tagGroup SexSensations Escort Services Ch. 17

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 17


Chapter 17 - Double Date

Kat stood in the living room looking at her roommates and their two new friends, Crystal and Melody. "Brad just called. He's coming down on Friday afternoon for the weekend with me. I had a 'date' that I need to handoff to one of you. Any interest?"

Melody shook her head, "I'm already booked out with Sean."

Crystal asked, "Who's the 'date' and what's he like?"

Kat responded, "His name is Ken Seaton. He told me he's a cowboy, about forty, fit, and admitted to being in an open marriage, but we know that old line. He wasn't sure whether his wife would be coming on the trip, but said that either way he wanted companionship with a young woman. If wifey comes with him, she'll be part of the sex games I imagine."

Crystal said, "He knows the rates?"

"He even volunteered to wire money to my account ahead of time. I think he's played this game before. He is partial to blondes, so Crystal you'd be ideal to replace me. He found us on the Internet.

"I vetted him and he appears to be who he says he is - more, in fact. I think he owns like half of Oklahoma. He's oil and not cows or steers or whatever they are. He inherited his wealth from his father who died at an early age. After college, his father had insisted he work his way up from the bottom, so he's been a roustabout, worked at one of the refineries, and had just started working in the financial side of the business when his father passed. He married his high school sweetheart - socialite Meg Seaton, but my underground sources tell me she's quite the hot number around Tulsa."

Edie asked, "Who are your 'underground sources'?"

Kat laughed, "I asked Kir - Mike's stepmom. She had him as a client a couple of years ago, and said he was a nice guy that seemed to be struggling to pickup the reins of the business and keep it solvent in the face of all the wild swings in the price of crude oil."

"I'll do it," Crystal said. She turned to Kat, "What are you and Brad doing?"

"Not sure. If you need help, call me. Maybe we'll piece together some kind of sex party, especially if his wife Meg comes with him. The two of us can take on the three of them."

Crystal grinned, "Oh, boy. Another opportunity to excel at eating pussy."

The group laughed.

Crystal asked, "More seriously, I've only been with single guys on my 'dates'. What do you do when one of them has a wife? I don't want to get my eyes scratched out by a jealous spouse."

Kat said, "After you've done all the niceties of meeting each other, watch the chemistry between the pair. Who's dominant or controlling? Maybe ask Meg to go the ladies room with you during your dinner, and then explain that you don't want to do anything to piss her off. Ask her whether there are boundaries and whether she wants to interact with you or just watch you with her husband. A few questions like that and you'll know much better how to proceed.

"Of course, if some unpredictable situation emerges you can always ask at the time. 'May I lick your pussy?' 'He's about to blow; can I direct his cum on your tits?' 'Is it all right if he fucks my ass?' You get the idea."

Edie stepped in, "If this woman shows up, I'd play to her in an equal amount to her husband. Don't direct all your energy to him. Tease her too. You're pretty. I bet she likes to eat young pussy, and play with someone that's cute and desirable. Make yourself available to both of them, and take a few of your toys - vibrators, dildos, and such. Use them on her or let her use them on you."

"I'm wet just thinking about it," Crystal admitted as she made a show of rubbing her legs together with a hand between her legs in a sexy way as though she was jilling.

Late Friday afternoon Crystal rode in Kat's little Porsche over to the new Westin hotel so they could each meet their 'dates.' In Crystal's case it was Ken and Meg Seaton, and for Kat it was her boyfriend Brad Turner. They both expected to be busy until Monday morning, and Kat knew from experience that at least Brad always arrived hot and horny and ready to fuck for hours. If the past was prelude they'd eat in the hotel so they weren't too far from the bed, maybe even invoking room service and only donning robes to eat unless Brad wanted to perv out by watching her eat nude, as he often requested.

Kat greeted Brad at the door to his one-bedroom suite with a full-body hug and passionate kiss; just the kind she knew turned him on. She was turned on too, and wet from thinking of all the sex they'd be having over the weekend.

Kat looked at her man, "Hello, you darling man. I've missed you."

"Not as much as I've missed you," Brad said between kisses on her neck and some nibbling of her earlobes to turn her on. "I can't wait to get you in bed."

"Then don't," Kat teased. She started to unbutton his shirt, as he pulled her blouse from being tucked into her skinny jeans. The kisses extended to new parts of each other's bodies as the pile of clothing on the suite's chair grew.

"Here or the bedroom?" Brad asked.

"Oh, the bedroom is so far away," Kat teased. "Let's just use the sofa and see what that's like."

Seconds later as Kat lay back and welcomed him, Brad sank his steely shaft deep into her wet box as she moaned into her first of many orgasms. She loved Brad, and one thing she knew from experience was that he could turn her on like no one else, even to the extent that she would orgasm with his initial simple penetration. After that, every nerve, muscle, and sinew of her sexual region was so sensitized to the cock inside her that she'd have repeat climaxes of varying magnitude until he jettisoned his load deep inside her. That day was no exception.

Down the same hallway a few minutes earlier, a pretty young woman knocked on one of the doors. "Hi, Mr. Seaton. I'm Crystal, you 'date' for the weekend. I hope I meet with your approval."

Ken Seaton looked at Crystal from head to foot and back again. The look was critical and lusty. He knew what he liked and he liked what he saw. Crystal wore a boldly colored summery frock with a wide black belt to emphasize her narrow waist and amplify her lovely breasts. She had matching Ferragamo heels, and Gucci shoulder bag packed with necessities and a few things for fun and games later.

"Call me Ken, and please come in and meet Meg. We're going to have a fun weekend, if you're up for it."

* * * * *

"Oh, God. Crystal, how'd you ever learn to eat pussy like this? I've never ... NEVER had someone make me cum so many times with their fingers and oral sex. You've got to teach Ken."

Crystal chuckled, "Maybe it's a confidential and you have to belong to a secret sex club to find out the handshake and all the tricks to bring off your partner."

Meg sighed as she felt her body start to ascend the hill to another climax. "I'll join. I'll join. I don't care what it costs. I'll join."

"Oh, the initiation is a bitch," Crystal teased. "You have to get fucked and gangbanged and have wild and abandoned sex with just about everybody you meet."

Meg threw a hand to her forehead. "Oh, so sorry, but I do all of that routinely. Can I join now?"

Crystal looked over her shoulder to where Ken was slowly and consistently pushing his cock into her body and then withdrawing it again almost to the point of exit. "Come here and let me explain about how to please your wife in a new way. You can fuck me later."

Ken extracted from her body and allowed her to lay prone in front of his wife's pussy. He lay down next to her with one of Meg's legs between them.

"First, you need to understand that there are a whole lot of ways to deliver an orgasm to your wife or to me or to any female. Some of the techniques I can use on a man too."

Meg and Ken were both paying attention. Meg offered, "I have friends back in Tulsa I'm going to try this on, so I'm paying attention too."

Crystal smiled, "While before I really started, but after we got naked, I just kept brushing by Meg's pussy with my fingers or tongue. I mostly stayed away. She wanted it, but I wasn't exactly giving it. You might call it teasing, but it was foreplay. My friends call it 'Hinting.'

"After that I started Edging. I quickly learned Meg's 'tells' about an approaching orgasm. You probably know them too: her body twitches, she wants to squeeze her legs together and pull them up to her body, her vaginal walls pulse, she moans, and she gets really wet. I'd get her there and then back off. When you do this, the ultimate orgasm will be much more intense.

"Surprise is helpful too. I wouldn't touch Meg, and then suddenly I'd jam three fingers into her cunt. Sometimes I'd stop right away, and other times I'd continue right through until she came. Meg is sensitive after an orgasm, but I ignored that so that I could deliver multiple orgasms to her. She'd ride through the sensitivity on my fingers and tongue."

Crystal turned to Ken and asked, "Which part of your wife's pussy is the most sensitive?"

Ken pointed, "Her clit. About there?"

"Touch her and ask."

Ken stroked with two fingers. "How's that, honey?"

"It's all good, but ask Crystal to show you."

He looked at the young woman.

Crystal moved two fingers to the upper right of her clit. "Trial and error. Touching here so you cover this area of skin has the most impact. This is called Accenting. You pay special attention to this area, maybe with a little extra pressure, than for instance, over her on the opposite side of her nether region. Of course, as you did, there's also Orbiting, where you run in circles over her clit.

"And, while you're doing that use your other hand to stroke her abs or her thighs. That's called Layering. You're working her entire body. Listen to her sounds and words. She'll tell you exactly what's pleasing to her."

Ken said, "Crystal, to you this is a science. You're fabulous - the best 'date' we've ever arranged."

Crystal smiled, "Now, let me show you one more thing. My friends and I call it The Experience. Just watch."

Crystal started to massage Meg's love box, penetrating her with two fingers, and then three, and then four. She tucked her thumb into her palm, and pushed her entire right hand into Meg's cunt, purposefully allowing the back of her hand to rub sensuously across her G-spot. Meg came again. Ken gawked in wonder at the hand that had disappeared inside his wife.

Crystal extended her trimmed fingers towards Meg's cervix, pushing deeper to make contact with the area just in front of that part of her interior. She probed until Meg's body made a major twitch. In a near whisper that Ken heard, she said, "A-spot orgasm coming up."

Crystal rubbed and stroked, as Meg responded with greater and greater intensity to the action. As Meg's body started to arch on the bed and crest towards a colossal orgasm, Crystal used her other hand to slap and pinch one of Meg's nipples, and then jam two fingers into her ass.

Meg screamed, "OH. HOLY. FUCK. I'Mmmm ..."

The words were cut off when Meg's brain short-circuited. She collapsed into an inert pile of quivering flesh on the bed.

Ken looked worried.

Crystal reassured him, "She's in the midst of a HUGE orgasm. There was so much pleasure it basically fried her brain with too much pleasure. She'll be back with us in just a few seconds."

Crystal pulled her hand from the older woman and licked off the clear liquids remaining from Meg's sexual excitement. Ken watched her with a hard-on that looked ready for further fucking. She reached over and stroked him a few times to be sure he knew she was interested in continuing their fuck.

Crystal moved to cuddle Meg by pulling her naked body against her own and wrapping her arms around her. She cupped each breast in her hands and lightly stroked the nipples to maintain their erect state. Soon, she felt Meg move in a languid way.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Meg crooned as her eyes blinked open..

"Welcome back, Meg," Crystal said softly.

"Are you OK, Honey," Ken asked.

"Oh, I've never been better. Darling, I hate to tell you this, but pretty Miss Crystal here just gave me the best orgasm of my entire life times a million. I can't begin to describe it, except it permeated every corner of my life, my brain, and my soul with magnificent pleasure."

Meg turned slighted so she could face Crystal. "Crystal, I love you. I know you must love me to have brought me that much pleasure."

Crystal smiled at her lover, "I do." She leaned over and kissed Meg on the lips in a tender way.

Meg shuddered, "Oh, God. I'm still having after shocks. I never want to let you out of my sight for the rest of my life."

Crystal laughed. "Normal will return after a while. The first time someone did that to me I was their devoted slave for hours - days even. I still am willing to do anything they want me to do, but for other reasons."

"Girl or guy?"

"Girl, but her boyfriend had shown her how to do it. I don't know where he learned. It is really called an anterior fornix erogenous zone or A-spot orgasm. They're more intense than normal orgasms for some women, as I guess Meg can testify." She stroked Meg's body in a loving gesture.

Meg turned further and passionately kissed Crystal. She whispered, "I can't do that to you right this minute, but I can have my husband pleasure you. He's been itching to finish inside you since you arrived. You are such a fabulous discovery." She turned to her husband, "Ken, make love to Crystal and make sure you give her plenty of orgasms. I'm going to delight in watching."

Crystal lay back and extended her legs to the side in invitation to the older man and his granite shaft. This couple was proving to be one of her best assignments since she'd started in the escort business.

* * * * *

Ken, Meg, and Crystal sat at a sidewalk table of the European Café in the exclusive shopping area. Meg was still flushed and carried that freshly fucked look from most of the night and morning spent writhing from one orgasm after another at Crystal's hands and mouth until she declared a break for her pussy to rest up for another round. Lunch had just been served: salads for the women, and fettuccine with clams in white sauce for Ken.

The trio had napped late after hours of sexual pleasuring one another the night before and that morning, and now was a rest and replenishment time, especially for Ken who'd also been rendered senseless by Crystal. Crystal was not without numerous orgasms as well at the hands of both Meg and Ken.

Meg boldly asked Crystal, "Can I ask you about your line of work?"

Crystal shrugged, "Sure. Why not? If I don't want to answer, I'll say."

"How long have you been an escort?"

"About a year-and-a-half. I needed money, but don't think of myself as low-end, if you know what I mean. I wanted to preserve at least some degree of respectability for myself. I know what I am, but ... well, here I am. I dress like the best, take time to learn social graces and skills that put me in the cream of society, and study how to bring pleasure to my 'dates' in terms of being a true companion, friend, confidant, and lover."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Not really. I'm only twenty-one, so I'm not at all worried about it."

"How many of you work together, or was the website fictitious?"

"No, we're all very real. There are five of us: Amber, Kat, Edie, Melody, and me. Most of the others have boyfriends of some kind, but not me. Matter of fact Kat passed this 'date' to me because her boyfriend came down from Boston for the weekend to be with her. He's at the same hotel you are, even right down the hall."

Meg continued to ask questions about Sensations Escort Service as they ate and watched people strolling by a few feet away from their table. Her questions were wide ranging, but exhibited wide-ranging interest in the business and how it worked. SES was almost five years old and well-established with a sterling reputation in their 'industry'. Crystal explained that while much of the early business had come from the website and advertisements in local papers, more recently their customers were repeat or found them through word of mouth. Meg was impressed, particularly with the money involved. She was pleased to hear that none of the girls used drugs or had 'destructive vices', as she called them.

Ken and Meg had been clients of Kir Winslow - Mike's stepmother, but they didn't know about Mike or even that Kir was married. They had talked by phone to Kat in preparation for the weekend, and then to approve the substitution of Crystal for Kat. Now they were even more intrigued to learn from Crystal that Kat was shacked up with her boyfriend only a few feet from their hotel room.

The trio walked the beach after lunch, taking their time, laughing, teasing, finding interesting things in the sand and surf, and talking about all sorts of things, including more about the escort business. Meg seemed fascinated by Crystal's stories about interesting clients she'd had or that her associates had. She was enthralled by the story about Amber's trip to Australia and Asia, including how she'd picked up extra money by helping with the sales of the products her 'date' was selling. Of course, Crystal disguised some situations and gave no names or exact locations.

Crystal's bathing suit pushed the limit for what was legal on the public beach. While she wouldn't get arrested, many of the people that saw her gawked at her near nudity. The men were uniformly in favor of the two-piece bikini and how much skin and sex it displayed. Some of the women harrumphed and tsked in ways to show their disapproval as they passed nearby. Crystal had learned to ignore both kinds of looks and attitudes. She liked the near nudity, would have shed the suit entirely if not for fear of arrest, and liked that her clients also seemed to like the display of her luscious body.

In late afternoon, the trio returned to the hotel. Crystal wore a cover-up to walk through the lobby, although it was unbuttoned and displayed a significant amount of her gorgeous body and curves to the mostly men she passed on the way to elevator.

In the room, Crystal shed the cover-up and immediately dispensed with the tiny bra and thong belonging to the expensive bathing suit. She turned to Ken and Meg, "I just love being naked. I love being available to you ... to please you ... to have sex with you."

The trio soon found the king-size bed they'd spent the night with, but which the maids had restored to pristine condition. As Ken fucked Crystal, Meg straddled her head and allowed the salty flesh at her vee to be licked and savored as one orgasm after another rolled through each of them.

They awoke from a short nap about six-thirty. Meg was cradling Crystal against her body. Crystal smiled to herself to find a nipple within an inch of her mouth as she awoke. Only a minor change of position allowed her to awaken Meg by sucking on a sensitive breast.

"Oh, God, Crystal," Meg crooned. "How'd you get to be so sexy at such a young age. I'm twice your age and I've had to work at it for years."

Crystal shrugged. She didn't know, but it sure helped in her line of work.

Meg looked at her husband and said, "I have a confession about a kind of awake-asleep dream I just had - a little fantasy. Something I might like to do."

Ken said, "Anything, babe. This whole trip is for us to have fun. No need for guilt as you imply."

Meg said, "I thought about Kat and her boyfriend joining us tonight for a little fuck fest. I know it's kind of outlandish, but I thought it might be ... fun." Meg looked between Ken and Crystal for a comment.

Ken volunteered, "That sounds sexy as all hell."

Crystal said, "Want me to check if Kat and Brad are here and if they're interested in playing after dinner?"

Meg loudly whispered, "Yesssss."

Ken nodded.

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