Service with a Smile Ch. 07 Pt. 02


"I'm famished, but I'd prefer room service."

"Fine. We'll both eat up here. I'll keep you company."

For the first time since we were introduced, Olivia smiled at me. I was her hero, attending to her after her disaster, and now skipping a command performance. Maybe if I stood up to her mother, she'd let me get closer, which is just what her mother wanted. Freaky.

Olivia fumbled for her cell phone in one of her many pockets and punched one button. "It's me. We won't be joining you for dinner." Pause. "I guess." Pause. "Okay. Good night."

"Mum said we should enjoy ourselves."

Of course Rianne would say that. She probably expects I'm preparing to take my shot.

I led the way out of the bathroom. "Mum and Harriett are going take a customer to dinner. She said she'd see us later." Olivia scratched her head. More strands of hair popped out from her bun. "I think I'm going to shower." She reached for her once-used nightgown, draped over one of the sitting chairs at a small circular table. She lost her balance and fell against me, knocking me onto the bed. In reaching out to stop her fall, her hand landed smack on my groin. My erection must have been obvious to her, under her palm and fingers. "Sorry." Not so much, since she took her sweet time letting go. Her face regained that pink glow.

Okay, so now she'd seen and touched my penis. Wouldn't any woman be willing to take the next step?

Olivia got up and grabbed the nightgown. She hesitated, then sniffed it. "It stinks."

Perhaps her masturbation was the cause. "You could wear the one your mother bought." It was a reasonable suggestion, if not a self-serving one.

"But it's so thin. You won't think I'm leading you on?"

"I promise." Hollow.

Olivia retreated to the bathroom. I heard the water start.

I opened the door a crack, not enough to see anything. Not that there was much to see. "What do you want me to order for you?" I asked.

"Burger deluxe, cooked medium, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, sweet potato fries, small green salad, raspberry iced tea."

"Great choice." I closed the door and called room service. I ordered a t-bone, potato skins with the works and a cream soda.

As I changed into my set of Rianne's gifted pajamas, I thought about what kind of scam I could use to trick Olivia into getting sexual with me. And then I came to the stark realization that she was too damn smart to fool. My only choice was the truth. Olivia would see through any fabrications. Just as I hoped to see through Olivia's nightgown.

The door opened, revealing Olivia in the translucent garment. There was only a hint of breasts, but her thin torso was plainly visible. She'd let down her hair, dark and full, a bit longer than shoulder length. It was wavy and curvy, nothing like her body shape. She'd brushed out all the foliage.

I took a deep breath. "I can explain why your mother put us in the same room and gave us dissolving swim suits. She wants us to have sex."

"Oh, she does?" Olivia crossed her arms. That plastered the nightgown tight against her body. And there they were, faint swells. "How convenient for you."

"I'm serious. Your mother will fire Harriett if we don't have sex."

"You've got quite a line! That's ridiculous. Mum isn't that manipulative." Her eyes rolled up. "I don't think she is."

"She must think it's in your best interest."

"Well, she's wrong. Dead wrong. The last thing I want is some guy's penis. No offense. Yours seems to be very nice."

Good. Acknowledging that she'd seen and touched mine was progress. "No offense taken."

"Sometimes Mum's timing is spot on, and other times - well, let's just say this complicates things."

"How come?"

"One of the reasons I agreed to this trip was to tell her in person - I'm gay. A lesbian."

So, it was the entire gender, not a personal rejection. It still felt personal. "You are?" Harriett will lose her job because I promised to fuck a woman who'd prefer a female roommate. "Is there something I can do?" Evidently intercourse was out of the question.

"Like what? Change my DNA?"

Olivia's challenge was righteous. But it was her job to break the big news to her mother, not mine. Was her chosen lifestyle was an excuse for lack of performance on my part? Maybe that's why Rianne wanted me to fuck Olivia in the first place, because she suspected Olivia's lack of male companionship was a leading indicator.

A knock on the door announced the arrival of our dinner. I gave the busboy a thirty percent tip, on Rianne of course.

We sat at the small table, burgers and t-bone on good china. "Tell me, how did you decide you were a lesbian?" It was honest curiosity.

Between bites, Olivia told her story. "I had two kinds of dates: none and bad. One guy said it was like making love to a bag of baby back ribs. After the meat had been eaten off."

At least she'd had sex.

"He never even tried to get my panties off."

So much for previous experience. I wondered what they'd done that warranted his comment, and what Olivia meant by making love.

"Then, I joined a bird watching group. That's where I met Barbara. We started going on watches together. She was sweet, and seemed to really like my company. One day, in the bush, waiting for a flock of quail hens to come down to a stream, I almost fell down the embankment. She threw her arm around my shoulder to steady me. The next thing, she leaned forward and kissed me. We skipped the bird watching that morning. Probably scared off a dozen species of birds and mammals."

I pictured two woman rolling around in the grass, tearing at each other's clothes. Olivia's nipples stiffened, pointed behind the sheer fabric. Just talking about Barbara was getting both of us hot.

"So you were going to spring the news on good old mom this trip?" I asked.

"Not spring. More gently, so she won't bust a blood vessel."

There, the facts were out on the table, along with scattered bits of crumbled bacon, chopped onion and the remnants from my t-bone steak.

"How about if I just tell her we did it?" Olivia offered.

"No, that won't be enough. She wants proof. We're supposed to do it on the balcony, so she can see us."

"In public view? She's crazy! At least she didn't ask to be in the room."

I didn't tell her that was Rianne's first choice. "Would you like to watch her?"

"Do what?"

I pointed to our sliding glass door. "She's going to make love to some stud on her balcony at nine."

"No! She's going to cheat on Dad? In public?"

"Since she wanted to view us, I asked if she'd do the same thing, so she volunteered."

Olivia swung her fist in an arc. "How could you?" She missed my shoulder and hit the edge of my plate, sending gristle and bone flying into her lap.

"But she agreed! Willingly! Maybe you don't know your mother as well as you think."

Olivia grabbed a wastebasket and stood, dumping the leavings into it. Grease stains dotted the front of her gown. She went into the bathroom to wash them out. On her return, the damp spots were almost completely transparent. Random areas of skin on her chest, belly and thighs were visible as if she was naked. The exposed patches were quite erotic.

I checked the clock radio. "The show's about to start."

"I've got to see this." Olivia started towards our balcony.

"Turn the lights off so and get down." I grabbed Olivia's camera and binoculars. We crawled out onto the balcony. Olivia went first, giving me a good look at her round ass. Must be where all the meat is.

I used the binoculars. There was Rianne, bent over the railing, the pool boys' hands on her tits, pounding away behind her. At that distance, I couldn't hear anything except muffled grunts, or perhaps my imagination was adding the soundtrack. Rianne and her companion would have to be careful not to wake Harriett. I chuckled at what Harriett would think if she found her boss being fucked on their balcony. Outraged, most likely. Embarrassed, for sure.

Olivia grabbed her camera, mounted a telephoto lens and clicked away. "These might come in handy some day, when I've had enough of Mum's meddling. I've seen enough." Olivia backed up, thumping my thigh with her heel. A few inches to the right, and she would have scored a direct hit on my dick.

"Give me a second." I scooted back, stood, and turned the light back on.

Olivia stood, hands on hips, holding her camera by the lens. How phallic! "So now what?"

"Your mother expects us to have sex, visible to her. Then Harriett keeps her job, and your mother is satisfied that you've been, well, satisfied."

"So why don't we give her what she wants?"

"Huh?" Olivia actually agreeing?

"Not for real. Maybe there is a way we can fool her with simulated sex."

Too good to be true. "You mean, I stand behind you, and you moan and groan as if we're doing it?" Even that sounded better than hitting the sack separately.

"Not exactly." She put her camera down and pulled a contraption from her sundries bag. "With this." She handed me a strap-on dildo. "I use it with Barbara."

So Olivia plays the male to Barbara's female. Very interesting, but completely confusing. I didn't see Olivia as dominant, just flat chested. "And you'd be willing?"

"I'm not unreasonable, Mr. Marcus. Mum shouldn't have asked you to seduce me, and it's not Harriett's fault that my mother wants me to experience sex. You and your wife shouldn't suffer because of Mum's well-intentioned but misplaced delusions. Besides, I've had this inside me before."

"With Barbara. Fine."

"Do you need me to show you how to put Hard Luck on?"

"Excuse me?"

"We call it Hard Luck because it's always hard and whoever gets it is lucky." She handed the contraption to me.

I'd have bet anything it was usually Barbara getting fucked by Olivia.

"Put the strap around your waist and thighs. And use this." Olivia handed me a tube. It was lubricant, strawberry flavored. "Barbara likes the taste."

I stepped into the straps and adjusted the dick piece. So Barbara likes to go muff hunting. Nice bit of trivia. I spread the thick gel on the dildo and licked my finger. We'd had our main course. Maybe I'd have Olivia for desert.

Olivia walked out onto the balcony wearing the translucent gown. Backlit, her body was silhouetted. Long thin legs, round hips and ass, legs spread. She leaned on the railing. "And Barbara doesn't go too deep. I'm kind of tight down there, so take it easy."

Okay, occasionally Olivia plays female. She'll have an even better time, if I get the chance with my real dick.

I dropped my sleep pants and made sure the pretend penis was in place. It seemed like such a waste, with a real erection just below. But, this would keep Harriett's job. It was the letter of the law, not the spirit, but in this case, the flesh was unwilling but the spirit was okey-dokey. "So how does pretend sex work?" I asked.

She reached behind and lifted the hem of her gown. Her bubble butt was in sharp contrast to thin legs. They looked brittle, like it would take very little for them to break. "Get closer."

I sidled up behind her and placed my hand up her hip. She thwacked it away. At first touch of the dildo between her thighs, Olivia jumped, almost vaulting the railing. I grabbed her waist. She was so straight, my hands slid down to her lower waist, at her ass, the first curve of her body.

"Watch it."

I edged forward, trying not to look down. I made the mistake of opening my eyes. My head spun. My stomach churned. I closed my eyes and put my arms around her, squeezing. The side of my face pressed against her back.

"I said no touching."

"Sorry. Heights make me dizzy." I grabbed the railing and held it white-knuckle-tight.

"That's better. Now lean forward." Olivia guided the plastic penis between her thighs. "Ohhhhh. It's cold."

I hunched my hips forward. "Like that?" My dick was hot and throbbing. It bounced off her thighs with each movement.

"Yes, keep your strokes slow and gentle, and not too deep."

My erection flopped around making incidental contact.

"Mr. Marcus? Can you do something with that?" Her fingers flicked at my prick.

"What do you suggest?" Replacing the rubber dildo with it, perhaps? Give your mother a real show?

"I don't understand why you're erect."

The normal reasons. "I'm excited."

"At my body? Not likely. Does the idea of two women having sex turn you on?"

"No." I lied. "You're the cause. I think you're unique." I chose my words carefully. I was deliberate not to say pretty, attractive, or lovely.

"I am?" Her hand reached out tentatively and held my prick. "Yours isn't the first I've seen, you know. But it certainly is the largest. I'm sorry I did this to you, a nice erection going to waste."

"It is, isn't it?"

Olivia stroked my cock while I continued probing. "A damn shame."

"Well, it isn't going away any time soon, our proximity and all, and they way we're dressed."

She pressed her thighs together, trapping both the dildo and my prick. Then she spread them again and resumed stroking the real thing.

Was she interested? Hard to tell. Very hard. Good a time as any to ask. "How about if I replace Hard Luck?" No harm in asking, especially since she was beating me off.

"Oh, no. Not possible."

Damn it. My one chance, Olivia all hot and bothered, and yet she's not interested. I kept plugging away with the dildo, sneaking it in a bit more with each thrust. I was probably halfway in, with a goal of filling her.

"You'd do that? With me?" she asked.

I deviated from the slow movement, making a series of quick deep thrusts to cement my sincerity. "I thought that was already clear."

"Oh yes!" Olivia's round ass kept me from getting too deep. Perhaps she and Barbara used a different position. Another glance to street level and I backed off. "But not out here."

I pulled out. Olivia's gown fell back into place. I removed the dildo contraption and escaped from the balcony. "Come here." I stood next to the bed, proud erection at attention.

Olivia stood, hands behind her back, a bit pigeon toed, like her pussy was shy about taking the real thing. She reached out for my prick.

"First things first. You're okay with this?" I asked.

Olivia plopped onto the bed, lifted the gown to expose her strawberry pussy and spread her legs. "Ready as I'll ever be."

Her hipbones protruded higher than her breasts, but her pubic mound was higher than that! Not one to assume anything, I reached forward and flicked my finger through Olivia's slit. I expected the dildo drilling would have gotten her open and ready. However, her pussy was stiff, like cartilage. No soft flesh, just firm tissue, a decisive change from the warm cunts I'd plowed. Her knees clanged together, smashing my head in between. My ears rang from the impact. Maybe I should have eaten her instead.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Olivia sat up. Her gown stretched at the seams, almost popping apart. "I guess I'm kind of sensitive."

I rubbed my head. "I'll be okay."

"Mum taught me kiss it and make it better." She guided me closer. Her kisses were clumsy but active, like a starving goldfish. My forehead, each temple, and then back to my forehead. We were face to face, on our knees. She was panting. "Ready?"

I wasn't going to make her ask a third time for me to make her. I crawled up between her thighs, draping the gown over her belly.

She wiggled her hips, floating on the sheets. "Put it in already. I can't wait."

I was sure she wasn't ready, but she'd given the okay. On stiff arms, I leaned forward and aimed my stiff dick at her cunt.

"Can I do it?" she asked.

Under the circumstances, her being so sensitive, I preferred it that way. "Go ahead. It's about time you took hold of the situation."

She wiggled my dick around until she found the hole. Over and over, she pulled, jamming my prick into the gap between her hips. "It won't fit. Why won't it fit?"

Her spirit was willing, but her flesh was scared shut. "Relax-"

Olivia's cell phone rang. Of all things, she answered it. "Hi, Mum."

"Does that thing have a speaker phone?" I asked.

Olivia fiddled with some phone menus while I repositioned myself closer, for a better angle of attack.

Rianne's voice confirmed that the speakerphone feature was active. "What's going on? You can't be done already."

"We're just getting started," I said. My dick slid around the entrance to Olivia's cunt. "We just wanted a bit of privacy."

"That wasn't our deal."

"Mum, Mr. Marcus is about to fuck me, and you're quibbling about some silly deal. Can you just go away?"

"I require confirmation."

"I'll vouch for him, Mother. He's about to split me open with a very large penis. Satisfied? Don't ruin the mood. Please."

"So who's stopping you? Fuck!"


"You know our deal. Fuck her or I'll fire Harriett."

Olivia's jaw dropped when she got confirmation from the horse's mouth - so to speak. I hated Rianne's domineering attitude. Olivia was willing, perhaps even needy. "I'll tell you what. I'll fuck her, but you restore Harriett's annual bonus." I diddled my hand between Olivia's legs, checking for moistness, resilience, but mostly because her legs were spread and my hips would prevent a recurrence of knee thumping.

"Momma, his hand is, oh my -"

"Fifty per cent," Rianne offered.

"This is not a negotiation. All of it, or I get dressed and entertain myself at the club. There are two women who seemed very interested today at the pool."

"I saw."

Olivia writhed below me, rubbing her mound with the head of my dick.

"Maybe its best if I leave Olivia to her -" I was about to say dildo.

"Give him all of it, Momma. I'm so hot. Oh God, make him fuck me."

"All right. But stay on the phone. I want to hear everything."

I held myself above Olivia on extended arms. "Put it in. Gently."

The previous dildoing must have opened her up, so why was taking the first couple of inches of me so difficult?

She pulled my prick and thrust it against the crease. "Come on. Push." Her slit was clamped shut.

"Take a deep breath and let it out slowly," I suggested.

She ignored me. "It doesn't fit. Damn it. Just when I decide-." Olivia scooted back and sat up against the headboard. "Oh, forget it."

For some reason, Olivia's cunt was too tight, like fucking a cinderblock - not that I've ever done that, mind you.

Olivia reached over and hung up on her mother. I wondered what other hang-ups permeated their relationship. At the moment, I wasn't permeating anything, especially Olivia's pussy. I sat back, Indian style. Olivia sat up, her nightgown high on her thighs and brushed away tear. "I'm sorry. It's all my fault." She reached out for me. "Can we try again-"

I held her off and interrupted. "We don't have to do this. Harriett can get another job." I leaned forward and gave her a chaste kiss on cheek. This was supposed to be pleasant, not torture.

"Do you believe that love is important in a relationship?" she asked.

"Of course." Where was this coming from? Did Olivia expect a relationship with me? We were just supposed to fuck.

"I haven't figured out if I love Barbara or not. She's great company, and I'm happy around her."

"That's a good start."

"Do you love Harriett?"

I wasn't prepared for an analysis of my relationship with my wife, sitting next to a nude string bean of a woman who I'd fucked with a dildo. "I care about her, but people have a variety of needs. Like sex." That was enough for her to know.

"Uh huh. And hungerrr." She growled the last word. My stomach growled a reply despite our recent feast. Olivia smiled.

"Right, eating is essential." I kissed her again near her mouth, still no reaction.

"Love won't keep your stomach full, I suppose."

"Besides emotional, there are physical needs." Maybe talking about sex will calm her down. I planted another kiss off-center of her lips. This time, she puckered back. It wasn't a planned kiss on her side, just instinct.

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