tagFirst TimeSee You at the Office

See You at the Office


Jason is a 18 year old genius. He graduated high school at the age of 15. Now he's a junior in college and he' interning for his field study hours. Oh also Jason's a virgin.

Sara is 18 she just graduated high school. She got a job at her fathers tech. company. She's the wild child of the family. But her father forced her to take the job or he'd cut her off from all forms of money.

Neither of the two realize how much they're going to affect each other.

"Yes! I got the internship." Thought Jason. He'd already applied four places. All of them turned him down with reasons like how he's too young. He graduated high school at fifteen, it's not his fault about how old he is. But now he has an internship with the largest technology manufacturer on the east coast. "Good thing Stanford will pay for me to move to Connecticut cause from what i hear it's very expensive over there." Jason says to his mother on there weekly telephone call. Soon after he realizes that it's still very early. So he goes around his dorm and closes all the curtains so no one can look in the window. He goes over to the shelves and pops out the fake back to the third shelf. He found the secret hole while cleaning when he moved in freshman year. Now he stores over 700 porn DVDs and about 720 porn magazines. He's been getting 10 different subscriptions since he was 12. Also in the cubby hole he has fleshlight (kind of like a fake vagina) which he rarely uses, an extra large bottle of sweet sensation personal lubricant, about 10 oz. of pot, and a bottle of tequila. He randomly grabs a DVD out of his hardcore disc holder and pops it in the DVD player that he hooked up to the 72" plasma screen he has almost at the foot of his bed. The definition is amazing you could see it just line real life. After he got his 7.5" cock hard he grabbed his lube and poured a generous amount in his hand and started rubbing right as the girl got penetrated by the cock on the DVD. Within 5 minutes he climaxed.

Sara was laying in bed since she can't leave home until she's played her father back the money to fix his car after she crashed it into a tree. She was texting the boy she was hooking up with currently. He wanted her to send some nude pics and vids but she wasn't into it. So she took a shower. When she walked backed in her bedroom her phone had 6 new picture messages, 2 video messages and a voice mail. So she looked through it all and it was all of Ryan's (her hook up partner) naked body and his member. As she was looking through it all her pussy became wet. After she was done she laid on the bed nude and took her vibrator from under her mattress and she turned it on high and started rubbing herself. Her juices were coating the small pink tube and her fingers. After 5 mins she stuck it directly on her clit and she came all over the bed.

3 weeks later:

Jason has already settled into his new apartment and his internship. He's been trying very hard to find a hook up at the local clubs but no girls are interested. At work all the women are at least ten years older and he's not into that. But the bosses daughter is very cute and she's his age. Whenever he gets a chance he tries and fails at even speaking to her.

"Work sucks!" Sara's thinking as she's sorting paper. "Everyone is super old except the new intern and whenever I see him he looks away and almost sprints past me. For the past week I've really been noticing how cute he is. Especially when he dropped his paperwork and was bent over. His butt is really cute."

One night Jason's getting ready to shower and then a random knock at the doors sounds through the apartment. When he opens the door Sara is sitting there.

"Hey, Jason right?"

"Uhmm.... uh yeah, but you could call me Jay."

"OK then. I was thinking maybe we could hang out?"

"You want to hang out with me?" He was dumbfounded that this sexy well endowed woman was even

talking to him.

"Well I didn't come here to ask my neighbor! Yes you."

"Um OK what do you want t..." By then she pushes into him and he fell onto the couch under her. She started kissing him. After a moment of shock he started to kiss back. As they were making out she took off her her jacket to show that all she was wearing was a nightey that ended just below her waist.

"Umm Sara I don't think we should be doing this. We don't even know each other!"

"Ohh who cares just take my virginity! I'm so horny I want you more than anything! I'll do anything to have you!"

"Anything?" With a sly smile playing across his face. She looked at him with confusion and she nodded. So he took advantage if this once in a lifetime opportunity and he took off his shirt revealing that he was very toned and fit. Then he slowly laid down and she was still on top of him so he unzipped his pants and he took out his limp dick. So slowly she starred to suck on it until it became hard in her mouth. Then ferociously he grabbed her head and shoved it downwards until his cock was deep in her throat. He pushed her off and pulled her to the bed. When she laid on her back he pulled her nightgown off and then told her to lose the bra and thong. So he started stripping and soon they were both completely naked. He spread her legs and started sucking on her clit while fingering her and rubbing her g-spot. She was moaning so loudly. After she was soaking wet he poured a very generous amount of fire lube on her pussy and his cock. When he was finished he shoved his cock inside of her in one stroke so powerful he didn't even flinch when he ripped through her hymen. He started fucking her really gently then he put her into doggy-style and started going really rough. As he was screwing her he shoved his two fingers into her ass and started fingering while fucking. After about 30 minutes he turned her over again and laid down on her while he fucked her. Her screaming moans became soft and sexy moans. He took out and started eating her out again. Her lower lips were puffy and pink and glistening with lube and her own juices. He put his cock back in and started slowly going in and out. He realized he could feel the muscle pulling on his cock. It felt good and about 5 minutes later she started arching her back and he knew she was going to cum so he started going harder and then they both came at the same time.

"Oh my god your cock was amazing!"

"Your pussy is so tight."

"Let's go to sleep."

He hadn't realized it had already been 2 hours. So he said OK. When Jason woke up he found a note next to him saying "Jay I'm sorry to have left early but if I didn't my dad would've found out. I had an amazing time. I'll see you at the office."

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