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Seduction of a Paramour


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Since my first Hayley story was so well-received last time, I thought I'd write another one down since I had the idea floating around in my head. Please comment if you enjoy and feel free to check out my other stories and comment on them as well.


The show had long since been over, the band having spent the last several hours partying in the changing room with crew and opening acts, taking turns showering downstairs, or signing autographs at the pre-scheduled meet & greet held in the green room after the encore for a lucky few who had purchased tickets early enough. But now it was finally over, and Hayley Williams, Paramore's flame-headed sex symbol status front-woman and unofficial emo queen, could finally get some rest. Shouldering her backpack, Hayley braced herself for the bitter cold that awaited her in snowy Cleveland behind the venue where her band's tour bus was parked. All the fans that had been intrepid enough to wait around in the cold, she had already signed autographs for, so there would be nobody to stop and make her suffer the bitter sub-zero wind chill before hopping on the bus and into her warm bunk where she already knew she was not going to be getting very much sleep. The next day, Hayley had to get up to spend a day with a couple who had won a contest on Paramore's website titled, "A Day With Hayley." Taylor and Jeremy would be busy recording instrumentals for a new single the band was recording that day, so Hayley had to play all three roles in Paramore tomorrow for the lucky couple. But when she finally met them in the lobby of the hotel the next morning, she had not been prepared to meet Brian and Aurora, a couple who would change her life.

Hayley had never considered going to her own fans for sexual gratification the way most other guys did on the road. That was never really Hayley's lifestyle, being a proper little southern belle growing up Christian in Franklin, Tennessee, but that didn't mean Hayley didn't get aroused like every other person did out on the road, especially on the long headlining tours she had grown accustomed to. It was different when she had a boyfriend, but those days were behind her and the fiery little singer was flying solo once again, her infamous relationship with Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory succumbing to woes all relationships do on the road after so many years. The lonely nights made it so hard to concentrate sometimes, and being packed in like sardines in those bunks, sleeping six inches way from her band members made it especially difficult to rub herself to orgasm whenever she just couldn't take it anymore. The only orgasms Hayley was ever able to experience on the road were when she ran back to jump in her bunk while the guys had just finished sound-check and wanted to hang out inside the clubs. Nobody wanted back on that bus after spending entire days on it sometimes. But Hayley didn't mind stepping back on board if it meant she would be alone for more than a half hour. Sure, there were plenty of cute boys on the road who she could simply own sexually if she had chosen to take a boy-toy (or two) while out on the road, but Hayley always steered clear of giving into such sinful thoughts and behavior and had thus far remained chaste on the road. But that all changed when she met Aurora and Brian that next morning.

"Hey guys!" Hayley said as she introduced herself to the obviously nervous fans while a number of her in-house photographers took their pictures and recorded the whole meeting to later be documented on the band's website.

Brian was a cute, lanky, emo boy with a mop of messy black hair that fell just over his piercing blue eyes, his girlfriend Aurora an attractive gal with short-cropped, vibrantly dyed, electric blue hair. She was a cute girl with full lips and a naval piercing. She had better defined feminine features than Hayley (a bigger bust, nicer curves, probably a nicer butt too, Hayley thought). They spent the day around town, seeing the sights and eating the local food while Hayley noticed the young, amorous couple's hands constantly all over each other's bodies. It may have made Hayley uncomfortable on any other day, but Hayley hadn't masturbated once on this entire tour and was feeling especially jealous of the young fans' relationship, something that Hayley no longer had. Why not let them have their fun, she thought to herself? It wasn't like she hadn't been the same way with her past two rockstar boyfriends out in public before. Finally, after dinner and a chariot ride around the park laughing about shared memories from past shows, the awkward threesome sharing with the other side experiences from the other side of the stage with one another, the night came to its inevitable conclusion in front of the couple's hotel that Fueld By Ramen (Paramore's label) put them up in. A few goodbyes captured on camera and the photographers finally left. Then, as Hayley said her own goodbyes and posed for one last personal picture with them, she reached into her pocket for her phone to call one of the guys to come pick her up.

"You heading back to the bus?" Aurora asked on her way out.

"Yeah. Going back to the bus and getting some sleep," Hayley responded.

"No after party or anything?" Aurora asked.

"Not for me, I have to get some rest before tomorrow. Gotta be in Detroit tomorrow night, and I don't mind a bus all to myself sometimes," Hayley said, smiling to herself knowing that Aurora and Bobby would never know why.

"Where are the guys? Aurora asked, referencing Jeremy and Taylor.

"They decided to go party, but not me. I'm lame like that sometimes," Hayley said with a coy smile.

"I'm sure your lifestyle must be exhausting, and you've already given us more than we could have ever hoped or dream for, but I was wondering... if we could buy you a drink or something to eat beforehand. I'm trying to sing. Don't worry I'm not trying to pass you off a demo or anything. I was just hoping I could pick your brain about it for a few."

Hayley looked at Aurora, moved by her honesty and the confidence the girl had to even approach her. She looked back at her phone and checked the time. She could stay out for a few more minutes, she thought. The guys wouldn't be back until very late and hopefully she would be long since asleep when they did. Plus, there was something about this couple that Hayley was drawn to, like some sort of chemistry or sensual magnetism. She loved seeing them paw at each other and whisper forbidden nothings into one another's ear when they thought she wasn't paying attention. At one point, when they had been eating dinner, Hayley turned and could have sworn that she saw Brian making eyes with her. She smiled at him warmly, but when she "dropped" her silverware later and bent down to pick it up, she had caught him staring down her halter-top on the way up. He knew he was busted and his cheeks flushed red when she shot him a playful smile. He seemed rather quiet the rest of the night, which made Hayley chuckle inside that she could embarrass someone still so.

"You know what? Sure. I can't stay out too late though," Hayley said.

"I won't take up too much of your time, I promise!" Aurora exclaimed.

Later in the evening, the three of them caught up in the back of a popular nightclub attached to the hotel where they sipped on virgin margaritas. Hayley didn't drink because she was a vocalist and Aurora did not want to be drinking if the rockstar wasn't and Brian wasn't going to want to drink alone. After a few minutes of small talk, Hayley finally decided to get down to business.

"So how did you two meet anyway?" Hayley asked.

"Funny you should ask. Actually, it was at one of your shows on the Final Riot Tour. We started talking in line and he asked me out that night to hang out with his friend. We started dating a few days later and just... have been dating ever since," Aurora explained. "That's so sweet!" Hayley exclaimed.

"We were both sorry to hear about you and Chad. I know it must be so tough to go through a breakup out on the road, especially when it's a public thing, you know?" Brian started. "You deserve someone, but take your time just being you and doing the whole Parmore thing. You'll find someone special again," he finished, turning to Aurora and planting a kiss right on her cheek, the kind of kiss that made butterflies flutter in her stomach. The way he held Aurora, kissed her, played with her hair, put his hand in her lap, it all made Hayley want to be touched and played with the same way, for someone to whisper naughty nothings into her ear when only a few could see and fill in the blanks with their own filthy imaginations. Hayley crossed her legs and realized very quickly that her body was not going to let this go unchallenged. Whether she had to get her own room for the night, or just an hour, Hayley was going to need to touch herself later tonight when nobody was looking so she could just come already. She wondered if Brian was going to make Aurora come tonight, or her him. The thought sent Hayley's imagination down a dark, x-rated path she had to pull back from to remember what had just been said to her so she knew how to respond quick enough without either Brian or Aurora becoming suspicious.

Hayley smiled.

"Thanks, I appreciate it. And yes, it can be difficult sometimes..." she admitted.

"Well, truth be told, I didn't ask you here to pick your brain about singing, or for bragging rights tomorrow on the forum, much fun as that may be," Aurora admitted nervously.

"You didn't?" Hayley asked, wholly confused.

"No, I don't mean to freak you out, but I was hoping I could just ask you something straight up and see if you might be interested. You seem like the kind of girl who could keep an open mind about this sort of thing, so I thought what the hell, right? And since you're single, well... when in Rome" Aurora stammered nervously.

Hayley was immediately intrigued by the conversation's sudden unexpected turn, but made slightly nervous too. What did her recent singledom have to do with the question Aurora seemed too embarrassed to ask her. She looked to Brian who blushed again the same way he had when she had caught him staring down her shirt into what little cleavage she could show off.

"Oh boy," was all Hayley could manage.

"I know, so here it goes... my boyfriend and I have been dating for several years now and I wanted to do something really special for him for our anniversary, which just so happens to be tonight. Anyway, he has this huge crush on you."

Hayley blushed. "Oh boy, Brian. How can I compete with this cutie pie here, huh?" Hayley tried to articulate quick enough.

"Ha! Anyway, we've always teased one another about the thought of, well... seducing you whenever we're getting really into it, and I thought it would be really special to see if I could actually interest you in having a threesome with him and me. I mean, I know you're Christian and from the south and all, but still... you're a rockstar and I thought, maybe you'd like to live like one for just one night. Just this one night, you know?"

Hayley just stared at Aurora in amazement. Her and Brian were practically shaking in their seats before her right now. Was she supposed to throw her drink in both of their faces now and storm off? Maybe she was supposed to, and on any other night she may have done just that, but for some reason she only fell in love with the couple's uninvited honesty and open invitation into their sex lives. Well, at least Aurora was getting fucked properly, Hayley thought, which was more than could be said for her she knew.

"Wow! You're pretty direct! Hayley exclaimed.

"I'm sorry if I offended you, and I understand if you want to leave," Aurora said. "Ha, believe me, you haven't offended me, but I am a bit taken aback. Your boyfriend likes me that much? Look at you! How can you not be enough!" Hayley said.

"Wow, thank you! That's a huge compliment, but you're the girl from Paramore. I'll never be able to be that to this guy. Hell, I even dressed up like you a few times, cut and died my hair and everything."

"Oh, wow that's so crazy," Hayley said, her mind rushing to the thought of her being the inspiration for the blue-haired cutie before her to seduce her boyfriend. "So, you make Aurora here dress up as me sometimes, Brian?" Hayley teased him playfully, loving the way he squirmed in his seat nervously while blushing.

"Well..." he stammered.

"Least I know why you were looking down my shirt earlier!" Hayley said. "Aside from the obvious reasons, of course..." Hayley added while Aurora seemed surprised and playfully hit her boyfriend in the arm, looking to him in disbelief of his behavior.

"Brian!" she exclaimed.

"It's okay. I don't mind. My guy fans have dirty minds. I've known that for a while," Hayley said somewhat playfully, sipping on her drink again and making eyes with Brian who shrunk away from her gaze, a fact that made her smile widen. Was she actually considering this, she wondered?

"He idolizes you and I want to give him something special," Aurora added.

"And you thought you'd just ask a stranger to have sex with you and your boyfriend?" Hayley asked honestly enough.

"I know. It's crazy."

"It seriously wouldn't bother you to watch your boyfriend have sex with another girl?" Hayley asked, generally curious about this kind of mindset. She could never have been so open with her past lovers, but she wasn't in love with Brian here. He was just another cute emo boy who jacked off thinking about her.

"No, it actually kind of turns me on to think about being humiliated a little like that... especially if it was you. That really gets me wet," Aurora blurted out.

"I'll say! But you said threesome. Are you into girls enough that you would participate?" Hayley had to ask.

"I'm not a lesbian, but I have to admit, I am pretty attracted to you and the thought of being with a girl is kind of exciting to me especially if my boyfriend is going to be watching. It also gets me hot knowing I'll be pleasing a girl who just had my man here..."

"We wouldn't ask unless we had every intention of taking care of you first before us and making sure you were comfortable with the whole thing and wanted you to feel absolutely beautiful and amazing with the whole thing," Brian blurted out somewhat poetically.

"You're lucky to have a girl as considerate and adventuresome as Aurora, Brian! But I'm not the kind of girl who does this kind of thing. I appreciate your honesty and courage, but I can't just have sex with two people I don't know. I'm sorry, guys, really... but thank you actually. I mean it. Thank you," Hayley said. "If you really want to be adventurous, you know there's a topless picture of me online, right?" she asked, already sure of the couple's answer.

"When I first saw it, I printed it out and masturbated all over it," Brian admitted.

"Well feel free to keep using it for that," Hayley said, feeling her own cheeks flushing the same color as her fire engine red hair. "It is kind of hot that you two know what my boobs look like," Hayley said openly, not believing the words as they left her mouth.

"Oh my gosh, Hayley, you have the cutest little nipples!" Brian admitted.

"Thank you," Hayley said bashfully.

"Brian, stop it! You're making her blush!" Aurora said seriously.

"It's all right, Aurora, but really... I just can't. I'm sorry you two..." Hayley said, feeling somewhat guilty enough, like she had to turn down a boy to the prom, a feeling she didn't actually ever feel since she had quit school early due to the band and bullying at school, eventually finishing her high school career out on the road while at Warped Tour. Still, plenty of her old girlfriends had explained the feeling well enough to her for Hayley to get the idea that this felt just like that.

"It's okay, I understand," Aurora said, obviously unable to contain her defeat and frustration. When the couple finally excused themselves and apologized profusely, Hayley found her eyes wandering to the girl's incredibly well formed bubble-butt as it bounced up and down above her upper thighs while she walked away. Hayley turned back down to the number in her phone, Aurora's, and considered the solicitation that had just been made to her. They had exchanged numbers at the beginning of the day in case they needed to contact each other during an accidental separation. When was the last time she had a good fuck, she wondered? Not since her ex-boyfriend and that was pushing six months at this point. She was practically celibate now. Still, Hayley shrugged. She had to get back to the bus and take a much-needed cold shower.


Later that night

-- Hayley finally made it to the bus, which was thankfully empty, and peeled off her clothes and underwear, and jumped right into the shower.

She lost herself to the alleviation of the hot water rushing through her hair and down her body. She grabbed her body wash and began to massage a gentle lather all over her naked body, slowly over her small breasts and fully erect nipples, down her sides, and over her little nub. She thought about Aurora and her boyfriend. She thought about what she might look like dressed as her, and what her boyfriend might do to her if given the chance. If it was one thing she certainly didn't get enough of on the road, it was a good mindless fuck. Hayley began to slowly rub her clit and placed her opposite hand against the shower door for support as the pleasure building up inside her body caused her to feel light-headed and light on her toes.

What was getting into her, she wondered? She had to reach orgasm, something she didn't do nearly enough she decided, but she did not want to waste it. Not this one. She needed to fuck badly. Finally, Hayley stepped out of her shower, naked and dripping wet, and grabbed her cell phone out of her pants crumpled on the floor before the shower. She opened her phone and landed on Aurora's number and sent a text message to her.

HAYLEY: Hey, is this Aurora?

A few moments went by. The cool air outside the shower caused Hayley's nipples to keep rock hard. Either that or she really was that horny. She felt gooseflesh spread all over her small breasts too. Finally, the sound of her phone receiving a text message danced through the air, like literal music to her ears.

AURORA: Yeah, who's this?

Hayley typed her response.

HAYLEY: Its Hayley, the girl you tried to have a threesome with!

Hayley waited for Aurora's response again.

AURORA: OMG! Hey! I'm sorry if I bothered you that much

HAYLEY: You didn't, do you mind if I come over?

An excruciating long beat of silence. Hayley felt her own juices flowing between her legs, her impending orgasm building deep behind her g-spot and pressing hard against her pelvic bone. When Hayley came, it was always long and hard, and the circumstance surrounding this one would be especially exciting, she thought. Finally, Aurora responded.

AURORA: Yes, of course! Brian is still here, is that okay?

HAYLEY: Sure, but make sure he sees this.

Hayley took the phone in her hand and switched it to camera mode and aimed it at the shower mirror, which displayed her milky white, silky smooth, dripping wet and completely clean-shaven naked form. She aimed the camera at the reflection and took a fully nude candid of herself staring at the camera with sultry bedroom eyes. Satisfied, she uploaded the image to her photos and sent it to Aurora as a photo message with the caption "DON'T LET ANYONE SEE THIS! If you are as nice as you seem then I know I can trust you." No more twitter accidents with her ta-tas, Hayley had promised, but she just couldn't resist this sin. And with that, Hayley was getting changed already, not wanting to be a scrub and show up in the same outfit as she had left in. She felt her body aching for attention, wondering how excited Brian would be when he saw his crush completely nude in a photo taken for his eyes only.

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