tagFetishSenior Week Day 02

Senior Week Day 02

byGood Burger©

I woke up in bed alone. Amanda must've gotten up before me. I still can't believe she went along with my diaper fetish. I hope we can do this more often. Oh shit, I forgot I put one on too. Before I could wake up completely, she walked into the room. Amanda's gorgeous. Her blonde hair caresses her shoulders and she's very thin. She was already dressed, wearing a tight red t-shirt that shows off her 34B breasts and a matching miniskirt. I could see her puffy nipples harden through her shirt when she saw me.

"Aww, is my baby awake?" she cooed. Before I could answer she shushed me. "No no baby, you just lay there while Mommy changes you. Someone had an accident!" At that moment I realized what woke me up. I peed in my diaper! This was different than doing it on purpose like last night, I actually wet my pants! I was so embarrassed.

"It's ok baby, don't be embarrassed, Mommy will take care of you." She untaped my diaper and tossed it in the trash. She used a baby wipe to clean my pubic area before patting it down with baby powder. "Look at the baby's cute little pee-pee!" She giggled as she toyed with my tiny cock. When it's hard it barely reaches five inches, and at that moment it was completely soft and probably looked just like a baby's penis, especially since I had shaved off all of my pubic hair. Before I could get aroused, she put a clean diaper on me and had me follow her to the kitchen, only she made me crawl.

I climbed into a chair and she handed me a bottle. I drank the juice quickly and was done by the time she poured my cereal. She spoon-fed me the cereal and milk dribbled everywhere, mostly on my chest and stomach. She gave me another bottle when I was done while she cleaned the dishes. She got a wet dishrag to clean the milk off of me. As soon as she touched my stomach, I began to laugh. It tickled so much! Soon, she had me on the floor, tickling me until I laughed so hard and felt myself wet my diaper. Again, I had peed without having any control. My face flushed and I could feel tears welling up. Why was this happening?

"Aw, my poor baby, don't cry." Amanda stuck a pacifier in my mouth and I instinctively began to suck it. She continued to softly whisper words of comfort as she again changed my wet diaper. Once she was finished, I crawled along behind her into the bedroom, where she put shorts and a t-shirt on me. She had me play with toys on the floor while she went into the bathroom.


Amanda hurried into the bathroom, too horny to wait any longer. Eric had become completely submissive, and she loved babying him. Her pussy was soaking wet, and the bathroom had door barely shut and she was shoving a hand under her skirt. She pushed her red panties aside and sat on the edge of the tub. She rubbed her clit with her palm while she hooked two fingers into her pussy. She figured Eric could probably hear the sloshing of her hand as it vigorously attacked her sopping cunt. Barely a minute went by before she felt an orgasm hit her and a loud moan escaped from her previously clenched mouth. She slumped against the wall and she could feel her juices trailing down her legs. When she felt she was able to stand, she cleaned up, straightened her panties and her skirt, and went back into the bedroom.


I knew what Amanda just did, and I could feel my little dick getting hard inside my diaper. When I heard her moan, it was too much for me to take. I started rubbing the bulge through my diaper. Amanda walked back into the room and saw what I was doing.

"No no! Bad boy! Very very bad! Don't touch!" She smacked my hand. I gave her a pleading look but she did not relent. "Babies don't touch there, that's very very bad!" I whimpered. I had been so close to cumming. I could feel the precum oozing out and coating the head of my penis. "No." She firmly repeated.

I needed a release, she had just gotten one, it's not fair! As I shifted, I felt a tingle between my legs. I noticed as I rocked back and forth, my cock, slick from precum, would rub against my diaper and it felt wonderful! I kept rocking back and forth, and once again could feel my balls tighten when she realized what I was doing.

"NO!" she yelled. "Bad baby!, You're in trouble now!" She sat on the bed and pulled me onto her lap. She took of my diaper and began spanking my ass. I thought she was going to stop after a few, but she kept going! It hurt really bad, and I started to cry. "Now you know not to play with your pee-pee." I was still crying, and she was still spanking, but I was still hard. Each time she spanked me, I moved forward and my tiny stiffie rubbed her thigh. Before long, I felt my balls tighten again only this time, I came. I shot my load all over her thigh, cumming and cumming with spurt after spurt coating her leg. She stopped spanking me and just stared at the mess I had made on her. When I saw the look of disappointment on her face, the tears welled up again and my dick shrank down to it's flaccid state.

"See what happens? Now you got Mommy all messy!" She had me follow her into the bathroom. "You sit there while Mommy cleans up!" I sat on the floor and she turned the shower on. She stripped off her top, revealing those beautiful B cups and those puffy pink nipples. Her skirt dropped to the floor, and she peeled off her panties. She stepped into the stream of water and began to lather her wet body with the suds. After she finished rinsing my cum off of her leg, she turned to me and looked me in the eye. Then she looked down and my eyes followed. She spread her legs, revealing her shaved pussy, and began peeing right in front of me! In no time at all my dick was throbbing and forming a bulge in my diaper. When she was finished she wiped herself clean and then wrapped a towel around her hot, wet, naked body. She walked out to the living room, and motioned for me to sit next to her on the couch.

"Ready for a snack?" she cooed. I nodded. She opened her towel and drew my head to her breast. I eagerly licked and sucked her nipple, going back and forth between each breast. She started breathing heavily and squirming in the seat. She reached one of her hands into my diaper and began toying with my cock.

"Oh Eric, that feels so good. Suck my titties...mmmm...I want you to cum in your diaper baby, cum for me." She continued to stroke my cock harder and faster as I suckled on her tits. As I felt myself nearing orgasm, I began humping her hand and finally felt myself explode, gushing a load of cum into the diaper. She pulled her hand out covered in my cum, and used it to finger her wet cunt. Once she had finished, and added her juices to the mess on her hand, she had me suck her fingers clean.

"Ok time to get changed!" she exclaimed. I laid down and she opened my diaper. "Aww, look at your cute little dick all covered in cum!" she giggled. She licked the cum off of me until there wasn't a drop left. I had managed to get about halfway hard from that, when instead of putting me in a fresh diaper, she said "Well, that's a fetish we can continue with back at home, especially since we're almost out of clean diapers and might need them for the ride!" We laughed. "Alright stud, go get a shower, and clean up good. I want that little dick of yours in my pussy before dinner."

So far this is a great week, but the way she said that last sentence kind of worried me...

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