tagNonHumanServicing the Satyr Ch. 05

Servicing the Satyr Ch. 05


Chapter 5~ The Deflowering of the Sun Child—Elina

As the Sun Child and the Flower Nymph took turns lapping away at, and dipping their fingers deep into the wonderful dessert they'd created together as sisters in unison for the first time, they were oblivious to the coolness the water had caused on the smooth river rocks they now used as a pleasure post.

They were barely aware of their Satyr as the three enveloped into one but as they glanced and saw him stroking at his long and hard approval they became aware that he had been replenished and was ready to take them all again—one by one until the nights end—their Master and Lord—their insatiable Satyr the ruler of the sacred wood.

"Orange one, oh how you glow, like embers of a fire left to die. Come here to me be by my side so that I may rekindle thy flame. For you Elina—my Sun Child, are the last for me your Lord to take. You with the power of the Sun do make every living thing to grow—and surly such an effect you can see you've caused in me." The Satyr announced as he revealed to her his hardened root.

Rubbing his engorged trunk up tight to her luscious behind he began to suck and lick at the heat of her neck, reaching round to let his fingers dive deep into her lava hot core. He was not gentle in her taking, pushing in hard with first one finger, then a second and a third. Feeling her body shake against his as he popped the cherry of the Sun and caused all her juices to run.

He retrieved his hand and gave his gooey hot fingers a lick and then bent her over the rocks at the mouth of his cavern. Allowing himself to taste of the sweet wine he had caused to flow from deep within her center. He lapped gently for a moment before sinking his teeth into her swollen clit and allowing his tongue to make its way up beneath its hood. As he touched the very most tender and succulent part of her very existence she squealed and shook in his tight and powerful grip.

Standing now behind her and taking up his place he gave her not a second to catch her breath before he showed her what a true Ruler of the Wood felt like. The power and divisiveness with which he thrust his long raging root deep within her hot, sweet center allowed him to tear his way inside as his thorn crawled deeper into her than she ever thought possible. As she let out squeals and huffs of shallow breaths in a mixture of both pleasure and pain his hand's grip on her shoulder and thigh only tightened and his thrusting only became harder and faster with each and every thrust.

To keep them both on the edge of reason, or perhaps to drive her over its cliff yet again—he began to pull his red-hot dripping member from her stalk completely and then invaded her again and again feeling that tightness and stretch and then that virginal pop over and over again as it rubbed his head raw with the heat and friction that only the Sun Child could cause. But he was still not through with her, as there were more holes to be run through finally resting on the bed of meadow heather below their feet, he pulled her down to him, guiding her to ride his root into her tight and burning asshole. The heat was unbelievable the burn of fire was all that he could feel as the juices from her lovely bush added pure fuel to the fire that now burned in and out of her tightest and most forbidden hollow of all.

As she rocked her ass and slid his cock back to her burning entrance he grabbed her supple ass cheeks tightly—one in each hand and squeezed with all his might while lifting her completely off his cock and then pulling her asshole back down on top it as hard and as fast as he could. Leaving her no time to steel herself for the ride—leaving her no time to prepare for the push through her soft and inflamed tissue—her every nerve as hot and tingly as they could be.

Finally he flipped her over towards him and pushed her head down his body's length telling her,

"Devour me with thine mouth. Lick your love's blood from my root to tip and taste the pleasure it is to have you—to take all that you have to give until you can give no more."

She did as he asked and sucked his hardness down her throat tasting the mixture of her virginal pussy's cream, the salty sweetness of her Satyr's preliminary enjoyments and the hot tartness of her own un-plundered asshole. She never knew that the body in all its natural glory could taste so good and so many different ways at one time...sweet—salty—and tart all rolled into one long hard trumpet full of her Satyr's nectar. Which he gladly helped her coax from its hot home and into the waiting steam that was the very mouth of the Sun.

"I am pleased with you—and with your coming into my service. You performed your virginal duties well and we will enjoy many more encounters in which your talents will grow. Go now and rest as I have my fill of the other two. Then I will return to you and now you know what you must do to serve your Lord to the fullest. Be well my Servant Child and rest your weariness for your time shall come again by morning's light."

"Yes my Satyr. I will listen for thy call—for we the Three Nymphs of the Wood—live to serve you, our Lord—each of us, one and all completely at thy whim and will."

With that, Elina—no longer the Child of the Sun, but now its mistress, went into the Satyr's cavern and curled up in the skins of the bear to rest her tired body.

She left their Satyr in the bed of meadow heather. He lay beneath the evergreens, deep within the wood. Taking in the beauty of the starry night sky above him planning who would come next, and how he would have her. Reveling in his new power as the Lord and Ruler of all the Wood—The Satyr.

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