tagBDSMSeduction of Suriah Ch. 02

Seduction of Suriah Ch. 02


She walked slowly into the suite, marveling at it. She had never even been in a place like this, let alone stayed in such a gorgeous place. It was almost like an apartment, with a small kitchen and dining nook, a living area that had to be stepped down into, a balcony that overlooked the river and a bedroom with the biggest, plushest bed she had ever laid eyes on. The furnishings were opulent, all done in burgundies and dark greens. A masculine quality hung about it, which brought her back to why they were here.

She walked into the living room and sank to her knees. There she turned, looking over her shoulder at him. He came up to stand behind her, letting his hand tousle her hair.

"Good girl."

"Thank you Sir." Her voice sounded small and lost in the open space. She cleared her throat and was about to say something when her panties were forced into her mouth again.

"You talk too much, slut," he told her, giving her head a smart shake. "We shall fix that though, before we are done. You will learn to speak when spoken to." Each word was punctuated with a shake of her hair, wrenching her head back and forth. She felt like a puppy, being chastised. Tears threatened and he saw.

"You wish to cry for me, slut?"

She shook her head, she would not have spoken even if she could have. He gave her head one final, vicious shake and pushed her down onto her hands. She hung her head and waited, wondering what she had gotten herself into. How could he be so sweet one minute and such a scary bastard the next? Should she be afraid?


The order was given with no inflection, no other words to soften the blow to her ego. She began to crawl around the room with him following her, her ass in the air and her knees catching on her dress.


She was lifted off her hands by her hair, and her dress was torn from her body with a few hard yanks. She was left in thigh high stockings and black heels, on her knees in front of him. He used her head to drive her down to her elbows, pushing her ass in the air. Her face was bright red and a few tears slid down her cheek, unnoticed. All she could feel was his eyes on her. He let go of her head, chuckling, and she felt his hand slide down her back and over her ass. Her eyes blurred with her tears but her pussy quivered as his hands roamed freely over her.

"Continue crawling." She felt dirty, crawling around the opulent carpet in front of him. She wondered how she looked with her ass shaking and tears streaming down her face to splash against her hands as she moved them forward. What must he be thinking of her? She was so wet she could not believe it.

Smack! She stopped in shock as he spanked her again.

"Did I tell you to stop? Fucking crawl, bitch!" Smack! Smack!

She cried around her panties, desperately trying not to pull them down her throat as she sobbed. He seemed to like her tears because he smacked her ass over and over, turning it a luscious pink that stood out against her pale skin. His deep chuckle made her arch her back as she felt a throb start somewhere inside her. She had never felt anything like the way she was feeling at that moment. Most of her screamed out for her to get up off her knees and assert herself, but a dark part of her soul knew she needed this. So she kept her head bowed and crawled around the room, not noticing that he was guiding her slowly towards the bedroom. It was not until she bumped into one of the posters with her shoulder that she became aware of where she was. She turned to crawl around the bed but he put a hand on her back to stop her, and lifted her to her feet. He pulled the panties out of her mouth and gave a wry smile as she swallowed several times and moved her jaw back and forth.

"Good girl," he breathed, making her tremble as his arms came up and cupped her face, "you are amazing little one. I am going to treasure you in all ways."

He kissed her gently, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. She returned the kiss tentatively, then with more vigor as he pushed her lips apart and let his tongue tangle with hers. She pressed herself against him as his hands pushed her hair off her shoulders and traced their way down her arms. When he reached her hands he lifted them over her head and let them go, not breaking the kiss. She understood, and held them high as his fingers resumed their exploration.

He lightly caressed her neck, then let his hands slide down to trace small circles around her nipples until she thought she would die from anticipation. She whimpered into his mouth, begging without words for his hands to ease the burn in her soul.

Smiling, he let his fingers find her nipples, gently squeezing them. He felt her body shudder and he rolled them between his thumbs and middle fingers as she swayed under his kiss and his hands. He could feel her yielding, and it made him suddenly want to ravish her. He stepped back and looked at her. She was a tousled vision with her hands held high and her hair a tumbled mess about her shoulders. Her lips were parted and she was panting slightly, eyes still closed from the kiss and his fingers on her nipples.

As he watched, she opened them and a look of awe suffused her features with an ethereal glow. It was one he had seen before, in other women, but this one caught at him. Perhaps it was because he would be her first Dom, perhaps it was just the pure lust in her face as she took a deep breath, making her breasts lift and his attention shift back to matters at hand.

"Do you trust me, little girl? Do you know that I will take care of you and give you what you need tonight, and that you will be okay?" He looked at her seriously, and she shook herself out of her lustful musings to regard him directly.

"Yes Sir, I understand. I am yours to do with as you please tonight. Please, Daddy, I want this so badly." She shook with longing, aching for his hands on her again. Even the thought of him spanking her while she crawled only served to add fuel to the fire that raged in her veins.

"I am going to love using you little girl, abusing your sweet body for my pleasure and pushing you to the edge of your simple, controlled little world. Get on your knees for me, little girl. Beg to worship my cock."

Her eyes widened as she sank to her knees, eye level with the bulge in his slacks. Her mouth watered as she asked him "Please Sir, may I worship your cock? Please may I put my mouth on it?" The words sounded fake to her, like something out of a porn movie, but she meant them. She could not fathom why, but she was desperate to have him inside her mouth. "Please, Daddy? Please let me suck you!"

She glowed and leaned in when he reached down and undid his belt, pulling it out of the belt loops and placing it on the bed behind her. He held back his chuckle as her eyes followed its progress, then jerked back to his crotch. He knew she did not like having to suck a mans dick, but here she was, waiting to pounce on it the moment he got it out of his pants. He wondered at the changes that went through women when they realized that they had been born to serve someone stronger than themselves. He smiled as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down around his thighs, letting his cock spring free. He wrapped his right hand around the shaft, letting her watch as it pulsed in his grip.

The sight of his hand wrapped around his gorgeous cock made her drip. She felt her mouth watering and asked again.

"Please Sir, please will you let me pleasure you?"

She gasped in shock as he smacked her across the face with his left hand. She looked up at him mutely, wondering what she had done wrong. Her hand crept up to rub her cheek and he knocked it away, striking her again, and then once on the other cheek. He pinched her chin cruelly in his fingers, forcing her to look up at him.

"I love the look on your face right now, little girl. What are you thinking?"

"W-why did you hit me Sir?" she asked, dumb hurt in her eyes as she dully tried to hide her resentment. "What did I do wrong?"

He slowly shook his head and tilted her chin up further, holding her at an uncomfortable angle just to see her strain.

"I smacked you because you are mine and because I can. It pleases me to see my handprint on your soft cheek. You know you have only to say the word and all of this will stop. You can leave whenever you like. Do you wish to use the word?"

She shook her head as much as possible given his hand holding her face, and caught sight of his cock again.

"Do you see what using you does to me?" His cock twitched as if in affirmation.

"Now suck it."

She didn't even have time to think before he was shoving it into her mouth. She gagged as it invaded her throat, vainly trying to pull back, but his hand was caught tight in her hair and there was no escape. Just when she thought she would pass out, he pushed her away with a sound of disdain.

"No one ever bothered to teach you how to suck cock properly, I see. We shall remedy that, slut. On your feet. And close your eyes."

She stood on shaky legs, eyes closed as she heard him move away. There was a loud noise and it took her a second to recognize it as the sound of a zipper being pulled. She listened with a mounting feeling of dread as she heard him rummaging through the bag he had opened. She wanted desperately to open her eyes, to see what he had in store for her, but the imagined punishment for such a transgression kept them shut tight. She heard him approach and tried to regulate her breathing, one deep breath after another.

"That's a good girl." He lightly pinched her nipples between his fingers, rolling and pulling until warmth flooded her pussy and she had to bite back a moan. Harder he pinched, making the imaginary line from her nipples to her womb pulse with the rhythmic motion of his fingers. He let them go and flicked them once, twice, three times, making her gasp with the combined sensations of pleasure and pain. She swayed forward, longing for more, and her chuckled.

"You are enjoying this aren't you my sweet slut? That is good. But I warn you, this is really going to hurt."

With only his words as warning, clamps were applied to her stiff nipples. She opened her mouth to whimper in shock and pain only to find a ring of metal placed between her teeth.

"You can open your eyes and see, little slut. Look at yourself."

Her nipples were clamped with what looked disturbingly like paper binders, which were attached to what resembled a wire coat hanger. The device lifted her breasts and pulled them together a bit, a strain made worse by the loop in her mouth.

"I would highly suggest not dropping that ring out of your mouth, understand? "

She nodded and cried out around the ring as each move of her head pulled at her tormented nipples. She stood with her head bowed, loosening a bit of the tension. His chuckle made her shudder, she could hear the absolute enjoyment in it. He walked over to the bag as she stood there, not able to turn her head to follow his movements. The sound of him rummaging made her shudder, debating the wisdom of being there with him.

After a few seconds he came back with two long pieces of leather thong. He gently grabbed one of her hands and kissed the palm tenderly before binding her thumb with the thong. As he dropped her hand, the leather wisped along her leg and tickled her foot but she didn't dare move to make it stop. He treated her other hand in the same fashion, kissing her palm and wrapping her thumb securely with the cord. He gently guided her arms up behind her back with the cords, pulling them over her shoulders. She looked up at him through her lashes as he stood in front of her and gave the thongs an experimental yank. Her hands jerked upwards, not painfully but she knew that it could really hurt if he wanted it to. She closed her eyes and willed herself calm as he tied the cords to the ring in her mouth. She didn't understand until she tried to lower her arms back to a semi-comfortable position. The cords pulled the device attached to her chest, making tears spring from her eyes, and she hastily raised her hands back up to loosen the tension on her nipples.

"Now you see, don't you my pet?" He asked her, almost kindly. He pulled his pants down around his thighs, his cock standing at attention. He sat on the corner of the bed and laid back, beckoning her over. She came to stand between his legs and he grinned at her. The look of him grinning like that made her want to run, he seemed to radiate pure evil delight.

He grabbed her by the thighs, pulling first one and then the other to the outside of his legs. She ended up balanced on the tips of her high heels, straddling him. He spread his legs far enough that she could not comfortably rest on them to ease the strain in her calves. Saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth and she hissed it back in, causing him to laugh as he grabbed her hips and pulled her against his cock. He ground himself along her slit, spreading her juice all over his throbbing dick. She moaned around the ring, letting him push her hips back and forth. He stopped suddenly and she almost lost her balance.

"Now continue, my little slut. Grind that wet nasty pussy against me." She complied, straining her legs to rub herself along his shaft, silently crying as her cheeks burned. She felt like a hooker and it mortified her to see him smile up at her.

"Good girl. Your legs are tired, aren't they?" She nodded helplessly, once again straining her tits as the ring moved with her head. She whimpered and stilled her movements to ease the cramps forming in her calves. "Don't stop," he told her menacingly, " When you cannot take it anymore, drop the ring out of your mouth. You had better give me your best effort though, or I will make you sorry, understand?"

She resumed the painful grinding, acutely feeling every muscle in her body being pulled one way or another. Her arms were half asleep, her legs burned all the way down to her feet, and her nipples were on fire. And yet, she could not discount how wet this was making her, how aroused she was rubbing her slick pussy up and down on his thick cock. Even the burn in her legs was part of the overall effect. He was using her, and she was willingly letting him. She renewed her efforts, humping him with zeal until she felt the cramp start in her thigh. She tried to shift her weight to loosen the muscle but it seized and she screamed aloud, dropping the ring from her mouth as she fell forward onto him.

He grabbed her thighs in his strong hands and felt around. Finding the taut muscle he rubbed it vigorously until it loosened while she sobbed against his chest, letting the rest of her gradually relax. She sniffled as he sat her up, rubbing the tears from her cheeks. She smiled at him gratefully, and opened her mouth to thank him for his help.

"You dropped the ring." The look on his face made her shrink back from him, and she knew before he raised his hand what a bad idea that was. He smacked her so hard she ended up on the floor, sobbing. He grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock in her face.

"Clean me, bitch," he told her with a vicious shake of her head. "Get this dirty cunt juice off my cock." He shoved himself down her throat again, rudely using her mouth while she gagged and tried vainly to breathe. She sucked and licked at him while he abused her lips and crammed his thick head down her throat, holding it there until she thought she would pass out. She started to sway and he abruptly pulled out and stepped back, letting her fall on her face. She screamed in agony as she fell on her chest, the clamp device wrenching her tits until she wanted to die. She thrashed around on the carpet, jerking as he watched her. When it stopped amusing him he grabbed his belt and hit her ass with it, back and forth. Five, six times, until she was still, sobbing quietly in his shadow. Her breasts were on fire, she had never hurt so bad in her life. She hid her face in the carpet, her chest hitching as she cried.

He knelt behind her and smoothly entered her in one hard stroke. Even through the pain, she moaned in ecstasy at the feel of him filling her.

"So wet, my little slut, you are enjoying all of this aren't you?"

She couldn't speak, could only moan her assent as he pulled out and then jammed himself back in to the hilt, his balls smacking against her clit and adding to her arousal. Each thrust ground her tits against the carpet, making her bite back on the urge to scream, pulling her tender flesh and jerking her hands almost up to her shoulder blades. He had her by the hips, pounding her pussy as she pushed her ass up to take him deeper. She could feel her orgasm building quickly, groaning like a whore as he fucked her hard.

She was shocked by the abrupt removal of his cock, but he yanked her up by the hair and shoved himself once again into her mouth. He did not gag her this time, but let her wrap her mouth around him and lavish him with attention. She felt like she could never get enough of his cock all of a sudden. She licked and sucked at him until he grabbed her head and held her still, tensing himself. He pulled just out of her mouth and exploded all over her face. She licked at what she could reach, marveling at what a cock-hungry little slut she was acting like. It was so unlike her, but she craved it and he noticed. He smacked her cheek gently with his cock and let her lick it clean, growling quietly deep in his throat. Her pussy quivered at the mere sound of his voice.

"That's my good girl." He told her, petting her hair. He lifter her gently to her feet and sat her down on the bed. He sat as well and scooted back to lean against the headboard, pulling her back against his chest. With her arms up behind her it was uncomfortable, and her tits still burned like they had been dipped in acid, but she found herself relaxing back into him and smiling up at him as he looked at her, brushing her hair out of her eyes. He smiled back at her and lightly rubbed her breasts around the clamps. She moaned and arched up into his touch, hissing at the pain and loving the sensation. He chuckled and moved his hands lower, trailing across her belly and down to her dripping slit.

He dipped his fingers into her and brought them up to rub her clit in small circles, making her hips buck. He nuzzled down and started whispering in her ear as her body writhed up against his fingers, telling her how her cunt belonged to him, and what a good little slut she had been for daddy. He told her that he was pleased with her and she would be rewarded with the best orgasms of her life, as long as she asked for permission to cum. As his fingers moved on her clit, she felt her stomach muscles clench and release, over and over and knew that she could not wait much longer.

"Sir, please," she whispered, barely able to speak, please may I cum? I am so close Daddy, please..." she whimpered as his fingers moved faster, pressing harder into her swollen flesh. Her nipples throbbed under the clamps and she wondered if she had the will to stop it if he did not tell her yes.

"Sir, oh god Sir please, please, please!"


Her eyes rolled back into her head as her orgasm took her. Her back arched and her lungs seemed to lock, she couldn't breathe as the waves crashed over her, his fingers still rubbing roughly over her exposed clit. He lightened his touch, letting her come down a bit and catch her breath. Her whole body shook from the after math of her orgasm, she had never felt anything so intense.

"Cum." Again, her body tensed itself and shuddered as she came, his voice in her ear propelling her to new levels of intensity. Her head fell back and her eyes stared unseeing as he pushed her to orgasm after orgasm. Every time she thought he would let her calm down he commanded her again to cum for him, telling her that he owned her cunt, that she would not cum without his voice in her ear. She could not stop herself, every time he whispered the word she came again. She felt she could not take it anymore. After the ninth orgasm, she begged him to let her stop, panting, chest hitching she gasped out her pleas. He chuckled, feeling her start to panic in his lap as her body betrayed her.

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