Serving Lady Olivia


Abigail quickly shut up, and turned around to lay flat on her front.

Somehow I get the feeling that even if Abby had done that in the first place, Lady Olivia would have told her it had been wrong.

Olivia went up to a rack hanging on the wall in front of me and picked up what looked like a feather duster, if instead of feathers the duster had ten thin leather strips and a longer handle. In her other hand, she picked up a thick rubber cock. Striding back to where Abby was laying, Olivia held the leather whip up above her and quickly struck it down against Abigail's bare bottom. Ten thin red lines showed up across Abby's ass. Lady Olivia brought the whip down twice more, and the girl only barely held back her cries.

"Now, turn around and lie on your back."

Abigail looked ready to cry, but she obeyed nonetheless, grimacing as she felt the sting of the table against where she'd been struck. Lady Olivia stepped on to the table and knelt down over the girl, sitting on Abby's chest, her wet cunt hovering in front of the girl's mouth. "Lick," she commanded.

The Abigail I knew never would have gone down on another girl. At the very least she would have protested a great deal over it first. But she did not hesitate, immediately sticking her tongue out to lick along the woman's pussy lips.

"Oh, you can be a good girl after all," Olivia cooed, stroking the girl's hair. "When you're good like this, your Mistress will be good to you. Now, take this," she said, holding the rubber dildo out to her, "and fuck yourself with it until you cum."

Abby took the rubber cock and rubbed the tip along her pussy. She was already quite wet, her thighs soaked with her own juice. Slipping the head in, Abby began to twist it around as she shoved the dildo inside of her, all the way until she had very nearly swallowed it.

Lady Olivia laughed. "It really doesn't surprise me that you aren't a virgin, Miss Abigail." She slid forward until her cunt was pressed up against the younger girl's mouth, covering her. "Now, I would say that if you don't get me off, I'm going to fuck your ass while I make you eat out your girlfriend, but let's be honest -- I'm going to do that anyway," Olivia said, smiling sweetly.

Abby's tongue pressed up in to Olivia's pussy, her lips slurping and sucking on the woman's clit. Meanwhile, she shoved the rubber cock in and out of her own stretched cunt. The dildo filled her, stretching Abigail from the inside as she thrust it in again and again. Lady Olivia was right, neither one of us were virgins, and we were both a far stretch from the perfect picture of what a proper girl "should be." And really, who isn't.

My fingers slid quickly across my lower lips, a thin stream of my own fluid dripping down my legs. My middle finger slipped inside of me, pressing in to my body and wriggling around against the walls of my, ahem, house under the hill. My steam room. My Lady Jane. My Venus Highway. I could go all day with these. My other hand was busy clutching my mounds, squeezing them back and forth. My cheeks were burning red as I watched Abby piston the cock in and out of her gaping pussy, her hips rising upward with each thrust.

Olivia's hips quivered up and down as Abigail's tongue wriggled inside of her. Abby's free hand reached up to caress the woman's behind, her palm rubbing against the soft flesh of Lady Olivia's ass as her fingers squeezed at Olivia's waist. The woman shuddered, not managing to conceal her moan as her cunt grew hotter and hotter against Abigail's mouth.

Abby's fingers dropped down to where her mouth was. Olivia flinched forward, rising to hover her hips over the girl's face as she felt Abby's fingers stroke at her sensitive spot, spreading Olivia's lips apart as the girl's tongue flicked at her growing clit.

"I've half a mind to think that you do this sort of thing often, Miss Abigail," Lady Olivia breathed.

"Not often enough," Abby panted out.

Oh, snap.

Abby's index and middle finger squeezed inside of Olivia's drenched pussy as she lapped up the woman's juices, gulping down and sucking hard on the engorged nub.

"That's... Good, yes, almost there," Olivia moaned out, clutching the girl's face with both hands as she rode the wave. "Just a... mmm-oh," she gasped, suddenly crying out. Lady Olivia's whole body tensed up, she held her arms up close to her chest, fingers pinching at her nipples as she shuddered back and forth. Her thighs clenched tight around Abigail's cheeks as her cunt grinded against the girl's open mouth. Olivia came all over the girl's face, coating her cheeks and lips and chin with sweet nectar.

"Miss Abigail," Olivia panted, "I really didn't think you had it in you." She climbed off of the table, her fingers trailing down Abby's side as she stepped over to look at the girl's own work. Abby was still trying to find her breath, the dildo held thrust up in to her pussy. "Oh, and look, you even got yourself off like I told you. Such a good girl," Lady Olivia murmured, lowering a hand to drag her fingers along Abby's wet-slicked thighs.

"Thank you, Mistress," Abby moaned out.

Lady Olivia turned around to look at me, a frown appearing on her blushed face "But what's this? Why, Irene, you've barely been doing anything," she said, disappointed.

Fuck. I had been too distracted by what they were doing, I had forgotten that Olivia had instructed me to do something too.

"Oh, no," Olivia warned. "This won't do at all. Girls who don't do what their Mistress tells them to..."


I was on my knees on the ground, my chest bent down over the smooth wooden table, my ass sticking out in the air. Lady Olivia stood beside me, Abby's face pressed firmly in to the cleft in her cheeks, her hands stroking the older woman's legs. Olivia held her right middle finger up to her face, dipping it in to her mouth and covering it with saliva.

Her finger stroked my ass, running lightly along my puckered asshole at first, pressing gently in to it. I clenched up and flinched, her finger probing its way in to me.

"No," she warned. "Don't flinch, don't tense up."

Olivia drew her finger out again, and, just as quickly, smacked her open palm hard against my cheeks.

"I'm sorry," I whimpered through the gag in my mouth.

Her finger pressed up in to my ass again, up to her first knuckle. Without warning she jammed it in deeper, her finger halfway in. I flinched again.

Her other hand descended quickly, smacking my bottom hard.

"I'm sorry!" I cried.

Lady Olivia slid her finger out again, coming back a moment later. This time, she pressed two fingers against my asshole, thrusting tightly in to me. Out and in. Out and in. Out and in. Her left hand came down again, spanking me until my ass turned red. My skin was on fire.

Then, she pulled her fingers out, slowly, an empty space left behind. "Turn around," Olivia commanded. "On your back."

I did, laying flat on my back on the table.

She bent down, hitting a button at the table's base, and the whole thing groaned and grew, rising up until it was level with her waist. Lady Olivia took out two cords of thin rope and pulled my legs up to my hips, binding the rope around my thighs and ankles and pushing them up to rest on my chest, so that my bottom lay exposed. Olivia grabbed my by my hips and dragged me over to the table's edge.

"Change of plans," Lady Olivia announced. "You were not a very good girl, Miss Irene. Now you get fucked. Abigail, be a dear and get her wet, would you? Both holes."

Abby immediately knelt down to my thighs, closing her eyes and sticking her tongue out. Her tongue dragged up from my asshole to my clit, lowering again to probe lightly at my ass. Abby's tongue was soft where Lady Olivia was hard, kind where she had been cruel. Abigail tenderly pressed in to me, her mouth wet against my body.

Meanwhile, Lady Olivia had come back with an unusual new thing to play with.

"Miss Irene, this is my very favorite toy, I want you to know," she sighed fondly. "I'll be honest, a disobedient whore like you doesn't even deserve it. That's what you are, a slut who's only worth is her body. But I think that this will be as much fun for me as it will be for you..."

It was a black strap-on harness with four rods sticking out from it. Two pink rubber cocks in front, one on top of the other, and two smaller ones connected to a strap that ran along the bottom, barely the size of a person's thumb. Lady Olivia pulled it up on to her waist, moaning quietly to herself as she slid the two smaller plugs in to her ass and pussy, attaching the end of the strap to the one circled around her waist. The two pink dildos hung out from her hips, pointing at me, the one on bottom somewhat shorter and curved, the one on top longer and bulbous. The woman grinned mischievously.

Words... fail me.

That is so awesome.

Olivia whispered something in Abby's ear, and the girl rose to her feet, climbing up on to the table. Abigail leaned in and unstrapped the ball-gag from my mouth, giving me a quick peck on the lips before she turned her body around, swinging one leg over my head to rest on her knees, her thighs on either side of my face. Lady Olivia briefly looked as if she might object to the kiss, something she had not told Abigail to do, but decided against it, smiling warmly to herself. Abby lowered her hips down on to my face, her swollen red cunt against my mouth, covering my sight. My tongue poked out to touch her, seemingly on instinct, tasting her hot flesh. I could smell nothing but her, her scent all around me, and I wanted it.

Something warm pressed up against my bare bottom, warm and wet with some kind of lotion. It pressed my pussy lips apart, thrusting in to me as the other one spread my wet asshole, coming inside of me. Lady Olivia pushed in to my body, the two rubber cocks entering in halfway before she pulled them back out again. Again, she slowly penetrated both my holes, the two dildos filling me up until Olivia's hips were hot against mine.

Abigail inched forward towards Lady Olivia so that my face was held up to her ass instead of her pussy, leaving me blind to everything except for her pale, beautiful body. My tongue teased at the girl's asshole, darting in to her, feeling the vibrations of her body as she moaned.

Olivia pulled out of me, slamming back in to my cunt and asshole, slapping against my body. Her hands wrapped around my thighs, pulling me in to her. She thrust up in to me again, the two cocks filling my insides. It hurt, she was hurting me just the way she wanted to, but I didn't even mind anymore. If she wanted me to hurt, then I would be a good bitch-girl and hurt for her.

"Do you like it when I play with you, Miss Irene?" Lady Olivia cooed.

I managed to breathe out something that sounded close to a yes.

"Do you enjoy it when I fuck you, Miss Irene?" she murmured lowly.


"I want to hear you say it," she ordered.

"I love it when you fuck me, Mistress Olivia," I moaned like a whore.

She slammed in to me again, fucking my ass and pussy like the wet hole I was. Abigail grinded against my face, my tongue wriggling inside of her. My body clenched tightly around the thick cocks thrusting inside of me, holding on to every moment of it. My hot breath beat up against Abby's soaking cunt, I couldn't control myself anymore.

Lady Olivia clutched tightly around my thighs, pulling me towards her as she jerked in to me, her strap-on pushing up in to the growing heat inside of me. It still hurt, but my stretched and abused asshole was getting used to it, I didn't want her to stop.

"Do you want to cum, Irene?" Olivia asked me.

"Yes, Mistress! Please let me cum!" I cried back.

She thrust in to my steaming pussy, her fingers sliding up and down my swollen clit. Abigail squeezed at my nipples, pinching them between her fingers and pulling them hard.

"Do you want to cum, Irene?" she asked again.

"Please! Please let me get off!" I moaned, shivering.

My Mistress pulled out of me, kneeling down and dragging her tongue along my sensitive pussy lips. Two fingers snugged themselves in to my asshole, finger-fucking me in and out.

"Cum for me, Irene! Cum and scream for me!"

Always a pleasure to oblige such a woman.

I was on fire, a knot clenching itself tight inside of me, shattering and falling to pieces as a hot stream coursed through me, spurting out of my whore cunt and on to my Mistress's tongue. Her fingers thrust in to me one more time before she pulled them out of my gaping ass. Her palm smacked down against my sore ass cheek, and then a second time.

There was a long moment where I could hear nothing but the pounding in my ears, my heart beating like a stampede.

"Thank you, Mistress," I panted, finding my breath again.

"See? You can be a good girl..." Lady Olivia laughed.

Abigail untied the ropes around my thighs and ankles, lingering perhaps longer than she needed to, and collapsed beside me on to the table, her shoulder resting against mine. She smiled shyly. I leaned over, my hand reaching to cup her neck, dipping in to kiss her softly.

"Hi, Abby," I whispered.

"Hi, Irene," she giggled back.

"Have a fun time?" I asked.

"Like you don't already know," she replied. Abby looked up at Lady Olivia. "Can we come by again some time?"

Our Mistress grinned.

We were clothed and out the door ten minutes later, walking down the street with our fingers intertwined with one another's.

"So... what are you doing tomorrow?" Abby asked me.

"You know, Abigail, I was just thinking that I might visit someone I met recently," I told her.

She nodded. "I was thinking I might just visit that same someone."

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