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Sentimental Education


I saw her at the bar when I walked in. There was a white spotlight behind the bar above the bottles in the rack on the wall. She must have sat there on purpose; but then again maybe not. She was not subtle to look at; but never underestimate a woman like her. There was just enough doubt that it might have been accidental. The ambiguity augmented her.

The place was about half full and she was sitting on the stool at the bar and she was turned sideways, so I first saw her in profile. She had a great nose and long black hair.

I walked across the floor to the bar to get myself a drink and she looked at me in a way that told me to sit next to her so I did. She took a cigarette from the pack on the bar in front of her and even though there was an expensive looking lighter next to it she looked at me and her eyes asked me to light her cigarette. I lit it for her.

She smiled, but it was a strange smile. Warm and cold at the same time. My drink arrived and the barman gave me a look as he placed on the bar in front of me. His look said lucky you and you're in danger. I liked it. I guess he knew her and it seemed like everyone in this place spoke with their eyes instead of words.

She was older than me. I'd say late thirties. I guess she likes young meat. I am a student, twenty-four, and every now and then I come down here to the rough side of town to see if I can get picked up by a nice piece of trashy council estate pussy, preferably over thirty five.

I like 'em well used. I go out and find one, or get found by one very few months. Nothing turns me on more than a beautiful, hot, rough and trashy chain smoking slut dressed up like a tart and looking like she fucks like a whore from hell. I am the trash collector.

I know. I need putting in my place. But that night I met my match.

You knew what she meant just by looking at her. She was wearing a black silky blouse and worn jeans and ankle boots with stiletto heels. Not quite a fuck me outfit; she was too cool for that, but ready and rough, and sexy. She had black piercing eyes and that fabulous hooked nose and her lips were painted with the reddest red lipstick and her fingernails were painted the same colour and long like cat claws. Her blouse was open down to her cleavage and she had luscious big tits that her bra was pushing upwards, pointing up to heaven where she would take you, but only as a stopover on the way to hell.

She asked me my name and I told her and we got talking and she told me that her name was Liz and she was divorced and she didn't have any kids.

We chatted for about an hour that way and drank three more drinks each. We were both on scotch. It seemed to confirm something. I ordered it when I arrived without knowing that she was already drinking it too. While we were talking I kept noticing her fingers. She had very long fingernails and a silver, or maybe fake, silver ring on every finger, and two thumb rings. She noticed me noticing and I saw her smile to herself when she thought I was still looking at her hands. I had a hard on the whole time. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but I was trying not to let her see, in case that put her off.

Then she said 'let's go.'

'Ok. Where?'

'You want to come to my house?'

'Yes.' I said.

'Of course you do.' She purred.

At her place I sat down on the sofa and she sat in a chair with her legs a little apart. Her jeans were tight and I could see the bulge of her pussy in the denim. Then she got up again and said 'what do you want to drink? Coffee? Beer? Scotch?'

Her apartment was just I had imagined it would be. White walls, black leather sofa and two armchairs and only one picture on the wall, a Gustave Klimt. It was the only unlikely detail. A pale grey rug on the floor before the sofa and a simple black coffee table to the side. And all of it a bit on the worn side. It was her.

'Scotch' I said.

'Good' she said.

She came back from the kitchen with two good glasses of scotch and the bottle. She put the bottle on the table and sat down on the sofa, not quite next to me. I could feel the air thickening in the room and I knew that I had to make a move soon or would lose the moment, but I was a little scared of her. I felt like she was going to eat me and I was hoping that she would. It was a bit scary too, but I liked it.

My cock was hard again, just from being near her and it was pushing up a little hill in the crotch of my jeans.

'You seem to be in good health' she said after glancing down and back up at my eyes again.

I just raised my eyebrows a little and smiled.

She smiled back, a little more knowingly, and she was a little more knowing than me.

Then she slid up the sofa so that she was right beside me and her hand was on the little hill and I heard the sound of a zip opening. Then I felt the ends of her nails on my helmet and then her fingers around the shaft and then I could see my cock poking out of my jeans and feel the warmth of my finger and the cold of her rings around my shaft. Then she stopped for a second and my cock sprang free and throbbed and twitched in the warm air of her living room.

She looked me in the eyes and asked 'shall I give you a nice wank?'

I just nodded, churned up inside with excitement and fear.

She gestured to me to lift myself up a little so that she could pull down my jeans. She pulled them right off, and with my boxer shorts. Then she put her thumb and finger into her mouth and pinched a glob of spit between their tips and then reached down and smeared her spit over the head and rim of my cock. Then making an 'O' of the inside of her thumb and forefinger, she started slowly sliding them up and down my cock. She was wanking me to heaven.

She stared intently at her own hand moving slowly up and down as her fingers rolled the foreskin back and forth over my purple red helmet.

'Nice college boy cock.'

She smiled and continued to wank me slowly.

'I must make sure you don't come too fast. You college boys shoot too fast sometimes,' she said and paused a moment and then continued 'but you get hard again fast.'

I just sighed with pleasure.

'You like the way I wank you baby?'

'Yes' I groaned. I groaned because I couldn't speak anymore.

Do I wank you better than a little college girl?'

She did not wait form me to answer.

'You come down here 'cos you want some nice rough skanky sink estate pussy, don't you baby? How many hot little college boys do you think I have wanked off just like you baby? How many men do you imagine have fucked my slutty council state cunt? I'd tell you baby, but there are too many to count. I've been fucking since I can't remember and it must be hundreds. I just sit in some bar and wait for it to come. And it always comes.'

Her vulgar, frank speech excited me more, but it brought a sense of caution to me too, and I said 'you're not trashy.'

'Yes I am baby. And that's why you want me. Fuck me good tonight. If you fuck me really good tonight, you can think whatever you like about me.'

I reached for her and put my hand between her legs, but she said 'not yet baby. I'm gonna give you that a bit later'.

Still fully dressed she leaned over and swallowed my whole cock in one go. Then she got to work with her tongue and her lips. She sucked me perfectly; with soft slimy flicks of her tongue. I could feel the the warmth of her breath brushing around my cock. I thought I would come in her mouth, but she seemed to know it and stopped and held my cock between her teeth, and slowly scraped them up my shaft and helmet, nipping the helmet a few times.

Her head came up and she said 'give me a cigarette:' I gave it to her and she put it between her lips and I stared as it dangled from the corner of her mouth. She lit it and with it still hanging from her lips said 'I saw earlier that you liked my smoking. Was that what made your cock hard in the bar? Or was it just me?'

She laughed.

Then she took a deep drag on the cigarette and leaned forward. Her mouth encircled my cock again without touching it and she exhaled the smoke. It rushed down to the base of my cock and then billowed outwards and rose slowly. Then she began to suck me with more force, pulling with her mouth as though she was dragging on the cigarette again. Then she pulled up a little so that only my helmet was in her mouth and angled to one side and with the other corner of her mouth she pulled on her cigarette. I could feel the heat of the burning cigarette and the heat of her mouth.

Then she pulled away and stood up. Leaving the cigarette dangling from her mouth she began to undress. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Then she took off her black bra and her tits tumbled forward. They sagged a little the way I like tits to sag and her nipple were long. There was a tattoo of a rose on the upper part of the left one and she had a ring through her right nipple. The sight of her pierced and tattooed and slightly sagging with age tits made my cock jump.

'You like them. That's good, because I really like your cock,' she said.

Then her jeans came down and she put her left foot up on the arm of the sofa and pulled her panties aside exposing her cunt. She pulled the lips apart and said

'do you like that baby? Do you like Liz's cunt?'

I loved that she chose the word 'cunt'. I delighted in her delight in her vulgarity.

'Liz wants you to fuck her like a whore, but first she wants you to suck her pussy for her.'

I leaned forward and licked the lips of her cunt and poked my tongue into the hole. I felt her pushing herself towards me and she pushed more and more until I was lying back on the sofa and she had manoeuvred herself so that she was squatting on my face and all without breaking contact between mouth and cunt.

She moved forward a little to give me access to her arsehole and my tongue flicked around her sphincter. The bud gently opened and I wormed my tongue into her arsehole and she shuddered. I think she came as I licked her arse out and I had never known a woman have a vaginal orgasm when receiving analingus.

I licked her arsehole for ten minutes or more until she moved down and positioned her cunt over my cock and slide down on it and rode me. But having me in her pussy was just her way of getting the necessary lubrication, as I was about to discover.

I was not expecting it when she pulled off of my cock and moved forward and sat down on it, her anus pulling my cock in with ease. The contrast between the slippery wet heat of cunt and the tight softness of arse heightened the sensations I was feeling. I was half way to heaven up her bumhole.

Her arse had swallowed my whole cock and I felt the tightness of her sphincter gripping the base of my cock and the soft velvety skin of her inner arsehole kissing my shaft and helmet.

'Have you ever been up a lady's arse before?' she asked me staring into my eyes.

'Not like this' I said.

'I have more surprises for you yet.'

I was lying back on the sofa at a 45 degree angle with my left foot resting on the floor and my other leg stretched out, and I was resting on my elbows so that I could watch everything; watch this gorgeous trashy whore fucking me with her lascivious arsehole.

She was squatting now with her arms stretched forward and her fingertips resting on my stomach to balance herself, though carefully ensuring that they were far enough apart for me to see my cock sliding in and out of her arse through the frame they made. She looked down at me intently and told me to call her dirty names and shout at her what a filthy sink estate whore she was.

So here was a lady who had a good ear for the pleasures of commentary and an eye for a pleasing image. I was too lost in her to see it quite like that at the time though.

She leaned back and resting herself against a large cushion she had placed against the arm of the sofa, put her hand between her legs and started to rub her cunt lips.

'Look baby. Watch me play with my cunt while your lovely college boy cock fucks my bumhole. Do you like my bumhole baby? Does it feel good around your cock, college boy? You wanna see me open my cunt?

She pulled her lips apart between a 'V' of her fingers.

'Look at that baby. Look at that hot juicy working class cunt. Watch it carefully. It has got a treat for you.'

I could barely remember my own name by now, so I could not find the wit to wonder what the treat was going to be. But I soon found out.

She stretched her lips open as wide as they would go and suddenly, without hint or shower of drips, out shot a fountain of piss. The yellow rain fell first on my stomach and as the jet grew more powerful it moved up my body to my chest and beyond, until it was raining onto my face. I remembered my name now all right and I knew that my most cherished fantasy was being fulfilled. I opened my mouth and it was as though she controlled the pressure of the flow perfectly, so that the jet arced straight from her pussy into my mouth. I gulped down as much of the hot salty piss as I could and what I could not, poured out at the corners of my mouth. I was drowning in this luscious trash whore's piss and I was in some place that must have been heaven.

And while I was in heaven, my cock was still embedded in her arsehole and could take no more. Spunk erupted out of my cock in the deepest recess of her arse.

I was spent, and the jet of her piss began to retreat down my body as her bladder emptied out the last funds of its account and she slowly slid her arse up the shaft of my prick and dismounted. Then she moved forward and held her piss dripping pussy over my face and slowly sat and ordered me to licks the drips of piss from her lips. Finding a few last drops of energy, I lapped at them ardently, as a cat laps at spilt nepeta.

When her cunt lips were cleaned of her piss she lifted herself a little and moved back down and hung over my cock.

'Watch your spunk dribble out of my arsehole baby' she said. It was slow and delicious.

Then she pushed a finger up her arse and pulled it out again, now coated with a mixture of spunk and the sweat and dirt of her bumhole. She opened her mouth and sucked the mixture off of her finger. She smiled and then she moved down and leaned over my cock and sucked the same mixture from him. I was hard again immediately at the touch of her lips and her tongue, as she sucked and licked the cocktail of cum and sweat and arse dirt.

With my cock head between her lips she looked up at me and the shine in her eye told me that she had already planned the rest of our night.

This is what being a student is about, I thought to myself. I've learned everything I know from fabulous sluts like Liz.

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