tagIncest/TabooSeeing A New Side Of Stepdaughter

Seeing A New Side Of Stepdaughter


I'm Geoff. This day ended up more unusual than most. I got up at around 5 am as I usually do as I like to start the day early, and as my wife is a heavy sleeper, I can get some reading or study done before the day starts in earnest. Although my twenty year old stepdaughter Mallika was visiting from overseas, she too likes to sleep in so I was comfortable in the knowledge that walking around the house naked until at least seven was fine and getting dressed was a waste of time. Springtime is to be treasured for such things, and walking around naked in your own home is one of life's simple pleasures. The house was very quiet, with perhaps the first birds outside starting to make a noise. First priority of the morning was the short walk to the toilet for the first pee of the day.

I opened the door into the dark room (I could tell as no light shone underneath) and was startled to find Mallika sitting there on the toilet as I turned on the light. So many thinks bombarded my mind: I was naked in front of her, she was grinning and was naked too, and she didn't seem to mind either! Before I could voice any of this, she grabbed my hand, pulled me inside, and let the door close behind me. She put her finger to her lips to indicate quiet to which I could only offer a dazed assent. She grabbed me around the shoulders, sat me down on the toilet seat, and straddled me by sitting on my lap. She's smaller than me, lithe and beautiful, and so her head was about the same level as my own.

She spoke first. "I guess you are wondering about why I'm here, and naked too?", she grinned.

"It did pass my mind", I offered in lieu of nothing else sensible.

"Well, first I'm a nudist at home, but I don't let on to Mum. I know you're a nudist because I found you on a Flickr nudist group that I wanted to join, with all your pictures. I must say that you look relaxed as a home nudist! I know that you get up at this time, so I thought I might surprise you while Mum is dead to the world!".

"Wow," I said. I must say that I like the nudist you. I never knew you had this side and I must say that I like it." Her perky but small breasts were very close to my face and I must say I liked them very much. However, my bladder was reminding me of the original reason for the visit, so I mentioned it.

"Do you mind if I pee as we chat?", I asked. Mallika responded by reaching between her thighs, holding my penis up, and said "Go".

I was busting, so the pee came freely. She aimed my penis at her chest and just watched the pee flow back down between our legs, past a lovely trimmed pubic bush. Mallika smiled, saying "I always wanted to play with a guy's penis while peed; that was so much fun! Do you mind if I go too?"

"Go for it", I replied, looking her in the eyes as I felt a warm flow emanate between our thighs. It felt companionable, just doing something as routine as pee together, but didn't feel weird, even with the nudity, as I had known this girl most of her life, and we had gotten along well.

The erotic nature of this though was not lost on me. My penis (I can never call it a cock; that sounds so silly to me using slang) began to grow of its own accord. I looked at Mallika apologetically. "Sorry, but I get erections around pretty women, especially naked ones. You're my stepdaughter so ..."

Mallika smiled, and reached again for my penis, one hand now on the shaft, the other cupping my balls. "Actually, I was hoping you might. I'm cool with it. I've seen it before, and it's lovely", she grinned impishly.

"How?", I asked, pretty sure that I hadn't flashed it in front of her before.

"Remember our old place back in Mumbai where we lived?". I nodded. Well, there was a hole in the bathroom wall at my eyelevel that went to my room on the other side. When I was a teenager, and got to be curious in such things, I would look at people when they went there. When you met my Mum, I was curious about you. When you would pee, I would see that lovely penis held in one hand over the bowl and pee. I'd never seen a guy do it, and it was fascinating. Then, when you stayed, and had a shower, I would see all of you naked. And once, you left the bedroom door open slightly one day when you thought I was away, and I saw you fuck my Mum, and I saw how much you loved each other, but also how beautiful your erection looked, so long and hard, and it clearly made my mother happy!"

"I must admit that it wasn't all one way. You always had the habit of not wearing knickers so I often accidentally saw your pussy when you weren't careful. I used to love seeing your breasts when you would bend over in a loose top. I would go away and jack off"

"And I would go and watch you do it in the bathroom, because those were no accidents!"

Mallika continued to stroke and fondle me. I was rock hard!

"Ah, and now?".

"And now is the first time since that I know that we're both adults, I know you're not shy about being nude, and I know that you aren't shy about incest and nudity from the flickr groups that you're in ... and so am I. Find me. I'm MIM. Malli in Mumbai! I know you're too honourable to make the first move, so I thought I would. And here we are."

As she said that, she stood up a little, pushed my penis towards her, and sat down again, slipping my penis into what felt like a very wet and tight vagina! We sat for a moment, just getting used to it, me the surprise and pleasure of it, and Mallika no doubt the pleasure of finally having a plan come together. Malli then started to lift herself up and down, and I did what I could under the circumstances. I must admit I had in the back of my mind always wanted to do what were doing, but never admitted it to myself.

"Geoff, that feels soooo good. I haven't been fucked in ages ... and that wasn't so good then!"

I put my hands around her backside, and tickled the puckered opening I found. I got a pleased wriggle in response. With the lubrication coming from our joining, it wasn't difficult to get a joint of my finger in.

"Oooh, yes," she crooned. I managed to also suck on her beautiful nipples as we moved in concert.

Malli did most of the work. I could feel myself slide out and back into her like it belonged. I rotated my tongue around each of her young and hard nipples, all the while feeling her tight muscles in her backside.

Mallika began to move faster. I could feel myself coming as well. Suddenly she stiffened on an upstroke, then slowly came back down my shaft. As she did so, I spurted what felt like more cum than I had ever released inside her. We wriggled some more, enjoying the aftermath. Mallika opened her eyes, and grinned that beautiful smile: "Geoff, that was so worth it! I've been wanting to do that for years!"

"My pleasure, m'dear!"

With that Mallika lifted herself off me with a satisfactory plop noise, and jumped in the shower, giving me a kiss on the lips as she bounded away.

For my part, I did the same in the ensuite. I smiled as I washed, wondering if more was to come. I could get to like this!.

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