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Seeing Double


Note: This is a spin-off of my previous "Lodge 4" storyline, so it may be worth your while checking those stories out first so you get an idea of the background of this story.


I fell back on the couch, exhausted, even after only spending half a day at work. I'd been run ragged by my boss, having to help unload a rather large delivery of tables and computers, and lug them up three flights of stairs because the tables were too large to fit in the lift.

I kicked my shoes off, turned the TV on and sighed, sinking down into the couch, flicking through my usual channel choices, eventually settling for the Big Bang Theory on E4+1. I glanced over to the bookcase.

Poking out from the very bottom, just visible from where I was sat, was a small corner of a plastic carrier bag. Good. Lauren hadn't noticed it.

Lauren is my girlfriend of 3 years now, having known each other since we were 14, but we only started dating when we were 19. She's a 5'6" redhead with a nice curvy figure and incredible boobs and arse.

She's the older half of identical twins. She and her sister, Alex, were born on opposite sides of midnight, so each had their a separate birthday. I'd not seen Alex for a couple of weeks, though, as she'd gone off on a two week holiday with a group of her friends from college or something.

Lauren and I had only moved in with each other about a year ago, feeling that we needed to spend more time together, as we were severely hampered by work patterns that we couldn't arrange to see each other for more than a couple of hours a week.

However, since moving in together, we have become a great deal more intimate and sexually active. Lauren's self-confidence has definitely increased, judging by what she wears around the house casually.

She loves to tease me as well, seeing how much flesh she can expose before I lose control and fuck her. She finds it hilarious, and always seems to win.

She wasn't due to come in for another hour and a half yet, so I lay back and chilled in front of the TV until she got back. By the time I heard the door go, it was mid-afternoon, and the football pundits were recapping some of the week's matches on one of the Sky Sports channels.

A few moments later, Lauren climbed onto my lap, touched her forehead to mine, and gazed into my eyes, "Hey," she said, grinning.

"Hey," I replied, trying not to smirk as I saw her eyes seemingly merge into one big one as she gently shook her head side to side, delicately flicking my nose with hers.

"Happy anniversary," she kissed me deeply, her arms wrapping around my neck and pulling me in. My arms hugged her abdomen, my hands finding a spot up between her shoulders.

Lauren broke the kiss and began to grind her hips against my crotch, causing my cock to rapidly harden as it became stimulated by her gyrations against it. I let out a sigh of pleasure, and reached for the remote control. I turned the football off so I could concentrate purely on Lauren.

I pulled my hands back round to the front, and cupped her gorgeous 34DD breasts through her vest top as she dry humped me, kneading and squeezing them, motivating her. Instead, she stopped, and lifted her tank top up, but didn't remove it. Instead, she leant forwards and stretched it over my head, trapping me in her cleavage.

I began to lick at her sternum, and the insides of her breasts, and slowly worked my way towards one of her nipples, the breast becoming squashed against her chest as she pulled her tank top tight over my head, restricting my movement forwards and backwards. My hands began to snake round to her back, and slowly moved down towards her ass, grasping a buttock in each.

I took hold of her rigid nipple in my mouth and began to suckle on it, my tongue tracing the areola, then coming back to flick the nub at the centre, causing Lauren to moan. I moved over to her other nipple and repeated the same treatment, eagerly sucking it into my mouth, my tongue dancing with it.

Then, she lifted her tank top up over our heads and threw it on the floor, revealing her magnificent tits to me, large and round with proud pink nipples adorning them like crowns.

"Bedroom?" I asked eagerly.

"Bedroom." Lauren replied, leaping off my lap and half running to the bedroom, hastily unzipping and dropping her miniskirt as she went.

I followed suit, stripping as I made my way to the bedroom to join Lauren.

As I got there, Lauren was already lying in a seductive pose, reminiscent of Rose in Titanic. I got up onto the bed beside her and rolled her onto her back, leaning in and kissing her.

Lauren rolled me onto my back, catching me off guard with the motion, and pinned my arms above my head as she leant in to kiss me, her tongue penetrating my lips, probing mine and exploring my mouth.

"How about something special for our anniversary?" Lauren grinned, her forehad and nose touching against mine, a lock of her fiery hair cascading down and gently batting my cheek.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, curious.

As she pulled back and broke the kiss, she leant over to one side and retrieved a blindfold. "What's that for?" I asked.

"You're going to wear it," Lauren replied, stretching the elastic with her hands, "It should...intensify...the experience for you,"

I complied, lifting my head so she could put the blindfold on me. My vision went completely dark. I looked down, and couldn't even see the gaps next to my nose. The blindfold covered everything.

I felt Lauren dismount me, and the bed lift up slightly, relieved of her weight. My heartrate increased with anticipation, and my breathing became faster and shallower.

A hand slowly stroked my thigh. I inhaled sharply at the touch, and the hand began to work its way towards my cock. As I felt the hand slowly curl around my shaft, it lifted off my belly, a string of precum snapping and falling back onto me.

The hand then began to rise and fall on my cock, circling my head a couple of times, causing me to quiver as it spread my precum all over my shaft. As the hand started slipping on my shaft with more ease, I began to relax. I sighed heavily and sank back into the bed, content with the situation.

Suddenly, a mouth dropped onto my cock and began to suck at the head instantly, the tongue probing my peehole, the hand increasing from stroking pace to pumping pace. The abrupt change caused me to jolt as my sensitive cockhead was assaulted by Lauren's warm, moist mouth and tongue.

She began to bob her head up and down, just taking the first two inches or so of my cock to begin with, gradually building up to taking more of me within her mouth. Her other hand found its way to my balls and began tickling and massaging them in rhythm with her head bobbing.

I fell onto my back and moaned, every sensation caused by Lauren was magnified. My vision was removed, so I couldn't even focus on the chest of drawers or the ceiling to hold myself back. The blindfold was working in heightening the pleasure for me. I couldn't think about anything but orgasm, and that seemed to accelerate its approach.

Lauren held my cockhead in her mouth and rapidly pumped my shaft with her hand, her tongue working my peehole. My toes curled and I moaned loudly as she worked my dick over, sending wave upon wave of pleasure through my entire body, her hair gently tickling my groin as it was batted around by her hand.

I moaned loudly as I felt the pleasure rapidly climb as I came closer to orgasm, my hips started to buck involuntarily as the pressure built.

Suddenly, the hand and mouth were gone! My cock fell back onto my stomach and I gasped at the abrupt loss of pleasure.

I felt Lauren grasp my ankles and swing me round, then pulled me towards her. My legs were off the bed now, and she let go of them, gravity taking over as they swung down to the floor. I heard shuffling between my legs, and felt Lauren's arms stroke the inside of my thighs.

My cock got picked up by fingertips, and lifted to point straight upwards, and trapped between Lauren's tits, becoming squashed between them, soft and warm, hugging my rigid member as they began to stroke it, glide over it.

Lauren's cleavage was already well lubricated, allowing her to tit fuck me with ease. I was picturing what was happening beyond the blindfold as a porn scene, the camera zooming in on my cockhead as it emerged from Lauren's gorgeous cleavage, only to disappear as her breasts were lifted.

I continued to watch my imaginary porn scene, and saw her stop as a wad of cum rocketed out the tip of my cock and left a huge white stripe up from her cleavage to her throat, another coating the top of her breast, and the rest pooling between her tits.

Lauren let out a long moan, "You like this, baby? You like me fucking you with my tits?" she continued heaving her tits on my cock. The feeling was incredible. She'd only tit fucked me two or three times before, prefering to save it for special occasions, as she knew how much I loved it.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I moaned as she increased the pace on my cock, her tits slapping my groin as they fell, delivering a downstroke.

"How do they feel?" Lauren asked, changing pace and squeezing tightly, but using slower, deeper strokes now, rising up and down, her sternum now brushing against the underside of my cockhead.

"Fucking amazing!" I began thrusting slightly with her, quivering from the sensation, feeling her tits bulging out as they slapped my thighs. I let out a long moan of pleasure as she continued the tit fuck, gradually slowing down.

She gave my cock one last squeeze and she slowly lifted herself off me, running her breasts all the way up my cock and letting it fall free back onto my belly. I let out a moan of anguish as the stimulus was removed, and I was left hungry for more.

"Just a minute," Lauren said, standing up, using my legs to help push herself up, "Need to grab some more baby oil, this bottle's run out,"

I heard a thump as the bottle hit the bin, and heard Lauren leave the room, her footfalls fading away. I lay on the bed, blind and with a raging boner. I grabbed it and began to stroke it, imagining Lauren between my legs again and fucking me with her tits til I came all over them.

I sped up as I began to masturbate to the images in my mind of Lauren's beautiful body, her 34DD breasts wrapped around my cock, her nipples poking through her fingers as she squeezed them together. Fuck!

As I felt the pressure building, I slowed down, feeling the need to save myself for Lauren. I doubt she'd enjoy returning to find me flaccid and my cum splattered up the wall. I maintained a steady, but slow pace to keep myself warm for her.

"Oh, carrying on without me, are you?" Lauren asked, heralding her return.

I stopped wanking, "Just keeping myself horny for you," I replied, keeping my cock pointing upwards with my hand at the base.

"Come here," Lauren beckoned, sounding like she planned to scold me. I went to lift my blindfold to see where she was, but she spoke up, "Ah-ah-ah! No, keep the blindfold on!"

I began to feel my way around the bed, standing up and steadily following it around to her side. I felt her touch my arm and hug me from behind, threading her arms beneath mine, and resting her chin on my shoulder.

"I've never seen you from this angle before," Lauren said, her hands stroking my chest, pressing her breasts into my back, her crotch into my ass. She grabbed my cock and began to jerk me off, "So this is what you see when you jerk off? I wish I could feel it as well,"

"It feels pretty good," I replied, letting out a sigh of pleasure as she further stimulated me.

"I bet it does!" Lauren said, picking up the pace now to about my normal wanking pace, my toes curling with the pleasure, "Oh I like seeing it from this angle! I wanna see you cum from this angle, see what it looks like from your perspective!"

She sped up her handjob slightly, squeezing a bit tighter. I could already feel the pressure building in my balls.

"Wait, wait, I don't want to cum yet," I protested, hoping she would let us draw this out a bit longer, the juices beginning to flow and swirl within me.

"We can go again later, but right now I want you to cum," she affirmed, confident she was in control, "I want you to think of me, picture me kneeling in front of you right now, my big natural tits just in front of your cock, being offered to you. They want your cum all over them, and you want to give it to them. You want to coat them with as much cum as you can!"

I did. I saw her kneeling before me, cupping her tits, holding them up to me as she knelt, her fiery red hair flowing down her back, licking her lips as she anticipated her gift. I moaned loudly as my orgasm approached, Lauren's hand unrelenting in its assault.

"You gonna cum?" Lauren asked, my hips bucking as the pleasure built.

"Yes," I managed to reply between breaths.

"Then cum," Lauren instructed, the familiar feeling of imminent orgasm overwhelming me. I let out a grunt and came, the first shot causing me to spasm and buck my hips backwards as it erupted from the tip of my cock and fired out onto the carpet, "Oooh yeah, that's hot!"

I let loose another less powerful shot, and a final one before the rest dribbled out of the tip and oozed over Lauren's fingers.

"Oooh, wow, look at the mess you've made!" Lauren gasped, releasing me from her grip, lifting her cum covered hand up to her face and sucking the cum off it.

"You mean the mess you made?" I corrected her.

Lauren laughed, "Indeed. So, how about you go get a shower and I'll join you shortly?"

"Sounds good to me," I replied, as Lauren led me towards the door and down the hall to the bathroom. She took my blindfold off and shut the door behind me.

I turned on the taps in the bath, and balanced out the hot/cold to make a nice tepid temperature, before lifting the centre stopper, switching the water flow from the taps to the showerhead. I drew the shower curtain closed and sat outside a moment, letting it heat up, listening to the water rattling against the bath and the curtain.

I put some towels out along the base of the bath in case of any rogue water splashing out. I'd showered with Lauren before, and she kept pushing the curtain outside the bath, as it "kept getting in the way."

Satisfied I'd waited long enough, I stepped inside and stood under the stream of water, allowing it to cascade down my neck and chest, sending a blanket of warmth down the middle of my body.

Unfortunately, I had to keep moving to keep all of my body thermally satisfied, as the showerhead only delivered a spread wide enough to hit half my body at once, tops.

Within a few minutes, the shower curtain slid aside, and Lauren stepped into the bathtub, her hair tied back in a ponytail, her naked body already taking the first few splashes of water from the shower.

"Hey," I grinned, turning towards her, my penis beginning to grow again at the sight of her.

"Hey," she glanced down at my semi, and grinned, "Not ready for another round yet?"

"Not yet," I replied, "But I think you could do with some attention, eh?"

"I suppose," Lauren replied, reaching past me and grabbing a bottle of shower gel, her breasts gently grazing my chest. She unsnapped the lid and squeezed some out onto her hand and began to rub it into my chest.

I turned to face the showerhead, the water hitting my chest as Lauren spread the shower gel over it, and created a lather, that was soon swept away by the torrent of warm water.

She retracted her hand to refill it with gel, the lid snapping shut behind me. Her hand returned, lower this time, as she began to massage some gel into my abdomen, my stomach, her hand working down to my cock.

Her hand wrapped around my balls, the cold shower gel making me wince slightly. She slowly began working the gel into my cock, her hand sliding effortlessly up and down the shaft, lubricated by the gel.

While I wanted to register what was happening, my body was non-responsive. My recent orgasm had left me pretty much numb for the time being. I gently rested my hand on hers as a signal to stop.

"What's wrong?" Lauren asked. I turned to look at her.

"Nothing, just still a bit numb," I replied, giving her a kiss. "Let me do you, now,"

Lauren chuckled as we swapped places, her chest now in the stream of water. She took the bobble out of her hair, and let it cascade down her back, "Are you sure this is fair? You have a lot more to wash than I did!"

I opened the cap of the shower gel, and squeezed a sizable amount into my hand, the distinct smell of apple now dominant in the room. I threaded my arms around her waist, and pulled her into me, my cock pushed up against me, between my groin and her ass, my head resting on her shoulder as my hands ran up her stomach to cup her breasts, and knead them, squeezing the flesh, gently pinching the nipples, forgetting that I was supposed to be "helping her wash".

I reached over her head and grabbed the showerhead, lifting it from its holster on the wall, and lowered the showerhead down Lauren's body, slowly, moving it past her breasts, down her stomach, and finally to her clit. I aimed it towards her and held it there.

Lauren jumped slightly at the sensation, gasping turning to a pleasurable laugh as the water torrented against her, stimulating her.

I kissed her neck as she moaned and began to rub her clit to accompany the shower's stream of water beating on her clit, stimulating it like a vibrator.

With my other hand, I stroked Lauren's side, feeling the swell of her breast, the gentle curve of her waist down to her hip and thigh, savouring the moment, feeling Lauren gently rising and falling as her breath deepened and quickened as her pleasure ascended.

Lauren moaned impatiently, and snatched the showerhead from me, holding it tight against her clit, her hips bucking as the sensation intensified.

This let my hands free to fondle her breasts, the snaked up her body, stroking her stomach, before slowly coming into contact with her breasts, letting each rest in the palm of my hand, my fingers closing around her nipples, beginning to tweak, twist and tug at them.

Lauren moaned, her hips bucking more furiously now, her orgasm closing in, "Harder," she breathed, barely able to speak, "Harder!" she instructed, and I started rolling her nipples between my fingers a bit quicker and with a bit more vigour.

"That's not fucking hard!!!" Lauren commanded aggressively as her climax approached, so I went for it, grabbing her nipples tightly and pulling them out as far as they would go.

Lauren screamed as she convulsed in orgasm, her muscles tightening and spasming as the shockwave of pleasure swept through her like a fire across a pool of lighter fluid.

Her orgasm was short, quick, but powerful, departing as abruptly as it had arrived. Lauren sighed in pleasure, and turned to me, biting her lip, the showerhead still aimed at her pussy, and she kissed me on the lips passionately. I ran my fingers through her hair, but stopped as they penetrated the hair at her temple.

"Come on!" she commanded, breaking the kiss and tearing the shower curtain aside as she exited the bathtub, dropping the showerhead behind her and taking my hand in hers, "We need to fuck. Now!"

I looked at my fingers, and saw what looked like cum stringing between them.

"What's this?" I asked, holding my fingers up to show her. Immediately, the colour drained from her face in realising she had been discovered.

"Ah fuck,"

"Whose is this?" I asked, all sorts of thoughts racing through my mind. Was she really cheating on me? This other man was in MY house! "You were stood behind me while you wanked me off. Is there someone else here I don't know about?"

"I...I..." she sighed and sat down on the toilet, "I was knelt in front of you when Lauren wanked you off. You shot your load all over my face and tits."

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