tagIncest/TabooSeeing His Mom For The First Time Ch. 03

Seeing His Mom For The First Time Ch. 03


As they stood there, drinking their champagne, all of them, Jill, Jim and Kris were lost in their own thoughts about what had happened and what was going to happen.

Jim broke their revere, "Well, what is next on the agenda?" He had not failed to notice that his son's cock was semi hard. As he spoke, he cupped one of Jill's tits and tweaked her nipple which caused her to squeal.

"Are you two guys really serious, I mean, you will let me do anything, we can all experiment together?" Kris asked.

His mom walked up to him, put her arms on his shoulders and pressed her nakedness against his, "Sweetie, you are 18 years old and I am sure there is a lot you want to learn about sex. But, like we told you, you cannot, under any circumstances, tell anyone about anything we do, we keep it here, between the three of us, do you understand?"

Kris put his arms around his mom, pressing his cock against his mom's belly, reached down and cupped the cheeks of her ass, "Yes mom, I understand, my lips are sealed," he said as he squeezed her ass cheeks. He bent his head down, Jill tilted her head back and Kris kissed her. He touched her lips with the tip of his tongue and she parted them. He felt her tongue touching his and he felt his cock beginning to harden as he realized he was French kissing his own mother.

"Hey, what about me?" Jim said. Kris and Jill broke their kiss, Kris looked at his dad and then walked over to him. He put his hands around his dad's waist, felt his cock touching his dad's cock and said, "Dad, my lips are sealed for you too!"

"Would you let me do something, son?"

Kris nodded and watched as his father went to his knees. Jim reached up, gently grasped Kris' cock and then leaned forward taking the head into his mouth. Jim slowly bobbed his head up and down Kris' now very hard dick. Jill moved behind Kris, he could feel her tits on his back, and then he watched as she reached down and began to stroke his cock as his dad was sucking him.

Jim reached between their legs, his hand finding his wife's cum filled pussy. He slipped his index finger into her pussy, wetting it with her secretions and his own cum. He moved his hand back and then ever so gently, touched his son's asshole. He pressed his finger into Kris' asshole, getting first one and then another knuckle inside him.

For Kris' part, he felt his dad's finger penetrating his asshole. Kris had, on several occasions touched his own ass and had always felt it was pleasurable. He had never had anyone else, except doctors of course, touch his ass. The feeling was enjoyable but he had something else on his mind.

"Dad, I like what you are doing to me, but there is something else I would really like to do right now," he said. Jill released her grip on Kris' dick and stepped back and to the side.

Jim stopped sucking and withdrew his finger. He said nothing for a moment, but grasped Kris' cock, pushed it up and then he licked his son's balls. He sucked first one and then the other into his mouth, enjoying the musky scent. He moved is head back, looked up at Kris and asked, "What would that be son?"

Kris looked at Jill, "I really want to fuck mom! I mean I REALLY want to fuck her."

Jill smiled at him, "Do you want to do me right here on the floor or should we all retire to the bedroom where it might be a little more comfortable?"

Kris did not say a word, he took her by the hand, watched Jim stand up and then began to pull her toward the stairs and the bedroom.

When they got to the bedroom, Jill went over to the bed, sat down and then moved toward the middle of the bed. She lay back, spread her legs wide and said, "Come to mom, she wants to feel your hard young cock inside her pussy. I want you to fuck me hard and long!"

Kris crawled onto the bed and knelt between his mom's outstretched legs. He could see the pinkness of her pussy, all wet and waiting to be fucked. As he leaned forward, Jill reached between them and grasped his cock, guiding the head to her pussy. Kris felt the initial contact and then thrust forward, driving his cock deep into her.

"Oh god, honey, you don't know how good that feels, your young manhood inside the very place that gave you life," she murmured. She cupped one of her tits and said, "Here suck this while you fuck me!"

Kris leaned his head down and took her nipple into his mouth and, as he began sucking, he also began thrusting his cock in and out of his mom's pussy. He was completely caught up in the eroticism of the moment. Jill squeezed her pussy muscles around her son's dick. Kris felt the extra tension and increased his thrusting.

Jim was sitting in a chair next to the bed watching his son fuck his wife. He was harder than he could remember watching Kris driving his cock into her pussy. "That's it son, fuck her good. Go slowly so you won't cum to soon. Make your thrusts hard but pause between each one, that will let her catch up to you and cum with you." He continued to stroke his own cock watching the scene unfold before him.

Jill was amazed at Kris' ability to fuck her. Each time he shoved his cock into her pussy she shivered with delight. She reached behind Kris and cupped the cheeks of his ass and would pull him deeper into her as he drove his cock into her. She wanted it to last and last but, after several minutes, could feel Kris' thrusts becoming more erratic, clearly indicating that he was getting ready to cum.

Kris could feel his cum starting to boil up in his cock. He lifted his head from Jill's tit, "God, mom, I am cumming!"

"That's it, honey, fill your mom's cunt with your cum. I want to feel your cum inside me!" Her own orgasm was rapidly approaching.

"Arrrgh!" Kris cried out and he violently shoved his dick into his mom. He felt the first jet of cum shoot from the end of his cock.

"Oh, god, honey, I'm cumming too!" Jill screamed, "I can feel your cum inside me!"

Kris' thrusts became less and less hard. His cum was draining into his mom's pussy and he felt himself spent. He stopped thrusting and lay on top of her, as he felt his cock soften and then slip from her pussy. He rolled off of her and lay at her side. He watched as his mom reached between her legs, dipped two fingers into her pussy and then brought them to her mouth and sucked them clean.

"Ask your dad," she said smiling at him, "he will tell you I love the taste of cum!"

Jim stood up and walked to the side of the bed. Jill and Kris could see his hardon bobbing up and down as he walked. "Would you like a third load of cum?" he asked her.

She nodded her head.

"Why don't you get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind?" he told her.

She smiled at him, paused, and then she looked at Kris and said, "Why don't you and I go 69 while daddy fucks me?"

Kris thought about the implications and then turned around on the bed. Jill straddled his face and then told him to move down a little so his head was right on the edge of the bed and Jim could stand while fucking her. When they got themselves positioned, Kris was looking at his mom's pussy mere inches from his face. His dad stepped up and then guided his cock into her waiting opening.

Jim began long, slow thrusts. Jill took Kris' cock into her mouth and began gently sucking him. Each time Jim would thrust into her, it would push her face down onto Kris' cock. She began to fondle his balls as well. Kris lay there, enjoying the sight of his dad's cock in his mom's pussy and the ministrations of his mom's mouth on his cock. He lifted his head slightly, stuck out his tongue and began to lick. His dad's balls were scrapping across his forehead.

"Right there, honey, that is my clit, use your tongue right there, oh god, that is it, that feels wonderful," Jill said and then she resumed her sucking.

Jim could feel the tip of Kris' nose rubbing the underside of his cock. Then he was surprised to feel Kris' tongue on his cock. Kris held still and as Jim would thrust, Kris' tongue rubbed his dad's dick. Jim and Jill had done this very thing with other men and both of them loved it. But, the fact that it was his own son doing it, Jim found that much more erotic and, as a result, he felt his cum building up.

Kris could feel his own cock getting harder and harder as his mom sucked him. Jim thrust deep into Jill and then he felt Kris' tongue on his balls. "God, buddy, suck my balls, take them into your mouth!"

Kris did as instructed. He sucked both of his dad's balls, the pubic hair tickling his nose and face.

"Oh god, son, that feels so good, but you have to stop, I HAVE to cum!"

Kris released his dad's balls and lowered his head back to the bed watching his dad shoving his cock into his mom's pussy. Suddenly, Jim shoved his cock deep into Jill's pussy and Kris saw his balls contract and he knew instinctively, that his dad was cumming.

Jim shoved his cock into his wife's cunt and shot his first stream of cum into her. Then, he pulled back, so his cock came out of her pussy, he leaned forward against her so that his cock was pointed straight down and the rest of his cum shot onto Kris' face.

Kris couldn't believe what his dad was doing and his first instinct was to pull away. One shot of cum hit his forehead and another, his lips. Without conscious thought, he licked his lips, tasting his dad's cum and decided it wasn't all that bad so he stayed where he was as the last of his dad's cum oozed onto his face.

Jill felt Jim's cock slip from her pussy and when he leaned against her, she knew that he was cumming on Kris' face. She continued sucking Kris's cock and sensed that he while he was hard in her mouth, what his dad was doing seemed to make Kris' dick harder. She wondered to herself if Kris had the makings of a bi lover.

Jim moved back from Jill and Kris. He looked down to see his son's face wet with cum. "Are you okay?" he asked Kris. "I mean, what I just did you don't find unpleasant do you?"

Kris shook his head, moved his hand and reached out the grasp his dad's cock. "No dad, I wasn't expecting it, but it is fine. I guess it is all part of the 'experimenting' you talked about right?"

Jim smiled down at his son and nodded his head.

Jill released Kris' cock and moved to lay next to him. She continued stroking his cock. "Well, honey, you are ready to fuck again. Do you want to fuck again or would you rather take a short rest, talk, look at some pictures, and maybe have another beer?"

"Yeah mom, I would love a beer and a towel to wipe my face," Kris replied.

Jim moved quickly to the bathroom, wetted a face cloth, brought it back to Kris and handed it to him. "I will go down a get us a beer, do you want some wine honey?"

Jill nodded her assent to the wine. Jim left the room. Jill got up from the bed, "I will be right back," she said to Kris.

As she walked into the master bathroom, Kris turned around in the bed, put some pillows against the head board and began to stroke his cock. As he lay there, he thought about everything that had transpired in the past couple of hours. His mom had given him a blow job, his dad had sucked his cock and he had licked his dad's, he had fucked his mom in the pussy, sucked her tits, and watched as she tasted his cum. He loved the feeling of his hand on his cock and didn't realize that Jill had walked back into the room and was watching him.

"What are you thinking about honey?" she asked him.

"Oh just what has happened, kind of wondering what will happening, and thinking how much I love you two guys," was his reply.

Jill sat on the bed next too him, arranging some pillows for herself on the head board.

"Mom, can I ask you guys some questions?"

"Sure baby, anything you want to know," Jill told him.

"Have you always shaved your pussy?"

"No, not always. I started shaving about 10 years ago when daddy suggested it to me and dad."

The look of surprise on Kris' face spoke volumes. "Grand dad suggested you shave you pussy?" he asked.

Jill smiled at him, "Yes dear, he did. In fact, he and dad shaved me that first time. It was very erotic and sexy."

"How long have you and grand dad been, uh, well you know?" he asked.

"For a very long time. Daddy has been fucking me for many years."

Kris looked deeply into her eyes, "Did he force you?"

Jim walked back into the room with two beers and a glass of wine. "So, what are you two discussing?"

Jill looked at him and, as she took her glass of wine, she said, "Kris wants to know about me and daddy."

Jim could feel his cock twitch remembering the many times he had watched his father-in-law fucking Jill. "Go ahead, if you want to," he said to Jill.

"I told Kris we, that is both of us, would answer any and all of his questions, so yes, I will tell him all about me and daddy," she said.

Jim handed a beer to Kris and then went to the other side of the bed where he laid down on the other side of Jill.

"Honey, daddy didn't force me. He was very slow and gentle and loving. It all started very slowly and I was very much a willing participant."

She went on to relate how she was still living at home at the time. One evening she had come home from work and her dad was walking around in with a towel wrapped around his waist. Her dad, Bert, had always had dinner ready for her when she got home. Her mom, Ann, worked at a retail store and never made it home before 9:00PM. Bert's excuse for the towel was that he had just gotten out of the shower. She had thought it was a little odd but found herself wondering how big her dad's cock was.

The towel "routine" continued for several more days, then one day, as he was serving her dinner, the towel fell off revealing all of his manhood to her. She found herself staring at her father's dick. Bert saw her staring and stood still. He apologized for "flashing" her but she told him it was okay. Jill was not a virgin and she had seen and enjoyed the cocks of several young men. She had made an appointment with a doctor and gotten on the pill so she would not get pregnant.

She told Bert it was okay, if he wanted to go around naked that was fine with her. With that, a routine was set. Jill would come home to find her dad naked. When she went to bed, she found herself wondering what it would be like to fuck her own father. After a week or so, she decided to surprise him, to really find out what his intentions were.

One night, she came home, Bert was in the kitchen, she called out a hello and Bert replied. Before she went into the kitchen, she stripped naked. Then she walked into the kitchen and stood in the door. When he turned around, he almost dropped the pot he was holding. She had told him, "If you get to go around naked, so do I." She walked up to him and hugged him to her, rubbing her tits against his chest and her crotch against his. Then she went over, sat down and asked what was for dinner. She smiled as she noticed that his cock was getting hard.

The very next day, after he had left for work, Ann, her mom, walked into her bedroom. Ann sat on the edge of Jill's bed and said, "We have to talk." Ann then related that she knew about Jill and Bert. Jill learned that Ann absolutely hated sex, she learned that Ann had only had sex with Bert a very few times and for three of those times, she had gotten pregnant with Jill and her two brothers. Ann told Jill that Bert had "needs," as Ann called them, and she knew he had been to whores many times. Ann told Jill that she really didn't want to have Bert visiting whores, she was always afraid something would happen or that he would catch some disease.

Ann was quite then for a moment and then she said, "Honey, you don't seem upset by dad's nakedness and he told me that you seemed to enjoy looking at his cock."

Jill nodded her affirmation and was wondering where this conversation was going.

Ann took Jill's hand and said, "What we were wondering, both dad and I, would you let your daddy go farther with you?"

Jill was surprised, after all here was her mom asking if she was willing to go to bed with her father.

Ann continued talking, "We know that sex between a dad and his daughter is not the best thing, it is in fact, illegal. But, we both think it would be better than him going out and paying for whores."

Jill was quiet for a moment. "Mom, what I am hearing is that you want me to have sex with daddy, is that right?"

Ann nodded her head, "We don't want you to feel forced, we want you to feel okay with this."

"Mom, I won't feel forced, in fact, I have to confess that I have been fantasizing about it for a couple of weeks. If you are okay with it, I know I would enjoy it."

Ann leaned down and kiss Jill on the forehead.

"So Kris," Jill said, "my daddy, your grand dad, and I have been having sex for quite a few years."

Kris turned to look at Jim, "You have known about this and you are okay with it?"

Jim smiled at him, "Son, I found out about your mom and her dad about a year after we got married. There have been a number of times when both me and your grand dad have fucked mom at the same time."

"What about gramma? Have you ever done anything with her? Kris asked.

Jill was the one who replied, "Kris, baby, mom really hates sex. Jim mentioned that he would love to fuck her but that has never come to pass. Mom has watched, shoot, she used to watch me and dad fucking and sucking but she never ever did anything. And there were times, before she passed away five years ago, when she watched grand dad and dad fucking me at the same time. All she ever did was sit there and watch."

Kris mulled this over, took a sip of his beer, and then asked his dad, "Well, what about you and your mom?"

Jill moved down the bed so that she could suck Kris' dick. Jim looked at Kris and said, "Well, it didn't happen like it did with your mom and her dad, but it was interesting. Let me tell you about it."

To be continued...

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