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Seduction of a Repairman


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Damn... the cable is out again. I’m going to have to call someone about it this time. Hubby is gone for one more week and there is no way I'm going without cable. I need something to occupy my time, something to keep me from thinking about sex. I've been horny as hell since he left, my toys and fingers just aren’t getting it anymore.

I have to keep my mind off sex, but everywhere I look I see it. The grocery store even reminds me of sex, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, bananas, candles, baby oil, something in almost every isle. Just sitting here trying to not think about it makes me think about it even more. Well, I'll just make the call to the cable company and take a shower while I wait on the repairman.

OK, repairman has me on his list, now I'll take a shower and lay down for a bit while I wait. I start the water in the shower, let my silky black robe slide to the floor and step into the hot water.

Mmmmm....the water feels so good hitting my body, stinging my nipples, making them stand erect. I turn around and tilt my head back to wet my hair, running my hands through it, smoothing it back, letting it fall over my shoulders.

I start to lather my body with a musk scented bath gel, my hands gliding over my breasts, down my stomach, between my legs. I slide a single slick finger between my pussy lips, MMM...massaging my clit, rolling it from side to side.

My head goes back and the water washes over my face, down the front of my body, rinsing away the musky suds. Over and over I rub my wet clit, feeling the first tingles of orgasm as I masturbate in the steamy shower.

OOOHHH.... I moan as my juices begin to flow over my fingers, faster I rub my clit, my orgasm reaches it's peak and then subsides into a pulsating throb.

Turning off the water I open the shower door, reach for the fluffy towel hanging on the hook and dry off. I step out of the shower pulling my silky robe on. Still feeling extremely horny I go downstairs and lay on the sofa to wait on the repairman.

Wanting so much to have a hard cock pumping in and out of my still throbbing pussy I start to touch myself again, rolling my clit between my fingers, slipping them into my wet tunnel. Picking up the remote I push play on the VCR remembering I had left an erotic video in it days ago.

The image of a man pounding away at a woman's swollen pussy came on the screen, she was moaning and screaming as he fucked her from behind. I fingered my sopping pussy faster and faster as I watched the woman enjoy his hard cock, I was about to orgasm again. I watched as the man pulled his hard cock out and came all over her ass, shooting up her back. I rubbed my clit harder as I came again, flooding my fingers with my warm, sticky juices. I closed my eyes and continued to work my fingers lightly on my engorged button, imagining it was my hubby's tongue swirling around it.

There's a knock at the door it must be the repairman. I pull my robe around me as I get up to answer the door. The silk tie doesn’t want to stay, it slips and lets my robe fall open slightly...oh well I'll just hold my robe around me.

I open the door to find a very attractive man, of all the times to send an attractive repairman I think to myself. He tells me he needs to come in and have a look at my connections. I notice his eyes moving over my barely covered body as I invite him in.

"There's one in the living room, " I say.

As I lead him in I remember I have left the video running, I walked over to turn it off and without thinking bent over to push stop. My robe hardly covered my ass standing up, bent over it covered nothing. At that moment I decided I would have some fun with him and just maybe if I was lucky I could seduce him.

"When I turned around to face him his face was a light pink, my eyes fell to his groin, he had a very noticeable bulge. I'm sorry, I forgot it was on " I told him, giving him a wicked smile. He told me it was no problem, he'd seen that kind of video before and asked where my connection was...MMMM another perfect opportunity to try to entice him.

I leaned over the T.V. to point to the cables behind it, knowing he would be able to see even more this time as I spread my legs slightly for balance. He slowly came over to where I was standing. He stood half behind me half beside me, leaning sideways to see the cables. His hip brushed my ass as he leaned. I could feel his body heat radiating through his clothes, smell his cologne, and feel his breath on my cheek. I stood up pressing softly against him, asking if there was anything else he needed. His voice wavered slightly as he stammered a "no, not yet". I could tell by his voice that my plan was starting to work.

I turned to face him, my breasts brushing his chest, my hand "accidentally" touching his hard sex as I moved away so he could get to the cables. He shivered almost unnoticeably, his face now a bright shade of red as he began to check the connectors to see if they were the problem.

I went to the sofa, sat so that my robe was above my hips, open just a bit in the front so that only a glimpse of nipple could be seen. When he stood to ask me a question he stopped in mid sentence, stuttering he asked if I had any other connections in the house, his eyes roaming my body as he spoke. I watched as his eyes went from my feet to my bare hip, to my peeking nipple. He licked his lips, perhaps unconsciously, and asked if I could show him where the other TV’s were.

Mmmmm....this is going to be too easy I thought, I got up and my robe slid down to cover my ass, his eyes followed it, tracing the outline off my round buttocks through the thin, silky material. "It's upstairs,” I said heading toward them. I wanted to be in front of him so he could see up my robe as we made our way to the top.

All the way up the stairs he was right behind me, I could feel his eyes on my ass, watching as I made my way up the stairs. When we reached the top I stopped suddenly and he pressed against me, his chest against my bare buttocks.

He put a hand on my hip to steady me, "oops" I said, "sorry to have stopped so sudden".

He groaned softly, sliding his hand down my hip and across my warm ass. I wanted to play with him more, I didn’t want the teasing to stop just yet. I quickly walked up the last step toward the bedroom. He stood for a moment, probably confused by the way I was toying with him. Finally he followed me to the bedroom.

I walked to the table holding the T.V. and bent over to pull it away from the wall to give access to the cables. As I was bending over I felt a warm hand caress my bare ass. Mmmm....I was wet from the teasing already, now I was dripping. His touch felt sooo good. He asked me if he was out of line, if he was getting the wrong signals from me. I turned to face him, his hand stayed and slid around to my hot mound, trembling just a bit. I looked him in the eye, covered his quivering hand with mine and slid it between my legs.

"What do you think?” I asked?

His fingers moved easily, manipulating my hot, swollen button. Our eyes locked on each other's as he delved a finger into my slippery pussy. He seemed unsure about if what he was doing was right so I took his other hand and placed it inside my robe on my breasts.

Mmmmm I moaned, I loved the feel of his hands on me, his fingers in me, I swayed toward him. Just as I was an inch or so from his face he kissed me, kissed me with a lustful hunger, rolling my clit with one hand, gently pinching my nipple with the other.

The hand on my breasts slowly moved up to my shoulder, pushing my robe away. He broke our kiss, running his tongue down my neck, across my collar bone, over my shoulder, nibbling and licking, making my head spin.

Slowly he dropped to his knees, his face even with my erect nipples, looking up into my eyes he traced circles with his tongue first around one nipple then the other, all the while his fingers sliding in and out of my sopping pussy.

I ran my hands through his hair, pulling gently. Lifting one leg over his shoulder I gave him an unspoken signal that I wanted more, more of his wonderful tongue. He needed no direction this time, his tongue trailed down my stomach and stopped just above the small triangle of short, soft hair. He started to lick from hip to hip, back and forth, now he was the one doing the teasing...and I loved it as much as I did teasing him.

He pulled his fingers from my wet hole and sucked them into his mouth. I leaned back against the dresser that was right behind me, hoping he would replace his fingers with his tongue. His hands came around to my ass, kneading my hot flesh, pulling my hips forward. He softly parted my puffy lips with his talented tongue. I was so horny I orgasmed as soon as he touched my clit. My body shook as I rode his tongue, cumming again and again.

Feeling weak from the intense pleasure I let my leg slide from his shoulder, walked to the bed and sat on the edge. I motioned for him to come to me, as he stood he unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off and letting it fall to the floor in a heap. He started to unzip his pants and I told him to stop, that I wanted to undress the rest of him.

He stood in front of me, I drug my nails down his chest lightly, making him shiver. As I reached the waistband of his pants I pulled the button open, slowly unzipping them, the hiss of the zipper echoed in the silence. I told him to turn around and he did as I said.

With him facing away from me I pulled his pants down to expose his perfectly round ass, I planted soft, wet kisses on each cheek, making him moan loudly. Reaching around I took his rigid cock in my hand, slowly I started to stroke, his ass tightened as I licked from top to bottom, biting softly on the tender flesh while pumping his stiff cock. Reaching between his legs from behind with my other hand I massaged his balls, his legs parted slightly, he was groaning low and deep in his throat.

Pulling my hand from between his legs, I turned him around to face me. His throbbing hard on touched my lips, I darted my tongue out to lick the tiny drop of pre-cum from the engorged head before running my wet tongue around just the tip.

Sliding my tongue down the length of his shaft and back to the head, looking up into his lust filled eyes, I slowly, very slowly took him into my mouth, inch by inch, until I had all of him. He put his hands on the back of my head to guide me on his pulsating cock, pushing forward as I pulled back, pumping his cock into my hot, eager mouth.

Slowly he pulled his cock from my mouth, gently pushed me back to lie on the bed and lowered his body onto mine. With his tongue he traced my lips, licking at them hungrily, working it into my mouth, kissing me deeply. His large hands caressed my breasts, making my nipples stand even more erect, rolling them between his fingers, pinching gently.

I wanted so badly to feel him inside of me, feel his throbbing cock as he filled my hungry cunt. My hips bucked against him as he teased me, making me wait or perhaps wanting to make me beg, I wasn’t above begging at this point, I wanted him. I put my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me, kissing and nibbling his ear lobes, whispering to him to fuck me.... now.... hard.

He raised himself off of me, rolled me over onto my stomach, pulling my arms above my head, holding me by my wrists with one strong hand. Putting his knees between my legs he pushed them wide open, readying me for his hard cock. I felt his hot breath on my back as he licked me from my neck to my ass, I moaned loudly, raising my hips to him as he bit softly on my buttocks. With his free hand he pushed me down on the bed, I begged him to stop teasing me, to fuck me now!

He laughed softly and said, "I thought you liked teasing, you sure were enjoying teasing me".

I loved the teasing but I was ready for his cock, I was so wet, the bed under me was wet, I wanted to be filled with him.

I groaned and told him I wanted him now, I wanted him to take me, fill me with his hard cooooooccckkkkk, mmmmmm. He slid his rigid staff into me as I was begging him... slowly, still teasing me but giving me just a little of what I wanted. He pumped in and out of my dripping cunt, making me cum almost instantly. It felt so good to have a man inside of me. I started to move my hips in rhythm with his, raising to him as he pulled back, pushing into him as he thrust forward, forcing him deeper into my hot tunnel. He was moaning deep and loud, thrusting faster and faster, the room was so quiet aside from the sounds of our heaving breaths and gasps of lust, and the slopping, sucking noises of him pounding my sopping pussy.

I asked him to let me roll over, I wanted to see his face as he fucked me, see the pleasure in his eyes. He slid out of me only long enough for me to roll onto my back and for him to put my legs over his shoulders. He was entering me hard and deep as soon as I was in position. Slamming my slippery cunt, throwing his head back, groaning low in his throat, telling me how good it felt to fuck me, how good my pussy felt wrapped around his cock. I was ready to cum again, I tightened my pussy muscles on his pulsating hardness, milking him as my juices flowed over his cock. My body shook from the pleasure, he smiled at me as I lay there, my head spinning with the intenseness of the orgasm.

He pulled out of my overflowing pussy and told me to get on my knees, turn around, and hold onto the headboard. I did, I couldn’t wait to see what was next. He laid on his back and slid up between my legs, buried his talented tongue deep into my swollen, used pussy. His tongue moved inside of me as he sucked the sweetness out of my hot cunt. Licking my puffy lips and rubbing my engorged button with his fingers, bringing me to the edge of orgasm again.

I rode his face like a cheap whore, grinding on his tongue, making him drink the juices that flowed from my still hungry pussy. After another intense orgasm I was ready for his rock hard cock again. He slid out from under me and got on his knees behind me. He buried his shaft deep into me causing the headboard to bang against the wall lightly.

I gripped the headboard tightly, pushing back into him as he fucked me slowly this time. He pumped in and out of my hot pussy. With one hand on my hip pulling me to him, the other hand came up to grab a handful of my hair, gently pulling my head back. He leaned forward, turned my head to the side, and kissed me deeply, lustfully, still sliding his cock into me.

I could taste my juices on his tongue, on his pouty lips. I ran my tongue across his lips, licking my still wet sweetness from them, moaning, our tongues swirling in each other’s mouths.

"You like it like this don't you, you like being treated like a little whore huh"?

"Mmmm..... Yes, yes...I love it, treat me like a little slut."

He pulled his head back, sat up, moving faster he started to pound my throbbing pussy again, the hand on my hip began to caress my round ass, the hand in my hair pulled a little harder. Suddenly I felt a stinging "whack" on my ass, "mmmmmm I moaned, yes... Yes...spank me" I told him. Again and again he spanked me, turning my ass a bright pink, pulling my hair, fucking me harder and harder. I was cumming again, eyes closed I gripped the headboard tighter. I felt his engorged cock spasming inside of me as I tightened on him, he was cumming too.

The headboard was banging the wall loudly now, slamming into it...thump...thump...thump.

My eyes flew open... what was that? The thumping of the headboard was actually a knock at the door, I must have fallen asleep...oh my what a dream, it seemed so real, I was dripping wet as I got up to answer the door.

It must be the repairman, I headed to the door pulling my robe around me, the tie wouldn’t stay in place...mmmmm just like my dream I thought. As I opened the door I saw a very handsome man, "here to fix your cable ma'am".

I caught his eyes moving over my barely covered body as I let him into the house...Ohhhhh how perfect I thought, maybe I can make my dream come true, I led him to the living room. I stood beside the TV, bending over to point out the cables. He was right behind me pressing against me, looking at the wiring. Yes, I believe I can make this dream a reality I thought as I turned to face him.

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