can we let it go?”

“Of course,” Tom answered, “it’s your fish, it’s your decision.” He gave her a wet cloth to hold it. Anaika went down on her knees and slipped it back into the stream, where it lay for a minute, before slowly swimming away.

As Tom stood up, Anaika grabbed him and kissed him. “Oh Tommy” she cried “That was marvellous.”

As Tom held her in the kiss he realised that her moleskins were wet through. “We had better get you back to the tent before you catch you death of cold he urged.”

Back at the tent he sent her inside to change while he stirred up the fire and used the existing hot water in the Billy to fill his old hot water bottle.

Pushing in through the tent flap he found Anaika having difficulty removing the tight wet moleskins in the confined space.

“Thank god,” she said as she fell back on the sleeping bag. She held her legs up high, “pull these off will you,” she said with a grin.

“My oh my,” Tom cried, trying to make a joke of it in case Anaika was embarrassed.

“I didn’t think you’d be asking me to get your gear off so quick.”

The wet moleskins were hard to remove. They were both sweating and puffing when they pulled free, taking her panties with them. Tom was left standing with the wet gear in his hands staring at Anaika`s cunt.

They didn’t move, staring at each other for a few minutes, before Tom trying to hide his embarrassment and a rising erection said, “I’ll get the hot water bottle,” and moved out to the fire.

After a few minutes Anaika called, “don’t stay out there, you can come in now.”

In the tent he picked up the wet moleskins and the flimsy pair of panties. When she protested and asked what he was doing, he told her. “I’m not going to do anything kinky; I’m just going to hang them in front of the fire.”

“The wind and the fire should dry them quickly.”

“Oh thanks that will be great, I didn’t bring any extra clothes,” Anaika said, her voice full of laughter.

Tom turned quickly looking at her sitting in the sleeping bag. “What are you wearing then?” he asked.

“Do you want something of mine, I brought extra after my experience with Olive.”

She looked at him with a cheeky grin, “I’ve still got my top it’s only a little wet, other than that, you have taken away what I had, so there’s just me in this bag.”

Tom found her a shirt and a pair of his boxers. “Strip off the top and put these on, then come out and sit by the fire. I’ll get more wood and stoke it up.”

Then swinging back to look at her, his grin growing wider, he croaked, “I have a better idea just strip off and come sit by the fire, or let me crawl in with ‘just you’ in that sleeping bag.”

When he saw her start to pull up her top, he quickly stuck his tongue out and headed outside. “I `m disappointed you didn’t invite me to stay,” he laughed as her wet top hit him in the back.

Tom soon had a roaring fire going. He dragged some hot coals to one side and gave Anaika some spuds, “here roast these and toast some bread,” He ordered.

“What are you going to do,” she asked. “I’m going to watch you, while I rest up and gather my strength for our kissing session.”

She burst out laughing, “what kissing session?”

“Remember” he said quietly, “you said fishing first kissing later.”

Sitting by the fire they studied each other.

Anaika was rapt, Tom was fun. The way he looked at her she knew he would want to be more than just friends. “I’m in no hurry, but I think he will be different to Alex,” she thought as her pussy tingled.

“Those big soft eyes have followed my chest all day. He called me a princess or a goddess and he really has treated me like one. I love it.” He’s very nice she thought, “I wonder what he will do.”

Tom made a circle of logs, and then lay down on the blanket behind the largest log. Out of the wind the sun and the fire quickly warmed him. He signalled to her to come over and join him. When she seemed to ignore his plea he whispered, “You’ll be sorry; I’m as snug as a bug in a rug.”

“What do I do now,” he thought as his eyes ran over Anaika`s body. Olive had said “let nature take its course.” Marsha had said “kissing turned a woman on.”

Don’t just grab at her, kiss her, love her, with you lips,” she had told him one evening on the back porch.

The wind was dropping as Tom watched Anaika`s clothes flapping on his make shift line. “No bra!” he said aloud as he realised that here was no bra on the line.

“What are you talking about?” Anaika asked.

He blushed, “You didn’t take your bra off, it’s not on the line,”

Anaika loved the way he blushed, “No there’s no bra because I never wear a bra.” she explained.

Tom turned to look at her, his mind racing.

Anaika sensed his confusion and smiled, “why don’t you come over her and lie with me,” she whispered.

“Tell me about this island, and your fishing.”

Tom crept close and looked up at her face, “kissing first and then Fishing,” he whispered.

“Its time for you to keep your promise.”

Raising himself on one elbow he leant down to kiss her. He heard her moan quietly as their lips met.

Their kiss started slowly, Anaika`s mouth stayed closed for a while, then gradually opened as her tongue crept out seeking his.

They were both breathing heavy, when he moved back and looked deep into her eyes, “I knew it would be beautiful,” he whispered, “You’re wonderful.”

Anaika lay in his arms as he kissed her again and again. Remembering past experiences she tensed as she waited for Tom to start groping.

When he just kept nibbling on her lips, moving his tongue gently into and out of her mouth, she relaxed kissing him back, moving her mouth to nip at his ears, or kiss his eyes shut.

Tom was enjoying himself, kissing her cheek and neck then along her chin back to her mouth. His nights with Marsha had taught him that he could make a woman hot by just kissing her and talking to her.

Now he was using that experience, that training as he felt Anaika start to respond. Her moans grew louder; her body moved slowly at first, then pushed forward as she gave a little grunt, and then sighed.

Anaika was enjoying Tom’s kisses when she surprised herself, grunting quietly then sighing; she felt her juices on her leg. Tom didn’t know what had happened when he heard her sigh. He stopped kissing and lay looking at her when he smelt the first signs of her arousal.

Anaika was amazed; Tom had given her a tiny orgasm with his kissing. It was wonderful, she wanted more.

Her juices were now causing a wet spot on the front of her borrowed boxers.

She was trying to think but she couldn’t think straight. Her first thought was to repeat again under her breath, “I want more, yes more.” Then she became worried “I can’t let him, not on our first time alone, he’ll think I’m a slut.”

Then she changed her mind again and thought “why not, no one will know.”

“Any way it would be none of their business.”

Tom unaware of Anaika`s confusion was trying to make up his mind what to do. “Let nature take its course,” Olive had said. It had worked with Marsha he remembered, maybe it’ll work again.

He kissed down her chin on to her neck then opening a button on her shirt, he kissed lower.

When she moved adjusting her body’s position, he thought she was going to stop him. He kissed back up to her neck, and when Anaika did nothing, he returned this time to lick and nuzzle the top of her tit.

Anaika lay waiting as she felt Tom’s kisses approach her breast. She turned her body slightly to let him have his way and was disappointed when his lips moved away.

Her disappointment quickly disappeared when his lips returned to kiss her breast and suck her nipple in his mouth.

She watched as his hand undid the last buttons of the shirt. It seemed like a slow motion movie as he gave a last nibble on her nipple, and then slowly lifted his head to stare as the sun lit up his face and his mouth gaped in amazement at her large hard breasts.

For the first time in years Anaika felt special. For the first time in years she was not worried about her size. The shadow of Alex’s ridicule and abuse fell away, as she looked at Tom’s face. It shone with adoration.

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