tagNonHumanServicing the Satyr Ch. 04

Servicing the Satyr Ch. 04


Chapter 4 ~ Jealisa, Dahlia and Elina~ Three Become One

The Satyr watched on in approval, as he rested and regrouped before taking his last Nymph fully into his service.

"Was The Water Nymph not the wettest thing you've ever put your mouth upon?" The Satyr asked Elina mockingly.

"Oh, yes my Lord." Elina replied enthusiastically.

"Now then, what about the blossom herself-Dahlia-The Keeper of all Flowers and Fauna? Does she not have strong fingers with which to please you?"

"Indeed she does my Lord, shall we show you?" The Nymph of the Sun-Elina-asked meekly.

"You should my servant-child, immediately." Her Lord and Satyr replied heartily.

With her Satyr's will in highest regard she went to the Nymph of the Flowers and Fauna-Dahlia. And in a bed of purple posies they did come to rest one atop the other where strong virginal fingers and lips found warm wet slits to lick, kiss and prick.

The strong tendril fingers of the Flower Nymph buried themselves in deep. Digging in over and over again first one long finger, then two, then three until the tendrils had completely overtaken the warm soul of the Sun-Elina.

As abandon was lost and passion took on a life of its own the girls found themselves entwined in an exquisite sixty-nine. The heat from the tongue of the Sun licked at Dahlia's bud-causing the bloom of the Flower to open itself for more.

When the mouth of the Flower found the heat of the Sun Child, warm-wet-and fiery hot against her tongue, its intensity and flavor so full and robust that Dahlia couldn't help but moan out with her lips pressed to the "lips" of the Sun.

The Flower and the Sun grew in and out of each other, as do all beings that require each other's nutrients for complete sustenance and fulfillment. After nourishing each other to the fullest they turned their attention back upon their Satyr hoping that they had satisfied his wishes. They awaited his words of reward. And awaited his further instruction, after all their contentment was only secondary to his enjoyment of them and in them with one another.

"Now don't exclude your own sister Nymph," their Satyr said.

"Allow her in, allow the Water to wash over both of you-My sweet and fragrant Dahlia and you my Sun Child Elina - with your warm orange glow."

The two Nymphs went to the edge of the water where Jealisa-The Child of the Rains and Waters was busy frolicking to and fro. The three Nymphs chased each other in, out and through the waterfall. Then into the shallow edge of the warmed river with its flowering plants and its large flat stones that had been smoothed by years of care by the elements and the Nymphs that controlled each of those elements for thousands of years before these the Satyr's newest servants had come to answer the call of his reed's piping.

The Satyr laughed at the silliness with which the three did play. The lightheartedness of a Nymph, he thought, could be compared to nothing. How had he ever been without these fine follies that now thrilled him to no end he wondered.

As he began to ponder it all, their frolicking took on a new measure of seriousness, a new measure of passion and desire one for the other. The Water Nymph now stood tall upon the river rocks. The Nymph of the Sun and the Nymph of the Flowers and Fauna sat beneath her.

As the two knelt in a flush of kissing, swirling tongues they each ran a hand up the length of the long legs of the Water Nymph and let them come to rest on the round tight ass above them. Each cupping the softness of her cheek in their hands kneading it as if it were dough and giving it a bit of a smack-just enough to leave a little sting-causing the water to splash forth onto themselves.

As they heard the moan and the hiss of caught breath above them the sister Nymphs kissed and giggled, allowing their hands to trail down and inside the thighs of their wetter sister. Each touched her in her wettest spot and watched in amazement as she began to flow-and when she did-so did the river crest-Elina and Dahlia were washed over by the cool running tides that rose up from the river in unison with the tides that were rising deep with in their sister-The Water Nymph-Jealisa.

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