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Seniors in Heat


I remember one day very vividly from when Josh and I were eighteen year old seniors in high school.

I saw a flash of taut blond speed out of the corner of my eye and felt the familiar tingle below my navel. The warmth of his passing reminded me with sinking clarity of how lonely I was even as his scent drifted back to me. Josh sped past while we both made laps around the track and I watched as his muscles contracted and expanded with fluid grace.

Gym was always a kind of torture. I concentrated on diminishing my physical reaction even as I slowed, reasoning that double laps were better than getting caught with a hard-on.

Whistled to a stop, my breathing regained some normalcy as we gathered to sit around coach Feldman. A short man with a spare tire, he wiped vicarious sweat from his balding head. As he vented about how what a lazy out of shape generation we were I scooted just a little closer to Josh and caught his eye. He looked back at the coach and made a face and glanced back at me to see my reaction. I grinned and gamely rolled my eyes too. We weren’t the best of friends but lately we’d been cutting up together in gym class at coach Feldmans expense and my growing delight. I mean my physically growing delight. Something which only Josh could see as we sat at the back of the class, but something which was unmistakable in my tight gym shorts. I was sitting cross-legged and brought my arms in over my crotch and bent forward slightly as I felt the crimson creep up my face. He caught my eye and only grinned a little wider.

“What the hell?” I thought in confusion as coaches droning ceased and we were dismissed to the showers. I lagged behind the others naturally, thinking I’d better skip the showers today and head right for home as this was last period and we were allowed to do that.

Just as I reached the door to the locker room I felt something grip the back of my jock strap and pull me backwards. Hot breath seared into my ear and the back of my neck. “Not so fast Jason!”

Josh spun me around so fast and pinned my arms against the locker room door I had no time to react or struggle even if I had wanted to. We were alone in the hall. His breath came short and ragged as his warm brown eyes bore into mine. He must have seen first the fear and then the acceptance and submission, because just as that peace came over me, that willingness to take whatever he might want to do to me, he released me. A confident smile, almost a sneer, spread across his face as he held me with his eyes. “OK.” he said at last, his voice both gentle and dominant “meet me at my place in half an hour.” His right hand groped my crotch roughly as I stepped aside. He pulled the door to the locker room open and breezed past me as if nothing had happened.

I had a raging boner and I’d be damned if I was going into that locker room with it, so I turned on my heel and headed for my street locker, snagged my books and high-tailed it home faster than a bitch in heat.

It took me fifteen minutes to fly past my dog and little brother and in and out of the shower. I dressed in simple shorts and a tank top. It took exactly another fifteen to walk to Josh’s house. In that time I replayed the events of the last hour and a half over and over. By the time I had reached his house I was sure Josh and most of the rest of the senior boys were gonna beat my ass into oblivion. But Josh’s voice snaked around my thinking brain and just compelled me to keep walking. He had given me an order of sorts hadn’t he? The memory of his scent and sweat plastered collar length blond hair as well as his brief grip on my boiling nuts brought me at last to his door.

“Took you long enough.” he said smugly by way of greeting. I just stared dumbly as I took in what I saw framed in the screen door to his vacationing parents two story. There he stood in all his shirtless glory. Tan muscles and silken hair dripping as if he’d just stepped from the shower, which no doubt he had. His damp blue boxers seemed a small boy scout tent as he looked down to where he’d seen my eyes travel.

He just grinned in that way of his, opened the screen door and roughly pulled me inside. “You’re not the only one who can throw wood you know.” he said as we resumed our position of half an hour earlier. Now I don’t mind being pinned to a wall by a sexy blond athlete, especially one I’d had the hots for all through high school, but I needed some answers.

“So you like guys too?” I managed to mumble. “Look,” he said suddenly serious as he took my chin in his hand forcing me to look into his fierce gaze “ I usually like to screw chicks, but if a guy happens to be hot enough and his ass itches for a pounding, I’ll give it to him...if he knows how to keep his mouth shut.” I could only nod dumbly as he stuck a finger into my mouth. “Thought so.” he said and grinned again as he slowly broke away from our intimacy and walked further into his house. I felt it’s loss and followed his invisible leash.

“You’ve been wiggling your ass around me like a puppy dog for quite a while now. So I suppose I had better nail it for you before we graduate. Or else you’ll just turn out messed up.” It was a statement I could only puzzle at. I cleared my throat as I looked nervously around. We had come through the living room and descended into the basement which had apparently been converted into Josh’s living space/bedroom. It was a small apartment of sorts, a small refrigerator, walk-in closet, weight set, posters of half naked women as well as many trophies from his very successful high school athletic career.

The room absolutely smelled of Josh, his musky male scent soaked everything and made me a little light headed. I sat down on the edge of his weight bench to take it all in. He came to stand next to me, his tented crotch inches away from my face. “You like it?” he asked and I knew he wasn’t talking about his room.

“Yeah.” I said defiantly finding my voice as I looked up his sleek torso and into his soul melting brown eyes. “Nothing wrong with that.” he said huskily as his hand fell to the back of my head stroking my brown collar length hair. I instinctively moved forward and found my self kissing his belly button. My tongue darted out and brought back the taste of warm male flesh.

“Nothing wrong with that at all” he sighed, and then added softly “bitch.” And in that instant I knew that that is exactly what I was, his bitch. And I didn’t mind because at that moment my whole existence centered on pleasing this beautiful dominant male in front of me.

I boldly pulled his boxers down. A proud seven inch rod popped up to tap under my chin. I slid off the weight bench onto my knees and was eye level with it’s pulsing power. Its silky weight in my hand was something I hadn’t really known I’d longed for until I gently guided it’s head between my parted lips.

“Yeah, suck it bitch!” he said, and I was all too happy to obey. His hand on the back of my head forced me forward and I took his manhood inch by inch until I started to gag a bit. He let off and I got some air. The taste was phenomenal and his aroma became intoxicating as I mouthed his precome from his cocks tip and went down again. Soon I was taking him nearly balls deep. He hissed and yanked my hair a few times when my teeth grazed him. It was punishment enough, because I was getting quite good at blowing him if his now nearly constant grunts and moans meant anything.

When he abruptly pulled out I was left looking up at him from my knees in confusion as I worked my own meat. The look on my face made him laugh. “Don’t worry you’ll get it again.” he said smiling down at me “Now lick my balls bitch!” His playful dominance and his comforting hand stroking my hair caused me to lap at his balls like a starving animal. I must have done that for ten or fifteen minutes when he again abruptly pulled away.

This time he walked over to a small but solid bench about waist high, his cock wagging in front of him. “Get up and strip.” he ordered a little of the playfulness gone out of his voice. “It’s time to get what you need.” I obeyed slowly, but he was patient. At last I stood in front of him apprehensively admiring his gleaming abs and twitching cock. My own body was nothing to be ashamed of and his open admiration for my firm muscles as he glided a hand slowly over my pecs and biceps made my cock stand at even stiffer attention.

I was surprised when he boldly stepped into me and took my head into his hands and brought his lips to my own. I completely melted as I felt his tongue enter my mouth, and I knew then that I really was his.

He broke the kiss and rather roughly spun me around and bent me over the table. His fingers probed at my hole as I heard the foil of a condom wrapper being ripped open in his teeth. The next thing I felt was something cool and slippery going up my backside along with his fingers and I knew I was getting lubed. When he brought his masculinity up to my quivering ass I was actually begging for it to be inside me.

He entered me slowly, one hand guiding himself in, the other braced firmly around my waist. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. At first there was some pain and an overstuffed feeling, but then as my ass got used to him a searing completeness welled up inside of me. I knew then that this is what I wanted, would always want, and that this too makes a man a man and that there was no reason for shame.

His strokes were long and supple. I started to slowly thrust back into them. He felt around to my own cock and balls and began stroking me in time with his own thrusts. His other hand found my mouth and I sucked on his fingers. It was a glorious fuck.

When his tongue went into my ear I sailed over the edge. At that moment I felt so completely possessed and at the same time free as a bird that I shot my load into his stroking hand. My body continued pumping and responding to his mastery of it, when I felt him stiffen. His hot load filled his condom as he rammed into me three or four more times before he came to a shuddering halt.

I regretted the loss of his penis as it slid from my ass. But when I straightened and turned to look at him it was with both defiance and love. After he caught his breath and deposited the used condom he returned to me and brought his hand up to stroke the side of my face and look me in the eye.

“You needed that didn’t you.” he said simply. And I did. He had taken me completely and I was his. I also knew that I was now a man and could be and do and take whatever I wanted. And I wanted him.

“Yeah, thanks.” I said looking fire at him. I loved him so much at that point, but I couldn’t quite keep the sarcasm out of my voice.

But he had sensed the change in me and he sighed. “And now I suppose you want to return the favor.” A new fire leapt into my heart and cock at the prospect. He only laughed and grinned as he punched me in the shoulder and lead me by the hand to his bed. “Come on then bitch!” he said. And I followed.

His kisses seemed at first tender and shy. But by now I knew he was the one in charge even as his hands pulled me on top of him into a dominating position. The permission he was giving me to rape his neck with my tongue while grinding my cock into his belly was his invitation to bear my manhood fully and with pride. Being a man meant giving as well as receiving. And right now I was about to give him my sleek hard seven inches.

As his legs parted and his back arched up to allow entry I felt his hands stroking my sweating sides. The lubricated condom rolled down snugly as I brought the tip of my cock to the quivering pink hole that waited for me. A feeling of tender urgency flooded me as my pole slid into Josh’s griping ass. Josh fixed me with a look I can’t really describe...awe...love...pride. His eyes snapped shut for ten seconds when I finally slid home, but when the pain faded there was only hunger. “OK stud-bitch,” he said smiling up at me “fuck me silly!”

I couldn’t have done otherwise. My pace seemed dictated by his need as much as my own as I plowed him with everything I had. It wasn’t long when I felt his legs tighten around my waist while his back arched further. A strangled scream accompanied the geyser of cum that shot from Josh’s cock and coated his heaving chest. The contraction that hit me from his orgasm made my seed crawl up my own shaft and into his silky bowls.

We then lay in a heap of sweaty muscles and spent dicks, warm, content and happy.

As our senior year came to a close Josh and I drew closer. That summer we played and sucked and fucked and had the best time of our young lives. We even shared a girl together, much to her delight I might add. But when I am alone it is his initiation of me into adulthood that day that I look back on most fondly. It had given me the confidence to be myself, so when we finally parted company in the fall for different colleges we were comfortable enough with each other not to despairs at the ending of something beautiful. We knew we’d be friends for life even as we went our separate paths.

And so we have remained even to this day.

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