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Note; This story involves tentacle sex, inflation and impregnation. If this is not what you're looking for, I suggest hitting the 'back' button now. Thanks.

Laura came into the cabin after the hike absolutely exhausted. In the kitchen, she found Mindy preparing dinner. The redhead looked up, twirling a stray curl from her short hair around her finger (a nervous habit), smiling as Laura walked into the room.

"Where's Sara?" She asked, looking back at the door as if to empathize her question.

"She went down to the lake. She wanted me to go with her, but I'm just too tired for swimming right now. Tried to convince her we were going tomorrow but she couldn't wait." Laura said with a shrug as she lifted the lid of the pot on the stove, smelling the thick stew. "This looks fabulous!" She grabbed a spoon, taking some broth. 'Mmm!'

Mindy grinned like a puppy that had pleased her master. "Glad you like it. We'll let this stew for awhile while we wait for Sara to return."

"In the meantime, I'm going to go have a hot bath and relax. Come get me when she's ready?"

"Of course." Mindy watched her leave the room before beginning cleaning the small mess she had created.

Laura went to her room at the end of the hall. Her private bathroom was nestled at the back of the small living area she occupied, and she crossed straight to it, removing her clothes as she went. Oh, how wonderful a hot bath sounded for her aching muscles. All the hiking in the past few days since arriving at the lodge was proving just how out of shape she really was. When they got back to civilization, she'd have to do something about it. Maybe start going to the gym again, she contemplated to herself as she set the water to a temperature that felt fitting under her fingers.

She poured a generous amount of scented bubble bath under the running water, and added some bath salts and oils to the steaming tub. Inhaling the mingling scents, she unsnapped the clasp on her bra, letting the straps fall down her arms and the garment drop to the floor. Next, she wiggled out of her panties, sliding them down her long legs to lay at her feet. As a last minute thought, she walked, naked, back into the main room and opened the closet. Inside, the small backpack she had unpacked the day before still sat on the floor. She knelt beside it and removed a bottle and a couple of candles. Taking them with her, and grabbing the complementary plastic wine glass from the dresser top as well as her lighter, she returned to her steaming bathroom, leaving the door open a crack.

A quick glance in the mirror displayed her toned figure, reassuring her that it was her stamina that was lacking, not a fault of the skin. The glance reminded her of one last thing. Reaching up she pulled the elastics from her hair, letting the long dark strands fall down her back. She poured herself a glass of the white wine, taking a long sip before setting both glass and bottle on the floor beside the tub. She set a candle on each corner of the tub, lighting them, before turning the overhead lights off.

The water was on the hot side as she stepped in, but it wouldn't be long before her body warmed up to it. She slipped into the bubbly mass, turning the taps off and laying back, sighing in contentment. This was exactly what she needed!

The heat seeped into her body, relaxing her tense muscles and enhancing her fatigue. Laura reached over the side of the tub, grabbing her wine glass and finishing the contents in one swallow. She refilled it and drank deeply again. She knew that wasn't how wine was supposed to be drunk, but the instant effect that started to creep through her veins was what she was looking for. She topped the glass up, setting it on the ledge while returning the bottle to the floor. Breakfast had been too long ago, and the hike had lasted well into the day. Lack of nutrients had much to do with the way the alcohol warmed her from the inside out.

She sank deeper into the tub, a sigh escaping her full lips. Drowsiness settled in quickly and she knew when she started to nod off, not bothering to heed her mothers warnings and stay awake, she let sleep claim her...

From the other side of the tub there was a faint sound that would have normally alerted the occupant, but the sleeping brunette remained unresponsive. The plug popped out of the drain, and a few bubbles found their way to the surface before access was again gone. Movement swept slowly into the water, causing small ripples to wash up the sides of the tub and lap at Laura's exposed nipples. A small moan rose from her parted lips and she shifted, her body rising ever-so-very slightly as if to better accept the caresses.

The movement subsided and she settled back, still fast asleep, eyes flickering behind closed eyelids as dreams occupied her mind. The water shifted again, rising up this time to a new level and staying there. A small shudder ran through her body as a caress ignited the nerve endings running up her smooth leg. She shifted again, this time bringing her legs up, knees resting on either side of the tub. She was caught in the throes of her dream world and remained unaware of the turmoil beneath the bubbles as whatever now lay below the surface moved to avoid disrupting her repositioning.

It slipped back to her leg, caressing and rubbing its way up her calf, remaining underwater as it bypassed her knee, sliding to her thigh. Another moan escaped her lips as it slid higher. Back and forth, it massaged lightly, now dipping to her inner thigh. At the same time, something slid stealthily along the tub, sliding past her slim waist in the lightest of touches, and onto the small of her back. The gentle caresses began there as well, going up her back, keeping her body in a completely relaxed state. The entity on her leg slid higher, coming to her most sensitive place. It paused at the edge, seeming to wait for a reaction and after receiving none, it continued. Her lips parted wider as a small moan rose from her core and her tongue flicked subconsciously over her lush lips.

A third tentacle emerged from the drain, bypassing the first which was occupied between Laura's spread legs, it slid up her other leg in a blatant welcome and across her smooth belly where it encountered a small metal ring. It paused, seeming confused by this obstruction on her beautiful body, and nudged it before rubbing against it and continuing its trek up her body. The metal created new sensations on this third tentacle and it shuddered with a jolt of pleasure.

It slid up her rib cage and lapped at the underside of her lush breast, circling to the tip and engulfing her rigid nipple. Her chest rose from the water as a gasp came forth. At the same time, the first tentacle had grown impatient of its leisurely exploration of her flower and slid in an inch, pushing at the soft walls of her core, seeing how she responded.

As her body bucked up in response to the advances of both tentacles (as if they had timed it symmetrically), the second one, that had been massaging the taunt muscles of her back in an effort to keep her relaxed, acted. It slid around her waist, pulling her torso back into the water, and sliding up her chest between her breasts, and onto her chin. Her eyes flew open as the sensations escalated.

The tentacle on her breast had slid to the other, fondling that nipple into a hard peak, while the one between her legs had pushed in another inch or two, spreading her wider. As her eyes widened in shock, and her lips parted, a gasp emerging as she drew breath for a scream, the tentacle that had slid onto her face slipped into her mouth, gagging her into near silence. The only sounds that managed to be anywhere near audible were what sounded like moans.

Her hands flew from the water, splashing one of the candles behind her and extinguishing the flame. A fraction of a second later, a smaller tentacle emerged on either side of her, rising into the air and wrapping around her wrists, pulling her hands above her head and restraining them there, while two other slid around her ankles. Her legs were pulled down, and pushed wider as to allow better access. Her body was theirs...

Sara turned from the trail, heading toward the glimmering bits of the water she could see through the trees. Her body glistened in the glow of the setting sun; sweat running down her back and sliding between her breasts. The lake shone with welcome. She came out on the sandy beach, pulling her hiking shoes from her feet and putting her socks inside them. The cool sand squished between her toes and she wiggled them, laughter spilling from her lips as the rare pleasure ran over her.

She picked up her shoes and walked down to the edge of the water, where she started stripping down. She cast a shy glance over her shoulder, confirming to herself that she was alone. Satisfied, she slowly slid her shorts over her hips and down her slim legs. Dropping them onto her discarded shoes, she pulled her shirt over her head and let it drop atop the others in a crumpled heap. Her panties were next and she pushed them past her knees onto the sand. Then quickly unclasped her bra and let it drop unceremoniously as she stepped towards the water.

She walked in slowly, the water a fair bit cooler than she had expected against her heated skin. It crept up her legs, past her knees, lapping gently around her thighs. She dipped her fingers in, creating patterns over the smooth surface. A smile on her face, she continued her slow introduction, her fingers still swirling.

When the water first touched her smooth lips, a look of shock quickly replaced the smile, and instinctively she rose to her tippy-toes. Her tongue darted over her lips and she lowered herself back into the water, relishing the way it touched her. She took another step, and as her legs parted, it felt like thousands of little tongues gliding along her skin. Sara stopped again and took a deep breath, closing her eyes. Then she dove beneath the surface and began swimming at a leisurely pace. Her blonde hair shone like gold as it flowed behind her like a slipping halo.

She emerged a few yards from where she'd started. Letting her legs fall below her, she tried to touch the bottom. Her head dipped back under the water and she kicked gently. At least she knew somewhat how deep this part was. She stretched her legs back, kicking her feet until her buttocks skimmed the surface and began swimming farther out into the lake. The water licked at her body as she slid through it effortlessly, joy coming with the sense of freedom.

The water was an amazing shade of transparent green-blue. In the dimming light the bottom remained hidden. Except for that! Her eyes spied the sparkling item as she swam directly over it. She curved her body back around in an arc and stopped lazily overhead, treading water easily as she scanned the depths in an attempt to locate what had sparkled at her.

There! She dove beneath the surface, kicking her way down. Darkness closed in, yet that sparkle acted like a beacon as she swam towards it. Stretching her arms out, both hands dug into the lush sand, grazing the thing as bubbles emerged from her lips, diminishing her air supply. She flipped around, kicking off the ground to propel herself faster. She burst above the surface, sucking in gulps of air. After a few breaths she dove back down, determined to get whatever it was that was calling for her attention.

She pushed herself down faster this time, hands outstretched and ready. Her fingers sunk into the sand and again she began to drag them over the soft surface until her fingers grazed something hard. She grabbed it and allowed her body to glide back to the right way up. The water allowed a small amount of the remaining light into its hold and Sara simply floated, turning the shell over in her hands, squinting through the water at it as she gradually returned to the surface.

Inches before she managed to get her next mouthful of air, she was stopped. Something had wrapped around her ankle and held her steadfast in its iron grasp. Seaweed?! The assumption instantly brought with it, panic. She kicked with both feet, trying to escape, and in doing so allowing her precious air an exit. Her eyes widened in fear. (Oh how she hated seaweed!) It now wrapped around her other ankle as well and she felt the water rushing past her as she was towed back into the dark depths. She looked down at her captive legs, hoping to see how to untangle them. She couldn't hold her breath much longer.

That's not seaweed... Her eyes were obviously playing tricks on her. Lack of oxygen was already phasing her. But as she watched, her captor wrapped around her calves, gliding higher along her body, moving quickly. She felt something sliding up her back, and again felt the sensation of little tongues caressing her. It slid under her chin and across her face, covered her nose and mouth.

Shocked, she gasped, eyes widening at her stupidity. But instead of inhaling water and choking, she got a mouthful of air. Confused, although not wanting to suffocate, she gulped greedily at the offering, clearing her mind in doing so.

Her gaze returned to her legs, continuing to search for a way to escape. The tentacle like creature, (Sara could only make out a foot or so more of the thing) wrapped more efficiently around her body. They got to her knees and stopped, holding her legs still. The reflex to kick, to try to swim, was suspended and before she knew it, her arms were apprehended as well, wrapped to her elbows. She was held spread-eagle, suspended in the water for anyone who cared to watch.

A fifth appendage snaked through the water and circled her flat stomach, wrapping around her once while it fed itself more slack to slither up her body. Her small pert breasts were instantly claimed as the tip of the tentacle flicked over her nipples causing her body to writhe. Her nipples, already perky due to the chill of the water, felt over sensitized as the thing rubbed at them.

Between her legs she felt something graze high in her inner thigh. Oh god! That better not be a fish! Her mind panicked irrationally. The tentacle she couldn't see slid against her leg again, in warning that it had arrived. It slid over her smooth lips, parting them and touching every inch of that sensitive private area. It slid over the outer lips in gentle caresses, almost seeming amazed at the smoothness. Sliding back and circling her labia then gliding up again to touch the hardened nub of her clitoris. It went back down the other side, resting again at her labia. Her entrance was slick with her own juices, and this excited the creature, urging it to slip into her without further delay...

The first tentacle was still pushing against the walls of Laura's vagina. It could feel the muscles contracting and flexing, grasping it seemed. It came to a fragile resistance, and excitement coursed through it, making it shudder, which felt like a small pulsing vibration to the struggling victim. She groaned again in despair, tears of frustration and fear filling her eyes, blurring the vision of the purplish tentacle that was pulsing into her mouth. She couldn't see the others that were restraining her and wrecking havoc upon her inexperienced bod, but she could feel their every move.

The last tentacle that had arrived to the writhing body caressed both nipples at once, sliding, grasping and squeezing at them, forcing responses from the host. Water lapped around her, adding to the alien sensations, and bringing with it something new: Pleasure. Although she was appalled to even consider the idea.

A sharp pain radiated from her most secret valley, but was gone as quickly as it had come and she had the fleeting doubt if it was real. She had her answer almost immediately as what felt like a flood entered her body. It pushed farther into that core, into her inner most heat, stretching her to new dimensions, pushing deeper. It paused at her cervix, seeming to massage her from the inside out. It rubbed against her inner walls and, it felt to her, gained more girth. Growing wider and stretching her labia apart, sliding against her clitoris.

Her body was slick and she couldn't be certain if the lubricating substance was coming from her intruders or her own treacherous body. Her hips jerked suddenly, her muscles contracting and grasping at the tentacle as an orgasm coursed through her. Spasms ripped through her and her own juices liberally lathered the goo filling her, adding to its own source of lubricant. Instinct had her body bucking, (as much as it could, restrained as she was), trying to grind against the source of pleasure. She groaned again, and this time it sounded more like a moan of pleasure than one of despair.

The tentacle in her mouth seemed to coat her in a numbing substance as it slid deeper. It got to the back of her throat when her moan vibrated through her, vibrating around the pulsating entity. Pleasure rippled through its purple hued goo-like being and it surged on while the tentacle at her breasts seemed to work effortlessly to draw struggles from the girl. It too, felt the vibrations and tightened around the captive flesh, bringing forth another moan as she tried to buck up towards the caresses.

Her skin (or what was left visible to her searching eyes) rose above the restless waters and she caught a glimpse of her upper torso which was covered in the dark purple transparent slime. It surrounded her generous tits, squeezing and pulling at them, as if trying to milk her. Even watching as she was, she couldn't help the pleasure that was rising in her. The craving.

Her eyes widened even more (if it was at all possible) as she witnessed what this... this thing was doing to her. Her nipples seemed unnaturally enlarged and she could see their dark centres even through the murky darkness of the goo covering her. It almost felt as if it was entering her... but that was impossible, wasn't it?! But her suspicions were confirmed as her breasts began to swell...

Her awareness of what was happening to her tits was shattered as another sensation crashed through her body. Her head pushed back against her restrained wrists and her eyes rolled back, eyelids snapping shut. Her labia, as wide as it was stretched, was pulsating as the tentacle presently occupied there pushed something through her...

She was stretched as wide as she could go, in her current stance, the entity filling the entire space between her knees. A second orgasm ripped through her, and another. In rapid succession a third followed. What was causing this?! She screamed into her gag, her heels thrust against the bottom of the tub, elevating her hips for better access.

As her bottom rose off the tub another tentacle emerged to take advantage of this opportunity. It slid under the ridiculously large appendage lodged in her channel, and pushed between the tight cheeks to reach her back door. It poked and prodded, searching for the entrance. It didn't take long to find, and it quickly slid in. Its size was on the slim side, as to not shock her, but nonetheless, her eyes shot open and she, not thinking, tried to open her mouth to scream. Her jaw widened a fraction of an inch and the current goo there grew thicker, forcing her to hold that pose.

The tentacle between her thighs drew another egg from the depth of the hidden body and pushed it inside of her, causing a ripple in her womb and yet another convulsion of her body. Her back door was widened as the newcomer forced its real girth to stretch her. It slid deeper, and as if prematurely, started pumping her full of colourless goo as it came uncontrollably into her depths.

It brought forth a chain reaction from the others, as if they were all one, and the cum poured from them, filling her every crevasse, coursing into her body. She felt the thickness of it running down her throat and pumping into her stomach; it came so much, it began to flood around the slightly deflated tentacle and slip back into her mouth to pour from her lips and drip down her chin.

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