tagBDSMServing Lady Olivia

Serving Lady Olivia


An erotic story from Elliott McCrow


Irene and Abigail have just graduated high school and decided to do something exciting in preparation for being "real college girls," so they visit a dominatrix with a preference for young women. Things quickly get out of hand when they end up in chains in her dungeon, but neither of them can deny how much they end up loving it anyway.


The woman gave us an appraising look as Abigail and I stood in front of her door, cautiously hesitant but nonetheless delightfully interested that we had come. Her deep blue eyes swept over us slowly from head to toe, her eyes locking tightly on mine after she'd had a good look. "Please," Lady Olivia told us in a low tone, speaking for the first time, "come in." She stepped back, her heels clicking against the floor behind her, and swept a hand inward.

Step into my parlour, said the spider to the fly. Tis the prettiest little parlour that you ever did spy.

Abby and I entered in to her home, eying the place nervously. Olivia closed the door loudly and fell in to step behind us, shorter than either one of us even with her six-inch heels. Admittedly it wasn't the safest of ideas for us to have come here, but that was kind of the point. Our friend Terrence had come to see Lady Olivia a few weeks ago, and to this day he still had trouble looking a woman in the eye. Abby and I had called her yesterday after we had recovered from the previous day's graduation party, and she had been quite charmed at the idea of the two of us coming to visit her.

From the outset Lady Olivia didn't look like anything special for a 30 year old woman, she was short and thin with red-brown hair down to her back and she wore a simple blue blouse and skirt, but it was the way that she looked at someone that made them realize the kind of person she really was. Her eyes would only leave mine for a brief second at a time when Abby was saying something to her, staring straight at me and rarely blinking.

We came in to her living room and she bade us to sit down on the sofa, a steaming teapot already set on the table in front of it. "You must be Abigail," she said with a shark-like smile as she shook the hand of the tall and skinny brunette next to me. "You were the one I spoke to on the phone... It would be terrible of me to have forgotten such a lovely voice. And then you would be Irene," Olivia said, her head tilting back towards me. "You, on the other hand, haven't said a single word to me. Do I make you uncomfortable, Miss Irene?"

"What? No," I quickly told her, giving a weak chuckle. That was a lie, of course. She had a predatory air about her that made me very uncomfortable. "Ooh, is that tea?" I said, changing the topic. "I would love some."

Lady Olivia smiled again, leaning forward to pick up the teapot and pour fill the cup in front of me. She leaned forward enough as to make it impossible for me not to notice that the top two buttons of her blouse were undone, teasing me with the sight of a lacy dark-blue bra underneath. It wasn't until the teacup was quite full that I noticed she hadn't once looked at it, that she was still staring straight in to my eyes, and that she had noticed perfectly well what I was looking at. She did the same for Abigail, who had more of a knack for subtlety, and sat down. Lady Olivia's own teacup was already filled. I sipped at the tea, it was sweet and odd, some kind I hadn't tasted before.

"I'm really quite glad that you girls decided to call me..." she said with a sultry wink. "It is unfortunate how many of my clients these days are working-class men that aren't satisfied with their wives or husbands. I still quite enjoy it, no mistake of that, but I'll always have a fondness for younger women. Young, beautiful and unspoiled women..." she sucked her breath in almost invisibly. Olivia crossed her legs, her skirt rising up above her knees.

Abby wasn't usually interested in other girls, but I was. We had each fooled around a bit with some of our classmates, male and female, but we both preferred the idea of a woman dom over a man.

"We're glad that we found you too," Abby said with a warm smile. "You're really pretty, and you seem really nice too."

"Oh, lovely," Lady Olivia hushed her gently. "I'll be quick to remove you of the fancy that I am 'nice'. Don't worry, after a while you won't even want me to be," she said, slipping over from the sofa she was sitting on to perch between Abby and I. "Are you girls enjoying your tea?" she asked, placing a hand on each of our shoulders and stroking us gently.

"It's very good, yes," I whispered back to her. Abigail sipped some of hers and nodded along.

A grin. "I'm glad..." Olivia said leaning over to me, her fingertips stroking up and down my arm. "Now, I really have to ask, you two know what you're getting in to, don't you?" she asked, turning to face Abigail, her hand squeezing softly at the girl's waist.

"Yeah. You're a d... dominatrix," Abby stuttered out. She was calm when she came here, far calmer than I had been, but in the presence of it all her facade of confidence was starting to break away.

"Oh yes, very good," Lady Olivia whispered in Abby's ear. "And you, Irene?" she asked, her hand dropping to my thigh, her fingers refusing to move until I'd given her an answer. "What is it that you think you are going to do here?"

"I d-don't know," I told her.

Olivia shook her head gently, her eyes still locked on mine. "No, I'm afraid that wasn't what I was asking for. I think you do know why you are here."

"So we can p-play with you?" I tried.

Lady Olivia pondered this for a moment, a ghost of a smile on her ruby-red lips. "Hmm. I suppose that is close enough. When I ask you a question, you are going to give me an answer. Remember that. Now, would you like for me to play with you, Miss Irene?"

"Y-yes," I replied immediately. "I want you to play with me."

Another shark-like grin. "Oh good. It would have been awfully inconvenient for me if you had said 'no' after you already had some of that tea."

Uh. What.

"Tea?" Abigail sputtered out. "Did you do something to the tea? What if we had said no or changed our minds!"

Lady Olivia pursed her lips and gave Abby a pitying look. "Lovely, if you were going to change your mind, you would not have shown up at my door."

My head felt fuzzy.

"And as for saying 'no'..." she went on. "Well, let us be clear right now. If you ever say the word 'no' to me, it will have consequences," Olivia said, her voice suddenly turned cold and hard. "Do you girls understand?" she asked sweetly.

We nodded.

"Oh, I'm so glad." Lady Olivia ran her across my thigh, squeezing my leg. "Now, you girls should finish your tea. Don't worry, it's quite harmless, and I dare say you will even enjoy it."

Nervously, we did.

Olivia was saying something to Abigail, she had leaned over and was stroking Abby's cheek, but I couldn't hear it. I couldn't hear anything, every sound had turned to a low static. Abby's eyes drooped shut. She tried to open them again, but she couldn't. Lady Olivia turned to face me, her fingers rubbing across my belly as she pressed against my body, her tongue tickling my cheek. The world went gray, and then a moment later it went black.


When I awakened I was standing up, something wrapped around my wrists and ankles and waist. We weren't in Olivia's living room anymore, it was somewhere darker. It was warm, though, almost stuffy. Lady Olivia's basement, I realized.

I looked around and saw a full-length mirror on the wall to my right. In the mirror I could see myself, a tall Latino girl with short black hair. My clothes were gone, the only thing covering my body was the leather straps binding my hands and legs and waist to the smooth wooden pillar behind me. My light-brown nipples stiffened against the open air.

I could see Abigail next to me, too. I'd seen her mostly naked before, but we had never done anything more than friendly kisses on the cheek. What I had not seen was the trimmed dark-brown bush of hair just above her legs, and the lovely light-pink lips between them.

"Oh, how wonderful," Lady Olivia's voice said. "I see that breaking you out of that shyness won't be such a trick after all."

She stood there in front of us. Gone were the plain clothes she'd had before, Olivia was wearing a black leather skirt and knee-high boots. She had a nipple-less leather bra... and a dainty pair of librarian glasses. Something about that last one seemed a bit out of place, but I wasn't going to just say that.

"...How long?" Abigail asked from beside me, tied to a pillar just like I was.

"How long were you out?" Lady Olivia said. "No more than ten minutes. It really was harmless, I take safety very seriously you know.

"Besides," she added, "you would be surprised how difficult it is to get a pair of young women to strip themselves naked and tie themselves up. Not that I would lack for giving them motivation, mind you... but it's just simpler this way."

At this, Abby suddenly realized that she was, in fact, quite naked. Her eyes went wide and a tiny shriek escaped her mouth, followed by another as she saw me there next to her.

"I never get tired of that sound," Lady Olivia sighed dreamily.

Olivia stepped up to Abigail and stroked a gloved hand across the girl's face, tapping her lips with two fingers. "You do surprise me, Miss Abigail. At first you seemed to be the bold one, always talking where your friend would remain quiet. And now she's the one looking all over your naked, lovely body while you have suddenly turned shy." She leaned in close. "I do love the shy ones, you know. It gives me more to do."

Abby looked over to me, and I quickly averted my gaze.

"See? She can't help but look at you," Olivia whispered. Her tongue darted out, sliding over Abby's neck and on to her face until she reached the girl's eyes, planting a kiss on her closed eyelids. Suddenly, she grabbed Abby's face with both hands, and pressed her mouth against the girl's lips, Olivia's tongue swirling around inside the girl's mouth.

She never blinked, Lady Olivia. Not that I could see. She would stare in to your eyes and refuse to break away, giving a delighted laugh when you inevitably had to turn away at last.

Olivia twisted her fingers around Abby's right nipple, pulling her body away as she squeezed it just so that I could have a look. Abigail moaned out in to the older woman's mouth.

"Women taste different," Olivia mused as she pulled her head back. "Young women, especially. Did you know that, Abigail? I bet that you did. Do you enjoy the way your friend Irene tastes?" she asked.

"I... I d-don't know, we've never..." Abby stammered out.

Olivia quirked an eyebrow at the girl. "You've never tasted her? You've never kissed her, never held her body in yours, never felt what she's like when it's just the two of you alone? I'm not sure that I believe you, Abigail." Lady Olivia turned away, fetching something from the opposite side of the room before she returned. "In fact, I think that you are lying to me. And even if you aren't... Well, to have this girl around you and not touch her like she has wanted you to -- and believe me, she's wanted you to -- something needs to be done about that." She carried a red plastic ball in her hands, attached to two black straps. Lady Olivia looked deep in to Abby's eyes as she fit the ball gag in to the girl's mouth and strapped it together behind her head. Satisfied that it was tight enough, she winked and gave each of Abby's nipples one last hard twist.

Smiling to herself, Olivia reached towards a panel of white buttons on the wall near the pillar where Abby was bound. Pushing one, both her pillar and my own began to shift and move. They didn't stretch all the way up to the ceiling, and they were attached to a track on the floor. The wooden pillars moved outwards in a V-shape from where they had began, dragging us with them. Finally, as they stopped, the two pillars swiveled around so that Abby and I faced each other. Even as shy as we both were, we couldn't help but stare at each other's stripped bodies.

Lady Olivia walked around the room, coming to a stop just behind me. "Hello Irene," she said lowly. Olivia's gloved hands came around from each side of the pillar behind me, reaching out to paw at my chest. She moved slowly at first, holding my breasts in her hands as she gently tugged them from side to side. Then, wanting more, she pinched my nipples between her fingers as she had Abby's. I couldn't help but give out a shudder as she did, heat rushing to my cheeks as I began to blush. Letting go, Olivia moved in front of me instead. "Do you like it when I play with you, Irene?" she asked. I nodded. "Where would you like me to play with you?"

Gulping nervously, I leaned forward to kiss her.

Lady Olivia stepped backwards. "No, that was not what I said. I asked where you would like me to play with you." She sighed. "Irene, Irene, Irene..." She slapped me once across my right breast, then twice again across my left, harder.

I cried out softly. "My lips," I told her. "I want you to touch my lips."

"I see," Olivia nodded. "But what are you going to do for me then, hmm?" She stepped around behind me again, undoing the straps that bound my hands together. Then, as she appeared back in front of me she asked, "Do you like my tits, Irene? They are very nice tits, I think."

I nodded.

"Well, don't just stand there," she reminded, smiling. "If I am going to play with your lips, then you are going to take good care of my tits, Irene."

I reached forward, cupping her leather bra with one hand as I stroked my finger around the opening for her nipple with the other. Lady Olivia stepped up closer to me and placed her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down not quite enough to rest on my knees, but enough that I had to hold my body up against the pillar behind me. "Take it off, Irene," she whispered in my ear, holding my hands in hers and placing them on her back.

I fumbled with the bra hook until it came apart, my hands shaking, and pushed the straps down off her shoulders. Olivia slipped out of the bra, letting it fall to the ground, her eyes still focused squarely on my own. Suddenly, she looked off to the side, her eyes narrowing as she remembered something. "Wait."

Lady Olivia walked over to where Abigail was standing, panting quietly to herself, saliva dripping from the gag in her mouth. "I would never forget about you, pretty Abigail," Olivia said, stroking the girl's cheek. She pressed her full body in to Abby's and reached around to the back of the pillar, undoing the strap binding Abby's hands, her tongue dragging across the younger girl's face as she did. "And you, Abigail, are going to run your hands all over this tight little body of yours, playing with yourself as your girlfriend plays with me. Do you understand?" Olivia said, staring intently at her.

Abby nodded.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you, you'll have to speak up."

Abby moaned something through the gag in her mouth, and Olivia grinned at her.

"That's better."

Olivia watched Abigail for a long moment until the girl got the hint, bringing her hands up to squeeze and massage her own chest and nipples.

The red haired woman strolled back over to me, placing her body immediately in front of mine. At once I began to touch and fondle her breasts, leaning in and flicking her left nipple with my tongue. My lips closed over her body, sucking at her nipple, biting it gently when I felt daring.

"Such a good girl," she cooed. "I didn't even have to tell you this time."

Behind her, Abby had lowered one hand down to her thighs, running her fingers up and down her leg as she watched me lick and stroke Lady Olivia's tits. Abby's fingers strayed over to the warm spot between her legs, rubbing her pussy lips around in soft circle.

I moved my mouth to her other nipple, twisting the wet one with my fingers as I ran my tongue upwards across her body. I looked up at Olivia and for once she was not looking back, her eyes rolled back in to her head as she gripped her hands around my face. Then, just as quickly, her eyes flashed open and gazed down at me. "Such a good girl..." she whispered again.

Lady Olivia pulled me up so that I could stand again, looking hungrily at me as she grabbed my tits, squeezing them tightly. She pressed her mouth up against mine, her tongue tickling my throat. Then, without warning, she grabbed one of my hands and placed it underneath her skirt, where I learned that she was quite certainly not wearing any underwear and likely never had been. Her fingers intertwined with mine, she slid them up and down against her pussy. "Do you like the way my cunt feels, Irene? From the way you've forgotten how to breath normally, I think that you do."

She was right. I was gulping in air, breathing more heavily than I would if I'd just been running, and I couldn't seem to stop. I dipped a finger inside of her, pushing in to the warmth of her body. Her hand let go of mine and instead reached around to cup my rear end, pinching my ass tightly. I slipped another finger in to her cunt, stroking the palm of my hand up against her V-shaped bush of red hair.

There was a muffled moaning from behind Lady Olivia, Abigail crying out against the gag in her mouth. Her fingers were darting in and out of her pussy now, four of them lodged inside of her as she rubbed her clit furiously with her thumb. Abby was loud, much louder than she had been before, panting and moaning as her cunt started dripping like a faucet. She gave a muffled shriek that lasted for a good twenty seconds, her hips jerking back and forth.

Lady Olivia pulled her body away from me, turning to face Abigail. "Did you just cum? Did you just cum without me telling you to?" she demanded. "I mean, I'm hardly surprised, you just couldn't wait for me to strip down and fuck your girlfriend, but you do not do something unless I tell you, and you definitely do not get to cum until I say you can." Olivia slapped Abby hard across the face. "Do you understand me?"

Abby gave a whimper and a moan that sounded vaguely like an apology, nodding her head.

Lady Olivia undid the straps of the ball gag in Abigail's mouth, leaving the girl coughing and sputtering for breath. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Abby cried out.

Olivia leaned in and licked off the string of saliva still hanging from the girl's chin, then stepped back and slapped her again across the other cheek, a little bit softer this time. Then, she turned back towards me and placed the still-wet ball gag in my mouth, strapping it behind my head. "You," Lady Olivia told me quietly, "are going to run your hands all over your tight little body, playing with yourself the way you were playing with me."

She didn't add the part about how I wasn't to get off until she said I could, and I knew why. She wanted me to mess up, because she wanted an excuse to punish me for doing it.

Lady Olivia walked over behind Abigail's pillar and undid the leather straps around her ankles and waist. "Go lie down on the table," she commanded, pointing to a low-lying wooden table behind where Abby and I had first been standing. As Abby turned to walk over there, Olivia pulled down and took off her skirt, leaving her naked if not for her dark leather gloves and boots and librarian glasses.

Abigail laid down on the table, staring up at the ceiling. And, as she was wont to do, Lady Olivia found something wrong with the way the girl had done it.

"Did I say face-up? No, lie on your chest, girl!"

"But you didn't-" Abby began to argue.

Olivia silenced her with a stony glare. "I would hate to think what might happen," she said lowly, "if a bad slave girl decided to start talking back to me."

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