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I was feeling bored that night. You know. One of those times when friends are busying doing something else and the restlessness of the evening settles over a person. I had tried to read the book I started, but quickly lost interest. Television only had the same Saturday night drivel that was normally on, and I wasn’t interested. I needed to get out. Needed to be around people.

I changed quickly into a pair of jeans and a sweater, nothing fancy, but still highlighting my curvaceous figure. I put on just a touch of makeup and brushed my hair. I had heard of a bar not too far from where I lived, and I thought I would check it out. A couple of friends had said it was an interesting place to hang out, so what did I have to lose?

I pulled into the parking lot, and noticed it was quite full. Not surprising for a Saturday night. At least there would be plenty of people to watch. Heck, might even meet some new friends. I walked into the dimly lit club, and immediately picked up the beat that was pounding out over the dance floor. I walked up to the bar and gave the bartender my order. As I sipped my drink and tried to figure out the best place to simply hang out and people watch, I noticed that there were only two men in the entire place. What was this? All of the women were chatting together, laughing, enjoying themselves. I looked over at the dance floor, and noticed that there were only women dancing together. I surveyed the room once more.

Oh my fucking God! I thought to myself. I’m in a fucking lesbo bar!

My mind started to spin. What do I do? I’d never been in a gay bar before. Do I stay? Do I leave? I have been attracted to women, that’s true. But I don’t consider myself a lesbian or even bi. I decided to finish my drink and then make a decision. Yet, as I continued to watch the room, I started to look at the women around me. Most were very attractive, others were average, all seemed to be enjoying themselves. As a few walked by me, they called out greetings and I began to feel comfortable. Or maybe that was simply the drink? Who cared?

And then I saw her. She was standing by the bar looking right at me. Her eyes bore into mine as if she were trying to read my very thoughts. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. Now what? I glanced away and then back at her. She was still staring. I didn’t know what the etiquette was for a gay bar, so I sat there, waiting. I saw her move and she walked as gracefully as a cat. She came to where I was standing and smiled at me. She had the most amazing smile I had ever seen – beautiful white teeth surrounded by full, sensuous lips. She was dark, but I couldn’t make out her skin tone in the dimness of the room. Her hair was done up in braids that reached just below her shoulder blades, and her eyes were deep brown.

“You don’t belong here, do you?” She asked me simply.

“Uh, well, this is my first time here and it wasn’t quite what I expected. But I am enjoying myself.” I responded.

“Well, we all have to have a first time, don’t we?” She took a sip of her drink and looked me squarely in the eyes. “Have you ever had pussy before?”

I was a bit shocked by her words, but decided I would try not to show it. “I’ve enjoyed a woman now and again, yes.”

“Ever had sweet chocolate pussy?”

“Um, no.” I felt I was stammering.

“I didn’t think so.” She smiled. “I like white pussy. And I like women with curves – just like you. Do you mind me talking to you like this?”

“No, not at all,” I lied. But I could feel my panties becoming soaked.

She finished off her drink. “C’mon. Let’s go.”

I looked at her. “You mean you just want me to leave with you? Now?”

“Yes, that’s what I mean.” She took my hand, and I barely finished my drink as she began to pull me towards the door.

“But I don’t even know your name!” I cried.

“Patricia,” was all she said.

Outside, I could see that her skin was the color of chocolate and that it was flawless.

“I live in those apartments right over there. Don’t even need to drive, we can walk.”

Compelled, I followed her. She began to ask me questions about myself, and I found myself opening up to her. By the time we reached her apartment, she even had me giggling. When I walked in, I noticed her apartment was small. A studio, I believe they call it. She had a double bed partially hidden behind a makeshift screen, and she led me to it.

She turned and placed her hands on the sides of my face and brought her lips to mine. At first surprised, I felt myself delighting in the feel of her soft full lips and began to return her kiss. She gently pressed her tongue into my mouth and my own tongue greeted hers. I raised my hands and smoothed over her curves. It would be hard to describe her body – she was not really fat, but she certainly wasn’t thin. If I were living in another time, I think they would have described her as buxom. Her breasts more than filled my hands and felt heavy. As I squeezed and toyed with them, I heard her moan softly.

Her fingers moved through my hair, and then down my back, sending chills along my spine. As her hands moved over my round ass, she pressed me to her. I moved my body against hers, wanting to feel her. I heard her laugh softly as she rubbed herself against me. I moved my hands to the bottom of the top that she wore, and slowly peeled it from her body. She raised her arms above her head, delighting in showing me her body. Her breasts were encased in black lace and I buried my face between them. Her own hands pulled at my sweater, until she pulled it over my head, exposing my upper body to her view. Reaching behind her, I undid the clasp on her bra, freeing her brown orbs with their dark, perfect nipples.

I ran my tongue over her breasts, bringing them together to feel their fullness. Taking one nipple into my mouth, my tongue toyed with it until it was hard and firm. My other hand toyed with her other nipple until I heard her gasp and moan. Her own fingers were playing with my breasts, searching out the nipples and twisting and pulling on them until I moaned into her flesh.

“Suck harder, baby, and I’ll give you a surprise,” she moaned.

I did. I sucked hard and suddenly warm liquid filled my mouth. I released her nipple and stepped back, not sure of what had happened. Yet, she only smiled at me, her eyes shining.

“I had a baby not too long ago. I been breastfeeding him and it’s time to release some of that milk. I hope you don’t mind.”

My initial thought was slight disgust. But then I found myself intrigued. What I had tasted was sweet and warm. I looked at her and smiled. I undid the skirt she was wearing and pulled it down along with the panties she wore. Her beautiful pussy was shaved and glistening. I barely ran my fingers over her skin delighting in how soft she was. Then I felt her hands at the waistband of my jeans, pulling and tugging until she finally released the material. She pulled them over my hips and I wiggled out of them, letting the clothing fall to the floor. I peeled my panties from me and left them on the floor next to my jeans.

We slid onto her bed, and I moved up and over her body. I kissed her deeply, letting my tongue explore her mouth, as her hands seemed to touch every part of my body. Moving lower, I grasped her nipple between my lips, and with my hand pumping the full breast, began sucking hard. I was rewarded when a gush of warm, sweet milk filled my mouth. I began drinking her special nectar, feeling her milk squirt from her nipple. Her hand pressed me to her, and I began rubbing my pussy against her leg.

I quickly moved to her other breast, pumping it and sucking hard on the nipple. Once again I was delighted to have my mouth filled with her sweet milk.

“Oh yes, that’s it, baby. Oh, but I need to be milked. That feels so beautiful when you do that,” she said barely above a whisper.

I could feel her moving beneath me, squirming. I reached down and put my hand between her thighs and began to rub her wetness. As I continued to drink from her breast, I felt her wetness coat my fingers, and knew I was equally as wet.

I released her nipple with a slight pop, and looked up at her.

“Damn, but you taste so fucking good!”

“Well, right now, I want those pink pussy lips over my mouth. I want to taste you.”

I moved over her until I was straddling her head. She reached up and pulled apart my pussy lips and I looked down to see her simply staring up at me. She caught my eye and smiled, before she grabbed my hips and pulled me lower. I felt her tongue moving along my pussy lips and I began to tremble. Bending over her, I spread her thighs of smooth chocolate and gently pulled her pussy lips apart. Nestled in the chocolate was the pink smoothness of her sex and as I lowered my face to it, I could smell her scent. I kissed her on each thigh, and then moved my tongue along her lips. Her taste was musky, but good. She opened herself to me and I began to suck on her lips. I felt her do the same to me and I wiggled and moaned my pleasure for her.

Probing within her folds, I tasted of her, and my tongue soon found the entrance to her sex. Spreading her wide, I moved my tongue to her hole and pressed in. Her wetness made the walls of her pussy slick and smooth. I stuck my tongue in further and began fucking her, as I felt her move away from my pussy and cry out at the feeling. I smiled as I continued to tongue fuck her, giving her all the pleasure I could.

Then, moving up, I found her clit, large and engorged. Gently inserting a finger into her sweet pussy, I played with her clit, my tongue moving over it.

I felt her ram two fingers into my own pussy, fucking me, as her lips wrapped around my clit. She began sucking me, causing me to begin to lose my mind. I took her cue and wrapped my lips around her clit. I sucked as hard as I could, moving my head from side to side, pulling away and pushing back. I felt her grab my ass and squeeze, her nails digging into me. But I didn’t care. I only wanted this woman to cum. I could hear her whimpering and crying out, but I continued to suck at her nub of pleasure as I now inserted another finger into her pussy and began fucking her. I felt her body tense, then felt her convulse and shake under me. I tried to keep her clit in my mouth through her thrashing and felt triumphant when I succeeded. As her body slowly eased and softened, I released her clit and gently licked her pussy.

“Oh damn, that was so good! Damn! Girl, now you have to let me make you cum.” She gasped.

“Gladly. But I want to drink your milk. I want to taste you again.”

She held up her breasts teasingly. I sat up so my pussy covered her mouth, then bent double as I once again sucked her nipple between my lips. I felt her tongue wash over my pussy as her warm milk once again filled my mouth. Moaning as I swallowed, I felt her push two fingers into my pussy and begin to fuck me. I moved against her face as I drank down her milk. It was so sweet! I moved to her other breast and was rewarded once again with her warm nectar.

Her efforts intensified as she began to suck on my clit, her tongue flicking over the sensitive flesh. I thrust against her, wanting to feel more, wanting to cum, and yet wanting to hold off. But her mouth felt wonderful and soon I felt my thighs tighten and my body tense slightly. I released her breast and sat up as my orgasm overtook me. I shook and moved against her, while at the same time my hand squeezed her breasts, which caused the remainder of her milk to spurt up into the air. I heard her licking and sucking, and as my body slumped forward, I felt her milk slick between our bodies.

I rolled off to the side, breathing deeply, my eyes closed. When I opened them, she was next to me, smiling. I reached up and kissed her, tasting myself and her milk together. We wrapped our arms around each other, clinging tightly, nuzzling each other’s necks.

“Thank you,” she said simply.

“Mmmm. Thank you,” I replied. “I never tasted mother’s milk before. It was delicious!”

She laughed softly, then looked at the clock. “Speaking of milk, I need to go pick up my son. Sorry.”

”No problem. I understand. I need to get going as well.”

I got up and started getting dressed. I smiled at her and she returned it. When I finished dressing, I walked to the door and opened it, almost wishing I could stay. I stepped across the threshold.

“Good night,” she called out to me as I softly closed the door behind me.

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