Service with a Smile Ch. 07 Pt. 02


"Those should be fulfilled as well." This time, she kissed me, plus a hug around my neck.

In response, I ran my hands down her body, pressing my palms on the flat of her tits.

"Not there," she muttered, then resumed kissing.

I slid my hands down along her sides, onto her hips then across belly,

She leaned hard against me. "We all have physical needs, real ones."

Smothered by her mouth, I choked out, "Absolutely."

"Mum just wants my needs met, right?" Put her hand on my erection. "Can you do that? Will you do that?"

"I can and I will."

Her hands moved up and down the length of my prick. "God. You're penis is so fat!"

"Lay back and relax."

She flopped back on the bed and spread her legs. "Relax? With that salami at my vagina?" She wiggled my dick against her labia.

I lowered myself onto her and thrust my hips forward. It was like laying on a pile of sticks and twigs.


"What's wrong?" I asked.

"You're too heavy."

I sat up and laid back. "You get on top."

She straddled my hips, adjusting the gown to cover our groins. An image of Inga, poised above my prick, filled my vision. I startled when Olivia lowered her pussy onto my stalk. "Ooooh. Hot."

I let her take my prick at her pace. She was still tense, and was making progress, albeit slowly.

I wanted her to relax. Maybe by distracting her? The belted dildo lay on the floor, retired. "What did you call that thing? Hard Times? Hard Luck? What do you think my prick should be called?"

"Let me think." As soon as her eyes scanned the ceiling for an answer, her cunt muscles relaxed. I let gravity plant her on my erection. The muscles of her vagina were unyielding.

"Pussy Pounder? Vagina Violator? Cunt Crusher?"

"It doesn't have to be alliterative." She exhaled. "How about Die Hard?"

"How come?"

"'Cause a woman would just die to get something this hard between her legs?"

We laughed. A good opportunity to hoist my hips. She slid down a bit more, finally noticing the junction of our bodies. "Oh God. Look how far you're in! How did you do that?" Her pussy muscles clamped down on my dick.

"Keep breathing," I ordered.

Her chest barely moved, although I could see her cheeks puffing. "Oh God, never take lightly what is offered seriously. Seriously!" Olivia leaned forward, maybe to rub her clit against my dick.

I used the opportunity to take gentle hold of her gown in my fingertips. As she straightened up, I held fast. The front of her nightgown broke away. Olivia drew a quick breath. There were her tits, essentially flat with two eraser nipples. She gasped and threw her hands up to cover them. "Don't look. They're too small."

I pulled her towards me and licked, then nibbled the nub of a nipple. She squirmed against me. Pelvic bones thumped my groin, a hard vagina grazed my shaft. She moaned, and sucked in her breath when I used my tongue on the other one. To guide her in a mutual rhythm, I cupped her ass cheeks. I gave one a little slap, just to be playful. She moaned, raised up and came down hard, pubic bone again pubic bone. With that kind of impact, she could break something. Me.

Olivia's phone rang and she reached for it. Why did she respond. like a dog to the sound of a bell?

It was Rianne's voice. "You cut me off, you know. What's happening now?"

"All right, Mum, I'll tell you." Olivia was taking deep breaths with each descent "Mr. Marcus has his nine inch penis stuffed in my vagina, and he's plowing me over and over. I'm on top -"

I started to buck.

Olivia's demeanor crumbled. "And he's fucking - oh, God, he's fucking me, he's not stopping - God, he's so hard."

"Do you like it?"

"You must be joking! I love it. God, a real-" Olivia stopped. Did she want her mother to know she'd used a dildo, and with another woman? "-fucking. Sex is amazing."

"I must see you. I'll be right over."

Olivia's eyes shot open. "No! I'll leave the phone on, but don't you dare!"

"I'm real glad you suggested this, Rianne. Olivia is so hot." My hips were moving on their own accord, an uncoreographed series of thrusts. Every one faced the identical challenge, her pussy as firm on the thirtieth as the first. My legs shook. We were both panting, hugging. Olivia's mouth attacked my face, kissing my nose, lips, cheeks, and eyes. She was in the throws of passion, and I was getting close to an orgasm. Her cunt clamped down and she arched her back. She'd had one. It was my turn. I was grunting, not just for effect.

"Is he going to cum?" Rianne asked.

Why was Rianne asking her daughter? Olivia was smart, but not a mind reader. Although I wasn't asked, I nodded in reply.

"Oh, Mum, I'm going to make a man cum in me." Olivia paused. "Should he cum in me?"

Great time for that question. "Do you use birth control? I asked.

She shook her head. "It's never been an issue."

I asked about the date of her last period.

"Two weeks."

"Then I'm probably going to get you pregnant." I said it matter-of-factly.

Rianne's voice crackled. "Pull out, Marcus."

Rianne couldn't ask anything nicely. Everything became a threat. I considered my options.

She continued. "Pull out or I'll come over there myself and-"

"And what? Pull him off of me?" Olivia resumed humping. Wasn't she done? Did she want another orgasm? "Mother, I'm getting fucked and you're not going to spoil it. If you dare interrupt, I'll - I'll - I'll let him cum in me. I mean it."

"No! Not that! I'll stay here and be quiet. Just let me listen. I'll be good."

Enough of Rianne's manipulation. Now I had the upper hand, and the lower cock. "You'll be extra good, won't you? So good, you'll double Harriett's bonus. And you'd better agree quick, because I'm feeling it." I grunted again, this time for show. I held Olivia's hips so she couldn't escape. Not that she was trying. Maybe she wanted to feel my sperm warm the crevice of her cunt. Something Hard Luck couldn't do.

Olivia voiced her support for my cause. "Yes. Yes. Oh yes, give Harriett a big bonus, a big fat bonus. A bonus so big it rips open the envelope-"

Olivia was on the edge again. So was I. Why was sex this good? No time to analyze, just enjoy.

Rianne's voice drowned in panic. "Okay, okay, double bonus, just don't ejaculate in her vagina."

Every muscle in Olivia's body clenched. Even her hair follicles flexed. She growled like a hungry bear. She was having another orgasm, O getting the big O, a natural one with a human dick, not whatever she got from Barbara. Assuming Babs ever got her off.

I had to push Olivia off my erection or violate my agreement. Her cunt lips squeezed my dick as they slid off. She dove at my prick, caressing it, stroking it, and suddenly face down on it, gagging badly. What was she thinking? I got on my knees and guided Olivia onto her back. I thumped my prick on her belly, stroked my prick until I was sufficiently excited, and then shot a stream of cum along her chest.

Olivia continued the play-by-play. "Mum, he came." Olivia swiped at the crooked line.

"Outside, I presume."

"Yes, all over my body. Cum is all over me! Even on my tits. I have tits, don't I?"

I nodded.

Olivia closed her eyes and hummed as she massaged my spunk into her skin.

"Thank you, Marcus. You met my challenge."

Olivia opened her eyes. She didn't ask if Rianne was finished talking. She folded her phone shut. "Can we go again?" She sat back on her haunches, legs spread, scraps of nightgown beneath her.

My dick sagged after our tough fuck. "Sure, after I pull myself together." I expected her pussy would be just as unaccommodating the second time. I couldn't wait!

"Maybe we can order up a snack. Something creamy?" She lifted a strand of cum to her lips and stuck out her tongue.

I was no spinach lover, but I'd need something to maintain my strength, if Olivia was going to shiver my timbers all night.


An Original H M Tale

I'm always interested in reader feedback. Send me an email and tell me what you think. Copyright (c) 2007, HarveyMarcus. All Rights Reserved.

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